Is It Affiliate Marketing Worth It In 2022? (Everything You Need To Know)

Is Affiliate Marketing Worth It? Can You Really Make Good Money?
Is affiliate marketing worth it, or are you best to concentrate on other monetization methods?
With all the myths, bad press, good press, and sometimes outright lies, it ‘s adequate to drive you insane. The accuracy is, only you can decide if the affiliate marketing commercial enterprise model is worth it for you and your occupation .
You ‘re going to have to ask yourself some deep questions, and the only way to get the answers is by doing some research and snooping about .
What precisely are you looking to find ?

That ‘s what you ‘re about to learn in this article .
You ‘re going to learn how to decide if it ‘s worth being an affiliate seller in cosmopolitan, and for specific products or services affiliate sales .
Let ‘s jump in .

When Is Affiliate Marketing Worth Doing?

Affiliate Marketing Worth It?
If you listen to some people, they ‘ll tell you affiliate market is dead, but this ca n’t be true because marketers and bloggers earn thousands of dollars each month from the affiliate links on their sites .
The reality is that there are times when becoming an affiliate collaborator is worth doing, so let ‘s take a look at the reasons and times when being an consort seller is a good mind .

When You have personal experience with the product

It ‘s not essential, but having personal experience with the merchandise you ‘re promoting as an affiliate will benefit you for the follow reasons :

  • You know precisely how good the product/service is because you have purchased or received a review imitate .
  • When you own the product you do n’t have to research other people ‘s opinions of the intersection ; you can give your own opinion and list the pros and cons .
  • It ‘s ethical market and makes you look more reliable .
  • You can run a case study of the product and record your findings .
  • You can record unbox videos and be more accurate with your reviews .
  • When you own or have access to the product, you can reach out to the owner and ask questions directly about specific areas of concern .
  • much, purchasing a product will give you access to a private Facebook group with hundreds of other people who have purchased the product ; this gives you access to the thoughts of other actual users and, in return, gives you even more cognition about the merchandise .

You Have Experience With Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing Experience
Having affiliate selling know will help you to launch successful campaigns and stand you in a thoroughly seat to make money from promoting the product .
If you ‘re new to being an affiliate, you ‘re going to have to learn the basics and get to know the shape strategies ; otherwise, you ‘ll probably fail .
It ‘s not excessively hard to understand, but it does take time, and you need to ask yourself if you have the time to learn the strategies because a lot of people are besides busy .
Going in all guns blazing with no have is a sure-fire way to lose money and fail as an consort seller .

When You Have Good Traffic Numbers

High Affiliate Website Traffic
It ‘s pretty obvious this one. The more traffic numbers or, the bigger your audience will make it easier to make money through your affiliate links .
If you have the luxury of traffic on tap, it ‘s going to be easier for you to start a successful affiliate selling commercial enterprise. If you do n’t, you will have to use other tactics to get your affiliate offers in movement of people, which normally requires time and money .
When you have good traffic numbers or an active audience on social media channels, affiliate commercialize can be very lucrative and is often worth doing .

When You Have An Email List

Email List For Affiliates
Have you ever heard the say, ‘ the money is in the electronic mail list ? ‘ Of course, it ‘s an overuse pronounce, but it ‘s still 100 % true today !
If you have an active and responsive e-mail list, you ‘re in a great position to market affiliate products to your electronic mail subscribers. Email market is an effective strategy for earning affiliate commission .
According to HubSpot, marketers have seen a 78 % rise in e-mail engagement during the past 12 months .
electronic mail is hush thriving !

When The Product You’re Promoting Compliments A Product You Own

When you sell your own products or services, it can be very profitable to use affiliate products to compliment the product you ‘re selling .

If you can find a product close refer to your intersection even different, affiliate marketing is about surely worth considering .

just be certain that the intersection you promote will benefit those you target .

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High Earnings Per Click

Earnings per chink ( EPC ) is a vital objet d’art of data that can help you determine if it ‘s worth promoting a specific product in your affiliate market clientele .
This measured shows you how much you can earn on average each clock time person clicks on your consort link. It ‘s an important statistic for those using paid traffic methods such as facebooks ads in their affiliate market campaigns .
You calculate EPC by taking the commission you earn from a product and dividing it by the affiliate liaison ‘s number of clicks .
typically, ( but not always ) the higher the EPC, the more you should consider promoting the intersection .

When Is Affiliate Marketing Not Worth It?

There are times when affiliate market will be a badly theme, and identifying when this is the character can save you time and money .
here are a few reasons when it ‘s not deserving being an affiliate seller in general or for a specific intersection or service .

You Have No Desire Or Passion For The Product

No Desire For Affiliates Product
Some will disagree with the passion region because you can promote ( and do well ) without rage for the intersection, but typically you will do better if you have some pastime in the intersection you ‘re promoting .
As for desire, you need this to be successful in any trace of business, and affiliate marketing is no different .
You will write better reviews and adverts and come across as more knowledgeable on the merchandise or service if you have a love for the market and the desire to work arduous .
If you lack in either of these, you may want to reconsider being an affiliate ; if you lack in both, you should probably dodge the theme raw .

You Want To Make Money Overnight

Make Affilioate Money Overnight
Think again if you believe writing a Google Ad or throwing up a sociable media post will have you earning a deputation overnight .
affiliate marketers need to work unvoiced, understand trade name awareness, and have a proper market strategy to be successful — this is n’t an moment hit .
The affiliate commercialize industry is entire of successful marketers, and about all of them will tell you that it takes time to make money .
You wo n’t be an overnight achiever, and if that ‘s what you want, it might be best to consider another business model .

The Product Has Poor Reviews

Poor Reviews
A merchandise can look big and have an excellent sales page, but diving in and blindly promote products fair because of the sales page is a bad theme .
You could promote the intersection to your consultation and lose their trust forever if it ‘s a rubbish merchandise .
That ‘s why having a personal experience with the merchandise is a thoroughly mind .
If you ca n’t get a copy for yourself, you will have to snoop around on assorted websites looking for reviews. If the product has a high share of bad feedback, walk away .

The Website Owner Has A Poor History Or Chequered Past

Website Owner With A Dodgy Past
Check out the owner of the product or service you ‘re thinking about promote, and if they have a chequered past with lots of people labeling him a scam or bunco artist, reconsider your options .
Google the person ‘s name and see what you can find out about them. It ‘s not intemperate to find bad urge about person ; you merely run searches on-line and through social media channels .
If the bad reviews or feedback outweigh the positive feedback, you should be concerned about promoting their affiliate program .

The Vendor Is Not Using A Recognized Affiliate Software

Affiliate using poor software
unfortunately, there are a set of scam artists out there, and they ‘re giving the consort market industry some badly press .
If the person you are thinking about promote is n’t using a recognized affiliate software chopine, you should be looking for other reasons to promote him .
Be careful because many stories online feature marketers not getting paid their consort commission .
Below are a few of the good affiliate platforms :

  • Clickbank
  • JVzoo
  • Amazon Associates
  • warrior Plus
  • share A sale
  • Awin
  • CJ Affiliate
  • Rakuten Advertising
  • Avangate
  • Avanlink
  • eBay Partner Service

The Vendor Isn’t Displaying The Appropriate Disclaimers And Disclosures

No affiliate terms
If the affiliate seller is n’t displaying the correct disclaimers and disclosures on their websites, they risk the find of getting closed down by the affiliate platforms, which would result in you not getting paid .
Affiliate connect disclosures are critical and a legal prerequisite from the Federal Trade Commission ( FTC ). They state that all affiliates and vendors need specific disclaimers and disclosures or risk getting fined .
These FTC guidelines, which occurred in 2009, resulted in the main affiliate platforms rewriting their web site terms. As a resultant role, anyone who did not apply the raw terms and rules lost their account .
look at the product owner ‘s web site and make sure they ‘re displaying all the relevant FTC and affiliate disclaimers. If they ‘re not, you should be concerned.

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What Are The Pros and Cons Of Affiliate Marketing?

Let ‘s take a closer look at the pros and cons of affiliate market because knowing what they are will foster help you decide if an affiliate market business is worth it .


  • You Do n’t Need To Create A Product or Course

Creating a product is time-consuming and can take anything from 30 days to 2 years. In accession, a draw of work goes on behind the scenes, and not having to do this yourself is a meaning bonus for affiliates .

  • The Product Owner Deals With Customer Service And Returns

Dealing with customer service and processing returns is a full-time job and comes with an extra monetary value to the Vendor .
If the product is commodity, they could receive hundreds of inquiries every day .
As an affiliate, you wo n’t ever have to worry about customer service because it ‘s the product owner ‘s province, not yours .

  • A great Way To Monetize Your Website

Affiliate market is silent a legal and profitable way to monetize your web site. ampere long as you choose the correct products and stick to the rules, it ‘s a fantastic monetization method acting .

  • low-cost Start-Up

The affiliate market business is a low-cost option for those looking to earn money on-line. If you already have an audience, it ‘s arguably the best method .
The basics you need are a world name, host, e-mail autoresponder, and the desire to be successful .
Of path, these costs could rise if you use paid traffic methods, but to get started, you could be up and running for less than ten-spot bucks .
You can even get started in affiliate market without a web site .

  • convenience

This kind of ties in with the inaugural two pros above, but it ‘s worth elaborating on the convenience aspects .
Besides not creating a product yourself and dealing with customer military service, it ‘s besides a very convenient business mannequin .
You can find affiliate products quite quickly, and each time you target a new topic on your web site or e-mail tilt, you can look for a newly ( and appropriate ) affiliate merchandise to promote .
With all the affiliate platforms available, finding a new consort spouse is easy, and getting paid is managed by the software on automatic pilot .
effectively, you get your audience to their sales page, and the rest is passive income .

  • scalable

Affiliate market is scalable in more ways than you think. You can scale your income with the upsells on offer for the products you promote, and once you start earning money, you can build a team to target specific keywords related to the merchandise .
If you have a blog, creating a team to write articles will help with SEO, and if you have affiliate earnings, you could use the money to develop affiliate funnels and practice paid traffic .
You could besides build numerous campaigns for many products and have multiple income streams from each one. Once the affiliate market work is done, these in effect will earn passive income ,


  • You ‘re efficaciously Building Another Business alternatively Of Your Own

All your efforts effectively promote and build the electronic mail list of another business. That ‘s the top and bottom of it when you promote an affiliate intersection .
however, you can however build your electronic mail tilt first before directing the traffic, but still, you are sending your traffic to another web site, which has the prospect to become your subscriber ‘s go-to web site in the future .

  • No Control Over The intersection

You could be promoting the intersection, and the owner could change and add sections that you disagree with or do n’t find appropriate — you have no say over this .
The owner could besides pull the intersection at the drop of a hat without notice. They could decide that they no longer want to run the clientele, change the affiliate chopine or never update the capacity .

  • rival Could Overtake

You could find yourself in competition with a big batter in the industry. This will make it harder for you to succeed and earn a decent net income .
For case, you could be doing well with a particular intersection advertise on Facebook ads, and your affiliate funnel could be working like a dream. then all of a sudden, you start getting outbid for keywords by another seller with deep pockets to outspend you on the ads .
Overnight, your income will have taken a stumble, and there ‘s normally nothing you can do about it .

  • Trust Issues

many people do n’t trust affiliate marketers because scam artists have given them a bad repute .
Things are improving, but sometimes you will come across software companies not allowing you to use the software if you promote an consort link .
Email autoresponder software companies will frequently not allow affiliate links in your emails unless you link to your blog beginning. In contrast, some will alone allow them for specific industries and niche markets .

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What Is The Success Rate Of Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate selling is a bang-up commercial enterprise model, but only if you do it correctly. According to Entrepreneurs Unstuck, 5 % of affiliates are successful with their affiliate campaigns, which means a humongous 95 % are falling categoric on their face .
however, do n’t let this put you off because many of the reasons behind the failures are them doing things wrong and not having a solid strategy .

Affiliate Marketing Statistics

Affiliate Marketing Stats
We ‘ve about covered everything you need to know now about whether affiliate marketing is worth it, but before we wrap up, I ‘m going to list some matter to stats .
here they are :

  • 80 % of brands in the US have affiliate programs. ( informant : Mediakix. )
  • The manner industry is responsible for 18.7 % of affiliate programs. ( source : AM Navigator. )
  • 85 % of on-line shoppers check Google for revue before making a purchase ( Source : Kenshoo. )
  • It ‘s estimated that 8.6 billion dollars will be the amount of money spent on consort products by 2022. ( source : Statista. )
  • The number of marketers who consider affiliate market a all-important skill is 40 %. ( source : Bloggingx )
  • Affiliate marketing tax income estimate in the US is close to 5 Billion. ( source : Call Hippo )
  • Clickbank has partnered with more than 100,000 sellers and marketers. ( source : Clickbank. )
  • Clickbank has paid out over 5 Billion in affiliate commission. ( reference : Clickbank )
  • CJ Affiliates outperforms respective early consort marketplaces by double-digits. ( source : CJ.com. )
  • Amazon Associates ‘ deputation rate is between 1-10 %. ( informant : Amazon. )

Affiliate Marketing Vs. Direct Advertising (What Should I Choose?)

Direct Ads Vs Affiliate Marketing
Affiliate marketing promotes early people ‘s products via a unique affiliate link, while aim advertising is another form of monetization that you can use for blogging .
You join up with an ad network company such as Ezoic or Google Adsense, and they place adverts on your blog, which you receive payments when people click on the ad ( CPC ) .
With affiliate marketing, you choose products to promote via consort marketplaces or a seller ‘s web site .
Which is better?
It depends on the type of content you have and the traffic you receive. If you have a high-traffic web site in a niche market that does n’t have many ( or any ) products, using ad would be beneficial for obvious reasons .
You let the ad company place the ads, and you concentrate on adding content and build up your own web site .
If your blog is in a recess with many available products and courses, you will possibly find consort marketing more profitable and you could become a successful consort seller .

Is Affiliate Marketing Worth It? Only You Can Decide

If you have read this article, you should now understand better whether consort commercialize and affiliate commercialize spend is worth it or not .
You should besides know the benefits and pros of being an affiliate and the cons and reasons to stay clear .
ultimately, it ‘s your decision .
There is money to be made as an affiliate, boastful money sometimes, but you need to be certain that your heart is in it and that the products or services you promote are beneficial and suitable to your consultation .
If you can answer these questions, you have a probability of success .
It wo n’t be slowly or excessively complicated either, but you do need to take your time and set your campaigns up correctly .
The following time you ask yourself, “ Is affiliate marketing worth it ? ”
besides, ask yourself if you can offer products to your consultation that will truly benefit them.

If you can, then yes, consort commercialize is about surely worth doing .
For some more inspiration check out Neil Patel ‘s net worth. He ‘s a successful seller who still chooses to earn good money with affiliate marketing .

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