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Joanne Nova is an australian writer, blogger, and speaker. Born Joanne Codling, she adopted the stage name “ Nova ” in 1998 when she was preparing to host a children ‘s television broadcast. [ 2 ] [ 3 ] She is big for promoting climate change defense. [ 4 ] [ 5 ]

education [edit ]

Nova received a Bachelor of Science from the University of Western Australia. Her major was microbiology, molecular biota. Nova received a Graduate Certificate in Scientific Communication from the australian National University in 1989. [ 6 ]

career [edit ]

For four years, Nova jointly co-ordinated [ 7 ] the Shell Questacon Science Circus, a partnership between Questacon, the Shell Oil Company Australia and the australian National University, which operates all over Australia. Nova was an associate degree lector of Science Communication at Australian National University. [ 8 ] From November 1999 to February 2000, Nova was the host of the first gear series of australian children ‘s skill television appearance Y? [ 9 ] She was a regular node on ABC Radio. She is a director of GoldNerds, a gold investment advice business. [ 10 ]

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Nova has published a record called Serious Science Party Tricks, which is aimed at children. Nova has written for The Spectator, and has had columns published on the Op-Ed pages of The Australian.

Climate change denial advocacy [edit ]

She self-published [ 8 ] the book The Skeptics Handbook, which rejects the scientific consensus on climate change and promotes versatile falsehoods about climate change. [ 11 ] The book argues that temperatures have not increased, and that greenhouse gases do not contribute to climate change. [ 11 ] [ 5 ] The reserve promotes the myth that there is already indeed much CO2 in the atmosphere that adding more will not have an impact on temperatures. [ 11 ] [ 12 ] The book was widely distributed in the United States by The Heartland Institute, known chiefly for promoting pseudoscientific views on climate exchange and the harms of fume. [ 11 ] [ 13 ] In 2009, Nova self-published [ 8 ] a sequel, Global Bullies Want Your Money, and in the same year she wrote a paper for the SPPI titled Climate Money. [ 14 ] That class, she gave a display at the Heartland Institute, titled “ The Great Global Fawning : How Science Journalists Pay Homage to Non-Science and Un-Reason. ” [ 11 ] She has falsely claimed that fewer than one-half of climate scientists agree with the IPCC ‘s ending that CO2 is the dominant contributor to climate change. [ 4 ] PolitiFact described that as a “ flat-out wrong ” interpretation of data from a view, and the lead writer of the view in interview said that the surveil showed “ a strong majority of scientists agree that greenhouse gases originating from human activity are the dominant allele cause of late thaw. ” [ 4 ] Nova has argued that climate skill is distorted by money, saying “ thousands of scientists have been funded to find a joining between homo carbon emissions and the climate. barely any have been funded to find the inverse. ” [ 15 ] Nova had a five-part debate on AGW with Dr. Andrew Glikson, first on Quadrant Online, [ 16 ] and continuing on her own blog. [ 17 ] In 2012, she appeared in the ABC Television documentary I Can Change Your Mind About … Climate with her partner David Evans, in discussion with Nick Minchin and Anna Rose. [ 18 ]

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