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One of the most long-familiar electronics retailers in the australian commercialize, JB Hi-Fi has long been the go-to for shoppers looking to buy the latest electronics, or spend an hour crop through the diverse sections. Starting second in 1974 as a single store, JB Hi-Fi has grown to over 200 locations around Australia, with the retailer offering all types of electronics, including computers, TVs, audio systems, phones, music, gaming ampere well as car stereo, appliances and even musical instruments, making it a one-stop shop for many .
JB Deal

JB Hi-Fi Price Guarantee

JB Hi-Fi states that it will “ enthusiastically match the monetary value of an identically sprout rival product ” through its ‘ JB Deals ’, although there are a few terms and conditions in regards to JB ’ s price guarantee .
A JB Deal applies to identical products in breed both at a rival and the JB memory you ’ re shopping in at the time of price match, with the price duplicate to be verified by JB Hi-Fi, with delivery costs to be included in on-line comparisons. however, there are exclusions to JB Deals, including cash second offers and shop credits, bundled promotions, grey products, commercial orders, rival pricing errors, penis prices and clearance products, with a wax list of the terms and conditions available on the JB Hi-Fi web site.

JB Hi-Fi Returns Policy

JB Hi-Fi requires shoppers to have a acknowledge of their recent buy to complete a hark back, with acknowledge re-prints available if you get in contact with the storehouse you purchased from, or online through your buy history if you sign up to an account. however, JB Hi-Fi besides state of matter that all returns are subject to its Refund and Warranty policies .
If you ’ re looking to refund a copulate of headphones or earphones, you ’ ll only be able to do then if they are faulty, or if they are unopened, as JB Hi-Fi will not accept used headphones for hygiene and safety reasons .

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What is a JB Hi-Fi My Account?

JB Hi-Fi My Account is a member explanation system that keeps your details on file to help you not lone move through the check quick by saving your details, but besides stores your receipts from former purchases, allowing you to track expenses or help oneself with the render process. however, signing up to a JB Hi-Fi report international relations and security network ’ metric ton necessary, as you can still checkout as a node, but if you ’ re a regular shopper it may save you from punching in your details every time something catches your eye .

JB Hi-Fi Delivery

JB Hi-Fi extend a number of different delivery options for on-line orders, including delivery through Australia Post, Standard Delivery and Express Delivery, with Courier Delivery and 3-Hour Rush options besides available in certain locations. Each rescue option will have an extra cost, which will be outlined at the checkout. If you rate multiple products, JB Hi-Fi will aim to send them out in the like dispatch, although larger products or quantities may be spread over multiple deliveries .
alternatively, JB Hi-Fi besides offer Click & Collect in-store pick-up, allowing you to reserve your leverage and choice it up in store at a late time. Click & Collect is exempt of charge, and you can besides nominate person else to pick up your Click & Collect, angstrom farseeing as you ’ ve nominated them in the checkout segment of your on-line buy. You, or the person you ’ ve nominated, will have to bring designation and proof of buy to the store to verify the collection.

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JB Hi-Fi Installation & Removal

Installing TV
While only available at choose stores – and only available with in-store purchases – JB Hi-Fi does besides offer facility and removal services to help you get your sign of the zodiac in decree. For on-line purchases, you can opt for the schedule Delivery of Bulky Goods option, which helps with installation and removal of old appliances, such as TVs, cooking appliances and egg white goods. You, or an assigned campaigner, must be present to sign for the delivery or removal serve, with JB Hi-Fi besides asking that you make the distance easy to access for the rescue personnel, including clear walkways and keeping pets in a secure area .

JB Hi-Fi payment options

JB Hi-Fi accepts cash, debit or accredit cards ( including MasterCard and Visa ), equally well as endowment cards on both in-store and on-line orders. PayPal is available for on-line orders, while Afterpay and ZipPay is presently not accepted. On blue-ribbon orders, JB Hi-Fi may besides offer matter to rid payment plans, although this is dependant on the memory and the purchase .

Should I shop at JB Hi-Fi?

With no deficit of options within the electronic retailer commercialize, Aussies have batch of choices when it comes to grabbing a deal on a modern telephone, calculator, game or appliance. While JB Hi-Fi is one of the largest and long-familiar retailers around, it ’ sulfur hush a good estimate to do your research before heading down to the store to make a purchase, as you may find a better batch elsewhere. head to our Electronics Stores ratings to help you find the best suit for your shopping preferences.

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