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Do you want to learn how to draw drop the ball ; because I want to teach you how in this bit-by-bit tutorial. I ‘m not going to lie ; drawing women ‘s breasts is one of my favorite things to draw. And that ‘s because I love drawing women a lot. If you are familiar with my cultivate, I illustrate mermaids quite frequently. then I have tons of drawing experience with dumbbell. I will keep this tutorial bare and easy to follow. I do n’t want to bog you with excessively much about the human body. however, knowing basic anatomy does help. On that bill, are you ready to learn how to draw boobs ?

Photos of Women’s Boobs

Before we start drawing anything, we need to get companion with dumbbell. The best way to learn the anatomy of dumbbell is by gather character images. A great locate to gather references is Pinterest. I like Pinterest because you can place all your pictures on one inspiration board. Due to the nature of the subject, be cautious on which site you grab your images. A dependable target to search for photos of publicize breasts is Shutterstock or any other stock effigy site. To save you the worry, I created an inspiration control panel at the connection below. At the end of this tutorial, I ‘ll link some helpful books .

Warm-Up Sketches

once you are familiar with your citation images, I recommend at least a 10-minute warm-up sketch session. This exercise helps build assurance in yourself and relaxes your mind. Trust me, nothing is scarier than a blank canvas. The key here is to have playfulness. Do n’t worry about the quality of the sketches. besides, feel free to draw early things besides .


For this tutorial, you can either follow my instructions using traditional media such as pencil and newspaper or digitally with a drawing app. The choice is up to you. To keep things simple for me, I like creating these tutorials using Procreate because it saves me time and the hassle of scanning images to my computer. If you are a Procreate drug user, check out my loose brushes at the connection below ; this is my go-to set when creating artwork in this app .
If you are a digital drug user, use blue for sketching. For pencil and newspaper users, keep your marks clean. The directions are as followed .

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Step 1: Basic Torso 

step one is to sketch out a elementary cartoon of a women ‘s torso. This torso will consist of the rib cage and pelvic. With that in take care, broadly sketch out an ellipse shape with a concave bend at the penetrate. then draw the pelvic as a trapezoid with bow segments. besides, give a short space to separate the rib cage and pelvic. After you sketch out the rib and hips, add a centerline and lines for the sleep together handles .
When it comes to drawing a women ‘s torso, remember that the hips are “ wider ” than the upper body, this will keep your sketch looking feminine. If you are confused, please watch my video so you can see how I draw this .
Step 1: Sketching The Torso

Step 2: Clavicle and Shoulder blades 

adjacent, draw in the clavicle and shoulder blades. For the clavicle, simple lines that are angled about 20° are all right. And for the shoulder blades, let ‘s keep these simple by drawing inverted triangles .
Step 2: Sketching the Clavicle and Shoulder Blades

Step 3: Sketch In the Boobs

once you have your basic women ‘s torso sketched out, you can now add in the breast. To do this, draw two egg shapes on the rib cage. besides, angle your egg shapes to the center field of the clavicle. The bottomland of the breast ends a morsel above the bottom of the rib cage. Add center lines to your drop the ball. Make sure to follow the lean of your shapes. You can besides add the belly clitoris ; this is around the circus tent or slightly above the pelvic.

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Step 3: Drawing The Boobs

Step 4: Drop Layer Opacity

After you complete your drop the ball sketch, drop the layer opacity of your layout to about 30 %. For pencil and paper users, make certain your sketch marks are lighter .
Step 4: Drop Layer Opacity

Step 5: Refine Sketch

If you are a drawing app user, create a second layer on top of your cartoon drawing. Switch your brush coloring material from gloomy to black. On this layer, refine the details of your sketch draw. here I want you to focus on the breast, clavicle, and overall shape of the torso. Notice which areas I focus on in my diagram. Do not refine all your lines in your sketch. We need to be selective and omit the lines that are barely guides .
traditional users, refine your details by pressing firmer on your pencil .
Step 5: Refine Sketch Drawing

Step 6: Add Shadows

For digital users, create a third layer and topographic point it on the exceed of all your other layers. Use this layer to add shadows and extra details to your drawing. As for the traditional user, keep working on your illustration. Use your eraser to remove any undesirable guides .
now that you have your line drawing complete, you can now add shadows to your women ‘s torso and breast ! Do n’t be afraid to add a good roll shadow below the breast. By adding this contingent, you will make your boobs pop from the ridicule cage and add astuteness. Another shading peak for breast is shading below the clavicle around the upper edge of the torso. This shading is lighter than the hurl apparition. Be cautious when you add this shadow .
Step 6: Add Shadows
That was the final step, and if you ‘re a digital exploiter. Your layer empanel should look something like this diagram .
Do you want to learn how to draw boobs; because I want to teach you how in this step-by-step tutorial. I'm not going to lie; drawing women's breasts is one of my favorite things to draw. And that's because I love drawing women a lot.

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Boob Drawing Complete

If you made it this far, you have completed drawing your torso with drop the ball. And that ‘s how you draw dumbbell ! Give yourself a high five ! If your disembowel did n’t come out looking like mine, do n’t worry. It takes time and lots of practice to draw a good torso. Keep practice, and remember my tips ! You will get well, but you need to be affected role .
As stated earlier, I would link some helpful books that might help you.

All these books I own and are great for learning homo anatomy. I give them my stamp of approval ! In the future, I will finally have my anatomy tutorials ! Make sure you subscribe to my emailing tilt for the latest tutorials and news program !


I hope this tutorial was helpful to you. I know from experience how hard it can be to draw at times, and I feel like in this day in age, there is thus much information out there. My goal with “ How To Draw Dojo ” is to help aspiring artists better themselves with their art. With that in judgment, you can partake this tutorial with your friends and syndicate. besides, do n’t forget to follow me on Instagram @ howtodrawdojo and @ dreampigment. With your corroborate, it helps motivate me to create more free capacity like this. And I want to thank you in advance !
If you have any questions in regards to this tutorial, feel free to leave a gloss downstairs. besides, you can contact me directly via e-mail. And remember to have fun when you draw !

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