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No. Title [6][33] Original air date — “Road to Hero”
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Rōdo tu Hīrō

“ December 4, 2015 ( )[e] One Punch Man Specials 1 “The Shadow That Snuck Up Too Close”
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Shinobiyori-sugiru Kage

” (Japanese: 忍び寄りすぎる影) December 24, 2015 ( ) After the battle with Mosquito Girl, Genos tails Saitama as he goes about his daily life in the hopes of finding out the secrets behind his overwhelming strength. This in turn leads Saitama to believe he has a stalker after Genos takes one of his french fries for research. Saitama soon comes across Men’s Esthetician Man, believing him to be the stalker and knocking him out. After his research goes nowhere, Genos decides to confront Saitama about his apprenticeship offer. 2 “The Pupil Who is an Extremely Poor Talker”
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Hanashibeta-sugiru Deshi

” (Japanese: 話ベタすぎる弟子) January 28, 2016 ( ) After spending some time together in a communal bath, Saitama gives Genos a key to their apartment and they both mull over items to buy for dinner; however, upon remembering a limited time sale at two separate supermarkets, the pair split up. Genos then senses a monster at a nearby shopping strip and defeats it. However, this makes him miss one of the sales. Once he reaches the other (closed down) supermarket, Genos bumps into the Dai Fuu Family’s No. 2 man and the rival C-Class Pacino Family, headed by Don Pacino. Pacino mistakenly believes Genos is associated with the Dai Fuu Family; he steals the apartment key and kidnaps both men, promising to let them and the keys go once Genos states his case. Once Genos finishes telling his roundabout and ultimately worthless story to the Pacino family, Don Pacino becomes angry with Genos and the family opens fire. Genos easily defeats them and takes his key and the Dai Fuu Family’s No. 2 man with him. After explaining his tardiness to Saitama, the pair enjoy some sukiyaki. 3 “The Ninja Who is Too Complicated”
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Kojire-sugiru Ninja

” (Japanese: こじれすぎる忍者) February 25, 2016 ( ) After the events of episode 4, Sonic finds himself troubled that he cannot fight properly after his defeat at the hands of Saitama. While training in a forest with a Matagi who is looking to kill a bear that scarred him, Sonic rescues a baby boar from a snake that quickly bonds with him. Naming the boar Ino, Sonic continues training, gradually regains his confidence, and eventually leaves the Matagi and Ino, ready to fight Saitama again. Suddenly, the bear who scarred the Matagi (whose name is Frank) appears, only for Saitama to show up (he had previously heard of an influx of bears in the forest, and was hoping to have bear meat for dinner). Sonic silently watches over the city, ready for his next battle with Saitama, while Frank and Ino look with amazement at the forest cleared with a single punch. 4 “Bang, Who is Too Overbearing”
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Gōin-sugiru Bang

” (Japanese: 強引すぎるバング) March 29, 2016 ( ) After the events of episode 7, Bang begins to spy on Saitama and Genos to gauge their abilities. Hopeful that his Water Stream Rock Smashing Fist martial arts is stronger, and that proving so will coerce Saitama and Genos to study under him, Bang invites Saitama and Genos to his dojo under the pretense of giving them free meat. Soon, Bang challenges Saitama to a variety of games, including card-based memory games and rock-paper-scissors, with Bang winning almost every time. During one rock-paper-scissors match, an enraged Saitama nearly crushes Bang with a hammer, who is then forced to admit that Saitama is truly powerful. He does note, however, that the rock-paper-scissors game was the most excited he had ever seen Saitama be, and offers Saitama to join his dojo. Saitama refuses. 5 “The Sisters Who have Too Much Going On”
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Iroiro Ari-sugiru Shimai

” (Japanese: 色々ありすぎる姉妹) April 23, 2016 ( ) After Fubuki and the Blizzard Group get rid of one of Deep Sea King’s leftover henchman, they are disheartened to learn that their heroism didn’t make the next day’s newspaper but everyone else’s (including Tatsumaki) did. Fubuki takes this the hardest, and decides to go on a train ride to City Z to clear her thoughts. Genos, coincidentally, happens to also be on the same train with groceries. Later during the ride, Genos receives a call that an ex-Hero planted a bomb on the train and that it will detonate once it reaches the train station. Fubuki evacuates the panicked civilians off the train while enlisting the help of a budding, C-class hero to find the bomb; Genos tries to slow down the train from the outside. As Fubuki evacuates the C-class hero and hesitates while thinking about what to do with the bomb, Tatsumaki appears and successfully allows the train to detonate with no casualties; Fubuki once again expresses envy towards her older sister’s actions. On the walk back, Fubuki meets up with the C-class hero, who expresses gratitude for Fubuki’s actions and wishes to join Fubuki’s group once she reaches B-class. Genos, meanwhile, visits Dr. Kuseno asking for psychic augmentation. The OVA ends with Saitama wondering why Genos is so late. 6 “The Murder Case That Was Too Impossible”
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Fukanō-sugiru Satsujin Jiken

” (Japanese: 不可能すぎる殺人事件

) May 31, 2016 ( ) The episode starts at the Hero Association’s hot spring resort with the heroes who participated in the largest alien invasion had found Zombieman murdered on the floor. Child Emperor states one of the S-Class heroes is the culprit. The scene then flashbacks to the day before the murder had happened where all heroes were invited to stay overnight at the resort. The heroes enjoyed themselves in the hot spring. Metal Bat, who wasn’t satisfied that some of the heroes that did not participate in the battle (Flashy Flash, Pig God, Watchdog Man), got invited as well. As they were also dealing with other monster cases, they got certain rewards as well. After the hot spring, Sitch gathers all the heroes to celebrate the victory against the invasion. A few heroes became drunk after drinking sake, which disgusted Child Emperor, who was later asked by Zombieman whether he’s enjoying himself. The scene returns to the murder. Child Emperor gathers some of the evidence and tries to eliminate possible suspects to find out the truth, one of them being the weapon which stabbed Zombieman (Atomic Samurai’s sword). He then interrogates a few other heroes including Saitama who asked Zombieman if he is truly immortal and finally asked King for more information. King recounts his story and shows a menacing face which scared Child Emperor a bit. Suddenly, Tatsumaki appears and is about to restrain everyone for being suspects of the murder when Zombieman wakes up. He then reveals that Atomic Samurai’s katana was floating with green light surrounding it similar to Tatsumaki when she is flying. Child Emperor then asks Tatsumaki what she was doing last night and surmised that she was drunk from all the sake. She angrily argues that she knew Zombieman cannot be killed and wouldn’t do such a half-assed thing. Bang calms her down and that everything’s fine now that Zombieman is ok once again. Everyone then disbanded. Sitch then asked Child Emperor to look at a surveillance camera footage of last night. It shows that Tatsumaki is the culprit and she was very drunk. When walking home, Saitama was wondering why Tatsumaki would stab Zombieman. Genos knew it was Saitama’s fault but doesn’t tell him. It was revealed that Saitama told Tatsumaki that she is a child and shouldn’t drink sake. Feeling humiliated, Tatsumaki takes revenge by drinking as much as she could. One Punch Man 2nd Season Specials 1 “Saitama and Those With Reasonable Abilities [34]”
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Saitama to Sokosoko no Nōryokumono-tachi

” (Japanese: サイタマとそこそこの能力者達) October 25, 2019 ( ) Saitama meets a group of villains in a public restroom who mistake him for their ally, they introduce themselves to Saitama, but when he reveals he’s a hero, attempt to defeat him. Their attacks misfire and they end up getting saved by Saitama, and start contemplating about how weak their abilities are compared to the likes of Tatsumaki and Volten, who use their respective abilities to earn a living. They have a change of heart, but the group is then attacked by Dirt Earthworm and saved by Saitama again, who sends the monster flying. Genos arrives at the scene after following the evacuation warning only to find Saitama there alone with The Mediocre Ability Users, who he thinks are troubling his master. They quickly lie about how they just aspire to be heroes and wanted to spar with Saitama, who believes them and decides to train them. Dirt Earthworm observes from afar, and is about to leave the area but is eaten by a random bird. 2 “Old Dudes and Fishing [21]”
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Ossan-tachi to Tsuri

” (Japanese: おっさん達と釣り) November 26, 2019 ( ) Atomic Samurai and Bang go out fishing to a lake. Giant Salamander attacks the lake and Chain’n’toad and Mumen Rider try to stop it but fail, and Chain’n’toad is eaten. They are then saved by Atomic Samurai who kills the monster. Kamikaze and Bang talk about how many young heroes these days don’t live to the essence of a “hero”, and Bang states the Hero Association and their ranking system is partly to blame. 3 “Genos and Memory Loss [22]”
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Genos to Kioku Sōshitsu

” (Japanese: ジェノスと記憶喪失) December 25, 2019 ( ) 4 “Games and Rivals [23]”
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Gēmu to Raibaru-tachi

” (Japanese: ゲームとライバル達) January 28, 2020 ( ) 5 “Puri Puri Prisoner and the Escaped Prisoners [24]”
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Puri Puri Purizunā to Datsugokushūjin-tachi

” (Japanese: ぷりぷりプリズナーと脱獄囚人達) February 27, 2020 ( ) 6 “The Zombieman Murder Case 2 ~A Chalet Amid the Blizzard, and the Ones Bothered by the Cold~”
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Zombieman Satsujin Jiken 2 ~Fubuki no Sansō to Samugari-tachi~

” (Japanese: ゾンビマン殺人事件2 ~吹雪の山荘と寒がり達~) March 27, 2020 ( )

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