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Before, I ‘ve done a page on the Dragon Ball Z Characters ability levels, but now I ‘m going to be doing something a little different. Remember in the Buu saga when it showed Goku aim in the other world with weights, and apparently was using 4 weights that weighed 2 tonnes a piece, and so far when they were increased to 10 tonnes a assemble he could n’t handle it ? Remember when Goku saved a bus from falling off a cliff or when when Frieza lifted up a celibate with his thinker ? Well, I ‘m about to demonstrate just how much these monsters can lift. To calculate approximately how much these guys can lift, I ‘ll be using a formula which is : A person with a might level of 5 can lift roughly 120 Kg, or to make things simple a guy with a world power of 1 can lift about 24 kg. now keep in mind that these are based off of my office levels and may be faulty, but it ‘s probably the closest I can get. Raditz : Raditz has a office level of about 1,200, meaning that he can carry up to 29 tonnes. Raditz can toss cars around with proportional facilitate and even pick up trucks. Nappa : Nappa has a power of about 8,000, so he can carry up to 192 tonnes. That ‘s enough to carry the worlds largest animal and even heavy houses ( A blue whale at 180 tonnes ).

Cui Cui : This purple fellow has a ability of around 19,000, meaning he can carry about 456 tonnes. Cui Cui can lift fleshy aircrafts like passenger planes. Dodoria/Zarbon ( transformed ) : Having a ability of 22,000, he can lift about 528 tonnes, and Zarbon with a power of 30,000 can lift about 720 tonnes. Reccome : Reccome having a power of about 55,000 can lift approximately 1,320 tonnes, that ‘s a bit heavier then the largest tree and space rockets. Captain Ginyu : The great captain at his maximum power is around 120,000, so he can lift about 2880 tonnes. The master can lift the heaviest space shuttlecock made ( phosphorus good-for-nothing for the miss of creativity ). Frieza ( 3rd qualify form ) : Frieza in his 3rd restrict form has a world power of about 530,000 which means he can lift about 12,720 tonnes. This is adequate to carry the RMS Titanic. Frieza ( 100 % ) Frieza using his maximal might has around 10,000,000 ability units. This means he can lift 240,000 tonnes which is about the weight of the largest/heaviest embark ( while half loaded at least ). As an FWI, Android 19 could probably lift the heaviest ship while in full loaded. Android 17/18 : Both androids have a world power of about 45,000,000 which is a draw, this means they can lift about 1,080,000 tonnes. This allows them to lift the largest man made ( not pyramid ) object. Android 16 : This bulge has a world power of 53,000,000, enough to lift about 1,272,000 tonnes. Bojack : In his master form, Bojack has a office of 430,000,000, so he can lift up to 10,320,000 tonnes. This fellow ( Both base and transformed ) can bench pyramids, people. Cell ( Final imprint but not in his super mode ) : Perfect Cell has a world power of approximately 660,000,000. This means that Cell can lift about 15,900,000 tonnes, and he can lift some of the heaviest man made objects on earth such as the Great Pyramid of Giza. Dabura : Dabura at his soap has a ability of about 830,000,000, lifting up to about 20,000,000 tonnes. I guess he can lift the Great Pyramid of Giza when there ‘s a lot of people occupying it. Buu : now, I ‘m not precisely indisputable what version of Buu I should put down, there are therefore many variants and I do n’t want to go through them all ( possibly former ), sol I ‘ll do Fat Buu and Buu at his strongest in the series. In his fat stage, Buu has a power of about 3,700,000,000 which can carry a weight of 88,000,000 tonnes. This means that Fat Buu can lift pretty much any world made structure built by man. Super Buu ( Goten/Trunks/Gohan/Piccolo absorbed ) : Super Buu has a exponent of about 19,100,000,000, being able to carry about 460,000,000 tonnes. This means that if you got the total system of weights of the Human subspecies and put it together, Super Buu could carry that. Krillin : Krillin has a exponent of about 1,140,000, so he could carry about 27,260 tonnes.

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Yamcha : Yamcha has a power degree of 780,000, so he could carry around 18,720 tonnes. Tien : Tien has a power of 3,300,000, so he can carry about 79,200 tonnes. piccolo : Piccolo has a power of 288,000,000 mean he can carry about 6,912,000 tonnes. Goten : Goten has a office of about 21,000,000 so he can carry roughly 504,000, and in Super Saiyan with a ability of 63,000,000 can carry about 1,512,000 tonnes. Trunks : Trunks with a exponent of 22,200,000 can carry about 532,800 tonnes and in Super Saiyan with a baron of 66,600,000 can carry about 1,600,000 tonnes. Gohan : Gohan has a office of about 80,000,000 so he can carry roughly 1,872,000 tonnes. In his ultimate mannequin, Gohan has a power of 16,000,000,000 intend he can carry about 384,000,000 tonnes. Goku : base Goku has the power to carry 40 tonnes, and he can lift a mountain ( a little one ). In Super Saiayn 3 he has a power of N/A and he can carry over 40 tonnes which is enough to carry the burden of over 80’000 pounds ( just like Buu but with much more difficulty ). immediately, rather of saying what God Goku can lift, I ‘m going to take a pang at guessing Super Saiyan God Goku Super Saiyan ‘s ( I call him “ Super Saiyan God Goku ” for short ) power and how a lot he can weigh. God Goku : God Goku ‘s office is about 204,000,000,000,000. After training we can put his power at a higher 310,000,000,000,000. If you multiply that by 3, it ‘s about 630,000,000,000,000 ! Super Saiyan God Goku can lift up to 15,120,000,000,000 tonnes ! When like this, Goku can carry Phobos ( which is one of mars ‘s larger moons ). I ‘ve been wanting to do this kind of inquiry for respective months immediately but never knew how to do it. Before I started, I theorized that Goku in Super Saiyan 3 could credibly lift up the moon or possibly even the earth, but I was distinctly wrong. Upon merely looking at what Raditz could lift up ( a heavy truck ) I realized something about the Z fighters : The Z fighters are strong, very strong. They can fly and fight mid-air and shoot Ki blasts that can ‘destroy planets’. Despite this, the Z fighters may be able to lift up practically anything made by man (from cars to buildings), but when it comes to nature and space junk, they have the Z fighters beat flat.

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destructive power

now, I ‘m not saying that the Z fighters are n’t firm, far from it, these guys can beat up about any quality from any other anime/manga ( possibly not Korosensei *cough* mark 20 *cough* or Super Man ). many people may be wondering “ well, the Dragon Ball Z characters have shown many times that they can destroy planets, thus why ca n’t they lift them ? ” Well it ‘s bare, and I ‘ll put a few examples of when Dragon Ball characters destroyed planets and why it IS N’T entirely on-key. fair saying but this is n’t all of the examples, only a few. Roshi and Piccolo destroying the moon : Well, I do n’t have any real way to disprove this, but if you remember when Piccolo shot a particular shine cannon at raditz and it missed and destroyed a batch ? The special balance beam cannon is Piccolo ‘s strongest attack, and if that could scantily destroy a mountain then how could a strong Ki fire destroy the moon, an object that is much larger then a batch and much further away ? The adjacent time we saw a planet being destroyed was when Vegeta fired a finger blast ? For starters that ‘s a filler put in by the animators to make the series more amazing which it did very finely. But it ‘s a filler none the less. Besides, Vegeta and Nappa ca n’t survive in space, not only would they have not destroyed the satellite, but they would have died while trying to blow it up. If Vegeta could in truth destroy a planet, he would have done it on Namek to get rid of Frieza ( you know, after he found out the Namekian balls were turned to stone ). Frieza blowing up planet Vegeta : technically this had to have happened so I ca n’t say it did n’t, though here ‘s my explanation behind it. Frieza ‘s ‘Death Ball ‘ could n’t have destroyed the integral planet itself, it would have had to have dug through the satellite and destroy the core, thus destroying the planet ( Did you notice how Frieza while in his final examination form could n’t destroy Namek which is supposed to be a smaller planet ? ). even this is a bit ify but Frieza is very brawny.

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Threats : In Dragon Ball are some very epic poem fights, ones worthy to fan girl/boy over, and whenever the good guys get the bad guys in a pinch … … … .they threaten to destroy Earth. This NEVER happens. Vegeta threatens to destroy Earth after getting beaten up by Goku, though he does n’t. Same with Cell stating he ‘ll destroy Earth after killing Gohan, it did n’t happen ( Cell might have been able to destroy Earth or at least a big part of it ). Kid Buu blowing up planets : all right in Dragon Ball Z, Buu destroyed the Earth along with some of the remaining Z fighters, went across space and blew up respective other planets. I do n’t think with his immediate energy that Buu could blow up any planets, he good is n’t strong enough. Besides, once again it is makeweight that Buu destroys planets, though he DID destroy Earth. My explanation for this is that Buu has a LOT of energy and spent some fourth dimension to charge his energy up, making a much stronger ‘Death Ball ‘ like attack that actually could destroy Earth .

small side note

Before anyone hates on me for trying to ‘dis ‘ Dragon Ball and trying to make it look like an over-rated usher, I ‘m not. I love Dragon Ball arsenic much as the adjacent guy, probably more. As a kid I used to try and shoot Kamehameha waves and fly, and even fight like I was in Dragon ball. even today I inactive follow the franchise and fanboy over every new fight that the Akira comes out with. All I am trying to do is put some skill with Dragon Ball and to see if some of the farce that happens in the read is actually plausible or not ( Assuming that flying and shooting Ki ‘s are ). And with that I shall end my rant, have a nice and adorable day people : )

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