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( The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the reaction from the commercial enterprise. ) Hi ****** … Thank you for the reception and for your invitation to speak directly. My have has been so negative to this compass point that I feel quite agitated and feel that it ‘s better to have the mediation of BBB to address these concerns. My issue is less about what is fair and more about the awful customer service, the legalities of the contract, and who is responsible. The legalities of the finely print are important here. Your web site distinctly states that you cover the cost of shipping for machines under guarantee, but do n’t cover any damage associated with ship. Having said that, shipping companies provide options for indemnity and the limitations of the indemnity should be intelligibly stated. Had I personally paid for transport, this responsibility would fall on my shoulders …. But your company paid for embark and, consequently, the responsibility is on your shoulders. While your web site indicates that the box should be kept, it does not indicate that it ‘s mandate in arrange to make use of the guarantee and/or have proper policy on the cargo. As mentioned to your Tech person, the Contractor responsible for our renovation was not mindful of our want to keep the box. I was not onsite for the duration of the renovation. The plan we discussed with the Contractor was for the plumber to deal with the espresso car once we were back in the house. The Contractor thought he was doing us a favor by unpacking the box but was not aware that we needed to keep it. Had we known that he was going to unpack it, we could have told him that we needed to store the box. It was an unfortunate mishap that we did n’t have see over. I informed your Tech person that I did not have the original box. I was not explicitly informed about what the messenger company requires re : an adequate box or how to by rights pack it, nor was I informed that this would impact the policy coverage. Given that shipping is not my area of expertness, I was not mindful that there are identical specific requirements. I bought a box that purportedly had a weight unit capacity for the machine. I packed the box, informed your Tech person about how I packed it, and then took her suggestion to pack it “ more thoroughly. ” If your ship’s company takes province for shipping in these circumstances, your caller should besides be explicitly informing customers what the messenger company requires regarding the type of box needed and how to pack it. Your ship’s company should besides make it explicit that if the packaging does n’t meet the requirements of the messenger ship’s company, the policy is null and void. none of these things were communicated to me. I did the best I could with the information provided. You make claim that your company did not cause the damage, but the wrong apparently happened because of the packaging ( says ********* ). As the party who takes duty for ship, it is besides your responsibility to give denotative instructions. You highlight all the information on your web site about returns, which are written in the context of being satisfied with the machine. I did n’t evening get an opportunity to very use it. In the context of being unsated and wanting to return the machine, it makes sense that you would want the machine returned with the original promotion. This is a standard necessity for returning many things. however, my request for a refund is n’t because I was unhappy with the machine. I had no intention of returning it and felt confident that any issues would be addressed under the guarantee. My request for a refund is because the machine was trashed by the messenger company, and I do n’t trust that any internal components that are presently working will survive the test of time. I did n’t spend $ 2900 for a damaged, scratched up, unpredictable machine. furthermore, my request for a refund is about not wanting further dealings with your ship’s company. The customer service I have received has been insensitive … over and over again. This situation was nerve-racking on its own and has become well more nerve-racking by the lack of sensitivity and helpfulness from your staff. At this point, any fantastic customer service that would be provided from your staff would n’t feel genuine. The wrong has been done and I believe your caller has a legal obligation to take province, based on the information I outlined above. Your company claims to be “ devoted to customer service ” and I honestly believe the best customer service you can give me at this distributor point is to refund my money. I am open to other suggestions, but returning a scratched up machine with irregular components is not reasonable to me.

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