How to delete your Reddit account and history

After you ’ ve gotten used to the ins and outs of posting on Reddit, it ’ sulfur easy to go down the rabbit hole and start post and commenting everywhere. If and when you want to delete your account, however, it can be unmanageable to delete everything you ’ ve posted. When you delete your report, all your posts and comments stay on the chopine unless you manually delete them. Let ’ s go over how to delete your Reddit score, a well as all of your posts and comments .
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To delete your Reddit account, go to User Settings and scroll down to the bed. Click Delete Account, then enter your username and password. Click Delete when you ‘re sure you want to delete your account.


  • Deleting your account on Reddit
  • Using a Chrome extension to delete all Reddit history

How to delete your Reddit account


Go to and log into your account. Click your profile picture in the top good .click profile image reddit Curtis Joe / Android Authority Click User Settings .go to reddit user settings Curtis Joe / Android Authority Make surely you are on the Account tab in User settings .account tab reddit Curtis Joe / Android Authority Scroll down to the bed, then chink DELETE ACCOUNT .click on delete account button red Curtis Joe / Android Authority On the We’re sorry to see you go page, you can enter your reason for leaving in the HELP IMPROVE REDDIT box. Enter your report ’ sulfur username and password in the VERIFY YOUR IDENTITY section, then click the checkbox next to I understand that deleted accounts aren’t recoverable. If you haven ’ t done so already, you should make surely that you ’ ve deleted all of your posts and comments. Otherwise, even though you ’ ve deleted your score, your old posts and comments will remain on the platform for others to see—and possibly take advantage of .we are sorry to see you go fields Curtis Joe / Android Authority Click DELETE .delete reddit account Curtis Joe / Android Authority You will get one final examination warn on the Delete account pop fly. Click DELETE to finish deleting your Reddit account.

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delete account confirmation screen Curtis Joe / Android Authority

Android & iOS

To be clear, there is no way to delete your Reddit account from the mobile app. It merely isn ’ metric ton possible at this time ascribable to the way they ’ ve structured bill deletion. What you can do, however, is use your mobile browser to emulate the background action. Go to in your smartphone ’ s mobile browser. Tap the menu icon in the top good that looks like three horizontal lines : one short line above and below a longer middle agate line .account settings location on mobile browser Curtis Joe / Android Authority From hera, the summons is precisely the like as the desktop translation .delete account on mobile Curtis Joe / Android Authority

How to delete all Reddit history at once (Chrome extension)

typically, your content goes with you when you delete any social media account. however, ascribable to the nature of how posts and comments work on Reddit, all of your content will stay on the platform even after you ’ ve deleted your account. If you want to remove all of your posts and comments when you delete your report, you ’ ll indigence to do indeed manually—unless you are a Google Chrome user. If you don ’ metric ton use Chrome, you must go into your Reddit history and edit every remark and mail you ’ ve ever published. If you are a Chrome user, however, you can take a shortcut : Nuke Reddit History .nuke reddit history logo Curtis Joe / Android Authority Nuke Reddit History is a Chrome reference that allows you to delete all of your comments and posts on Reddit at once. Let ’ s go over how to use it .

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How to use Nuke Reddit History

Go to the Chrome Web Store foliate for Nuke Reddit History. Click Add to Chrome. Go through all of the steps and give the extension all the permissions necessity .add to chrome nuke reddit history Curtis Joe / Android Authority nowadays, merely head back to Reddit. Make indisputable the extension is pinned, then click its picture in the pin extensions next to your address bar. Select Overwrite & Delete All My Comments  to have the extension edit and scramble all of your comments, then delete them. Select Delete All My Posts to have the extension delete all of your Reddit posts at once .chrome extension nuke reddit Curtis Joe / Android Authority
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