Configure Social Login into WordPress using HubSpot

What is Social Login?

Social Login allows users to connect to any web site using diverse networking platforms such as Facebook, Google, or Twitter. It is a form of single sign-on for users designed and implemented to make logging in easier for end-users. Using social login users can sign into any third-party website without having to create an account.

How does Social Login Works?

The social login procedure is highly simpleton. Users come to your web site and select whichever social login provider they want to login. They fill in their details on the social network supplier ’ mho site. Once the authentication work is completed by the social supplier the user can start using your WordPress web site. If they are a modern exploiter then they are registered and if they are an existing drug user they are logged in .

What is Hubspot?

Hubspot is an american software company that offers solutions for sales, market and customer serve. HubSpot offers a entire stack of software that includes a CRM, a Marketing Hub, a Sales Hub, a CMS Hub, and a Service Hub.

How can I display a Hubspot login button on my WordPress site?

Using a social login plugin like miniOrange Social Login you can add Hubspot login to your web site.

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This allows you to show Login with Hubspot choice when a User tries to Sign up or Login to your web site. many people love this button because they could save time because of no necessitate to register and remember the password vitamin a well. All they need is their existing Hubspot accounts .
WordPress HubSpot Social Login (HubSpot Single Sign-On (SSO)) for WordPress can be achieved by using our WordPress Social Login plugin. In this guidebook we will see how to implement HubSpot login on your WordPress web site in the easiest direction. To know more about early features we provide in WordPress Social Login plugin, you can click here.

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WordPress Social Login Plugin

Steps to Configure HubSpot Social Login into WordPress (WP)

Step 1: Configure HubSpot Social Login into Your WordPress

Follow the steps below to configure HubSpot login in WordPress

miniorange img Configure HubSpot Social Login
  • Go to Hubspot developers console at https://developers.hubspot.com/ and click on create a developer account and Sign up/Login with your Hubspot developer account.
  • Hubspot WordPress social login

  • After sign-in, You will be asked what do you want to build? Click on Create app developer account.
  • Hubspot app to connect hubspot

  • On developer home page click on Create an app .
  • Create an app for hubspot login

  • Enter an App Name in public app name field, and optionally, add logo. Enter the description of your app and Click on Save.
  • Hubspot WordPress social login app details

  • Click on Auth tab.
  • Hubspot social login for WordPress auth tab

  • Enter your redirect URL and select Contacts in scope field.
  • connect Hubspot WordPress social login redirect url

2. Set credentials in miniOrange Social Login Plugin

  • Go to miniOrange Social Login Plugin → Click on Configure Apps → click on Hubspot :
  • Hubspot WordPress social login miniOrange social

  • Copy the Client ID and Client Secret from the app credentials section and paste it on the Hubspot Instructions page.
  • Hubspot WordPress social login Copy clientid and clientsecret

  • Then click on Save & Test Configuration button.
  • A new window will appear and will connect to your Hubspot account. Click on connect app and complete the autorization process. Press on Continue to complete the login process.
  • A notification from the plugin that The test was successful will be shown. That means your Custom app will set properly.
  • Hubspot WordPress social login Test Configuration

  • Now you can see that Hubspot Social login is enabled on your WordPress site.
  • Hubspot WordPress social login button display

  • If you not able to Add Social login icons on your custom login/registration page of your website, you can use our shortcode Guide.

You have successfully configured HubSpot Social Login for WordPress Website .

Attractive Social Login Icons

  • We also provide attractive social login icons in latest version of the social login plugin with 4 types of shapes for social login icons Round, Rounded Icons, Square and Long button. Six themes including Default, White Background, Custom Background, Hover, Custom Hover and Smart. We also provide transform effect for all types of themes and buttons.

If you are looking for anything which you can not find, please drop us an electronic mail on socialloginsupport@xecurify.com

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