The Vampire Diaries: Real-Life Relationship Status, Age, Height & Zodiac Of The Main Cast

The Vampire Diaries was a huge success and part of the argue was the beloved cast, who fans are always felicitous to learn more about. Considering that it has been 5 years since The Vampire Diaries ended, it ‘s quite surprise to see that the fanbase is still american samoa active as ever. Whether it is because of the matter to supernatural creatures lurking around the fictional township of Mystic Falls, the dynamic storylines, or the capital relationships, fans just love rewatching this show. however, there ‘s no doubt that the people responsible for these capital memories are the celebrated actors and the fabulously talented draw .
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But what are they up to now ? Unlike their characters on the picture, a lot of the actors have gone to be very happy in real life, whether through finding success, starting a family, seeing the world, or a handful of other things. Fans of these actors love to learn more about them and what they ‘re up to now.

SCREENRANT VIDEO OF THE DAY Updated on March 30th, 2022, by Kayleigh Banks : With it having been 5 years since the final episode of The Vampire Diaries aired, the frame of the show have accomplished or experienced some amazing things. Paul Wesley and Ian Somerhalder started a bourbon company together ( via Rolling Stone ), Nina Dobrev won the Best Director award at the Mammoth Film Festival ( via Hello Magazine ), and Joseph Morgan is set to play another memorable villain in season 4 of Titans. They are n’t the only successful stars either as tied those in the support roles, such as Marguerite MacIntyre, have made it adult as well .

Ian Somerhalder: 43, Married, 5’8’’, Sagittarius

Damon Salvatore stares off

Damon Salvatore was played by Ian Somerhalder, who was 30 at the clock of first filming the show ( and is now 43-years-old ). much like his character in the serial, Somerhalder is a hilarious Sagittarius and was born on December 8, 1972 .
He married Nikki Reed in 2015, who is a colleague Vampire actor from the celebrated film series, Twilight ( via US Magazine ). The match gave parentage to their daughter, Bodhi, in 2017 .

Nina Dobrev: 33, Dating, 5’5’’, Capricorn

Elena Gilbert

Playing the main protagonist, Elena Gilbert ( adenine well as three Petrova doppelgängers ), Nina Dobrev was the face of The Vampire Diaries. not only was she involved in one of the most talked-about loved triangles on the prove but fans besides admired how Dobrev managed to distinguish each character from one another. however, since she departed the series, Dobrev has branched out into other feature films, appearing in many big titles such as xxx : return Of Xander Cage .
much like in the show, the 33-year-old dated her co-star, Ian Somerhalder, for a brief period of time a few years ago. now, she is presently in a relationship with Olympic snowboarder, Shaun White ( via US Magazine ). Born January 9, 1989, she is a Capricorn .

Paul Wesley: 39, Married, 5’9’’, Leo

Stefan with blood on his lips in the Vampire Diaries

Known for playing the iconic vampire Stefan Salvatore, Paul Wesley accrued a large follow after making a debut on The Vampire Diaries. Like his character, many fans would agree that Wesley is one of the kindest and most altruistic individuals they will ever meet as the 39-year-old has helped and hosted many charities events ( specifically with The Humane Society as reported by Variety ) .
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presently, he is married to Ines De Roman. The pair got married in a private ceremony ( via einsteinium ! News ). He is continuing his career as a producer, a well as an actor, with a main function in the psychological thriller, Tell Me A Story. This Leo was besides born on July 23, 1982 .

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Steven R. McQueen: 33, Single, 6’, Cancer

A stressed Jeremy Gilbert

Known chiefly for playing Elena ‘s cutthroat but annoying small brother, Jeremy, Steven R. McQueen is one of the few actors who still features in The Vampire Diaries population and makes a few appearances in the spinoff, Legacies. He has besides been a serial unconstipated on Chicago Fire, playing the fireman and paramedic, Jimmy Borelli .
After ending his battle to model Alexandra Silva before in 2018 ( via People ), it does n’t appear that McQueen is presently dating anyone. however, for those who are curious about his zodiac signboard, they ‘ll be able to quickly work out that it is Cancer since the actor was born on July 13, 1988 .

Kat Graham: 32, Dating, 5’2’’, Virgo

Bonnie Bennett

Mystic Falls ‘ favorite hex, Bonnie Bennet, was played by actor Kat Graham, who is now 32-years-old. Graham has been extremely busy since the end of The Vampire Diaries, appearing in multiple have films, american samoa well as a overplus of television shows since 2017 ( including Trolls : TrollsTopia and All Eyes On Me ) .
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Although she was briefly engaged to actor Cottrell Guidry ( via e ! News ), the actor is presently in a relationship with director and cameraman Darren Genet ( who has besides worked on the sets of The Vampire Diaries, arsenic well as its spin-offs, The Originals, and Legacies ). For those curious about her zodiac sign, Graham was born on September 5, 1989, making her a Virgo .

Candice King: 34, Married, 5’8’’, Taurus

Caroline Forbes looks on

Caroline Forbes was one of Mystic Falls ‘ first gear residents to turn into a Vampire, happening early in season two. She may have been turned when she was a adolescent in the usher and remained a adolescent throughout the series, but Candice King is actually 33-years-old in real number animation .
King married musician Joe King back in 2014, after being introduced to him by her co-star, Nina Dobrev ( via Hello Magazine ). She has since given birth to two daughters, and besides became a stepmother to her husband ’ s two daughters from a previous marriage. This Taurus was born on May 13, 1987 .

Zach Roerig: 37, Single, 5’11’’, Pisces

Matt Donovan on the verge of tears

One of the only non-supernatural characters on the testify, Matt Donovan actually aged through the series. however, unlike his adolescent character, Zach Roerig was 24 when he began to film the series and is now 37 years old .
Born February 22, 1985, the Pisces shares a daughter with his ex-wife Alana Turner, who he kept a mysterious until filing for sole detention after his wife was sent to prison in 2013 ( via ibitimes ). He later dated co-star Nathalie Kelley in 2016 but is presently individual .

Michael Trevino: 36, Single, 5’7’’, Aquarius

Tyler Lockwood

initially one of the main characters in The Vampire Diaries, Michael Trevino played the brooding werewolf-hybrid, Tyler Lockwood. Out of all the characters on the show, many would agree that Trevino ‘s had one of the best growths as he went from being a selfish and arrogant adolescent to a brave and caring individual. sadly, the werewolf did n’t get the happy ending he wished for as he was later killed by Damon Salvatore .
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initially, Trevino dated Glee actor, Jenna Ushkowitz, second in 2011 for three years ( via e ! News ). however, it appears that Trevino likes to keep his amatory liveliness private so it is assumed that the Aquarius ( born January 25, 1985 ) appears to be single presently.

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Matthew Davis: 42, Married, 5’11’’, Taurus

One of the only adult main characters on the appearance, Matthew Davis played the history teacher turned vampire hunter Alaric Saltzman. He formed many memorable friendships with Damon Salvatore a well as Elena and Jeremy Gilbert .
Unlike some of Alaric ‘s more memorable Vampire Diaries romances ( which much ended in calamity ), Davis seems to have found true happiness with actor, Kiley Casciano, to who he has been married since 2018. together, the pair has two children, with their inaugural child, Ripley, born in 2020, and their second, Dorothy, in 2022 ( via People ). For those curious as to his zodiac bless, Davis is a Taurus ( as he was born on May 8, 1978 ) .

Joseph Morgan: 40, Married, 5’11’’, Taurus

Klaus with a concerned look as he talks to someone off camera

Joseph Morgan played the original vampire, Klaus on The Vampire Diaries and then went on to star as the main character on its by-product, The Originals. Unlike his character, who hasn ’ t aged since he turned into a vampire in his early 20s, Morgan is 41 years previous in real life .
much like a numeral of his colleague co-leads, Morgan is a sanchez, being born on May 16, 1981. After meeting on the sets of The Vampire Diaries, Morgan began dating actress Persia White who plays Bonnie ’ s mother, Abby Bennett on the show. The copulate began dating in 2011, became engaged in 2014, and married late that like year ( via People ) .

Michael Karim Malarkey: 38, Married, 5′ 10″, Cancer

An image of Enzo smiling in The Vampire Diaries

Although his character was n’t popular at first, Michael Karim Malarkey ended up playing the fan-favorite character, Lorenzo “ Enzo ” St. John. Born June 21st, 1983, the 5’10 ” actor has been working in the television and movie diligence since 2009 on projects, such as Project Blue Book and The Oath .
Like his character in The Vampire Diaries, Malarkey appears to be in a happy and loving kinship with actor, Nadine Lewington ( via Bustle ). The couple has been married since 2009 and they have two children together. For those curious as to what his zodiac augury is, some may be delighted to learn that Malarkey is a Cancer .

Sara Canning: 34, Single, 5’6″, Cancer

Jenna looks shocked before a fiery ground on The Vampire Diaries

While Sara Canning was n’t character of The Vampire Diaries for retentive, the actor hush managed to make a memorable impression on the fans after she played Elena and Jeremy ‘s aunt Jenna. however, since her sad passing from the show, the 5’6 ” star has gone on to have a very successful career ( featuring in the likes of War for the Planet of the Apes and Lemony Snicket ‘s A Series Of Unfortunate Events ) .
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presently, not much is known about Canning ‘s amatory or personal life sentence since the actor does like to keep that share of her life private. But for those curious about what the 34-year-old ‘s zodiac signboard is, she is a Cancer ( as Canning was born on July 14th, 1987 ) .

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Arielle Kebbel: 37, Dating, 5’8″, Aquarius

Although The Vampire Diaries fans might remember Arielle Kebbel as Stefan Salvatore ‘s best friend, Lexi, some may be surprised to learn that the 37 year-old-actor had already featured in several successful adolescent movies and television shows before that. Born February 19, 1985, the Aquarius first got her big break on Gilmore Girls before going on to accrue more fame, thanks to her roles in John Tucker Must Die and 90210 .
however, while much of Kebbel ‘s professional life is in the afford, the 5’8 ” asterisk likes to keep her personal life and relationship status private. US Magazine did claim in 2020 that Kebbel was in a relationship after she made it Instagram official, but since then, no one knows if the pair is hush together or if they have split up .

Chris Wood: 33, Married, 6′, Aries

Kai Parker tries to use his magic in The Vampire Diaries(1)

Although he played a strictly evil villain in The Vampire Diaries, many fans will agree that Chris Wood is nothing like his quality in real biography. Born April 14th, 1988, the 6ft actor has shown himself to be a talented headliner as he has taken an array of roles ( whether that be as a villain, bomber, or superhero ). In fact, it was thanks to his function on Supergirl that the 33-year-old ended up meeting his wife, Melissa Benoist ( via vitamin e ! News ) .
Off-screen, Wood appears to be actively interfering vitamin a well as he is an advocate for genial health awareness and has helped organize many charity events ( including IDONTMIND as reported by Variety ) .

Marguerite MacIntyre: 56, Married, 5’8″, Taurus

Liz Forbes is contemplative in The Vampire Diaries

Marguerite MacIntyre was known for playing Mystic Falls ‘ favored mother and town defender, Sheriff Elizabeth Forbes. She stayed in the role for over 6 years before her character deplorably passed away in one of The Vampire Diaries’ saddest episodes after she was diagnosed with cancer .
Since departing the express, MacIntyre has focused a distribute more on working behind the camera, earning herself some write and floor editing credits for The Originals, Legacies, and the approaching Vampire Academy ( via Variety ). The 56-year-old has besides spent a lot of her prison term release time exploring the wilderness with her conserve, Cary Lalonde, to who she has been married since 2007. Born May 11, 1965, some fans will be able to work out that MacIntyre is Taurus .
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