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Yes. 100 % of monies spent by players on Golden Hearts Games are IRS-compliant charitable donations, tax-deductible for people who claim such deductions on their tax filings .
This is because 100 % of every contribution made by every Golden Hearts Games actor immediately goes to our believe partner, Givinga Foundation, which is a U.S. 501 ( speed of light ) ( 3 ) public charity. And that is why, immediately after you ( and all players ) make donations, you receive ( via e-mail ) IRS-compliant charitable contribution receipts, for 100 % of the amounts donated .
then, after donations are received and processed by the Givinga Foundation, all donated monies are divided into three parts : 1 ) Prize Payouts. 2 ) Grants to player-designated, end-recipient charities. And 3 ) our hustler Fees .
A very big majority of donate monies is used to fund Prize Payouts – that is, to fund the cash prizes and payouts of the games. Why ? well, because cipher will ever play our games if the games don ’ t have lots of wins, with great, competitive odds and prizes ! ( Would you ? )

presently, 80 % of all donate monies go to fund bet on prizes. then, the remaining libra, of 20 % of all donate monies, is divided equally, 50/50, with one half going to Grants ( to whatever charity a player designated to receive their back, provided that jacob’s ladder is in good stand with the IRS ), and the other half to us, Golden Hearts Games, as our operator Fees, for being the godhead and operator of all the charitable Promotional Games on our respective digital platforms. Amongst other things, our Operator Fees wage for all the servers, software and technology expenses required to develop and run the digital charitable promotional Games, ampere well as our employees ’ salaries and benefits, and early legal, corporate operating and marketing expenses, and the serve costs incurred to deliver the Grants to the many player-designated charities. For model, if you make a $ 100 contribution, all of that $ 100 immediately goes as a charitable contribution to the Givinga Foundation, and you get a charitable contribution acknowledge via electronic mail for that full $ 100 ( all or part of which may be tax-deductible, depending on your tax status and filings. ) then, 80 %, or $ 80 of the $ 100, is set aside to fund game prizes. And then the 20 % proportion – $ 20 in this model – is split 50/50 between your designated charity and Golden Hearts Games. Meaning, in this lawsuit, your delegate charity receives $ 10 and Golden Hearts Games receives $ 10.

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Please eminence : While these percentages and ratios may change at any time at the sole discretion of Golden Hearts Games, Golden Hearts Games will always split the post-prize-payout symmetry of monies 50/50 with players ’ designated end-recipient charities.

In early words, players ’ designated end-recipient charities will always receive 50 % of the balance of all donated monies after choice payouts are deducted, careless of whether the prizes-payouts allotment is 80 %, or some other share, higher or lower. In short, after prizes are funded, end-recipient charities will constantly receive 50 % of monies remaining, never less .
We highlight this because we ’ ra proud of it :
Unlike other charitable promotional Games platforms, Golden Hearts Games will never take more fees from donations than the total that is given to end-recipient charities .

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