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Colossal Titan

  • Armin Arlelt

  • Bertholdt Hoover

Armin Arlelt Bertholdt Hoover


Colossal Titan
Chō ōgata Kyojin

Other names

Chō ōgata ? ) [ 1 ]
“ God of Destruction ” ( 破壊の神 Hakai no Kami ? )

“Colossal” (超大型”God of Destruction” (破壊の神



[ 2 ]

60 m


Explosive transformation
Immense size and strength
Steam emission

Current inheritor(s)

Armin Arlelt

Former inheritor(s)

Bertholdt Hoover


  • Eldia
  • Marley (Formerly)



To You, in 2000 Years : The fall of Shiganshina, Part 1

Anime movie

Attack on Titan Part 1 : Guren no Yumiya

Quote1.png A god of destruction. I feel bad for those island devils. One day, that’s gonna show up to kill ’em. Quote2.png
— A Marleyan analysis of the Colossal Titan[3]

The Colossal Titan ( 超大型巨人 Chō ōgata Kyojin ? ) is one of the Nine Titans and serves as the basal adversary of the inaugural three seasons of Attack on Titan series. This Titan is luminary for its massive size and meaning control over the steam emitted by its Titan body along with the user ‘s master over the ability of the blast released by its transformation. It is presently in the possession of Armin Arlelt. The Colossal Titan foremost appeared in the class 845 during the hang of Wall Maria and late re-emerged in 850 at Trost District .


explosive transformation

Although all Titans generate enormous amounts of inflame and energy when transform, the Colossal Titan takes this to the next level. Its holder can control the energy produced during their transformation to create respective effects. For exemplify, when Bertholdt Hoover attacked Trost, his transformation only caused a wind instrument gust which knocked some cadets over the Wall. [ 4 ] however, during the Battle of Shiganshina District, Bertholdt released an measure of energy akin to a small nuclear device, which ravaged partially of the zone and set the surrounding area on displace, along with killing a big number of Scout Regiment soldiers. In addition, the explosive energy released from the transformation created a massive mushroom cloud of debris and debris. [ 5 ] Armin Arlelt besides uses this ability to wipe out most of, if not all of the Marleyan naval fleet stage at the Raid on Liberio in a lay waste to explosion, sending a fantastic wave of energy inland and destroying the port entirely. [ 6 ]


As its name suggests, the Colossal Titan is ill-famed for its incredible size, standing at a previously unobserved 60 meters, high enough to peer over the circus tent of the Walls. [ 2 ] Its body mass gives it overwhelming physical intensity but to compensate this, its huge size makes its movements very slowly. It is strong enough to destroy the outer gate of Wall Maria with a individual recoil, launch stallion houses in the air, and send Eren ‘s Attack Titan flying from the ground to the top of Wall Maria. It is to be noted that the arms are massively disproportionate in size to the rest of the body, probably resulting in less potency than the leg. [ 2 ] [ 7 ] Armin besides uses the Colossal Titan ‘s massive strength and size to ensure the destruction of the Marleyan ships and naval port by stepping on them after his transformation. [ 6 ]

steam emission

The singular ability possessed by the Colossal Titan appears to be significant control over the amounts of steam emitted by the Titan shape. In normal circumstances, Titans emit steam from wounds, and their bodies evaporate completely into steam after receiving a killing blow. The Colossal Titan is able of emitting great amounts of steam at will in order to prevent anybody from reaching its nape. This baron can be used for a variety show of purposes. By emitting huge amounts of steam at once, the coerce and violence of the steamer will burn and repel any individuals in proximity to the Colossal Titan that are not fixed in place. [ 8 ] And if they are fixed to him, they will be constantly scorched by the incredible hotness, at the Titan ‘s mercy. however, if used frequently, it takes a bell on the Titan by gradually decreasing its muscle mass until only the skeletal structure remains. [ 8 ] In some cases when it is necessary, the Colossal Titan is capable of evaporating its entire body at once, disappearing immediately. [ 9 ] This puts the drug user in a position of great vulnerability, with no way of preventing a fall from a great acme where the Titan shape once was. however, this disadvantage can be alleviated if the user is wearing ODM gear. This was seen after the Colossal Titan appeared in Trost and in order to prevent Eren Jaeger from reaching its nape, a large measure of steam was released, which allowed Bertholdt to climb down the wall using the 3D manoeuver gear. [ 10 ]

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The Colossal Titan, like all the Nine Titans, was brought into the world after the end of Ymir Fritz. In the 1,700 years following her death, the Colossal Titan was held in the possession of one or respective of the warring Eldian houses implemental to the Founding Titan. After these seventeen centuries when Karl Fritz, the 145th King of the Fritz syndicate, abandoned the conflicts of Eldia and relocated to Paradis Island, the Colossal Titan was taken by the nation of Marley during the Great Titan War. [ 11 ] On the class 843, Bertholdt Hoover was chosen to inherit the power of the Colossal Titan. He would late make use of his Titan form in a war between Marley and an enemy state, using his Colossal Titan to destroy a city containing enemy troops in a fink attack after the Cart Titan placed him in place. [ 3 ]

In the class 845, the nation of Marley sent out Bertholdt, Reiner Braun, Annie Leonhart, and Marcel Galliard across the sea to Paradis Island as the starting signal of the Paradis Island Operation. [ 3 ]


The Colossal Titan makes its first appearance outside Wall Maria when Bertholdt transformed outside the southerly gate, terrorizing the population of Shiganshina and kicking a hole in the southerly gate. Its actions allow the Pure Titans wandering outside to enter Shiganshina, where they begin to feast on its many inhabitants, including Carla Jaeger. [ 2 ] Bertholdt joined his fellow surviving Warriors in entering the wall territory during the chaos .
The Colossal Titan reappears five years late in the class 850 after the fall of Wall Maria, breaching Wall Rose after Bertholdt transforms outside the south gate of Trost District so that the Titans can once again devour the humans inside. Before he can escape, his Colossal Titan is confronted by Eren Jaeger seeking vengeance. Eren attempts to strike at the Colossal Titan ‘s nape, but Bertholdt makes use of his steam emission manipulate and prevents Eren from getting close. As Eren fights against Bertholdt ‘s steamer and comes in for the killing botch, the Colossal Titan vanishes instantaneously. As Eren attempts to comprehend the position, Bertholdt escapes under the cover charge of his Titan ‘s steam using his omni-directional mobility gear. This attack prompts the Garrison to enact the Colossal Titan eventuality plan for Trost District. [ 4 ] [ 9 ]
due to the discovery of Eren ‘s self-control of the Attack Titan, the Warriors postpone their plan to destroy the Walls and rather focus on capturing him, whom they believe besides possesses the Founding Titan. When Reiner, in a moment of debilitation and desperation, reveals himself to be the Armored Titan and exposes Bertholdt as the Colossal Titan, the two transform into their titan forms and struggle against the Scout Regiment. [ 12 ]
As Reiner ‘s Armored Titan battles Eren ‘s Titan, Bertholdt fights against the Scouts with a partially transformed Colossal Titan. When the soldiers led by Hange Zoë are ready to land a killing blow, Bertholdt once more uses his steam emission master to keep them all at a distance, and their ODM gear is ineffective to reach him in the continuous gusts of tip. Bertholdt ‘s Colossal remains in this express of discharge for a short time until Reiner faces at hand kill in his struggle against Eren and calls for help. Hearing Reiner ‘s sign, Bertholdt falls to the grind below. [ 8 ] This causes a destructive explosion below, with the Colossal Titan evaporating into a rave of steam. Bertholdt leaves his Titan and joins up with Reiner, who had managed to capture Eren and Ymir in the chaos. [ 13 ]
The Warriors fail in capturing Eren and later flee to the ruins of Shiganshina District. [ 14 ] For some months, Bertholdt presumably does not use his Colossal Titan until the conflict of Shiganshina District, where he prepares to transform into his Titan above the zone in order to destroy the city. however, his plan is stopped curtly after seeing Reiner alive and in hazard, and he transforms at a later time after speaking with his early comrades. The blast from his transformation engulfs closely all of the Scouts within Shiganshina and levels the central part of the zone, creating a mushroom obscure .
As the Colossal Titan, Bertholdt begins setting fire to the houses of Shiganshina with his Titan ‘s heat and sends the structures soaring through the air, bringing big devastation to the town. [ 5 ] Eren attempts to attack the Colossal, but his undertake is ephemeral when he is kicked to the exceed of Wall Maria. Squad Levi attempts to attack Bertholdt with their thunder Spears, but the Colossal ‘s steam emission keeps them away. [ 7 ] however, at this prison term Armin Arlelt notices the loss of muscle mass brought on by each steam blast and formulates a design to defeat Bertholdt. [ 15 ] Armin brings Eren binding into awareness and informs him of his plan to defeat Bertholdt. Knowing his ODM gear will not stay attached to the Colossal ‘s evaporating flesh, Armin grapples to the tooth of the Titan as Eren collapses to the establish below .
Wanting to kill Armin promptly, Bertholdt emits a huge sum of burning steam at Armin, scorching him active until he can no long remain grapple to his Titan. Armin collapses to the ground below, and Bertholdt turns his attention to Eren. He notices besides late that Eren ‘s Titan on the anchor below is in fact merely its hardened shell, and in the consequence of vulnerability, Eren, in his homo form, strikes at the Colossal Titan, pulling Bertholdt from the nape as the Colossal Titan collapses in frustration. [ 15 ] On the rooftops of Shiganshina, the surviving members of the Scout Regiment are left with the choice of using a Titan injection in their self-control to save either Armin or Commander Erwin Smith from the brink of death. The option is left to Captain Levi, and after some reluctance, he chooses to save Armin ‘s life. As a Pure Titan, Armin grabs Bertholdt as he comes rear into awareness and beg for his biography. His cries go unheard, and Bertholdt is eaten alive by Armin ‘s Titan, which inherits the Colossal Titan world power. [ 16 ]

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Through the years 851 to 854, the nation of Marley sent a sum of 32 scouting ships to Paradis Island, all of which ended up missing. [ 17 ] The Colossal Titan, along with the Attack Titan, assists in this by capturing ships by transforming near or directly above them and forcing their crews to jump overboard, after they had been lured into close proximity by Yelena and Onyankopon. [ 18 ]
During the Raid on Liberio, Armin Arlelt awaits at the prop up of Marley in a fish boat. As Marley ‘s naval forces rally to provide reinforcements to the city ‘s impoundment zone who are taking heavy losses due to the Scout Regiment ‘s attacks, they cursorily spot Armin and order him back to land, merely to realize his true identity when he removes his hood. He stares at them and then transforms into his Colossal Titan. The blast destroys the Marleyan warships and sends devastating explosive energy surging inland into the streets of Liberio. [ 6 ]
After destroying the harbor, the Colossal Titan steps on all the ships to ensure that they have been wholly destroyed. Armin then emerges from the Titan ‘s nape and looks down at the slaughter caused by the transformation, and flies up using his anti-personnel omni-directional mobility gear to a nearby Scout Regiment airship. [ 6 ]

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  • In the game Age of Gunslingers Online, a special Titan Mode was made as a tribute to the series. The final boss is heavily based upon the Colossal Titan and is fought atop a massive structure. A trailer of this mode can be viewed here.
  • Before the San Diego Padres vs. the Los Angeles Dodgers baseball game on July 5, 2019, the person dressed up as the Colossal Titan and took photos with Dodgers pitcher Kenta Maeda who has the Colossal Titan designed baseball glove.[19]
  • Since its first appearance, the Colossal Titan has become one of the most recognizable iconic images of the entire Attack on Titan series.



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