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Choose the following category that best describes you!

first Time Students ( I am or will be a high school graduate or have not attended any college )
transfer Students ( I have previously attended another college or university. )
Readmit ( returning ) Students ( I have previously attended Helena College )
Non-Degree Seeking Students ( I am taking classes for seven credits or less )
double registration Students ( I am a high school student and would like to take classes )
Home School Students
Are you a veteran ? Check out our Veterans Benefits page .
Residency Classification
Western Undergraduate Exchange Program ( WUE )

First Time Students

Those who have never attended college before, please start by completing a modern student application .
You will need to submit the following application Materials to complete your admissions file

  • Proof of immunizations.  You will need to obtain TWO doses of the Mumps, Measles and Rubella (MMR) vaccination.
  •  ACT/SAT scores if available.
  • Official high school transcript with posted graduation date. Transcripts must be received by Helena College in a sealed envelope from the high school. If you are a current high school student, you will be accepted conditionally on the arrival of your transcripts with the posted graduation date. OR
  • GED scores

Transfer students

Students who have attended an accredit institution will need to fill out a fresh student lotion .
give now – Apply Montana | Montana University System
transfer students are required to complete all application materials.

Do your credits transfer to Helena College?
If you wish to have your previous transcripts evaluated, submit official transcripts in the sealed envelope the institution sent the transcript. If the envelope has been opened or the seal has been tampered with, the transcript is not official. Helena College is intuitionally accredited by the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities. As such, all college level coursework from institutions accredited by the come list of agencies will be reviewed for transplant recognition. Helena College will review and transfer all applicable credits to meet program, general education, and elective requirements .
Transfer credits from institutions not accredited by the agencies in the above ( excluding extraneous institutions ) number will not be accepted for transfer, but may be accepted through anterior determine appraisal. Transcripts will not be evaluated until your admissions file is dispatch. If you would like an evaluation before the start of the semester you must complete your application by the precedence deadline.

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We encourage you to look at our transfer equivalencies web page to get an idea of what credits we have accepted from institutions in the past and how they have been evaluated. Contents of this scout are subject to change depending on the requirements of institutional programs. If a class is not in the transfer usher it does not necessarily mean the course will not transfer, it is possible we have not reviewed the course even.

If you have attended a Montana University System institution you may be eligible to have your file transferred. Please contact the admissions and records office at 406-447-6912 for more data .


The Admissions & Records agency evaluates and reviews all official college transcripts for transfer students. For more information on the transportation policy, please visit the Montana Board of Regents web site .
Please Note : transcript evaluations will entirely occur when the admissions checklist is COMPLETE and received by the precedence deadline. The precedence deadline is one month anterior to the first base day of classes of the desire term. Otherwise the evaluation will be completed by the following semester registration .

Readmit (returning) Students

If you applied for admissions more than a year ago but did not attend classes you will be required to fill out an lotion for admission, provide your official transcripts and copies of your MMRs, and pay the non-refundable $ 30 lotion fee. If it has been less than one year since you applied you are entirely required to submit an application for entrance fee and any remaining Transcripts and/or MMRs. The $ 30 application tip is not required .
Former degree seeking students who have earned credits at Helena College are welcome and encouraged to return to us. If you have been aside from Helena College for two or more academic semesters you will need to fill out an application for admission as a returning student. If you sat out for only one academic semester you may contact the Admissions Office at 406-447-6912 or 406-447-6907 for data on registering for classes .

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Non-Degree Seeking Students

Non-degree seeking students are limited to seven credits and can not receive fiscal aid. For Montana residents, your lotion fee will be waived. All other applicants will be charged a $ 30 application fee for each application submitted. If you have attended a comparable MUS institution, please submit an unofficial transcript to waive the $ 30 application tip .

Application Deferment

If you applied for admissions to Helena College but are ineffective to attend for your selected semester you may be eligible to submit a postponement form. With a completed postponement form we will take all application material on file for you and move it to a subsequent semester of your choice. You may only defer your admissions for three semester ( approximately one calendar class ) before you will be asked to submit a newfangled application and fee. Deferments are lone applicable to students who have recently applied to, but not attended, Helena College. If you have questions about your postponement eligibility please contact admissions at 406-447-6912 .

Home School Students

Home school students will need to meet Ability to Benefit requirements. Please contact the Admissions and Records position at 406-447-6912 or 406-447-6907 for more data .

Residency classification

In order to be eligible for in state tutelage, you must have taken certain actions to become a Montana nonmigratory and be able to prove those actions occurred in the end twelve months and at least 60 days after your specify date of moving to Montana.
Those actions include :

  • Obtaining a Montana driver’s license or state ID card
  • Montana vehicle registration
  • Montana voter registration
  • Filing MT state income taxes
  • Purchasing a home in Montana
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If you have foster questions on the residency policy, please visit the board of regent ’ s web site at hypertext transfer protocol : //mus.edu/borpol/bor900/940-1.pdf .
Please download and print a copy of the Student Guide to Residency and the residency questionnaire and bind copies of any and all items that you have from the pre-screening kind. The completed package and materials must be submitted to the admissions agency anterior to the final total date for the semester ( 15th instructional day of classes ) .

Western Undergraduate Exchange Program

Helena College University of Montana offers a specify number of Western Undergraduate Exchange ( WUE ) waivers each year. Students who are residents of Alaska, Arizona, California, Colorado, Hawaii, Idaho, Nevada, New Mexico, North Dakota, Oregon, South Dakota, Utah, Washington, and Wyoming may be considered for this release .
WUE waivers are offered to select non-Montana resident students who are then eligible to pay reduced tutelage and fees. Non-resident tuition and fees for 15 credits are approximately $ 4,742.30 per semester. As a WUE recipient, you would pay tuition and fees of approximately $ 2,393.30 per semester. This award extends to the completion of a student ‘s plan or 2 years, whichever occurs first, provided the scholar :

  1. Enrolls in 12 or more credits each semester
  2. Maintains a 2.5 cumulative grade point average
  3. Does not change his/her program of study
  4. Does not change his/her state of legal residence

Please arrant and return the WUE application kind to Admissions & New Student Services ampere soon as possible. If you have any questions about the WUE release, please touch admissions @ helenacollege.edu or call ( 406 ) 447-6912.
Download WUE Application
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