The Real-Life Legend of Toilet-Bound Hanako (and Other Toilet Ghosts)

Toilet-Bound Hanako is based on a real-life apparitional legend, of which there are plenty in Japan — some of which appear in other anime as well. Toilet-Bound Hanako-kun is a serial that draws on the ghostwriter stories children tell to scare one another. While one may think that a child haunting a school toilet is rather strange, it is n’t the lone legend of its kind, with several ghosts lurking in the shadows of populace restrooms. It could be said that the estimate comes from the fear of something getting you in one of the most vulnerable situations a person could be in — and normally besides in an sphere off from prying eyes .
CBR VIDEO OF THE DAY In the West, we dare each other to go into a dark toilet and chant Bloody Mary or flush Candyman, expecting to glimpse a vision of a revengeful ghost. To give you an theme of what kind of spirits hide in the benighted toilet stalls of Japan, here are four ghosts you should watch out for the future time you need some “ privacy. ”


Yokai Watch Hanako While a male in Toilet-Bound Hanako-kun, the master fib features a new girlfriend, normally wearing a red dress or annulus and sporting a dock haircut. While the floor varies from school to school, the consequence is normally the same : dying in some ghastly manner. The legend began making the rounds in the ’50s, when World War II was calm bracing in the minds of japanese citizens. Some claim that she is the spirit of a girlfriend who was killed in an air-raid while playing hide-and-seek. other sources say she was killed by a stranger or flush an abusive rear in the toilet of the school .
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Summoning her is a simple as knocking on the third stall of the third-floor daughter ‘s bathroom three times and asking, “ Hanako-San, are you there ? ” You may hear her suppose, “ Yes, I am. ” You may besides see a bloody hand, or even Hanako-san herself, fair before you get dragged to hell for disturbing her .

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Aka Manto

Aka Manto Red Cape Video Game normally translated as “ Red Cape, ” “ Red Cloak ” or “ bolshevik Mantle, ” this emotional state was once a big young man who constantly wore a crimson manto ( traditional japanese vest ) or cape, and was immediately loved by any woman who laid eyes on him. Because of the constant care, he started wearing a dissemble to conceal his side. At some point, he died, although how is never in truth clarified. however, it ‘s said that he died in the death booth of the school bathroom. He returned as a revengeful emotional state, wearing his trademark cape and mask. now, he haunts the last carrel of public restrooms .
He ‘ll ask toilet visitors, “ crimson composition or blue paper ? ” or “ red dissemble or blue cloak ? ” Should you answer red, he ‘ll either cut your throat or head off, causing the lineage to turn your torso red. If you answer blue, he ‘ll suffocate you until your confront turns blue. If you try to outsmart him and answer a different discolor, a pair of hands will come through the toilet and drag you to hell. The fib has origins in the 1930s and is most probably inspired by a series of 1906 killings known as the Blue Blanket Murders.

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Studio Ghibli No Face Fans of Studio Ghibli may recognize this spirit as No-Face, who was featured in Spirited Away. It ‘s said that normally, this creature was a tease or raccoon-dog called a mujina or a kitsune ( flim-flam liveliness ). It would take on the form of Noppera-Bo, which would be humanoid in mannequin but have merely a flat plane of hide where the face should be. real Noppera-Bo spirits like to haunt public toilets — normally, women ‘s restrooms, alone roads or anywhere humans can be isolated. While not arsenic threatening as the early spirits listed, this calm is n’t something people would probably want to see when doing their clientele. This fib has roots in the Edo Period of Japan .


Teke Teke 2009 movie normally found near coach tracks, Teke-Teke is actually an onomatopoeia of the sound this emotional state ‘s elbows make as she drags herself along the background. normally, she ‘s a schoolgirl who tragically fell onto the tracks right as a train approached, severing her torso from her legs. As a result, she returned as a revengeful ghostwriter, looking for her lost leg. Appearing at night, she ‘ll chase people down with a scythe, which she uses to slice them in one-half .
In terms of haunt restrooms, there ‘s a particular version of this fib that features a Teke-Teke by the name of Kashima Reiko. Her story is said to predate that of modern Teke-Teke legends, with her spirit haunting public restrooms, normally that of train stations. She ‘ll ask if you know where her legs are, to which the correct answer is “ On the Meishin Expressway. ” She ‘ll ask you, “ Who told you ? ” The correct answer is “ Kashima Reiko. ” finally, she will ask what her real name is, to which the answer is “ Kamen shinin milliampere. ” This approximately translates to “ Mask Death Demon ” and is a potential phonetic ancestor of “ Kashima. ” You might want to save these answers somewhere, as it ‘s said that she ‘ll appear within one calendar month of learning about her …

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