165,000 hens die, 2 barns destroyed in fire at Hickman’s Family Farms west of Phoenix

165,000 hens die, 2 barns destroyed in fire at Hickman’s Family Farms west of Phoenix

Two barns were destroyed and an estimated   165,000 hens died Saturday in a fire at the Hickman ‘s Family Farms location in Arlington, about an hour west of Phoenix, according to officials. Firefighters responded to a report of the fuel at the farm around 1 post meridiem and were able to contain the second-alarm arouse by about 4 post meridiem, said Sarah Mendoza, a spokesperson for Buckeye Valley Fire District. An unidentified man   was hospitalized in stable stipulate for roll of tobacco inhalation, Mendoza said. No firefighters were injured.

Multiple burn agencies including Buckeye Fire Valley District, Arizona Fire and Medical Authority and the Maricopa County Sheriff ‘s Office responded to the fire, Mendoza said. For more stories that matter,  subscribe to azcentral.com. A spokesperson for Hickman ‘s Family Farms said the fire started at Barn 5 and spread to Barn 6. Losses include the hens that died and equipment and supplies such as food, water, conveyer belt systems, watering systems, lighting and computer engineering. “ It ‘s ace unfortunate — it ‘s devastating to us, ” said Sharman Hickman, a spokesperson for Hickman ‘s Family Farms.   Hickman said that they are upset over the death of the hens but besides grateful no people died. “ Our colleagues were in there. We ’ ve all been working together for years. They stayed in and were working right field along the firefighters because we know the lie of the state, ” Hickman said on Sunday. Among the people inside were her brother, nephews and conserve, she said.

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Hickman said the homo who was hospitalized is an employee and that they are not identifying him at this time. Hickman said the loss will not impact anyone buying eggs and that shelves will remain in full stocked from tomorrow through “ room past ” easter. The fire on the Arlington farm, which has a entire of 26 chicken houses, was contained by Saturday afternoon, according to Hickman. The family wo n’t know the cost of wrong until the probe is complete, Hickman said. “ Of course we wanted those eggs to be able to have for families for their Easter celebrations, but first and foremost we need to thank our first responders and staff that tried to do everything they could to save our birds, save each other, making certain everybody was ampere safe as potential, ” she said. following, Hickman said the farm will conduct cleaning and monitor the nearby barns to make certain the birds do n’t have any smoke damage and to make certain there are no disruptions to the feed, water or publicize in the barns. Hickman said they will besides make counseling available to their staff.

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On Sunday, Hickman said “ it ‘s a entire loss of equipment ” but that they have been focusing on tending to the birds in surrounding houses and on supporting employees. The lawsuit of the arouse is under investigation, according to Mendoza. Hickman said that, to their cognition as of Sunday, an employee was cleaning the chicken houses on a skid tip when equipment malfunctioned and started a fire. Reach the reporter at Audrey.Jensen @ arizonarepublic.com or on Twitter at @ Audreyj101 .

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