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Welcome to tonight ’ sulfur match-up : Netflix, the US giant who took a few hits as the pour wars intensified but is distillery holding potent and Crave, the canadian rival that wins bonus points for focusing on specific entertainment areas. If television shows are your primary concern, a subscription to Crave ’ s video-on-demand service will turn you into a child in a candy patronize. There ’ randomness a regular smorgasbord of sweet serial pull back from Showtime and HBO on display here, liberally sprinkled with shows from a issue of early big-name providers. Like Netflix, Crave has been branching out into master programming of its own. Expect a number of exclusive and critically acclaimed offerings here that boost the available content, offering thousands of hours of entertainment .

Price: Does Netflix or Crave offer a better deal?

Netflix and Crave used to be very different beasts in the early days, but are now reasonably alike.

Netflix operates via a subscription tier system : Basic, Standard and Premium. Crave on the other hand makes its content available to its subscribers ’ set-top boxes and as an extraordinary service via the web and a multitude of Internet-enabled devices ( phones, consoles, etc ). Prices vary if you get Crave through your television receiver supplier. The service now offers 2 plans if you subscribe directly, both of which give you access to the stallion content library and a few hot Crave and HBO channels. Shows and movies are available in English and French. Signing up to Crave will get you a 7-day dislodge test. After that, you ’ ll pay $ 9.99 per month for Crave Mobile or $ 19.99 per month for Crave Total. The Mobile plan lets you stream on your laptop or earphone, on one device at a time. You can ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate download capacity and the video quality is up to 720p. interim, the Total plan enables you to watch on all devices compatible with Crave, comes with better television choice, lets you download on mobile devices to watch offline and supports 4 coincident streams. You can besides add Starz to your Crave subscription for an supernumerary $ 5.99 per month. In Netflix ’ sulfur lawsuit, the $ 9.99 Basic option will get you SD and 1 coincident stream. The $ 16.49 Standard design gets you HD and will allow you to stream Netflix to 2 screens. last, Premium goes for $ 20.99 and offers 4K stream plus support for 4 devices at any one time. Netflix doesn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate offer a free test at the consequence .

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Netflix vs Crave packages compared

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Name Product Simultaneous streams Maximum video quality Free trial period Monthly price

Crave Mobile

Crave Mobile 1 south dakota 7-days $ 9.99


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Crave Total

4 HD 7-days $ 19.99


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Netflix Basic

Netflix Basic 1 south dakota N/A $ 9.99


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Netflix Premium

4 4K N/A $ 20.99


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Netflix Standard

2 HD N/A $ 16.49


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Content: How do Netflix vs Crave’s libraries compare?

Netflix is well known for its ability to deliver quality original contentedness, often highly acclaimed. however, given that it prides itself on being an entertainment option for the entire family, there ’ s a well luck you won ’ t like everything you come across. You should decidedly start your travel by sampling Squid Game, Bridgerton, The Witcher, Stranger Things, BoJack Horseman, Heartstopper or Dark. They ’ re all highly acclaimed and praised by critics and fans alike. Netflix ’ s movie collection is besides impressive, with original titles like The Power of the Dog, Metal Lords, The Adam Project, Red Notice, Tick, Tick… Boom !, The Irishman, The Two Popes, Marriage Story and Extraction. Crave ’ south potency is in television receiver serial as it has the exclusive canadian rights to HBO and Showtime ’ south libraries. popular picks include Succession, The Staircase, Yellowjackets, Dexter : New Blood, The Flight Attendant, Hacks and much more. On the movie front, you can put together a upstanding marathon – particularly if you ’ re a fan of the DC Extended Universe, James Bond or Harry Potter. As mentioned earlier, Crave indulges in its own original contented from clock to clock. You ’ vitamin d be well advised to check out Letterkenny, as it ’ s a good indicator of quality. then, redirect your attention towards Canada ’ s Drag Race, Shoresy, or one of the many stand-up drollery specials streaming on the chopine. At end determine ( May 2022 ), Netflix had 2,155 television receiver shows and 4,381 movies with a sum of 6,536 titles whereas Crave had 1,290 television receiver shows and 597 movies for a total of 1,887. If Netflix originals catch your center, the platform ’ mho library is large adequate to satisfy even the toughest consumer. On the other hand, if you ’ re partial derivative to the likes of HBO, Showtime and Starz, Crave is the avail for you .

What about kids’ programming?

Crave offers respective titles for the little ones, but not equally much as Netflix. The service does come with parental controls, so you can make indisputable that the children don ’ metric ton stumble upon anything inappropriate. Crave is the canadian cyclosis home of Sesame Street, with shows like Clifford the Big Red Dog, Thomas & Friends and Sailor Moon besides available, deoxyadenosine monophosphate well as a solid solicitation of family-friendly movies. Netflix offers a wide array premium children ’ mho content thanks to long-run partnerships with versatile distributors. It has a dedicate Kids ’ profile equally well. Netflix besides gets the edge over most early pour services due to its commitment to master content that can ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate be found anywhere else. For exemplar, Dreamworks produced amazing television receiver series streaming on Netflix like Harvey Street Kids, Trolls : The Beat Goes On ! and a modern remake of She-Ra .

Crave vs Netflix: who offers better quality streaming?

In streaming terms, both providers use an automated bit-rate adaptation technology that allows the movie to stream in line with your Internet amphetamine. Netflix offers SD, HD and Ultra HD ( 4K ) resolutions on your television depending on which package you choose. Crave doesn ’ t presently stretch to 4K signals. Netflix offers a decent array of shows and movies at 4K so you can watch in style if you have a compatible device. Speaking of devices, Netflix is available on reasonably much any device under the sun. Crave works with an impressive list of devices excessively, including bright TVs, game consoles and popular stream devices. If you go for Crave Mobile, however, you can only watch on your mobile device or via world wide web.

Compare more streaming services in Canada

While Netflix and Crave are the two heavyweights of on-demand video recording streaming in Canada, there ’ s a wider selection of providers all delivering something singular.

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