Actual gold LEGO brick goes up for auction

This LEGO brick that ’ s up for auction actually is angstrom valuable as gold… because it ’ south literally made from 14 karat gold .
Brick Fanatics has partnered with the auction-based web site and each workweek we will bring you some of the most noteworthy or concern LEGO -related listings at Catawiki .

This week there ’ s the opportunity for a true piece of LEGO history with a 2×4 gold brick, equally well as a selection of early appealing items, including the San Diego Comic Con Zebra Batman, the circumscribed edition 40501 The Wooden Duck and the hanker retired 10226 Sopwith Camel .
2×4 14k gold LEGO brick
Time and again, headlines promise that LEGO is as valuable an investment as gold. In this auction from Catawiki, it actually will be, because it ’ s a LEGO detail made from 14 carat gold. Given how rare this item is, it ’ s a collector ’ mho dream .

These golden 2×4 LEGO bricks were given to employees who had done something special at the LEGO Group – in this case, a german employee has improved the systems for selling into the market and received this brick as a endowment in 1971. The box brick even comes with the letter he received as a thank you for his efforts .
While ‘ rare ’ LEGO sets are appealing, they are inactive manufactured in the tens or hundreds of thousands. Items like this, that were given only to select employees are authentically rare in the truest sense of the word – less than 10 of these gold bricks are believed to exist .
40501 The Wooden Duck
Catawiki 40501
not everyone has the deep pockets for a gold brick though, and some of those whop do would rather equitable splurge on some sets. 40501 The Wooden Duck, the new LEGO House exclusive, sold out cursorily during the late Secret Life of LEGO Bricks book launch, but there ’ s a copy of the put up for auction at Catwiki. Given how limited locomotion is at the moment, it ’ s a great chance to get this restrict edition jell .
San Diego Comic Con exclusive Zebra Batman

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Catawiki Zebra Batman
With DC FanDome coming this weekend, all eyes with be on the glazed new Supergirl minifigure. But there have been many interesting DC single minifigures over the years, including end class ’ randomness Zebra Batman. While the unique minifigure won ’ t come cheap thanks to its limited handiness, it ’ s only going to climb in prize as the years progress ; anyone who fancies this minifigure might do well to acquire it immediately rather than expect .
10226 Sopwith Camel
Catawiki 10226
For those who would like a taste of Creator Expert before it was Creator Expert, 10226 Sopwith Camel is up for grabs in a brand raw and unopened box. The fabulously detailed aircraft model was released back in 2012 and has since been climbing in price on the aftermarket .
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