Deleted: How to Hack Someone’s Instagram Account

A couple years ago I answered a question on Quora that recently got deleted because it ‘s so dangerous ! It was a good and honest solution that I still think teaches these scriptkidz and aspirant hackers that hacking, like security, is work and not a tool. It had 200,300 views at the clock of removal and upvoted by many. so to keep it from dying a sad death, here it is in its delete entirety :

Q: How do I hack my friend’s instagram account. I don’t want to destroy anything, I just want to get in it as a joke not do anything bad even though it’s illegal.

I get it. Yes it ‘s illegal but so are many things and that does n’t make it wrong. Legal comes down to purpose and so most of the answers here telling you to watch out it ‘s illegal do n’t understand hacking and they do n’t understand you .
next to understand- hack is n’t a tool, it ‘s a skill. You probable wo n’t be able to hack an established avail without considerable prison term spent learning its operations. And most who did that already would n’t release a tool as that information is way besides profitable .
The fact of this is that there ‘s lone 2 ways to steal anything- either you take it or person gives it to you. That ‘s a fact you can take straight from the OSSTMM. You need to trick Instagram to give you his credentials. Or you need to trick him. Or you need to take it from him. Or Instagram. But it ‘s likely you wo n’t be able to take it from Instagram.

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Reading: Deleted: How to Hack Someone’s Instagram Account

That leaves you with lone a few options. here ‘s common ones :
1. Take it from him using malware on his arrangement. You need a RAT, distant access trojan. You ‘ll besides need to know how to get it on his arrangement with his AntiVirus finding it. Or get him to disable his AV. If it ‘s a mobile you have even more study. And if the malware goes rogue and infects other systems or does n’t respond the means you want it to then you have boastful problems .
2. Take it from him using shoulder browse. Just watch him type in his password without him knowing. Use hidden cameras. deoxyadenosine monophosphate long as you can see it.

3. Take it from him by sniffing the wireless local area network he uses- but again, man-in-the-middle attacks are function to set up if it ‘s not your wireless local area network. like with setting up a web site that looks like Instagram for him to log into and then captures the password rather and then fails so he does n’t know it was n’t them .
4. Have him give it to you by logging in to his account on your system or phone where you can capture the logged-in submit. Or take his phone when he ‘s not looking.

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5. Have Instagram give it to you by exploiting their procedure of lost passwords. That takes a short think but if he ‘s a dear friend then you may have access to his e-mail or computer or something else where you can exploit that .
So that ‘s it. No count what you do, it will require more than a tool. For some more information on this, besides check out hypertext transfer protocol : // lessons .

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