How to Change the Keyboard Color on Your Phone

What to Know

  • Android: Tap Settings > Additional Settings > Keyboard & Input Method > Gboard and pick a color.
  • iPhone: Change from white to black by tapping Settings > Display & Brightness > Dark.
  • iPhone users need a third-party app such as Gboard to change the keyboard color entirely. 

This article teaches you what you need to know about changing your keyboard color on an Android earphone and an iPhone .

Can I Change My Keyboard Color on iPhone ?

Unless you want to install a third-party app such as Gboard, the only way to change the keyboard semblance on an iPhone is to turn on Dark Mode, so you change the keyboard from white to black. here ‘s how to do thus.

  1. Tap Settings .

  2. Tap Display & Brightness .

  3. Tap Dark .
    Steps required to change from light to dark background and keyboard on iOS

  4. Your keyboard is now dark, along with many other apps and services on your iPhone .

Can I Change My Keyboard Color on Android ?

On an Android telephone, you can change your keyboard tinge quite well. here ‘s how to do it on a standard Android phone .

Some Android phones have slenderly different layouts, so the options may be slenderly different .

  1. Tap Settings .

  2. Tap Additional Settings.

  3. Tap Keyboard & Input Method.
    Steps required to change keyboard look on Android

  4. Tap Gboard .
    This may be called something slightly different. Tap on the name of the keyboard you ‘re presently using if this is the case .
  5. Tap Theme .

  6. Tap a coloring material or background visualize .
    Steps required to change keyboard theme on Android

  7. Tap Apply .

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How Do I Change My Keyboard From Black to White ?

If you ‘re using an iPhone, your only choice is to change the keyboard from white to black or black to white, as explained above. For Android users, though, the process is slightly more change. here ‘s how it works .

  1. Tap Settings .

  2. Tap Additional Settings.

  3. Tap Keyboard & Input Method .
    Steps required to find Keyboard options on Android

  4. Tap Gboard .
    As ahead, this may be named something slenderly different depending on your Android frame-up .
  5. Tap Theme .

  6. Tap Default or a white coloring material to change your keyboard setting to white .
    Steps required to change keyboard theme color on Android between white or black

Can I Use a Third-Party App on iPhone to Change Keyboard Color ?

Android phones do n’t require third-party apps, as they already allow you to change keyboard color. however, iPhone users can use third-party apps to create a similar effect. here ‘s how to do so using Gboard, Google ‘s keyboard app .

  1. Install the Gboard app from the App Store .

  2. Open the app and tap Get Started.

  3. Tap Keyboards > Allow Full Access.
    Steps required in iOS to allow Gboard full access to change keyboard color

  4. Tap Allow .

  5. Reopen the Gboard app .

  6. Tap Themes .

  7. Tap your choice of discolor .

  8. Open the keyboard in any app to see the keyboard in your new choice of discolor .
    Steps required to change keyboard theme using Gboard on iOS

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Why Would I Want to Change Keyboard Colors ?

curious about why changing keyboard colors is so appeal ? here ‘s a quick overview of the reasons why it ‘s useful .

  • Accessibility. If you have any kind of issue with your vision, such as trouble seeing things in dim light or color-blindness, a change of keyboard color can help you see things more clearly.
  • Being able to customize. Your phone is your phone, and it’s likely you want to make it feel more personal to you, whether through a fun background, a neat phone case, or by changing the keyboard color to something that looks good to you.


  • How do I change the keyboard backlight color on my laptop?

    Whether or not you can change your keyboard backlight coloring material depends on your device manufacturer and model. For exercise, on a Dell Latitude, you ‘d press Fn + C to cycle through available colors. Gaming laptops frequently have color options. Check your device software documentation to see what options you have .

  • If I can’t change the backlight color, can I adjust the brightness?

    Yes. Most laptops have backlight alteration settings. If you have a Windows 10 laptop, first enable the backlight by going to the Windows Mobility Center > Hardware and Sound. Toggle on Keyboard Backlight and then adjust its brightness .

  • I have a Corsair gaming keyboard. Can I change the color of the background light?

    Yes. You can set a specific background coloring material for one key or groups of keys, and you can besides add special foreground alight effects. To change background colors, go to your profile and select the Lighting check. Use the coloring material palette to assign colors to keys. To choose foreground colors, go to the Lighting tab and click the Effects drop-down menu .

  • How do I change the color on my Razer gaming laptop’s keyboard?

    To change a Razer keyboard ‘s fall effects and colors, open the Razer Synapse software tool, voyage to the Lighting check, and customize your alight .

  • How do I change the color on my MSI gaming laptop’s keyboard?

    Open your Start menu and entree the SteelSeries software. blue-ribbon MSI Per-Key RGB Keyboard > Config and then explore preset configurations or create custom alight effects .

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