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1954 Topps Hank Aaron Rookie Card

Think about the affect Babe Ruth had on the game of baseball. He saved the sport with his record-setting home runs during a time where people were n’t coming to the ballpark in the 1920 ‘s due to the Black Sox Scandal of 1919. In 1961, his record for the most home runs in a single season for 60 was chased by two Yankees in 1961, and finally captured by Roger Maris with 61. But the one record many recall being one of the most iconic records to chase was his 714 career home runs, a mark that stood in tact for 39 years until the guy from Mobile, Alabama faced off serious racial tension and death threats to overcome one of the greatest milestones in baseball history .

Hank Aaron’s Illustrious Career

Hank Aaron ‘s record of 755 homeruns stood up for 33 years, that was until Barry Bonds smacked his 756th career base run in the 2007 season. But, because of Barry Bonds ‘ Performance Enhancing Drug ( PEDs ) ties, many still view Aaron as the true family streak king of baseball .
digression from the 755 career home runs, Han Aaron is besides a separate of the 3,000 stumble club, with 3,771 career hits over the couple of 23 years, which is the 3rd highest in MLB history. From 1955 ( his 2nd season ) until 1974 ( his 21st and record-breaking season ), he hit a minimum of at least 20 home runs every single year. While his home run record was passed in 2007, he placid holds the record for the most RBIs in a career with 2,297 – a record that is going on 39 years and count ( Babe Ruth is 2nd with 2,214 and Cap Anson is 3rd with 2,075 ).

Aaron besides won the 1957 National League MVP Award and finished in the top 5 for the award another seven other times. Hank was besides voted to the MLB All-Star Game 21 straight times from 1955 until 1975. In fact, Aaron was so good of a hitter, he never struck out 100 times in a single season, as his highest strikeout sum was 97 and lone reached 90 strikeouts or more alone three times .
In July of 2015, at the All-Star Game, Hank Aaron was named as one of the four greatest know players along with Johnny Bench, Willie Mays and Sandy Koufax. Aaron was an obvious option and to this sidereal day, about 40 years after playing his death crippled with the Milwaukee Brewers, Aaron ‘s bequest in baseball still lives on .
For wag collectors, it ‘s Aaron ‘s bequest and what he meant to the frolic that makes him a very search after musician, specially his 1954 Topps cub tease .
1954 Topps Hank Aaron Rookie Hank Aaron Rookie Card Back

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Rarity In High Grade

Every single one of Hank Aaron ‘s baseball cards are a draw to collectors, but why this one detail calling card, particularly one in pristine condition with a well-centered double of Hammerin ‘ Hank ? If you look around, Aaron ‘s cub card from Topps in 1954 is in fact the one and only rookie card that was ever printed and put into being ( as opposed to Mickey Mantle, Willie Mays or Babe Ruth, who arguably have two ). That entirely makes it a draw and a must have for collectors, fans, and anyone who very likes baseball and baseball cards. Finding a high-graded model of his cub card is about impossible to do, due to the obvious fact the calling card has been collected, traded, passed down, and played with ( topsies, leaners, put in bicycle spokes, etc ), by youngsters for over 60 years. That alone will ruin the circumstance of the calling card.

Something that is not so obvious, is that the printing work of baseball cards back in the day was not the greatest. thus, flush if you picked up a circuit board straight from a pack, it could have print defects, like roller marks, print dots, centering issues, and even miscuts. If that was n’t enough, the circuit board could have picked up staining or wax from the packs themselves. Cards from the 1954 Topps place were besides larger than most produced by Topps, measuring in at 2-5/8 ” by 3-3/4 ”, not the standard 2-1/2 ” by 3-1/2 ” – so they always “ stood out ” causing them to be susceptible to wear. then, when you put all those circumstances in concert, you can see why it ‘s highly hard to come across a Mint example. In fact, out of the 3600 or so Hank Aaron cub cards that have been graded by PSA, only 23 examples ( less than 1 percentage ) have been deemed Mint or better, with alone two reaching the PSA 10 Gem Mint doorway .

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Market Value

This is why we have seen an increase over the past ten or so in the realize value of high-graded examples. A PSA 10 case has only sold once earlier, and that was in 2012. It was sold through SCP Auctions for a farcical $ 357,594.00 ! From 2006-2010, a PSA 9 exercise was sold 8 times, ranging between $ 17,000 and $ 29,000. then we did n’t see another Mint model betray for another three years. In 2013, one sold for $ 36,023.70, which was $ 8,000 greater than the previous high. The pursue class in 2014, the avocation was blown away. Another PSA 9 exercise hit the auction barricade and sold for an amazing $ 62,140.00 – a 72 % addition in good one year ! Earlier this year, we even saw a record for a PSA 8 example. It sold through REA for $ 21,600 – $ 4,600 higher than it ‘s previous high .
For many collectors out there, the Hank Aaron cub circuit board is considered to be one of the must-haves, if not, the must-have for a collection ( depending if you can afford a Mantle or Ruth cub ). PSA has put the Hank Aaron cub menu on their “ Mount Rushmore of Baseball Cards ” – a rightfully then .
What has caused such a spike and increase in wanting Aaron ‘s cub card ? Appreciation for a bang-up actor, curio of high-graded examples, and the investment agent. The vintage rookie tease market is at an all-time high right now, with no slowing down in batch .
During his 23 years in baseball, Aaron had 255 different cards produced, with about 100 coming from the Topps Company. But the matchless that seems to be the one everyone wants to get their hands on is hush the very first one to ever enter circulation – and years down the road, it will only increase in value as it has over the last copulate of years, indeed if you as a collector have a luck to land this wag in an auction ( and not have it cost you a little down payment of a car ), it ‘s the right affect to make.

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