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Hespori Boss Guide

This scout will talk about how you can kill Hespori, a farm party boss. Hespori is one of the bosses that are slowly to kill in Old School Runescape and can serve as a good introduction to bosses.

You besides learn how to approach bosses and educate at the farming skill at the lapp time .

flush Requirements

For the level requirements, you need to have at least level 65 in farm.

We recommend at least be in 70 level in your melee stats, 39 level prayer for protect from charming, and level 70 prayer for piety .
If you die in the run into with the Hespori boss, Arno, an NPC can reclaim the gear that you lost in the Hespori cave for only 25,000 .

Hespori Location

The Hespori cave can be found in the farm club.

Planting Seed ( Before Fighting Hespori )

It takes about 22 to 32 hours for the Hespori to grow after you plant one of the seeds. You can get the seed from harvesting amply grown trees or bushes or from the last reap from herb, hops, allotments, flowers, cactus, or seaweed .


For the inventory that you would want to bring to the Hespori cave, you want to bring

  • 16 sharks,
  • An antidote++
  • One or two 2 prayer potions
  • A shovel
  • Farming outfit
  • Seed dibber
  • Super Combat Potion
  • Hespori seed
  • One-click teleport
  • A slash spec weapon. You may use the dragon dagger, but you may also use the saradomin godsword if you can afford it.
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Gear Choices

For the gear that you would want to bring, you would want to choose melee gear as the Hespori is weak to slash price compared to early attacks. For the gear, you would want to have the best items that are besides low-cost when it comes to slash attack bonus arsenic well as melee potency .

For your chest musical composition and legs, you may play with your set up a little act more. If you have high battle stats, you may pick up the highest forte bonus that fits your budget. But if it is lower, use gear for crop attacks, or gear that tanks magic trick hits.

Fight Mechanics

For contend mechanics, there are two mechanics that you have to be aware of .
immediately when the fight starts, there are four plants that you will find on the room ’ second sides, making a squarely. They will open up. If they are alive, the Hespori will be immune to any damage, so kill them .

When you kill these plants, you merely need to hit them once. With this, run around the room to hit the plants to kill them then proceed to kill the party boss. This will happen doubly more. It will happen again when the Hespori is at the health of 66 % health and once more, at 33 % .
There is besides the web of the Hespori in which if you are hit, you would not be able to move or attack. If you do not escape this attack, you may take 40 wrong or even more.

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To be able to escape from the web, you should spam click your screen anywhere. then you will be freed. You should besides remember to pray and drink your antidote .
once Hespori is dead, equip your farmer gearing and harvest it for some sweet experience and loot .


For your loot, you will get 12,600 or more grow XP. The loot that you can get is largely sow items except for the bottomless compost bucket and a chance to get the farm skilling positron emission tomography .

You besides get the whiten lily seeds and anima seeds which you can merely obtain in this area in OSRS.


overall, if you have not done emboss earlier, to kill the Hespori boss is a great way to start. You may besides do it every early day to earn profit and besides some agrarian XP .

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