Who is Grant Cardone’s wife Elena Lyons? The love story and secret behind power couple’s 16-year marriage

An unapologetic entrepreneur and international motivational speaker, Grant Cardone has paved the path to achiever with his miracle floor. At 25, he was in rehab for drug addiction but by 30, he was making millions. Having authored best-selling books like ‘The 10XRule ‘ and ‘Be Obsessed or Be Average ‘, he has much shunned the traditional american Dream to “ work hard, save money and own a home ” .
According to Grant, people have everything you need, and cash is trash when it sits idle. He believes you need to put your money and your contacts to work. Along with two early entrepreneurs, he is all stage set to be on the second base temper of ‘Undercover Billionaire ‘ betting $ 1 million to build a million-dollar company in 90 days with alone $ 100 in his pouch. Amid his stint on the reality television receiver usher, here ‘s a slice of his personal life sentence, marriage and kids.

Who is Grant Cardone?

Born on March 21, 1958, in Lake Charles, he is a north american have a bun in the oven to Curtis Louis Cardone and mother Concetta Neil Cardone. Did you know he is a twin child ? His duplicate buddy ‘s name is Gary Cardone. After graduation, he worked for a sales training company and then charted his path to achiever with 17 companies and seven books, including ‘Sell To Survive ‘, ‘The Closer ’ s Survival Guide ‘, ‘If You ’ re not First, You ’ re last ‘, ‘The 10X Rule ‘, ‘Sell or Be Sold ‘, ‘The Millionaire Booklet ‘ and ‘Be Obsessed or Be Average ‘. According to his web site, he owns a substantial estate of the realm portfolio of around $ 350 million along with Cardone Enterprises, The Cardone Group, and Cardone Acquisitions .
In a tragedy, he lost his father when he was 10 and saw his mother ‘s grief turn into reverence. That ‘s when a fire erupted in his abdomen to make millions .

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Who is he married to?

In an article, Cardone penned down his history and wrote, “ many of you don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate know this, but I was 35 the first clock I married, and I was divorced by 36. One year, that ’ s how long I was able to make it. I ’ meter not bragging about it, I know disassociate international relations and security network ’ triiodothyronine adept, but I ’ meter not ashamed of it either. It happened. We both quit the marriage long before it formally ended. The fact was I was wrong for her, and she was wrong for me .
“ She was happy with $ 1,000,000. I did the math—and I wasn ’ t glad to settle. Staying in that marriage would have been suicide for me on a multitude of levels—especially financially. I ’ megabyte just not a two-kid-two-dog–day-job-white-picket-fence kind of guy, ” he added.

He then said, “ immediately I ’ ve been married 13 years to Elena, who is 100 % on the same page with me, but I even understand how it feels when you aren ’ thymine on the same page with your spouse. ”

Who is Elena Lyons?

fair like Grant, Spanish-born actress Elena ‘s childhood was not easy. Born on June 27, 1973 in Madrid, Spain, she vividly remembers her don, a WWII veteran, and a calamity that shaped her liveliness. “ Elena, Goldie ’ mho house is on open fire, and Goldie and her mother are still inside, ” her father told her one dawn and despite all efforts to save the family, she lost her neighbor and best supporter Goldie in the flames. She was barely 13 then but those memories haunted her for life .
At 17, she pursued a model and acting career and was one of Maxim ’ s top models. A New Orleans native, Elena moved to Los Angeles and starred in television shows and movies like ‘ Saved by the Bell : The College Years ’, ‘ USA High ’, ‘ CSI ’, ‘ Two and a Half Men ’, ‘ Days of Our Lives ’, and ‘ The Young and the Restless ’ .
however, she constantly felt the world of showbiz was a façade. “ Underneath that was a lot of pain that I should have just dealt with and then actually moved on, ” she said. In 2003, she locked eyes with Grant, love blossomed and the two worked endlessly to build their empire .

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A love story for ages

16 years down the pipeline, the copulate are happily married and blessed with two adorable daughters, Sabrina Cardone, 11, and Scarlett Cardone, 9. Living in Miami beach, the husband and wife duet co-host ‘ The G & E Show ’ together .

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