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welcome to John Carroll University ! Information Technology Services ( ITS ) is here to help you gain skills and cognition you can build on for the remainder of your life. And we ’ ra committed to providing you with the help oneself you need for using technology at JCU. Below are some first steps for getting started, followed by contact information for getting avail .
Connect to the Internet
Wired network connections are available in all mansion halls .
All academician buildings and mansion halls have full wireless access. Instructions on how to connect are on this page.

Network Registration (Mobile and Gaming Devices)
Your device MAC address is required ; contact the Service Desk ( see below ) for aid in finding your MAC address. Fill out a device adjustment request on the consoles page .
Computers, Labs, and Printing
Computer Recommendations
JCU does not require students to have computers ; however, it is highly recommend that you have your own computer to work on coursework outside of class. See details on the personal computer recommendations page
Computer Labs
ITS supports nine calculator labs for your computing needs :

Building Computer Labs
Administration Building Undergrad Lounge & BR43
Boler School of Business SB 118
Dolan Science Center E 223, E337 & W334
Lombardo Student Center LSC 40 & Cubby
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For a list of hardware and software on computers, see computer labs page
At the beginning of each semester, each scholar is allotted 650 pages of printing through the Papercut arrangement. Every black and white page printed counts as a individual page, color pages count as 5 pages each. Once the 650 pages has been expended, the scholar will not be able to print. More information is available on the personal computer recommendations page
Get Your Email
Gmail is JCU ’ s standard web based electronic mail box. Access your electronic mail account and settings at gmail.jcu.edu. Settings for IMAP and POP clients can be found at
hypertext transfer protocol : //support.google.com/a/answer/105694 ? hl=en
Want to forward your JCU electronic mail to another electronic mail address ? Log into Gmail and go to “Settings → Forwarding and POP/IMAP” or use this link
hypertext transfer protocol : //support.google.com/mail/answer/10957 ? hl=en
Review Computer and Network Use Policies
Five policies govern computer and network consumption at JCU. Be sure to understand these policies to avoid violations and consequences. Learn more on the policies page
Install Anti-Virus Software and Review Cyber-Safety Tips
Anyone who uses a computer on the JCU campus network shares province for protecting network services for others. JCU requires that a reliable anti-virus program be installed on any calculator connected to the JCU network. For personal computers, you can use paid or barren anti-virus software. If you ’ re not certain where to start, ITS staff provide a tilt of recommend free anti-virus software. Once the anti-virus software is installed, it is critical that you perform regular updates. More information on anti-virus programs is available on the antivirus software page .
ITS besides recommends that you keep your operate system and early software up-to-date with the most holocene patches .
JCU ITS will NEVER ask you to reveal your password or other such personal information.

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Get informed about Phishing, Spyware, Spam, Cyber Safety for Social Networks, P2P, and File Sharing on the security page here .
Access Online Systems
Google Workspace
Want to access your electronic mail, chat with a buddy, schedule a meet, partake a document, create a web site ? Google Apps provides a basic toolkit for e-mail, communication, and collaboration at JCU .
Support Web Site : sites.jcu.edu/its/services/enterprise-systems/google-apps
Canvas is JCU ’ s learning management system and offers a wide array of web-based teach and collaboration tools for classes. Professors may use Canvas to distribute class materials, assignments, and on-line tests .
Login : canvas.jcu.edu
e-mail for confirm : servicedesk @ jcu.edu
call : 216-397-3005
Banner Self-Service
Provides access to registration, course schedules, fiscal records, and other personal data. Please note that Banner Self-Service uses a unlike drug user ID and Pin number than your active directory .
Login : banner.jcu.edu
Use Classroom Technology
Need assistant with classroom equipment ? Multimedia Services provides support for the manipulation of classroom technologies and checks out multimedia equipment such as camcorders and audio recorders for your class projects .
Get Help
Service Desk
Having problems with your BannwerWeb, Active Directory ( Campus Login ), calculator, or getting connected ? Stop by the Service Desk or fill out our on-line Help Request to get help with these and other technology issues .
avail Requests : helpdesk.jcu.edu
electronic mail : servicedesk @ jcu.edu

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call : 216-397-3005
placement : administration Building ( AD ) 37
ITS Technology Workshops
Want to learn more about JCU technologies ? data and Technology Services offers workshops on a across-the-board variety of topics. For more information and a calendar of workshops, visit jcu.edu/its/training

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