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No, see, I don’t think like I’m saving the world. The fact is, I go into every conflict for the battle, what’s on my mind is beating down the strongest to get stronger. That’s how this tournament happened, too. That seems to be a recurring mistake on my part. Maybe that’s the Saiyan in me, too stubborn to stand down in the face of that prospect. But I can’t bear the thought of the blood of everyone back home being on my hands because I couldn’t resist this. This is for them, now. Would you help me?
— Goku to Android 17 in “ Hunt the Poaching Ring ! Goku and Android 17 ‘s joint conflict ! “

Son Goku

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Son Gokū

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Son Goku

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[ 1 ]
Goku Son [ 2 ]
Son Gokoh [ 3 ]
Son Gokou
Son Gokuh
Son Gokuu

Present GokuGoku SonSon GokohSon GokouSon GokuhSon GokuuSangokuKakarottoKakarrotKakarotKakarothKongZero


Appears in

Dragon Ball Dragon Ball Z Dragon Ball GT Dragon Ball Super Super Dragon Ball Heroes Nekomajin Dr. Slump Jaco the Galactic Patrolman

Manga Debut

Bloomers and the Monkey King “

Anime Debut

The Secret of the Dragon Balls “

Movie Debut

Dragon Ball: Curse of the Blood Rubies



Ginyu ‘s race ( temporarily )




[ 4 ]

175 cm (5’9″) “adult”


[ 4 ]

62 kg (137 lbs) “adult”

Birth Date

Age 737 [ 5 ] [ 4 ]
Age 734 [ 6 ]

Death Date(s)

October 12, Age 761 [ 7 ]
May 26, Age 767 [ 8 ]
Age 779 [ 9 ]
Age 780 [ 10 ]

Professional Status


Martial Artist
Milkman [ 13 ] [ 14 ]
Firefighter [ 15 ]
Farmer [ 16 ]
Security Guard [ 17 ]
Deputized Galactic Patrolman
Temporary [ 18 ]

MilkmanFirefighterFarmerSecurity GuardDeputized Galactic PatrolmanTemporary Guardian of Earth


Dragon Team
( once )
Team Universe 7
Galactic Patrol Turtle School (formerly)


Bardock ‘s House [ 11 ] ( once )
( once )
58N 018, 439 East District [ 12 ]

(formerly) Grandpa Gohan’s House (formerly)

Personal Status


( mother )
( older brother )
( adoptive grandfather )
( wife )
( father-in-law )
( son )
( son )
( daughter-in-law )
( granddaughter )
( descendant )
( descendant ) [ 19 ]
( descendant ) [ 20 ]
Bardock (father) Gine (mother) Raditz (older brother) Grandpa Gohan (adoptive grandfather) Chi-Chi (wife) Ox-King (father-in-law) Gohan (son) Goten (son) Videl (daughter-in-law) Pan (granddaughter) Goku Jr. (descendant) Beat (descendant) Youth (Dragon Ball Online) (descendant)


Future Goku
Xeno Goku
Goku ( Goku Black ‘s timeline )
Goku Black
Crimson-Masked Saiyan
Shadow Goku
Clone Goku


Grandpa Gohan
Master Roshi
Mr. Popo
King Kai
( Driving Instructor )
Merus Yuzukar (Driving Instructor)


Neko Majin Z [ 21 ] [ 19 ]
Son Goku ( 孫そん悟空ごくう, Son Gokū ), born Kakarot ( カカロット, Kakarotto ), is a Saiyan raised on earth and the overall chief supporter of the Dragon Ball series. Kakarot primitively was sent to destroy Earth as an baby, there he would be adopted by Grandpa Gohan who named him Son Goku. A principal injury at an early age alters Goku ‘s memory, ridding him of his initial destructive nature and allowing him to grow up to become one of Earth ‘s greatest defenders. He constantly strives and trains to be the greatest warrior possible, which has kept the Earth and the universe safe from destruction many times. [ 22 ]

Concept and creation

The original incarnation of Goku in the Dragon Ball prototype Dragon Boy was Tangtong. The original inspirations for that narrative were, including films such as ( 1973 ) and films such as ( 1978 ) ; [ 23 ] [ 24 ] Toriyama former said he had a new Jackie Chan in mind for a live-action Goku, stating that “ cipher could play Goku but him. ” [ 25 ] The Dragon Ball population began as a informal adaptation of the classic Chinese novel Journey to the West, with Goku himself as an alternate accept on. Similarities between the two include their mischievous nature and possession of the Power Pole and Flying Nimbus ( which, in japanese, have the lapp name as the reference material ). [ 26 ]
When Toriyama started his beginning draft of Dragon Ball, he in the first place planned on making Goku full monkey to make the series more faithful to Journey to the West. During Toriyama ‘s second draft, Goku was alternatively a full homo dressed in boater clothes that rode a flight mecha rather of the Flying Nimbus. [ 26 ] Toriyama ‘s third gear draft became the final design. Goku ‘s full diagnose is besides based on Sun Wukong. The list “ Son Goku ” is plainly the japanese on’yomi interpret of Sun Wukong, as chinese and japanese share the same characters but with different pronunciations. “ Sun/Son ” is a coarse taiwanese surname that normally means “ grandchild ”, while “ Wukong/Goku ” is a common Buddhist name that means “ perceiving air/awakened to emptiness ”. Reading “ Sun Wukong ” via the beginning and final examination characters lone through the japanese kun’yomi rendering system makes it read out as “ Mago Gosora ”, used at some decimal point as a gag in the original manga ‘s run by the World Tournament Announcer. Goku was revealed a month before the Dragon Ball manga started, in postcards sent to members of the Akira Toriyama Preservation Society. [ 27 ] Goku ‘s beginning appearance was on the last foliate of “ Grand Finale ”, the last chapter of the Dr. Slump manga, advertising Dragon Ball’s approaching debut. Goku ‘s Saiyan parturition name, Kakarot, is a pun on “ carrot ”. Goku ‘s syndicate, like most Saiyans, are all named after ancestor vegetables ( burdock, leek, radish, and carrot ) or even the bible “ vegetable ” itself. While Goku is an overall good person, Akira Toriyama designed him as one who fights by and large for personal joy of challenging solid opponents. To which, Toriyama notes that the anime tends to go overboard in making Goku look heroic verse, and that his original delineation of Goku in the manga has sealed “ poisonous ” traits. [ 28 ] [ 29 ] The primary cause why Akira Toriyama created his Super Saiyan country with blond hair was so that his assistant would no long have to spend so much time coloring Goku ‘s hair’s-breadth black – therefore saving clock. Due to besides having the effect of making Goku appear stronger, it killed two birds with one stone. [ 4 ] Goku ‘s Super Saiyan form was heavily influenced by the soldierly artist Bruce Lee. According to Toriyama, Goku ‘s piercing eyes were based on Lee ‘s paralyze glower. [ 30 ] Dragon Ball Z anime character interior designer Tadayoshi Yamamuro besides used Lee as a reference for Goku ‘s Super Saiyan shape, stating that, when he “ first becomes a Super Saiyan, his slanting affectation with that scowling look in his eyes is all Bruce Lee. ” [ 31 ]


Goku looks about precisely like his founder, possessing the lapp peaky black hairdo, dark-colored eyes, and facial features. however, he has softer eyes, a kind demeanor, and a lighter-pale skin complexion from his mother. Goku ‘s most distinguish forcible characteristic is his hair. He has three bangs hanging to the right of his frontal bone and two bangs hanging to the impart. His hair besides stands up in the front with four spikes and three bangs in the back ( later in the anime, he has five spikes in the front and four in the back ). Goku was born with the signature buttocks of the Universe 7 Saiyans, which was long and avaricious with brown fur. It was removed and regrown multiple times in his early childhood, but in his recently teens, Goku ‘s chase was permanently removed by Kami in order to prevent his Great Ape transformation. At age 12, Goku was quite short and appeared even younger than he was, being considered less than 10 years old ( people were surprised when learning his actual historic period ). His reasonably dim-witted personality besides gave people the impression that he was arsenic unseasoned as he looked. During the future few years, Goku did not go through any physical changes, other than his muscles becoming more pronounce. By historic period 15, he began showing noticeable increases in acme. By age 18, he had a considerable emergence forge, growing taller than most of his friends and developing a well-built human body. He is besides considered very big, as noted by diverse women including Bulma and Heles. His physical changes made him about identical from before and was only recognized by his signature naïve personality and “ trademark ” hairdo. By senesce 25, Goku had another growth spurt, and became exchangeable in height to his grandiloquent homo allies and much more brawny. due to his love of train, he is most normally seen wearing a Gi. in the first place, Goku wore an open blasphemous gastrointestinal secured with a white bow-tied obeah over his waist, crimson wristbands, and colored blue kung fu shoes and besides a tank top. After training under Master Roshi, Goku wore the basic Turtle School Uniform ; consisting of a close loss g ( later orange ) secured by a black knot-tied obeah over his waist, blasphemous wristbands, and blasphemous kung fu shoes, with Roshi ‘s kanji on the back and front-left side of his shirt. After training with Kami and Mr. Popo, Goku wore a black short-sleeved singlet ( late dark blue sky ) with this gilbert and replaced his shoes with benighted bluing boots with a yellow edge and red laces. After training under King Kai, Goku wore King Kai ‘s kanji on the back of his gastrointestinal shirt. During the Battle on Planet Namek, Goku wore his own kanji on both sides of his gastrointestinal shirt. During the Android conflict and Majin Buu conflict, Goku wore a more plain version of this gastrointestinal that lacked any kanji and featured a blue sash-style obeah over his shank, ampere well as the same colored blue singlet, same wristbands and the lapp boots from his previous gastrointestinal, but with a loss border and yellow/tan laces. He belated retains this equip throughout most of Dragon Ball Super as he regains his own kanji on both sides of his g shirt. During his early train under Whis, Goku wore an orange traditional and informal gi, with Whis ‘ kanji on the front-left of his shirt, that was secured together with a blue obeah tied in a knot at the left of his shank. He besides wore blue wristbands that cover closely his integral forearms and blue boots that clasp together on the front of his shins. In Dragon Ball Super: Broly, Goku returns to wearing a knot-style obeah with his regular consistent and “ Go ” kanji ( basically regaining his Frieza Saga appearance ). In addition, to compensate for the wintry climate he is on, he besides wears a long blue snow jacket with a high turtleneck, white stripes down his shoulders and arms and bold purple letters of “ SAB ” over the front-left side of it. It besides has black gloves. In the Galactic Patrol Prisoner Saga, Goku is given the emblem of the Galactic Patrol in identify of his own on the front of his uniform and besides switches back to wearing a sash-style obeah. In the Granolah the Survivor Saga, Goku regains Whis ‘ kanji on his standard gilbert when the saint trains him in honing Ultra Instinct .

  • Goku in the Prison Planet Saga
  • Goku ‘s Grand Minister-style clothes
  • Goku ‘s appearance in the Universe Creation Saga


When he appears in the Prison Planet Saga, Goku wears an outfit identical to the one Whis gave him, but rather with a Capsule Corp logo. He besides wears his blue shirt underneath the gilbert. In the Universal Conflict Saga, he wears an outfit identical to the Grand Minister ‘s. The attire consists of a dark blue sky long-sleeved shirt with an orange lap over the breast, with baggy shoulder pads that runs beneath his red-colored knock with his kanji on the round belt-buckle. The shirt is complimented by a match coloring material copulate of jodhpur-like pants, and white boots that run beneath his shins. In the Universe Creation Saga, Goku ‘s overdress is the like from the previous arch but this time, it has a lighter shade of orange and the blue singlet, tied-belt, wristbands and boots are now replaced with a lighter black color. later on, in the New Space-Time War Saga, after being released from the Demon ‘s Hyperbolic Time Chamber, Goku returns with Vegeta with the Dark Empire ‘s logo imprinted on his g. By the twenty-eighth World Martial Arts Tournament, Goku wears a turquoise g with a white knot-style obeah, orange wristbands, dark green pants, and black kung fu shoes with orange stockings. In the cover of the Goodbye, Dragon World volume of the manga, this equip ‘s color is different. The gilbert is calcium hydroxide green, his wristbands are purple, his pants are bluish green, and he wears the boots from his former kit, albeit purple. Despite his fighting g being his favored look, Goku is not without early types of wardrobe, such as a lawsuit and tie, [ 32 ] fooling clothes like blue pants with a button-down red shirt, or an orange and black jacket with a white sleeveless singlet, sparkle green pants and embrown shoes. When returning home to prepare for the androids, Goku wore a kit alike to one from his youth ; a white tank top with periwinkle chinese pants with a white girdle and purple embrown toe shoes and white socks. His farmer overdress consists of light beige collared jean jacket with a white scarf around his neck and a charcoal grey short-circuit sleeved singlet, light beige pants with a black swath around his shank and black boots. The sleeves on his jacket has been folded into blank cuffs. In Dragon Ball GT. Goku ‘s skin tone got a obtrusive tan. His general outfit is a amobarbital sodium g with a white knot-style obeah, pink wristbands, ocher pants, and black kung fu shoes with white stockings, which overall is very similar to his outfit at the 28th World Martial Arts Tournament. Due to the carelessness of Emperor Pilaf, Goku was wished back into a 12-year-old. While basically looking the same as he did back then, Goku showed well more specify brawn. Later, with the aid of Old Kai, Goku regenerates his tail, which would poke out from his pants. 100 years subsequently at the 64th World Martial Arts Tournament, despite growing back to his physical flower without transforming, he was not calm seen with his tail. however, in one ending, he is seen with a tail in adult form. During which, he wears the equip from the 28th Martial Arts Tournament. He besides wears his Power Pole again. When re-grown up, GT Goku appears in the Adventure Mode of Extreme Butōden, he wears his classical outfit from Dragon Ball Super. In Dragon Ball Minus, an baby Goku was seen wearing a criterion Battle Armor of the Frieza Army when being sent to Earth. It is a full body model with a dark-colored chest of drawers protection and light outward-pointing pads on his shoulders and at the hips that hang over his upper leg. He besides wore dark jump suit shorts and unhorse boots with dark legging and besides dark armguards .


Despite all my heinous provocations on Namek, even after murdering two of his friends, driving him to become a Super Saiyan, still he couldn’t find it in him to put me down. So unusual, a Saiyan with such a strong moral center. So pure, he makes me want to vomit!
— Frieza ‘s description of Goku ‘s nature in Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection ‘F’

primitively as an baby Saiyan, Goku was very faint, constantly crying for attention. Goku was then programmed with intense hostility to carry out his mission of eradicating all sentient life on Earth. When found by Grandpa Gohan, he was disobedient, feral, and aggressive, wanting nothing to do with the elder, although this was apparently merely when worked up, as when initially found by Gohan, he quickly took a like to the erstwhile valet. however, after the head injury that caused him to lose his instinctual aggression, Goku became well-known for the energetic, kindhearted, arrant affection and caring personality traits he inherited from his mother Gine. He was taught to be respectful to others by Grandpa Gohan. He takes most situations in footstep, he rarely lets things get him worked up ; he promptly got over losing his tail each time. He is however not without fear. Goku is shown to be submissive to overbearing women like Bulma and Chi-Chi, even to the point of Master Roshi facetiously declaring that for all his universal-class might, he is terrified of his wife. In the anime, he besides has aichmophobia ; a cripple fear of needles. He is not beyond feeling grief, most perceptibly seen from the loss of his grandfather. He is not above palpate shame, as he regrets his lack of maturity as a person despite all the teachers who have helped him and likewise wants to make his loved-ones gallant of him. He besides shows genuine refer for the wellbeing of those close to him. When Master Roshi apparently died against Ganos, Goku madly rushed to his care, desperate to save his mentor and caducous tears of joy when he managed to revive him. He is well-noted for his beloved of any food, tied by Saiyan standards, [ 4 ] which can be amusing at times. When hypnotized while facing “ Jackie Chun “, Bulma told Goku dinner was ready, instantaneously waking him up. [ 33 ] Like most Saiyans, Goku loves combat and to challenge hard opponents. As such, Goku rarely shows jitteriness or fear when contend. While not arrogant in his abilities ( particularly compared to Vegeta ), Goku has a inclination to be excessively relax and recklessly challenge anyone he views as potent to a contend. Despite his fighting heart, he is, at kernel, a pacifist, as he frequently spares his enemies, trying to avoid hurt or even killing people if possible and never using more strength than necessary. [ 34 ] [ 35 ] He besides powerfully believes that people can change for the better, as he spared Piccolo, vitamin a well as Vegeta, in their respective fights, despite the erstwhile desire to kill him and the latter killing most of Goku ‘s allies. This, combined with his naturally aristocratic nature, can lead to him letting his guard down. Goku is pure of heart, possessing no negative feelings or thoughts. He is highly loyal to his friends and kin, even volition to sacrifice himself to save others as he did against Raditz and Cell. He powerfully believes in repaying debts, as he gave the then-evil Vegeta a Senzu Bean for technically saving Gohan and Krillin from the Ginyu Force. He is a man of his discussion, committed to keeping his promise no matter what ; 2 prime examples being the resurrection of Bora and giving the Omni-King a friend even more playfulness than himself. He has a identical virtual and carefree horizon of life and his goals are very simple ; he only seeks new adventures and challenges like testing his limits as a warrior. He has no interest in luxury or high-level positions, as he rejected Kami ‘s offer to become Guardian of Earth and, alike, Whis ‘ offer to become the next Universe 7th ‘s God of Destruction, though the latter was chiefly due to his ethical motive making him inapplicable for it. At the same clock time, he shows such firm will and doggedness to succeed, constantly determined to never give up against any adversity. [ 35 ] Goku has been noted several times to have a special effect on people. His genuine compassion for others and sleep together of animation in its most dim-witted nature is capable of inspiring them to change reasonably for the better, even causing respective of his enemies to become his allies. He convinced the amoral and self-absorbed God of Destruction Beerus that Earth was worth keeping round. He made the allow assassin Hit smile in genuine happiness, viewing Goku as an peer. He piqued the interest and became a friend of Grand Zeno, the most mighty being in the multiverse, due to his alike childlike, innocent personality. He made the vastly mugwump Jiren acknowledge Goku ‘s horizon of company and sought to learn from Goku ‘s example. He even made the despiteful and sadistically greedy Frieza come to truly respect Goku, despite his long-standing hate of the Saiyan after their brief alliance. His passion to help people evening inspired Merus, a Guiding Angel, to willingly violate Angel Law and directly engage against evil with his genuine divine powers, knowing the punishment of it. He has shown such artlessness since childhood, chiefly because of spend most of his childhood on Mount Paozu in isolation, apart from the beginning few years of his life with his grandfather, and spending his adolescence traveling the world to sharpen his combat skills. This miss of social experience and proper education growing up ( apart from the basic education from Master Roshi ) left him rather ignorant in many things outside of struggle and had little growth in aroused maturity. During his childhood, he originally had difficulty telling the difference between a male and a female without physically touching them, which often got him in trouble. [ 36 ] His miss of emotional maturity has besides left him slightly naïve, which much makes many falsely assume him to be reasonably stupid. His lineal and carefree set about, combined with often taking things to face-value, acting identical a lot on instinct most of the time, Goku can be very deaden as he expresses himself. Despite this, Goku is signally effective at applying himself once by rights motivated, able to quickly comprehend the situation and similarly learn the basics of anything presented to him, if not master it. When taking a firsthand experience, Goku is shown to be fabulously perceptive and intuitive, quickly able to analyze the situation and formulate an effective countermeasure. identical methodical and tactical in his approach, he immediately saw through the limits of higher grades of Super Saiyan even without having tested them in conflict and chose to alternatively refine his normal Super Saiyan form, impressing even his rival Vegeta at the crafty and innovative mind. He has a remarkable intuition to see the good in others in hurt of their actions, though his compassion and willingness to forgive can have often been criticized as excessive even to a demerit and has led to harm and death to those he cares about in extreme occasions. At the same prison term, for all his morally driven nature, Goku can show animosity towards those he believes have earned it, such as Mercenary Tao and Frieza for killing Bora and Krillin respectively, a trait he seemed to inherit from his church father Bardock. Overall, Goku only kills his enemies when he feels it is necessity or if they are beyond redemption. While viewed by many as a very estimable homo of epic nature, he openly never actually considers himself a savior, but rather just refuses to let innocent people or animals get hurt, as his adoptive grandfather taught him. He openly prefers to reform enemies on the grounds that it will be more excite to clash with them in the future that way. ultimately, this is one of his greatest drives in life, constantly pushing him beyond his limits. Whenever his friends are threatened or harmed, Goku abandons closely all mercy for the enemy, as the mortal-wound to Piccolo and the loss of his best friend Krillin against Frieza allowed Goku to unleash Super Saiyan on the tyrant. This is besides seen when Jiren tried to kill all of Goku ‘s friends, Goku fiercely attacked him with rage. however, his philosophy of turning enemies into allies has sometimes clouded Goku ‘s taste in recognizing that sealed opponents of his are ineffective to change or have any change in his way of think, better exemplified by his final examination confrontation with Moro, where his attempts to try to make the warlock repent for his atrocities after dominating him not lone allowed him to strengthen himself promote and put the entire galaxy at risk after the latter merged with Earth, which made Goku visibly desperate for realizing that his complacency ended up putting everything to lose. Another problem stemming from his lack of proper education, Goku had little understand of pornographic responsibilities. As a consequence, he spent most of his marriage without a occupation, alternatively of being supported by his prize-winnings from the World Martial Arts Tournaments and the Ox-King ‘s wealth. This limited department of education besides was seen from his struggle in the written test for the Tournament of Destroyers. Overall, both his children have shown a better understand of general matters as Chi-Chi ensured that Gohan and Goten had a knowing background. While Chi-Chi subsequently made Goku take up a job as a farmer, Goku is regularly shown with little interest in it, much looking for excuses to get out of influence to train alternatively. This largely stems from his Saiyan nature, instinctively desiring battleful challenges. Goku has little modesty and is not at all concerned about public nakedness ( though belated came to have a better appreciation for it ). His simpleton nature rarely exhibits lubricious feelings and thus little interest in women ( with the exception of his wife ). As a result, seduction tactics have no effect on him. While he is not normally foolhardy, he occasionally makes decisions without by rights thinking them through, such as when he went to discuss the Tournament of Power with the Omni – Kings despite Beerus warning him of the potential consequences of meet with the amoral supreme rulers. While technically considerate in nature and never intentionally natural, Goku tends to not show proper deference to people of gamey agency ; the most celebrated model being his casual interactions with the Omni-Kings and the Grand Minister ( even though they do not mind ), much to the shock and disgust of numerous Gods and Kais. Goku can be insensitive at times, as shown by his willingness to promise Old Kai naked photos of Bulma, without consideration for either Bulma or her husband Vegeta ( though he rationalized it as for the sake of Earth ‘s survival to enlist Old Kai ‘s help ) .
He enjoys meeting fresh people and learning about/from them. Despite this and actual compassion for others, Goku ‘s ignorance at times comes off as a miss feeling familial ties but preferably views his family simply as companions. [ 37 ] He is rarely seen amatory or familiar with Chi-Chi and chiefly married her because he promised, although once eruditeness marriage means living with person forever, openly liked the idea with Chi-Chi. He evening cited her feistiness and passion as traits endearing to him. He will much leave his family for long periods, and though normally for noble reasons, such as maintaining his forte for the protection of the world, Goku does not realize its damaging affect on his family and friends. Despite this, he systematically expresses his appreciation for his kin, as after completing his discipline in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber to face Cell, he chose to spend the remaining time with his family rather than training more. Goku desires for his children to follow in his footsteps as a fighter but he is by and large accepting of their choices in lifestyle so long as they are happy and healthy. overall, his love for his kin has been a changeless boost to his performance in battle. besides, Goku was very felicitous to learn he was going to be a grandfather, to which he late enjoyed taking concern of his baby granddaughter Pan and grew very refer when she disappeared. Against Goku Black, when learning that the rogue idol murdered his family in hurt of their initial brush, despite it only happening in the original timeline, Goku ‘s righteous rage let him pummel Black and Future Zamasu simultaneously. Goku ‘s love for his adopted grandfather has constantly been the most emotional and influential aspect of his life, evening long after the old man ‘s death, and as shown by Goku ‘s reaction to each time they met again in Gohan ‘s afterlife. even after learning, they were not akin or even the lapp subspecies, Goku still considers the old homo his family, as shown by his great sorrow and shame when realizing that he killed the kind man as a Great Ape, apologizing profoundly to him and hoping for forgiveness when future they meet. Goku ‘s bond towards his grandfather made him cherish the Power Pole and the 4-Star Dragon Ball that he left his grandson behind as the only material objects of real deserving to him. As a child, he even came to believe that the Dragon Ball housed the old man ‘s heart as he would speak it often, possibly as a coping mechanism to deal with his loss of his only known family. Goku was happy to meet all who were close to his grandfather and even delighted when his firstborn son reacted positively to being named after the elder. reverse to popular impression, Goku loves his family, supporting their goals angstrom well as sacrificing himself doubly to save Gohan and fighting off Zamsu when he found out Chi Chi and Goten had been killed by Goku Black ’ s. Despite this, he often leaves to fight or train. While considering himself an Earthling more than Saiyan, in battle, he tends to think more like a typical population 7 Saiyan. once a fight begins, he desires to see it through to the end to truly determine who is the achiever. even while battling Frieza on the self-destruct Planet Namek, he chose to finish his crusade with Frieza even when offered the chance to escape through the Namekian Dragon Balls, believing that Frieza had to be defeated by his hand preferably than random luck. He is besides dissatisfied when foes do not use their full moon might. While valuing his friends ‘ commitment and willingness to accept aid when the need comes, he prefers to face his challenges solo, determined to prove his might against the given foe. He openly showed disfavor at in the first place acquiring Super Saiyan God through the aid of others quite than by his own merit. At the lapp time, he admits that the true emergence of his being came from the support and connection he gained from others. His warrior mentality can be foolhardy at times. Against Cell, Goku chose to focus the majority of his efforts training Gohan in the goal of unlocking his son ‘s abeyant capacities to defeat Cell, forgetting that Gohan was even gentler than him. Likewise, for an unrestricted fight against Hit, Goku willingly risked his life by hiring Hit to kill him to fight him at his best. Goku is besides volition to recruit help from his greatest of enemies like Frieza as he needed a solid tenth ally for the Tournament of Power though he himself acknowledged that it was a hazardous be active and Vegeta noted that Goku would n’t have done it under convention circumstances as the universes were at stake. At the lapp time, however, this ambition for the new generations stems from his humble refer that his friends and family have become excessively dependent on his might. He rationalizes his willingness to put the children in the limelight of battle due to the fact that he will not always be around to help. He believes that the new generation needs to become stronger in order to protect the earth from future threats. however, he is not without a personal goal behind it. Realizing the potential might of people like Gohan and Uub, he is excited by the idea of facing such might once realized. At the lapp time, Goku tries to keep people away from the battlefield if he feels it will be besides dangerous for them as he during the battle against the revive Frieza, Goku ordering Goten and Trunks to leave the battlefield to avoid the tyrant ‘s brutality with Vegeta and Bulma agree .
In Dragon Ball Minus: The Departure of the Fated Child, the three year previous Kakarot is sent to Earth by his parents ascribable to Bardock ‘s bang-up intuition, suspecting that Frieza is planning to destroy the Saiyans due to his recent orders to return to Planet Vegeta and his men asking about legends regarding the Super Saiyan and Super Saiyan God. Upon reaching Earth, Kakarot encounters the Elder Gohan who after fighting with the child off panel brings him family where the Elder Gohan is able to placate the son with food. The youthful Kakarot can be seen standing upon the table in Grandpa Gohan ‘s House eating food with Grandpa Gohan commenting on his miss of manners as he refuses to sit in a nearby electric chair as he eats, before deciding to name the male child Son Goku ( presumably due to Kakarot ‘s either inability to speak or refusing to speak. While Kakarot/Goku behaves in a primitive manner and has no postpone manners, he is not american samoa wild as Master Roshi ‘s comments upon his early life with Grandpa Gohan, though it should be noted that the scene in Dragon Ball Minus is very brief and it does n’t contradict the original Dragon Ball manga as their is no accompanying flashbacks of the new Goku ‘s childhood like in the anime ( and Master Roshi was plainly relaying second hand information he heard from Grandpa Gohan, stating that young pre-head injury Goku was baseless and wild child which fits with his depiction in Dragon Ball Minus ). During the Granolah the Survivor Saga, Goku ultimately learns about his father Bardock thanks to Monaito revealing how the low class Saiyan saved Granolah and Monaito during the Cereal Genocide and attempted to save Granolah ‘s mother Muezli though she was unfortunately murdered by the Heeter Elec. Vegeta confirms Bardock is the diagnose of Goku ‘s ( and by extension Raditz ‘s ) biological beget and after hearing the narrative notes that from his position, Goku seemed to have inherited his soft heartedness from his parents, given it was Bardock ‘s love for his wife and youngest son that caused him to rescue Granolah and his mother rather of exterminating them like he was supposed to as a Saiyan Army soldier. It is besides revealed that Bardock fought and defeated the Heeter Gas in his Transformed country which he managed to defeat. Gas himself besides lamented that Goku lacks his beget ‘s grit and decision which Gas obviously respected .

My dad?! M-My dad is training you? What’s he like? Is he nice? Is he…is he mean? I’ve never met my dad before, so I was really surprised when you told me he’s training you! Maybe I should go meet him… Ooh, I should bring Gohan!
— Goku in Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 — Goku in

Goku had very little cognition of his biological family since he was excessively unseasoned to remember his parents and have never learned the good traits of them. His public opinion on his Saiyan inheritance kept varying through the course of Z. Furthermore, when Goku first discovered his Saiyan inheritance, he rejected it out of repugnance and disgust at being from a slipstream of poisonous killers, though he started to embrace his inheritance after Vegeta ‘s language against Frieza on Namek had inspired him to avenge the personnel casualty of all those killed by Frieza, including his Saiyan race. After his first time transforming into a Super Saiyan, Goku seemed to have ultimately embraced his Saiyan heritage, while proclaiming himself to be the “ Super Saiyan of legend ” from the ancient Saiyan myths in holy order to frighten Frieza. Despite this, Goku has preferred to go by his tellurian name, although he has made Vegeta and by and by Broly sole exceptions because he knew that Vegeta will never change his mind on that, and besides because the two are Saiyans like him. By Broly, Goku has embraced his Saiyan inheritance adequate that he was will to tell Broly his Saiyan name and requested that Broly refer to him as it. During the Granola Saga, upon learning about the noble side of his father, Goku became noticealy more scheme to hear about him. Upon hearing a record of Bardock ‘s voice, Goku began to remember more about his parents and how they loved him indeed much to risk their lives to save him. In Xenoverse 2, despite his extreme hatred for his evil buddy, he showed an interest in learning more about his parents. When learning that the Future Warrior is training under his church father, Goku showed an pastime in meeting him, even bringing his class. Goku ‘s most singular kinship is with the Saiyan prince Vegeta. Their competition is largely unilateral as Goku is by and large friendly towards Vegeta and recognizes his abilities as a champion, although Goku does get competitive with Vegeta as seen from learning that Vegeta left without him to train under Whis. While Goku and Vegeta have trouble working in concert, ascribable to their conflict personalities and Vegeta ‘s continue desire to best Goku, they both respect and motivate each other to grow stronger, ultimately becoming close and patriotic friends outside their competitive nature. besides, Goku is not above teasing him and tends to admonish Vegeta ‘s ferociousness towards enemies as shown when he criticizes Vegeta for killing the Ginyu Force, though this was chiefly due to Vegeta killing disable opponents. In Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot, during the expect for the Cell Games after finding out Gohan is staying over at Capsule Corporation after helping the repaired Android 16, Chi-Chi notes that since Bulma is loaded she bets he is enjoying quite the spread of food and asks Goku if he ‘s covetous. Goku ‘s answer is that while he loves good grub, to him nothing tastes a good as her home cook meals, causing Chi-Chi to feel both flattered and slenderly embarrassed. This shows that he does indeed appreciate all the make she puts in cooking his meals .



Goku was named Kakarot at give birth by his forefather Bardock. In the manga, Kakarot was born on Planet Vegeta three years before its end, while in the anime he was born concisely before the destruction of the planet. When Frieza destroyed Planet Vegeta, Kakarot survived as he was being sent to Earth on a act infiltration mission to destroy all liveliness on the satellite in order to sell it. After landing on Earth, the young Saiyan was found in the woods by an old man named Gohan and became his adopted grandson. Grandpa Gohan names him “ Son Goku ” .

Jaco the Galactic Patrolman

Main article: Dragon Ball Minus: The Departure of the Fated Child
Kakarot had been inside his brooding bedroom for three years since his parturition when his church father Bardock and his mother Gine decide to release him. Bardock makes the decision to send Kakarot away to Earth in an Attack Ball since he is worried about Frieza ‘s ambitions. Frieza destroys Planet Vegeta a month after Kakarot has been sent away. Days by and by after being sent to Earth, Kakarot lands in Mount Paozu. While there, he is found by an aged man, Gohan. He takes him in and feeds the newly found alien. Kakarot is eating when he is given the diagnose “ Son Goku ”. While Kakarot seems slightly placated by the food, Grandpa Gohan notes his lack of manners as he stands upon the board to eat rather than sit in the nearby evacuate chair. It is besides implied by Grandpa Gohan ‘s statements that the two briefly fought when they first met, though Grandpa Gohan was obviously able to prevail, due to him being a more have soldierly artist than the young low class Saiyan .

Between Jaco and Dragon Ball

At first, Goku was highly crimson and crabbed, not obeying Gohan at all, but one day he fell down a deep ravine and hit his point, suffering hard head injury that sent him into a coma and identical about killed him and caused him to suffer long-run amnesia. After he woke astir, he had lost all of his Saiyan aggression due to not remembering his mission, becoming a kind and mild-mannered young son. [ 38 ] His Grandpa Gohan taught him martial arts and told him about such things as the city and people, as they lived in a identical remote control target in Mount Paozu, with no communication with other people .
Gohan one day discovered Goku ‘s wide daydream transformation, and therefore told him to never look at the full moon. however, one night Goku did, and he transformed into a great Ape, causing him to unwittingly kill Gohan. After his grandfather ‘s death, Goku stayed at his home, carrying out his daily life of survival. From a young historic period, Goku developed a prediction that his parturition parents abandoned him in the mountains as a pamper, leaving him for Grandpa Gohan to discover. [ 39 ]

Dragon Ball

Emperor Pilaf Saga

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Besides my grandpa, you’re the only human being I’ve ever seen.
— Goku when he inaugural met Bulma in “ The Secret of the Dragon Balls “

Goku is introduced in the Dragon Ball manga and zanzibar copal at 12 years of age [ 40 ] ( initially, he claims to be 14, [ 39 ] but it is subsequently clarified during the Tournament Saga that this is because Goku had trouble count ), as a young boy life in obscurity on Mount Paozu. Goku owns the Power Pole and the four-star Dragon Ball, inheritances from his grandfather. One day, after doing his daily chores, Goku is hit by a car when on his room home after catching a giant fish. Having never seen a car ahead, he assumes it is a monster attacking him. When the driver shoots Goku with a gun, she becomes scared after seeing that it hardly does any damage and surrenders, revealing herself to be a Human female child, named Bulma. Goku states that he has never seen a girlfriend before and that the only human he has seen in his life is his asleep grandfather. [ 39 ] Goku takes Bulma to his house, where she ends up discovering his four star topology Dragon Ball. however, Goku does not want Bulma touching it since it is precious to him, so Bulma decides to let Goku to join her on a quest to collect all seven Dragon Balls to summon the Dragon, not revealing to him that the Dragon Balls would be scattered across the earth once they succeeded. [ 36 ] Later that night, when camping in Bulma ‘s Capsule House, Goku is introduced to assorted technology such as Television, lights and even a bath. early the future morning, Goku is surprised when he learns a morsel about the anatomy of women after he takes Bulma ‘s underwear off while she is sleeping. [ 41 ]
late that dawn, Goku meets Turtle, whom he decides to take back to the ocean, forcing Bulma to come along. After defeating a Bear thief who wants to eat the turtle, they make it to the beach, where he meets his future overcome, the capsize anchorite, Master Roshi. [ 42 ] When the turtle anchorite meets them, he rewards Goku with a flying cloud called the Flying Nimbus, that merely allows people of pure heart to ride it, with which Goku has no difficulty. Bulma besides receives the three star Dragon Ball out of this, in substitution for showing the old horn-dog her underwear ( however, she is actually nude, because Goku had pulled them off the night before ). [ 42 ]
Three days belated, Goku and Bulma end up in Aru Village, which is under control by an evil shape-shifter named Oolong, who kidnaps the villagers ‘ daughters. [ 43 ] After Goku fails to impersonate Pochawompa in an attempt to find the location of Oolong ‘s hideout, he decides to face Oolong mind on. After chasing him outside the greenwich village, Goku manages to capture him, forcing Oolong to give the villagers back their daughters. Afterward, they are rewarded the six star Dragon Ball and Oolong is forced to join Goku and Bulma on their quest. [ 43 ] While crossing the Diablo Desert on their direction to Fire Mountain, Goku fights a bandit named Yamcha, who is friends with a erstwhile schoolmate of Oolong, named Puar. [ 44 ] Goku and Yamcha have a duel, and Yamcha is surprised when Goku brings out his Power Pole, learning that he is the grandson of the fabled soldierly artist, Gohan. After closely losing to Yamcha ‘s Wolf Fang Fist due to hunger, Bulma awakens, causing Yamcha to flee due to of his fear of women. late that night, Goku and the others stay the nox in Oolong ‘s House-Wagon, where Goku tells Oolong about the Dragon Balls while Yamcha and Puar hide outside and listen, besides learning of the mystic spheres. [ 45 ] The adjacent morning, Goku fights Yamcha again after he destroys the House-Wagon and attempts to rob them. Goku knocks out his adversary ‘s tooth and Yamcha, in a false display of apology, gives them a cable car that secretly has a track device for him to follow them. [ 45 ]

Amazing… in a day he’s learned a move that took me 50 years to master…
— Master Roshi talking about Goku ‘s beginning custom of the Kamehameha in “ The Kamehameha Wave “

Two days former, the gang ends up at Fire Mountain, where Goku ends up fighting the Ox-King after he attempts to kill Bulma and Oolong. [ 46 ] After Goku summons the Flying Nimbus, the Ox-King stops fighting and tells Goku that the man who gave Goku that defile is the lapp dominate that taught him. In an attempt to douse the fire surrounding the Ox-King ‘s palace at the circus tent of the mountain, Goku is sent to retrieve the Bansho Fan from Master Roshi after picking up the Ox-King ‘s daughter, Chi-Chi. When they arrive at Master Roshi ‘s Island, he tells them that he unintentionally threw the fan out and decides to come there himself and put out the flames. When they get back to Fire Mountain, Master Roshi uses a technique called the Kamehameha to put out the flames, unfortunately destroying the batch arsenic well. [ 47 ] a lot to Master Roshi ‘s surprise, Goku immediately imitates the wave and makes one big adequate to destroy their car. While Bulma and Oolong find the Dragon Ball in the debris, Master Roshi asks that Goku trains with him after finishing his request for the Dragon Balls .
On their way to the last Dragon Ball, they take a break at a town which is ruled by a gang known as the Rabbit Mob. [ 48 ] While there, Goku and Bulma get into trouble with the Rabbit Mob, but Goku defeats their drawing card, Monster Carrot with the serve of Yamcha. When they get back on the road, they are attacked by a automaton piloted by Shu, who steals five of their Dragon Balls. Luckily, though, Goku insists on keeping his four-star ball with him rather of with the rest of the Dragon Balls. [ 49 ] Yamcha gives them a lift to Pilaf ‘s Castle to get them back. however, once they arrive, they get locked in a room filled with sleeping gas, where Goku ‘s four-star Dragon Ball is stolen. [ 50 ]
When they wake up, Emperor Pilaf summons Shenron and tries to use the wish to rule the world, but his plan is foiled when Oolong interferes and wishes for a pair of panties after getting out from a modest hole made by Goku ‘s Kamehameha. [ 51 ] After trying to escape, the gang is placed into a special cellular telephone that will fry them when the sunlight comes out. Goku ends up looking at the full moon that night, causing him to turn into a great Ape and destroy the cellular telephone along with the lie of Pilaf ‘s castle. Seeing Goku out of see in the copycat phase, Yamcha grabs Goku ‘s tail and has Puar turn into a couple of scissors to cut Goku ‘s fag end off, causing him to revert to his convention form. The future morning, Oolong begins to speculate that Goku is not a human, raising the question of whether he is “ some rather distance foreigner. ” [ 52 ] Declining the extend of his raw friends to come with them to West City, Goku bids them adieu to train with Roshi. While flying off on the Nimbus, Goku cheerfully says the world is an amaze place .

tournament Saga

Main article: Tournament Saga After finishing his request for the Dragon Balls, Goku leaves Bulma and the others in order to train with Master Roshi. Roshi agrees to train Goku, but merely if he finds him a pretty girl. [ 53 ] After failing to bring him a adequate female child, another aspirant scholar named Krillin arrives on the island, besides wanting to train under Roshi, and assists Goku. After Goku fights off some Police officers, while Krillin cowers behind him, they last return with a female child with a split personality named Launch. [ 54 ]
Satisfied with Launch, Roshi then brings Goku and Krillin to his especial Training Island to train them. [ 55 ] They are put through very foreign aim that seems like it has nothing to do with martial arts, such as milk delivering to increase stamina, construction work for potency, swimming away from cause of death sharks, dodging bee stings, all while wearing identical heavy Turtle Shells. [ 56 ] After the hard work, the two develop into two of the most brawny fighters on Earth. The huge boulder Roshi showed the boys much earlier they could not push, they can immediately push, a lot to Roshi ‘s surprise. After eight months of education, Roshi brings them to Papaya Island to compete in the 21st World Martial Arts Tournament to test their educate. [ 57 ] Upon their arrival, Goku is reunited with his friends Bulma, Yamcha, Oolong and Puar. Goku gets through the elimination rounds easily without flush trying ( tied he is surprised at his noteworthy fresh world power ) and makes it to the independent tournament. [ 58 ]
In the tournament, he is put up against a Gira named Giran in the quarterfinals. Goku struggles with the animal when he is trapped in Giran ‘s Merry-Go-Round Gum, but his tail grows back causing him to break dislodge and win the couple, with Giran forfeiting from being scared of the young boy ‘s power. [ 59 ] In the semifinals he is put up against a warrior named Nam. Goku and Nam take the battle into the tune, and each is about knocked off the ring. Just before Goku is knocked out by Nam ‘s Cross Arm Dive, Goku dodges and kicks him out of the surround. [ 60 ] In the final examination round Goku battles with defending Champion Jackie Chun ( in truth Master Roshi in disguise ). [ 61 ] During the struggle, Goku turns back into a great Ape and starts destroying the stadium. Jackie Chun who can not leave the arena because they are still fighting destroys the Moon to revert Goku to his convention form. [ 33 ] The two continue their match, both losing their energy at a rapid rate. Goku ends up losing the match and learns that he should always continue to train because there are always people out there who are more brawny. [ 62 ]

crimson Ribbon Army Saga

Main articles: Red Ribbon Army Saga, General Blue Saga, and Commander Red Saga
After coming runner up in the World Martial Arts Tournament, Goku is told by Master Roshi that he should go out and see the earth, and Goku decides that he will use this opportunity to search of his grandfather ‘s Four-Star Dragon Ball. [ 63 ] At the begin of his quest he helps save Nam ‘s village by accompanying him to Giran ‘s greenwich village in club to get the river flowing again. [ 63 ] After completing this undertaking, he decides to go skinny dip in an haven where he gets his Dragon Radar stolen by a homeless child that sells it to an Antique Store in a nearby township. once Goku gets there and gets his radar back, he confronts Emperor Pilaf, who is holding the four star Dragon Ball. After chasing Pilaf to his flying fortress, Goku receives the ball finding out that it is fake. [ 64 ] While following the radar ‘s signal he ends up converge back up with Chi-Chi who had a marriage prepared for them. [ 65 ] Goku and Chi-Chi promptly go together back to the Ox-King ‘s village to find that an arrangement called the Red Ribbon Army has attacked. [ 66 ] Goku and Chi-Chi fight off the troops until they fled. Goku leaves Chi-Chi and the Ox-King in a travel rapidly to go and chase them. He ends up in the Desert where he gets into Pilaf ‘s flying fortress while the Red Ribbon Army was attacking it. After Pilaf ‘s fortress is destroyed, Goku is caught in the explosion and wakes up in a forest where he meets a family of monkeys. After Goku finds the Dragon Ball, he battles Colonel Silver, who destroyed his Flying Nimbus. Goku well defeats Silver, and knocks him out with his tail. [ 67 ]
After seeing that the Dragon Ball he found was not his grandfather ‘s Four-Star Ball, he has one of the army ‘s car fly droids fly him to the adjacent Dragon Ball. The plane crashes when the droid freeze, and Goku freezes, unable to move. [ 68 ] He is then taken to Jingle Village by a girl named Suno. When he awakens, he hears that the Red Ribbon Army is there vitamin a well. Goku goes to their close root known as Muscle Tower. once he gets in he well takes out three soldiers and then battles an android know as major Metallitron. [ 69 ] Goku wins the battle when Metallitron ‘s batteries die and proceeds to the following floor where he fights the Ninja Murasaki. Goku easily defeats Murasaki and humiliates him, an exemplar when Murasaki lands on Goku ‘s Power Pole. Goku proves to be a unmanageable equal for Murasaki and even his brothers, so he resorts to releasing Android 8. [ 70 ] Android 8 ends up befriending Goku alternatively of fighting him because he dislikes ferocity, allowing Goku to reach the top of Muscle Tower. General White, the commander of the loom resorts to having his positron emission tomography monster Buyon eat them, but the creature gets freeze and destroyed. General White is defeated and Goku saves the Jingle Village Chief while obtaining another Dragon Ball that Android 8 was hiding from the army .
Goku finds out from one of the village elders that his aura still works and decides to go to West City to have Bulma fix his Dragon Radar that broke. Goku arrives at Bulma ‘s house, Capsule Corporation, and has her sterilize the radar. Bulma then decides to join Goku on his quest for his Dragon Ball using her new invention the Micro Band. While still in the city Goku meets back up with Yamcha, Oolong, and Puar. They decide to spend the sidereal day in the newly theme park Dream Land, where they were stalked by a thief hired by the Red Ribbon Army, named Hasky. After being tricked by her she tries to get away with Goku ‘s two Dragon Balls but he captures her and gets them back. [ 71 ]
Goku and Bulma travel to the site of the following Dragon Ball which was located at the bottom of the ocean. not having a bomber, Goku and Bulma obtain one from Master Roshi who has Krillin join them. Under the ocean, they find a Pirate Cave, where they are chased by the Red Ribbon Army ‘s strongest operative, General Blue. [ 72 ] Goku defeated a Pirate Robot and a giant octopus named Octopapa while Krillin and Bulma were being attacked by Blue. Goku arrives to save them, but Goku is stunned by General Blue ‘s telekinesis. Goku was able to break dislodge when a shiner scares Blue. While the cave began to collapse, Goku quickly grabbed the Dragon Ball and saved his mouse friend and scantily escaped with Bulma and Krillin in an previous submarine they found. When they arrived back at Kame House, General Blue arrives and uses his telekinesis to tie everybody up and steal the Dragon Balls along with putting a bomb on the island to kill them. fortunately, Launch returned and set Goku free to get rid of the bombard and chase Blue. [ 73 ]
Goku ends up chasing General Blue to Gengoro Island, where he crashes in a strange town named Penguin Village. [ 74 ] While there Goku meets Arale Norimaki and the Gatchans who try to help Goku look for General Blue and the Dragon Balls. Arale introduces Goku to Taro and Akane who seemed interest in his flying nimbus. Goku searched through Penguin Village and asked many of the residents if they have seen General Blue. Arale takes Goku to her house to have Senbei fix his radar. While at the Norimaki house, General Blue shows up to steal Senbei ‘s plane and fights Goku again. While using his telekinesis again on Goku, Arale surprises Goku by easily defeating him and headbutts General Blue far away. While Goku got his Dragon Balls back, he got his Dragon Radar stolen by Blue. Senbei ‘s son, Turbo uses his powers to create him a new one with parts from Senbei ‘s plane so he can continue his quest. [ 75 ]
Goku ‘s following location was the Sacred Land of Korin where he defeats Captain Yellow and last retrieves his four leading Dragon Ball. [ 76 ] There, he meets two of the lands natives, a knock-down warrior named Bora and his son Upa. Seeing that their best soldiers had failed against Goku, the Red Ribbon Army turned to the universe ‘s deadliest assassin, Mercenary Tao, to kill him. [ 77 ] Tao arrives to Goku ‘s location and murders Bora with ease. Goku then attacks him. Goku loses against Tao in the conflict against his Dodon Ray but survived because the four star ball in his shirt blocked the wax wedge of the smash. [ 78 ] While Tao decides to stay in a township for a couple of days, Goku decides to climb Korin Tower to get the Sacred Water of Korin. [ 79 ] When he gets to the clear, it takes Goku three days to snatch it from him. Goku drinks the water, so far does not feel any different, which Korin explained was not that the water system made him stronger, but the training to try and get to it made him stronger. When Tao returns, Goku comes second and defeats him in battle by kicking one of Tao ‘s grenades back at him, confuse after he pretended to give up. [ 80 ]

But I did attack the Red Ribbon Army. I beat the whole bunch and I managed to get six of the Dragon Balls.
— Goku telling his friends he defeated the Red Ribbon Army in “ The goal of Commander Red “

Feeling sad for Upa who lost his father to Tao, Goku decides that he will defeat the entire Red Ribbon Army and gather the Dragon Balls to bring his forefather back to life. [ 34 ] Goku travels to the main Red Ribbon Army Headquarters to defeat them. [ 81 ] While Goku is taking out respective of the soldiers, Staff Officer Black kills Commander Red after learning that he just wants to be improbable and not achieve world domination. Goku fights Black who uses a battle automaton, Goku kills him defeating the entire army and gathering six of the Dragon Balls. When Goku leaves the base he sees all of his friends fair outside of it ready to help him, but Goku tells them he already defeated them, greatly surprise everyone. [ 82 ]

Fortuneteller Baba Saga

Main article: Fortuneteller Baba Saga

I’m so happy to see you grandpa! I’ve missed you so much!
— Goku when seeing Grandpa Gohan again in “ true Colors of the Masked Man “

After Goku ‘s victory against the Red Ribbon Army, he is placid missing one more Dragon Ball to revive Bora, but for some reason, Bulma ‘s Dragon Radar can not locate it. Roshi tells Goku about his older sister Baba who can find anything. [ 83 ] Goku sets out to Fortuneteller Baba ‘s Palace with Yamcha, Krillin, Upa and Puar. Baba turns out to not be so generous, forcing them to fight her five strongest warriors to get their request. [ 84 ] The inaugural two warriors are taken care of by Goku ‘s friends, but Yamcha is defeated by the third base warrior, Bandages the Mummy. [ 85 ] Goku, the team ‘s final combatant, takes him out along with the fourth combatant, Spike the Devil Man in Devil ‘s Toilet. [ 86 ] After that, Goku is put up against the fifth combatant, who seems very companion to Goku and Roshi ( who had joined the group as a spectator pump ). The cryptic combatant ruthlessly whips Goku around by his buttocks until it simply rips off. Goku then wins the fight, and the one-fifth fighter is revealed to be his Grandpa Gohan, who was brought back from the other World for a day. [ 87 ] Baba reveals the Dragon Ball to be in a case Emperor Pilaf has. Goku confronts Pilaf in his new automaton fused with Shu and Mai ‘s robots and well defeats them. [ 88 ] With all the Dragon Balls in his ability, Goku calls Shenron and revives Bora. After the wish is granted, Goku grabs the four-star testis before the others scatter. [ 89 ] Goku prepares for the adjacent World Martial Arts Tournament by going out into the earth and training himself by the request of Master Roshi. Goku ends up meeting a female child named Chao and saves her greenwich village from two bandits known as terror and Plague. He late stumbles into a city where he meets Chin Taiken, the passkey of the Chin-Star School and defeats Sky Dragon, the headmaster of the Panther-Fang School for the entitle of Master of Martial Arts. Goku goes to Demon Land and saves Princess Misa from Shula with the avail of Gola and Melee. Goku former chases after a giant named InoShikaCho that he later finds out is working with two martial artists named Tien Shinhan and Chiaotzu in scamming villages. Goku saves InoShikaCho when Tien and Chiaotzu betray him and with the help of Tanmen, he convinces everyone that he is good. After three years are up, Goku begins his travel to Papaya Island but gets a little delayed when his new friend Konkichi gets into trouble with a gang .

Tien Shinhan Saga

Main article: Tien Shinhan Saga
By the prison term the 22nd World Martial Arts Tournament starts, Goku is 15 years old ( though he inactive looks younger than 10 ). [ 5 ] Goku ‘s strongest adversary is Tien Shinhan, a warrior trained by Master Roshi ‘s nemesis, Master Shen – the Crane Hermit. Like Yamcha, Puar and Oolong before them, Tien, along with his best ally Chiaotzu, will finally side with Goku. In the preliminaries, Goku is set up against a supporter from a previous World Tournament, King Chappa. [ 90 ] Goku easily defeats him, and then goes on to defeat Pamput, a celebrated movie star, in the quarterfinals. [ 91 ] In the semifinals Goku is set up against his best supporter Krillin, and defeats him after a boisterous conflict. [ 92 ]
Goku moves on to fight Tien and his Crane School manner in the final round. [ 93 ] Midway during the match, Goku is repeatedly paralyzed and pinned down by Chiaotzu and his telekinesis technique, at the orders of Master Shen. After Goku is freed from Chiaotzu ‘s Telekinesis, the equal continues as convention until Tien decides to use the Tri-Beam approach to destroy the stage. In mid-air, Goku knocks out Tien by using a Kamehameha to swiftly propel himself into Tien ‘s stomach. Falling at the same rate, Goku hits the ground beginning after crashing into a van, leaving Tien as the Tournament achiever. [ 94 ]

King Piccolo Saga

Main article: King Piccolo Saga

It’s time for your terror to end!!!
— Goku towards King Piccolo ( Funimation dub )

right after the termination of the 22nd World Martial Arts Tournament, King Piccolo appears in the scene. Goku by chance left his belongings behind and when Krillin went to pick them up at the area, he is killed by Tambourine, one of King Piccolo ‘s mutate sons. [ 95 ] Goku becomes angry, and chases after him through the skies, but calm being fatigued from the tournament, Goku is defeated by Tambourine and his Flying Nimbus is destroyed. [ 96 ] While trying to recover in the wilderness, Goku sees a giant fish and eats it, which belonged to a samurai named Yajirobe, who has a Dragon Ball. [ 97 ] Cymbal, another one of Piccolo ‘s sons, is sent to get the Dragon Ball, but is killed by Yajirobe with his sword. [ 98 ]
After sensing Cymbal ‘s death, Piccolo orders Tambourine to find his killer. Upon seeing Tambourine again, Goku last destroys him. [ 99 ] King Piccolo feels this and arrives at Goku and Yajirobe ‘s localization, Yajirobe ‘s Prairie. Soon after King Piccolo appears, he fights Goku. Goku knocks him down a match of times. It is then revealed that Piccolo was holding back on his power, and then he swiftly defeats Goku with his Masenko attack, causing Goku ‘s heart to stop for a short time. Piccolo then takes the Dragon Ball Yajirobe gave to Goku. Yajirobe takes Goku to Korin Tower to help him recover. [ 100 ] interim, Tien, Master Roshi, and Chiaotzu try to stop King Piccolo from gathering the Dragon Balls, but fail and the latter two die in the undertake. [ 101 ] King Piccolo calls Shenron and wishes for his youth to be restored, giving him the office he once had. King Piccolo then destroys Shenron, and goes on to King Furry ‘s palace, in an try to rule the world. [ 102 ]
once Goku is healed, he heads out on a quest to find the Ultra Divine Water, a sacred fluid that unleashes the drinker ‘s obscure powers if they have any, or kills them. [ 103 ] Goku drinks the water and survives, then heads off to King Furry ‘s castle where he finds King Piccolo ‘s newest son, Drum assaulting Tien Shinhan. [ 104 ] Goku steps in and defeats Drum, knocking his eyeballs out with one kick back, and challenges King Piccolo to a battle. [ 105 ] Goku overpowers King Piccolo, even throwing him into the castle. King Piccolo finally goes to fully exponent, despite it shortening his life, but still can not defeat Goku. King Piccolo fires his touch attack, the Explosive Demon Wave, at Goku, but Tien saves him by flying into the flip, but Goku ‘s leg is broken. Towards the end of the fight, King Piccolo uses Tien as a hostage, attempting to force Goku to surrender. Goku about resumes the competitiveness despite the fact that Tien will die, thinking he could revive Tien with the Dragon Balls, until King Piccolo tells him he had destroyed Shenron. This leaves Goku at King Piccolo ‘s mercy. [ 106 ]
Goku ends up with a transgress arm and two break legs as a resultant role of Piccolo ‘s onslaught. As King Piccolo takes to the skies for his final attack, Goku, full moon of fury over the fact that Krillin and Master Roshi are gone forever, launches himself at King Piccolo with the one branch he had left, punching a fix through his chest and killing him. Moments before King Piccolo ‘s death, however, he manages to spit out an egg far murder in the outdistance that contains his final son and reincarnation, Piccolo Jr. to avenge his death and spread evil across the satellite .

Piccolo Jr. Saga

Main article: Piccolo Jr. Saga
After Goku defeats King Piccolo, he goes to Korin Tower, where Korin tells him about the Lookout, and that Kami, being the matchless that created the Dragon Balls, may be able to revive Shenron. [ 107 ] At Kami ‘s Lookout Goku overcomes Mr. Popo ‘s challenge of speed, and Kami, the Guardian of Earth, brings the Dragon Balls spinal column by giving new life to Shenron. [ 108 ] Using the Dragon Balls, Krillin, Chiaotzu and Master Roshi are resurrected. [ 109 ] In tax return, Kami asks Goku to train with him and Mr. Popo for the 23rd World Martial Arts Tournament to defeat Piccolo Jr., who wants retaliation on Goku for killing his father. Goku ‘s train consists of defeating Mr. Popo, who proves to be stronger than King Piccolo and for Goku to face a doll version of himself as a room of conquering his own self. With deep meditation, being still like a rock, but faster than lightning, Goku endures the toughest educate of his life. During or after the train, Goku ‘s tail is permanently taken off for the third and concluding time by Kami, who then makes a wish to the Eternal Dragon for the return of the moon. At some orient during this train, Goku trained in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber, but was ineffective to last more than a calendar month in it due to the intensity .
Goku returns three years subsequently at the historic period of 18 ( possibly 19 due to spending a month in the Time Chamber ), to meet up with his friends and join the tournament and grown into a young man that no one recognizes. [ 110 ] In the preliminaries, Goku is put up against King Chappa, who wants to avenge his loss from three years anterior, but fails again. [ 111 ] In the quarterfinals Goku is matched up against an unknown female champion who seems to know who Goku is, and knows the contend style that Master Roshi teaches. After Goku defeats her, she reveals herself to be Chi-Chi, whom Goku had unwittingly promised to marry years before think marriage was a type of food. Before leaving the call, Goku asks for her hand in marriage. [ 112 ]
In the semi-finals, Goku is put up against Tien Shinhan to settle the score from the last tournament. Goku and Tien seem to be even, until Goku removes his leaden invest and become a lot faster, winning the equal and leaving him against Piccolo Jr. in the concluding round. [ 113 ] Before the contend started, Piccolo had trapped Kami inside a bottle with the Evil Containment Wave technique and ate the bottle, putting Goku at a deadlock ; if he kills Piccolo, Kami will die excessively. The fight goes on for a while, but when the son spreads that Piccolo Jr. is the son of King Piccolo, the herd flees. Goku encourages Piccolo Jr. to transform into his giant form, tricking him to fly into his mouth to retrieve the bottle Kami was in. Afterward, the stage is destroyed as they go into full struggle. Goku seems to be doing quite well against Piccolo, using the Meteor Combination rush, apparently knocking him out, but Piccolo blasts a hole in Goku ‘s shoulder, seriously handicapping him. Piccolo then makes sure Goku has no arms or legs to use, saying he will not make the lapp mistake his beget did, letting Goku have one free arm to kill him with in the end. As Goku is about to die, he discovers how to fly and uses that energy to avoid one of Piccolo ‘s attacks. He then finishes Piccolo off with the last sum of energy he has left with a full violence headbutt to the thorax giving Piccolo a ring out, frankincense giving Goku his first base and entirely Tournament win. After Goku is declared winner, he gives Piccolo Jr. a Senzu Bean to keep Kami alive and give himself a good rival. [ 114 ]
After Goku defeats Piccolo Jr., he travels with Chi-Chi to the Ox-King ‘s Village to prepare for their wedding. [ 115 ] But fire erupts at the castle, trapping the Ox-King inside the flames. Goku and Chi-Chi travel to find the Bancho Fan that Master Roshi once threw away in ordain to put out the displace. [ 116 ] When they find it, they are forced to fight Annin, a defender of the border between the live world and the other World. Goku defeats Annin and returns with the fan, which successfully extinguishes the fire. Goku and Chi-Chi get married, concluding the original Dragon Ball series. [ 117 ]


When Gohan was born, Goku, Chi-Chi, and Ox-King were trying think of a appoint for him. When they could n’t come up with a effective name, Goku decided to go fish but was yelled at by Chi-Chi and asks if Grandpa Gohan taught him any manners. All of a sudden the baby starts to laugh and they decided to name him in honor of Goku ‘s adopted grandfather .

Dragon Ball Z

Saiyan Saga

Main article: Saiyan Saga

That’s enough! Even if it is true and I’m some kind of alien from another planet, or even if you really are my older brother, it doesn’t matter, anyone who’d do the horrible things you say is no brother of mine! My name is Goku, and this is my home… and you’re not welcome here!
— Goku towards Raditz in “ The Enemy is Goku ‘s Brother ? ! The Secret of the Mighty Saiyan Warriors ! “

In the begin of Dragon Ball Z, Goku is 24 years erstwhile and is calm living at Mount Paozu in a newly-built theater near his previous house, with his wife Chi-Chi and their four-year-old son, Gohan. [ 118 ] After saving Gohan from falling down a waterfall, Goku drops by the Kame House with his son, to introduce him to Bulma, Master Roshi, and Krillin. All seems to be well, but suddenly, Goku senses a huge power nearby. The new menace arrives from space ; Raditz, Goku ‘s older brother. Raditz reveals to Goku his Saiyan inheritance, and informs him that he was in the first place sent to Earth to destroy the planet ‘s inhabitants and prepare it to be sold, but had forgotten about it due to his head injury as a baby. [ 38 ] When Goku refuses to carry out his disregarded mission, Raditz delivers a individual kick back to Goku ‘s rib, knocking him down, and kidnaps Gohan, giving Goku an ultimatum : Raditz will kill Gohan unless Goku kills one hundred humans within the adjacent twenty-four hours, and leaves them on the beach. To defeat Raditz and save the Earth, Krillin and Master Roshi offer to help, but Goku does not accept their request, due to the fact that if they die again, they can not be brought back, since they have already been killed. Piccolo, who had been listening to Raditz ‘s speech while hiding behind the Kame House, asks Goku to help him fight this new being, so they join forces. [ 119 ] When Piccolo and Goku find Raditz with Gohan locked up in his spacepod, Goku gives Raditz one last chance to free his son, but Raditz refuses. Goku and Piccolo both take off their burden clothing to begin their fight. even with their blend intensity, Raditz still holds the upper hand. With the serve of Gohan unleashing his inside powers to attack Raditz and weaken him, Goku and Piccolo come up with a plan to win .
Goku makes the ultimate sacrifice by holding Raditz in topographic point so Piccolo can kill him with the potent especial Beam Cannon, which manages to kill both Raditz and Goku. [ 120 ] Just before he dies, however, Raditz informs Piccolo and Goku that two even more knock-down Saiyans, Vegeta and Nappa are on their way to Earth, and will arrive in one year. With Krillin by his side, Goku dies, and Kami takes him to other World where King Yemma tells Goku to take Snake Way to the planet of King Kai for extra train to defeat the Saiyans. [ 121 ] During his travel, in filler, he encounters and escapes Princess Snake and even manages to escape Hell after by chance falling off Snake Way. [ 122 ]
When Goku finally makes it to King Kai ‘s Planet, he mistakes King Kai ‘s imp, Bubbles, for the King himself, and he follows the tamper ‘s actions until he meets the real King Kai. He is given farcical challenges before he starts his trail, including having to tell King Kai a antic, [ 123 ] catching Bubbles, [ 124 ] and smashing his pet cricket, Gregory, on the oral sex with a heavy malleus. [ 125 ] due to the planet ‘s higher gravity which is 10x that of Earth ‘s, Goku struggles with the challenges, but finally completes them. After that, Goku masters several new techniques and increases his military capability well. [ 126 ] His friends on Earth oversee to wish him back to life sentence using the seven Dragon Balls, but, due to a miscalculation on King Kai ‘s part ( he forgot to take into account the meter it would take to get back ) he still must travel back down Snake Way, which King Kai estimates will take about two days at Goku ‘s current power level in order to reach Earth and join the battle against the Saiyans, which was already afoot and going badly for the Z Fighters. [ 127 ]

You’re going down! I doubt I’ll even have to use the Kaio-ken against you.
— Goku towards Nappa in “ Farewell, Piccolo ! Goku ‘s angry counterattack ! “

By the meter Goku arrives, Yamcha had been killed by a Saibaman, Chiaotzu had self-destructed in a fail attempt to kill Nappa, Tien Shinhan had killed himself by putting all his potency into a final but futile Spirit Tri-Beam, and Piccolo had sacrificed himself to save Gohan from a mighty attack launched by Nappa, which unwittingly killed Kami as well. Goku arrives on the scene, saving Gohan with the Nimbus Cloud from Nappa ‘s ability, and when he is informed by Krillin that everybody else has died in the conflict, Goku goes in a rage, powering up, surprise Vegeta with his new might. much to everyone ‘s storm, Goku had become herculean enough to defeat Nappa without a lot difficulty, avoiding Nappa ‘s attacks, and taking Nappa ‘s ultimate, the Break Cannon, head on without a problem. Vegeta Tells Nappa to stand down and tells Nappa to back down but before he does, he goes after Gohan and Krillin. When Nappa is about to kill Krillin and Gohan, Goku defeats him by using Kaio-ken Finish but Vegeta is the one who kills him at the end. [ 128 ]

Maybe even a lower-class outcast can surpass an elite if he puts his mind to it!
— Goku towards Vegeta in “ The Power of the Kaio-Ken ! Goku vs. Vegeta ! “

Knowing he will have to battle the more potent Vegeta, Goku requests the move to an sequester placement and Vegeta agrees. Before battle, Vegeta tries convincing Goku to join him but Goku refuses because he is content on earth. As the conflict unfolds, they seem even. Vegeta gains the amphetamine handwriting with even the Kaio-ken not working. Goku, in a desperate undertake, powers up to Kaio-ken times three, and overpowers Vegeta, causing Vegeta to go in a rage and attack to destroy the satellite with a Galick Gun. Goku ‘s Kaio-ken Kamehameha and Vegeta ‘s Galick Gun blasts collide, and Goku beats Vegeta in the Beam Struggle by going Kaio-ken times four, however, causing his body great pain. When Vegeta returns, he transforms into a Great Ape after using a Power Ball, as Goku realizes he transformed ahead and he is the one who killed his grandfather, and apologizes for it, hoping for forgiveness .
After a long battle, Vegeta is finally defeated by Goku ‘s Kaio-ken and Spirit Bomb techniques, and the seasonably interposition of his remaining companions Krillin, Gohan and Yajirobe. [ 129 ] however Goku had been viciously beaten to near death, with his legs getting crushed and broken by Vegeta in his Great Ape phase. After the competitiveness, Krillin attempts to take Vegeta ‘s life using Yajirobe ‘s katana, but is stopped by Goku, who convinces him to spare his life sentence to give him a second gamble at changing his malefic ways and hopes to have a replay one day. [ 130 ] After the conflict with Vegeta, Goku is hard hurt ( to the extent that flush the act of orderlies changing bandages was more than enough for him to undergo severe screaming fits out of agony that were loudly enough for people immediately outside the ER to hear him ), and Korin is out of Senzu Beans, so Goku has to stay behind in Wukong Hospital with Chi-Chi while Gohan, Krillin, and Bulma go to planet Namek to find the Namekian Dragon Balls in order to revive their fallen friends. [ 131 ]

Frieza Saga

Main article: Frieza Saga

I am a Saiyan who was raised on Planet Earth… and in the name of every single Saiyan that you’ve made suffer… for them and all the people of Planet Namek too, I will defeat you!
— Goku towards Frieza in “ Defeat Frieza, Goku ! The Tears of the Proud Saiyan Prince ! “

After a few weeks in the hospital, Goku learns from Master Roshi that Gohan, Krillin and Bulma have run into fuss on Planet Namek : a fully-healed Vegeta and the Frieza Force, whose leader is more potent than Vegeta. Thankfully, Yajirobe delivers Korin ‘s newfangled batch of Senzu beans and gives one to Goku, which heals him wholly. Goku then uses Dr. Brief ‘s new starship, which he constructed from Goku ‘s original Attack Ball, to travel to Namek a well. [ 132 ] During his six-day trip to Namek, Goku uses the ship ‘s artificial gravity machine to train himself for his approaching battles. He starts away at 20x earth ‘s gravity and finally works his way up to 100x. however, King Kai advises him to steer clear of Frieza, claiming that he is the strongest being in the universe and that Goku would stand no chance against his evil might. [ 133 ]
Arriving on Namek, he senses Frieza and Captain Ginyu, noting on their exponent. once again Goku enters a conflict already in advancement, this fourth dimension saving Gohan, Krillin and Vegeta ( who teamed up with the others ) from the assault of Recoome, a member of Frieza ‘s elite contend police squad, the Ginyu Force, who were called to dispose of the three. [ 134 ] Goku heals the three of them with Senzu Beans, and shows his newly powers by defeating Recoome with one elbow to the stomach, and then takes on Burter and Jeice together. Goku fools them into thinking his world power level is merely 5,000, because Goku rose his exponent in only the clamant he attacked or defended. After dodging Jeice and Burter ‘s attacks, Goku then takes out Burter, but is taken by surprise by the leader of the Force, Captain Ginyu, who has the ability to switch bodies with anyone he sees fit. [ 135 ] After a little sparring, Goku powers up in battlefront of Ginyu, with his ability level scaring Ginyu and Jeice, as it was much higher than theirs. critically injuring himself, Captain Ginyu then swaps bodies with the more knock-down Goku but can not amply control his new body and power. [ 136 ] Vegeta takes this find to battle him, seriously injuring Goku ‘s body. Goku manages to get his consistency back after intercepting a balance beam sent by Captain Ginyu to swap bodies with Vegeta. [ 137 ]
Goku ‘s body, worn out and beaten, uses a medical Machine inside Frieza ‘s starship taking several hours to heal. [ 138 ] When he emerges, once again it is to join a battle in progress, where Vegeta meets his destine against Frieza. Goku hears Vegeta ‘s tearful depart speech about the torture Frieza inflicted on Vegeta and the Saiyans, and buries Vegeta and gives his respects. In wrath, he declares that he will defeat Frieza in the name of the Saiyans and Namekians he killed. [ 139 ] Goku and Frieza ‘s conflict begins, with Goku hush having a decent measure of confidence in his abilities. Goku and Frieza start off evenly matched, but Frieza gains the upper hand after powering up to 50 % of his full power. Goku ‘s assurance transforms into frustration and frighten at Frieza ‘s power. even with Frieza giving himself handicaps ( such as not using his hands ), Goku hush can not outmatch the tyrant .
After Goku combines Kaio-ken x20 and his Kamehameha to no effect, Frieza starts pummeling Goku, but Goku remembers his Spirit Bomb ability and decides to gather energy, leaving himself open. Piccolo ( who had been resurrected and was transported to Namek to help ), Gohan and Krillin try to distract Frieza from Goku so he can gather the energy. finally, with all his might, Goku launches the attack, which hits a struggling Frieza, and apparently destroys him, along with a good helping of Namek in a devastate explosion. Worn out, Goku begins to laugh, along with his friends, who believe Frieza has been defeated. But even the Large Spirit Bomb fails to kill Frieza. [ 140 ] however, when Frieza kills Krillin and critically injures Piccolo, Goku, in anger, taps into his inner power reserves and transforms into a Super Saiyan. [ 140 ]

You haven’t figured it out yet? I’m the Saiyan who came all the way from Earth for the sole purpose of beating you. I am the warrior you’ve heard of in legends, pure of heart and awakened by fury. That’s what I am. I AM THE SUPER SAIYAN, SON GOKU!
— Goku towards Frieza in “ The Angry Super Saiyan ! Goku Throws Down the Gauntlet ! “

After ordering Gohan to escape Namek with Piccolo and Bulma, Goku battles Frieza again and, at beginning, easily outmatches him with his newfound ability. Goku then taunts Frieza into going to 100 %, saying how due to the price sustained in his 70 % form, he wo n’t be able to hold onto his full power for long. After Frieza attempts to destroy Namek, Frieza last goes to 100 % ability. At first, it seems that Frieza has outmatched Goku, but then Frieza is shocked to hear that Goku was holding back and was relieved that that was n’t his full office. As time goes on, Frieza begins to lose his stamina and his power level drops like a stone. Goku then states he no longer wishes to fight Frieza because he says it is otiose. Goku then flies off and lets the space tyrant go. In desperation and frustration, Frieza uses his Death Saucer attack, creating two pink Destructo Discs and throwing them at Goku. Goku moves besides cursorily for the attack and maneuvers himself therefore that Frieza is in between him and the disks. Goku yells a admonitory to Frieza, but Frieza is excessively behind and is cut in half, losing an sleeve in addition to his legs. The faint tyrant solicit Goku to help him. Goku, believing that Frieza does not deserve to be forgiven or spared, gives him some of his energy as a testify of mercy. Bitter at his frustration, Frieza uses it to launch a powerful energy wave at Goku. Goku notices the fire and fires an angry Kamehameha at Frieza, defeating him. Goku then flies to Frieza ‘s starship and presses buttons to try to cause the ship to fly, however, it does not work and Frieza ‘s starship falls into the lava. [ 141 ]

Frieza-Androids Interlude

Main articles: Garlic Jr. Saga and Trunks Saga Goku began to panic but caught a glimpse of one of the Ginyu Force space pods and promptly escapes Namek, before it explodes. The pod takes Goku to Planet Yardrat, which was going to be the Ginyu Force ‘s adjacent target. [ 142 ] His friends, who were teleported to Earth by a wish made with the Namekian Dragon Balls, believe him to be dead. [ 143 ] however, months late, when they attempt to revive Goku and Krillin by warping them to the check-in station, they learn that Goku is alive. When they decide to transport him back to earth, he declines, stating that he ‘ll return late. [ 144 ] While on Yardrat, Goku learns a new technique called the Instant Transmission. [ 142 ]
Two years by and by, Goku returns to Earth where he is confronted by Trunks, the half-Saiyan son of Vegeta and Bulma from the future. The adolescent Super Saiyan had precisely killed both Mecha-Frieza and his father King Cold a few moments before Goku ‘s arrival. Trunks then tests Goku ‘s Super Saiyan persuasiveness in struggle by assaulting him furiously with his sword, which Goku knocks off multiple times with one finger ( albeit charged with energy ), claiming that he knew Trunks would not use his entire world power. [ 142 ]
Satisfied, Trunks gives Goku medicine for a affection virus that he will abridge in one or two years, telling him to use it when he starts feeling the virus ‘ effects. future Trunks besides warns him about two androids that will threaten the earth in three years. [ 142 ] Goku, Gohan and Piccolo then spend the following three years training for this newly menace. [ 145 ] however, Future Trunks ‘ visit somehow alters the attack of the virus, so it does not manifest during those three years ( six months anterior to the Androids arrival ). Seeing no sharpen in using the medicate when nothing appears to be faulty with him, Goku stopped taking it. [ 146 ]

Androids Saga

Main article: Androids Saga

You might think you know everything there is to know about me… but really, you’re not even close.
— Goku towards Dr. Gero and Android 19 ( Funimation dub )

Three years belated, two androids, Dr. Gero ( as Android 20 ) and Android 19, look and attack a city. [ 147 ] The Z Fighters confront them, and Yamcha is first to be attacked, having been impaled by Dr. Gero ‘s hand and having his energy steal. however, he is saved by the consumption of a Senzu Bean, and the Z Fighters lead the two killing machines out of the city to fight. Despite being a Super Saiyan, Goku is bested by Android 19 when he begins to drastically weaken from the heart disease he was warned of, which starts manifesting itself during the fight. [ 148 ]. however, Vegeta, who now is a Super Saiyan a well, manages to save Goku before he can be defeated by the androids, and, after toying with it for a bite, destroys Android 19 with comfort, enjoying the battle greatly. [ 149 ] Yamcha takes Goku to Chi-Chi to get the medicine that will save his liveliness from the killer virus. meanwhile, the rest of the Z Fighters learn from Trunks, who has returned to help them fight the androids, that history had somehow been altered, and that the androids of his time, Future Android 17 and Future Android 18, had not been the ones they were fighting. [ 146 ] Soon after, Dr. Gero states he will unleash No.17 and No.18, and he flees from the battlefield. They try to stop Dr. Gero from activating them but fail. however, once Dr. Gero activates 17 and 18, they are revealed to be boisterous and kill him, and activate another android, Android 16, vitamin a well, who was entirely created to be Goku ‘s assassin. [ 150 ]

Cell Saga

Main article: Cell Saga
While the Z-Fighters try and fail to stop the androids, Piccolo ( who had recently fused with Kami ) discovers a new terror named Cell, a bombastic biological life form created by Dr. Gero, made with DNA taken from Goku, his allies, and foes they fought in the past. Cell was designed to absorb Androids 17 and 18 in order to achieve a perfect state, kill Goku, and conquer the cosmos. [ 151 ] Cell hunts down the androids and absorbs Android 17, transforming into his second degree. [ 152 ] meanwhile, Goku heals from his illness and takes Gohan, Vegeta, and Future Trunks to the Hyperbolic Time Chamber at Kami ‘s Lookout to obtain a year of train in one day under heavy gravity and incredibly volatile temperatures. [ 153 ] Vegeta and Future Trunks go in foremost and while Goku and Gohan enter the Time Chamber following. When Cell was preparing to finish Tien after he helped Android 18 escape, Goku intervenes by teleporting to their location using Instant Transmission, suffer Cell for the first time. Goku orders Cell to stay away from his supporter while Cell casually greets him as the Saiyan informs Cell that while he is not strong enough yet, he will fight him in one day and acquire. Cell laughs at this presuppose cowardice, before Goku senses Piccolo survived Cell ‘s attack and teleports him and Tien near the ocean. Goku grabs the unconscious Piccolo and makes plans to leave, before Cell who eagerly wants to fight Goku, states that they will not fight another day, but now, and flies towards him. Cell prepares to attack, though Goku uses Instant Transmission again, whisking the unconscious mind Tien and a barely alive Piccolo binding to base hit at The Lookout before Cell ‘s punch lands. once at the Lookout, Goku gives his friends senzu beans for them to heal. Soon Vegeta and Trunks emerge, going off to find and fight Cell. Goku and Gohan enter the chamber, where Goku helps his son obtain Super Saiyan, having realized half-saiyan hybrids like Trunks can transform. much later, Goku gets to Super Saiyan Third Grade and Gohan believes that Goku can beat Cell with this might, however Goku explains that his speed has decreased in that shape and the might to keep the class is excessively much. Goku realizes that it would be easier to master Super Saiyan to avoid tension on their body and be use to the exponent. During this discipline, Goku notices that the electric potential Gohan has can well surpass Goku ‘s own powers, particularly after Gohan managed during their train to transform into an unprecedented Super Saiyan degree before losing awareness during a trail school term, and that, if he can not kill Cell, Gohan will. [ 154 ]
While Goku trains, Cell absorbs Android 18 and reaches his arrant mannequin thanks to Vegeta ‘s interests to fight Cell in his perfect form. Vegeta was well defeated when he challenged Cell, as did Trunks, who failed because his new Super Saiyan Third Grade form had excessively much muscle mass to hit Cell quick enough, a defect Goku noticed in the bedroom. [ 155 ] After Goku and Gohan finish their aim, Cell announces that he will be holding the Cell Games in ten more days, in order to give a gamble to anyone who wants to challenge him. [ 156 ] For ten days, Goku and Gohan stay on land to train and relax while maintaining their Super Saiyan form the entire time. Goku besides uses this time to travel to New Namek to ask Dende to be the new defender of Earth, as Piccolo had fused with Kami in an attack to stop Cell, and the coalition had made the Dragon Balls useless. [ 157 ] After Dende creates new Dragon Balls based on the old ones, Goku searches for those reactivated Dragon Balls in order to use them after they defeat Cell to correct everything Cell had put faulty. [ 158 ]
After ten days have passed, the Z Fighters head to the Cell Games. After the supposed strongest person on Earth, Mr. Satan, is easily defeated, Goku offers to be the beginning Z Fighter to fight Cell, believing that he is no match for the villain in ordering to truly test Cell ‘s abilities. [ 159 ] Goku finds himself about evenly equal but however at a disadvantage against a heavy suppressed Perfect Cell in every way, and can not seem to gain the upper hand after many attempts. even after trying the Instant Kamehameha ( a combination of the Instant Transmission and Kamehameha ), which destroys Perfect Cell ‘s upper one-half, he watches in horror as the android regenerates easily, thanks to Piccolo ‘s cells in his soundbox. [ 160 ] After getting run down and wear out, Goku decides to give up and leave the battle to Gohan, whom he is convinced has the concealed power necessity to defeat Cell. [ 161 ] Gohan then states that Goku had been holding second, alone to learn he had not, leading to the conclusion that Gohan may be stronger than Goku, who was fighting at wax power. [ 162 ] Gohan then powers up to a degree where his energy eclipses even Goku ‘s, and fights with Cell, but halfheartedly. After Gohan tells Cell that when he gets angry he gets much stronger, Cell starts to get curious and tries to force Gohan ‘s inner powers out of him by making his children, the Cell Jrs, attack Gohan ‘s friends and his father. All the Z fighters can not beat the Cell Jrs, including Goku, who was worn out from his conflict with Cell. After Android 16 attempted self-destruct on Cell, who blasted him, 16 asks Mr. Satan to bring him ( his remaining Android head ) to Gohan, and he then tries to convince Gohan that fighting is sometimes needed. When Cell destroys Android 16 ‘s head, this triggers a change in Gohan, forcing him to ascend to Super Saiyan 2, [ 163 ] a shape in which he greatly surpasses Perfect Cell, even after the giant decides to unleash his earth-shattering Full Power and a far powered up Power Weighted form, which Gohan well overcomes to the compass point of forcing him to regurgitate Android 18 because of the damage he has sustained. [ 164 ]

Remember all the pain he’s caused, the people he’s hurt… NOW MAKE THAT YOUR POWER!!!
— Goku encouraging Gohan to defeat Cell ( Funimation dub )

When a beat Cell tries to destroy the Earth as a last fall back, Goku is forced to step in with his “ blink of an eye infection ” technique when Cell is about to trigger his self-destruction. He teleports them both to King Kai ‘s Planet, where he is killed by the explosion Cell caused, along with King Kai and his pets Bubbles and Gregory. [ 165 ] however, Cell reconstructs himself as Super Perfect Cell, a trick tied Cell himself did not know he had and uses the recently learned Instant Transmission to go bet on to Earth. [ 166 ] Goku then motivates Gohan from the other World to help fuel Gohan ‘s Kamehameha beckon against the rebuild Super Perfect Cell, which, after a drawn-out beam lock, successfully obliterates him. [ 167 ] After Cell ‘s defeat, Goku insists that he should stay dead, even though they could resurrect him, because he has attracted excessively many problems to Earth, like Frieza and the Red Ribbon Androids. Goku decides it will be safer for earth if he does not return, and Earth has Gohan to protect it if needed. [ 168 ]

Great Saiyaman Saga

Main articles: Other World Saga and Great Saiyaman Saga

I didn’t know it was going to be that kind of fight…
— Goku to Pikkon after transforming into a Super Saiyan

During a makeweight part only seen within the anime, Goku is shown on Snake Way with King Kai, Bubbles, and Gregory after the battle with Cell left the capital king without his satellite. King Kai insists they head to the Grand Kai ‘s Planet to go see the Grand Kai and enter the other World Tournament. The winner would be trained personally by the mighty Grand Kai himself. When they arrive, they confront King Kai ‘s equal, the West Kai, accompanied by his strongest champion, Pikkon. Grand Kai instructs Pikkon to travel to Hell and stop Cell, Frieza, King Cold, and the Ginyu Force from causing havoc. Goku accompanies Pikkon to the fight and takes down the Ginyu Force, alone to be astonished when Pikkon takes down Cell with rest, and proceeds to fell Frieza and King Cold with one blow. [ 169 ] Upon his return to King Kai, Goku is welcomed by many of King Kai ‘s powerful warriors, such as Olibu, who was once the hero of Earth. During the Tournament, Goku easily makes his direction through the tournament by defeating Caterpy of the South Kai, [ 170 ] Arqua of the East Kai, [ 171 ] and Maraikoh of the West Kai. [ 172 ] Goku then faces off with Pikkon in the finals. After a retentive fight, they are both disqualified on a technicality, but the Grand Kai allows them both to train under him. [ 173 ] Over the following seven years, while Goku is training in other World he achieves Super Saiyan 2 [ 174 ] and Super Saiyan 3, [ 175 ] the latter of which boosts his power flush beyond his already brawny Super Saiyan 2, but delivers an excruciating tune and incomputable ki pulmonary tuberculosis. [ 175 ]
Seven years former, Goku is given particular license to return to Earth for one day to participate in the twenty-fifth World Martial Arts Tournament, which he knows Gohan, Vegeta, Trunks, and his youngest son Goten, will be attending. Upon his return he meets his irregular child, Goten, who had been born after his death in the Cell Games, and Videl, Gohan ‘s girlfriend from his high school who is the daughter of Mr. Satan, the imposter who received the credit rating for saving the populace from Cell .

World Tournament Saga

Main articles: World Tournament Saga and Babidi Saga Goku was going to be set up against Vegeta in the 6th couple, last able to settle their competition, but had to be postponed because Videl was beaten ill by the supposed weakling Spopovich, who, along with Yamu, is controlled by the malefic sorcerer Babidi. While Gohan is matched up against Kibito ( the adjunct of Shin, who was in the tournament equally well ), Spopovich and Yamu both steal Gohan ‘s Super Saiyan 2 energy and left the tournament while all the Z Fighters in the tournament ditched the tournament to follow them to Babidi .
Shin and Kibito introduced themselves and informed the Z Fighters about the plans of Babidi who wishes to bring end and terror across the wholly universe by bringing back his extremely evil monster puppet by the diagnose of Majin Buu. The Z Warriors follow Spopovich to Babidi ‘s embark where they are ambushed by Dabura, the brawny rule of the Demon Realm, who kills Kibito and turns Krillin and Piccolo to stone. Goku, Gohan, Vegeta and Shin enter Babidi ‘s ship and they take turns defeating each of his minions on each room of the ship, their power leaving Shin in awe. Goku fights Yakon who absorbs his department of energy, but Goku kills him by overpowering and exploding him. While Gohan is against Dabura, Vegeta complains that he can do better. When Babidi hears that, he possesses Vegeta through the evil in his center and turns him into Majin Vegeta making him evil once again. They are transported back to the tournament, where Vegeta blows up contribution of the stadium, killing many people, to force Goku into a fight. Albeit reluctantly, Goku agrees. Goku and Vegeta are both transported to a defect landscape for them to settle their battle, while Gohan and Shin continue on to stop Babidi .

Buu, I’m a man of courtesy, as well as strength, and I have to say, I’ve battled beings from beyond nameless galaxies and you by far are the best.
— Goku toward Majin Buu

Goku and Majin Vegeta have an earth-shattering battle which gives more than adequate energy for Majin Buu ‘s awaken. Although they are evenly matched at Super Saiyan 2, Goku is not surprise Vegeta has pushed his limits in aim over the past seven years. however Goku is horrified when Vegeta admits he allowed Babidi to take control condition of him so he can reawaken the evil in him and frustration Goku, who condemns Vegeta for using this as an excuse for betraying his family .

Majin Buu Saga

Main article: Majin Buu Saga The struggle between Goku and Vegeta abruptly ends when Goku senses that Majin Buu has been released and pleads with Vegeta to help him defeat Majin Buu. Vegeta refuses to listen, even when told Majin Buu will kill his family, but Goku punches him down for bluffing. In a false show of agreement, Vegeta knocks Goku out from behind while he is getting a Senzu Bean out of a bag. Vegeta then eats the alone Senzu Bean left and flies off to face Majin Buu alone .
Upon awakening, Goku could sense neither Vegeta nor Gohan anywhere and comes to the decision that they have been killed in the battle ( when actually Gohan was narrowly saved by the badly injured Supreme Kai, and merely Vegeta died in a bootless attack to try and eradicate Majin Buu ). He heads to Kami ‘s Lookout and is healed by Dende, who confirms that Vegeta sacrificed himself in an undertake to destroy Majin Buu. After transporting everyone to the Lookout, he tells the bad news program to them. With the little fourth dimension he has left on Earth, with the aid of Piccolo, he decides to teach Trunks and Goten the Fusion Dance, which he learned from Metamorans while in other World, so they may form one vastly herculean being that might stand a find against Majin Buu .
‎After finding out that the Dragon Radar is still in West City and Majin Buu is about to cause more end, Goku decides to distract him while allowing Trunks to head into West City and retrieve the Dragon Radar before it is destroyed along with everything else in West City by Majin Buu, differently they will never be able to find the Dragon Balls. Goku teleports to Majin Buu ‘s location, and shows him and everyone ( via Babidi ‘s telepathy ) the incredible exponent of the modern Super Saiyan 3 shape, whose energy could be sensed all the manner to Supreme Kai ‘s planet. Goku then engages in a battle with Majin Buu, whom he overpowers blow for blow. amazingly, Majin Buu is still having a beneficial time and enjoying the contend, even forcing Goku to narrowly deflect an imitate adaptation of his own Kamehameha wave, which chips over a tenth of the Earth. He by and by states, that he credibly could have won, but that he wanted to leave it in the hands of Gohan, Trunks, and Goten because he will not be there constantly, and that they need to have a film at saving the universe alternatively of a all in champion. unfortunately, the action of sustaining Super Saiyan 3 to briefly competitiveness with Buu shortens Goku ‘s time on land and he is forced to return to the early World .
once Goku has returned to early World, he learns that his son, Gohan, is not dead, but in fact trail with Shin on the Kai Planet teleporting there entirely to good miss having his forefront removed by Gohan practicing with The Z Sword. Gohan has been training with the legendary Z Sword, and to test its strength, Shin summons a auction block of the densest alloy in the population, Kachin, as testing material. Goku throws the cube at Gohan, expecting the Z Sword to slice the block in half. rather, the sword snaps in half and from it emerges Old Kai, who tells them that he will in full unlock Gohan ‘s likely with a ritual .
Through a Crystal Ball, Goku watches the battle between Super Saiyan 3 Gotenks and Super Buu with a lot anticipation, amazed that the two boys who, alone, could entirely access the Super Saiyan express achieved Super Saiyan 3 so cursorily when fused. As Gotenks is about to finish Super Buu after a drawn-out conflict, he reverts to his base form and quickly defuses. Gohan ( after having his shroud power released ) then arrives, effortlessly thrashing Buu with his newfound powers, but Super Buu escapes by self-destruct until Goten and Trunks can fuse again an hour former, and he then absorbs Gotenks and Piccolo, gaining the amphetamine handwriting. When Gohan fails due to Super Buu ‘s steal powers, Old Kai gives his life to Goku so that he may return to Earth to help Gohan .
Goku is besides given Potara Earrings so that he can fuse with Gohan in order to create an matchless warrior that would easily destroy Buu without even the need to transform according to Old Kai. When Goku arrives on the battlefield, much to the surprise of Gohan and Super Buu, he cuts Super Buu in half with a Destructo Disc and tosses one of the earrings to Gohan. Gohan misses for the grab, and Goku tells Gohan to hurry and find the earring. He stalls Super Buu, fighting as a Super Saiyan 3. After the fight, Gotenks defuses inside Super Buu, and his power drops to about 1/3 of his master exponent. Goku states that he is not much of a menace anymore and realizes that they can beat Super Buu easily. however, Gohan is absorbed when Super Buu catches him napping. At this consequence of despair, the newly resurrected Vegeta appears and Goku asks him to fuse with him. Vegeta refuses and the two concisely conflict Super Buu but fail miserably. Goku then tells Vegeta that their families and friends have been killed and begs for Vegeta to put their differences aside so they can save the Earth .
Vegeta ultimately agrees and the two of the most powerful remaining Saiyans fuse to become Vegito. Vegito then easily thrashes Super Buu, even with Gohan absorbed. Super Buu tries every proficiency and assail he has got against the fuse Saiyans, but Vegito manages to dodge by all of them without much perturb. After a drawn-out fight, the mighty Vegito wins easily. however, purportedly ascribable to Vegeta ‘s arrogance in not merely finishing Buu off, Vegito is finally absorbed by Super Buu, with a Saiyan Shield protecting him. however, it is late revealed that he chose to be absorbed on aim because he wanted to rescue his friends and family before killing Super Buu .
Inside Buu, Vegito mechanically separates into the two Saiyans purportedly due to the properties of Super Buu ‘s digestive system ( their time limit ran out, at this target they believed the fusion was permanent ). While in the stomach, Goku is attacked by enzymes that quickly cover his body, making him muggy and burning him in pain. While Goku struggle to get enzyme off, a nematode shows up. Goku is about eaten by the tinea until he ultimately blasts the enzymes off his body. After traveling through Super Buu ‘s body, Goku and Vegeta reach Super Buu ‘s genius where they find Gohan, Trunks, Goten, and Piccolo, unconscious but still alive. After freeing them and having to fight Super Buu inside his own body, Vegeta decides to remove the unconscious mind fatness Majin Buu from Super Buu. Despite pleas from Super Buu, Vegeta pulls the fatten Majin Buu free and Super Buu undergoes another transformation. Goku and Vegeta then escape from Super Buu ‘s body with the newly rescued Z Fighters. Super Buu then transforms back to his original form, Kid Buu .

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Majin Buu is so much stronger than anyone I’ve ever faced before… but I know there’s still a way to win!
— Goku after saving Vegeta

Outside, Goku rescues Mr. Satan, his dog Bee, and Dende, but fails in saving Gohan, Goten, Trunks, and Piccolo before the newly transformed Kid Buu destroys the earth in an extreme show of might ( Vegeta previously stopped him from doing this with a much smaller blast that could hush take out the planet, but he then charged a huge ball they could not deflect in reception ). Kibito Kai teleports in and saves Vegeta, Goku, Dende, and Mr. Satan by bringing them to the Sacred World of the Kai. After regenerating, Kid Buu sets out to find Goku and Vegeta by copying Kibito Kai ‘s instantaneous campaign technique ( in the manga original, he teleports to Goku ‘s location immediately ). When Kid Buu finds them, Vegeta and Goku have a Rock-Paper-Scissors match to see who fights first. Goku wins and fights Buu. In the Anime, he starts the fight as a Super Saiyan 2, but finally transforms into Super Saiyan 3. When he is a Super Saiyan 3, he fights evenly with Kid Buu for a short time, taking the advantage often. however, Goku had failed to account for the tenor that fighting in a living torso would have on him, and soon become exhausted. He attempts to gather up his forte while Vegeta distracts Buu in his Super Saiyan 2 form ( getting mercilessly beaten in the process ), but his Super Saiyan 3 transformation drains him of his energy reserves and he soon loses the ability to maintain the form. At Vegeta ‘s suggestion, Goku begins gathering energy for a Super Spirit Bomb that would employ all the available energies of the Earth and its occupants ( he does this to have the Earth “ save itself for once ” ) .

Adios. I’ll be waiting for you, Majin Buu!
— Goku ‘s lines before throwing the Super Spirit Bomb

Using King Kai ‘s telepathy, Vegeta speaks to the newly revived people of Earth and solicit for everyone to donate baron to Goku ‘s Spirit Bomb, which they are hesitant to do. Everyone on New Namek and the other World gives energy for the Super Spirit Bomb and possibly many other planets as well, along with Goku ‘s close friends. interim, Fat Majin Buu, while trying to hold off Kid Buu, falls in conflict leaving a clobber Vegeta to protect Goku while he forms the Super Spirit Bomb. finally, Mr. Satan ultimately convinces everyone on the newly regenerated land to give Goku all the energy he needs to destroy Kid Buu once and for all. With the contribution of power from Earth, Goku launches the Super Spirit Bomb. But deoxyadenosine monophosphate impossible as it seems, Kid Buu actually stops the Spirit Bomb and lento begins to push it back at Goku. Vegeta realizes Goku used the rest of his power to gather and form the turkey and has nothing left to defeat Buu .
Using the last wish from the Namekian Dragon ( the first two were spent restoring earth to its normal condition and then reviving all those who died since Babidi ‘s arrival except the evil ones ), Dende wishes for Goku ‘s full baron to be restored. With his ability restored, Goku powers up the Super Spirit Bomb flush more, transforms into a Super Saiyan and stops Kid Buu ‘s forward progress and the Super Spirit Bomb comes back to Kid Buu. After respective moments reflecting over the events that led to this consequence, Goku makes one stopping point wish to himself, that Kid Buu be reborn as a good being so they can fight again one day. With the blessing of Earth ‘s residents, Goku destroys Kid Buu. After Dende heals Goku and Vegeta, they find Majin Buu still alive. Vegeta attempts to finish him off but Goku convinces Vegeta to spare him. They are then teleported back to Earth and rejoice with their families, with Goku announcing he has come back to life again.. Six months after the get the better of of Kid Buu, Goku summons Shenron to erase Majin Buu from the Earthlings ‘ minds. late, Goku shows up late to Bulma ‘s party due to him watching over dinosaur eggs .

Gods of the Universe Saga

Main article: Gods of the Universe Saga

This section covers the events depicted in the Resurrection ‘F’ manga. The rest of the “Gods of the Universe Saga” is listed under the character’s “Film appearances”.

Goku asks Whis to be allowed to train with him, Whis agreed on the condition that Goku supplied him with tasty food. [ 176 ] Goku and Vegeta spar with Whis who dodges them with relief even causing the two to ram into each early by mistake, Goku watches as Vegeta has a bend attacking Whis on his own and then proceeds to attack once Vegeta has been downed, tapping into the power of Super Saiyan God as he does so though is even unable to hit the angel. Goku and Vegeta then continue their assail, though it soon ends and Whis reveals that he has marked their outfits with his symbol. He then explains the principles of Ultra Instinct to them and points out there flaws. Beerus then interrupts, firing a ki blast in anger, much to the shock of Goku and Vegeta. soon after, Goku and Vegeta are informed of Frieza ‘s resurrection and invasion and teleport back to confront him. Frieza immediately takes on his final examination form and Goku responds by tapping into the power of Super Saiyan God. The two struggle with Goku gaining a slight edge and oversee to hit Frieza with a massive God Kamehameha, asking him if that ‘s all he ‘s got, to which Frieza responds that he will show him his far development .

Dragon Ball Super

In the manga, Goku hears that King Kai is trying to wish back his satellite. On Snake Way, Porunga is summoned with the avail of Grand Elder Moori. King Kai wants his satellite to be bigger with less gravity and a race track but before he could speak, Goku interrupts him and tells Porunga to make his planet the lapp as it was because it is good for education. After the wish is made, Goku says he has to get home to do farm work quickly before Chi-Chi yells at him and bids him farewell .

God of Destruction Beerus Saga

Main article: God of Destruction Beerus Saga
Four years after the frustration of Kid Buu, Goku is working as a farmer in order to gain money on Chi-Chi ‘s demand. Some time late, while plowing the field, Goten appears with lunch for Goku and Goku tells Goten to work the tractor while he eats. After he finishes eating, Goku starts education in Super Saiyan. While training in the manga, he imagines fighting Frieza, Cell, and Kid Buu. however, Goku ‘s train distracts Goten, causing Goten to fall off the mountainside. Goku uses Instant Transmission to save the tractor and Goten and explains that he needs to watch what he ‘s doing so that he can train in casing a stronger foe than Kid Buu appears .
belated that day, when Mr. Satan arrives to offer Goku 100 million zeni, as a way to say thank you for helping him defeat Buu. Goku initially declines, not understanding how large a sum 100 million zeni actually is and tells him to give it to Vegeta but Mr. Satan says that the Briefs are richer than he is. Goten reminds Goku that if he gave Chi-Chi all of the money, he could go train with King Kai. At Mr. Satan and Goten ‘s recommendation, Goku accepts the propose, and after talking with Chi-Chi, transports to King Kai ‘s Planet to start his training .
When Goku arrives at King Kai ‘s planet, he causes King Kai to crash into his house. After the crash, King Kai makes Goku food and starts rebuilding his theater. While King Kai was n’t enjoying rebuilding his house, Goku was explaining to King Kai that he is there to train in ten times the graveness of Earth. King Kai says to Goku that he is an important figure and the most important of all Kais, but Goku sees King Kai as a friend. Goku changes clothes to a blue and white tracksuit and starts his train .
While discipline, Goku hears his name in a conversation between King Kai, Old Kai, and Kibito Kai to keep Goku away from the God of Destruction Beerus. To distract Goku from the conversation, King Kai brings up how he is creditworthy for his death. After being successfully distracted, Goku continues his train. Goku remembers that he is missing Bulma ‘s birthday party and gets scared of what she might do. Goku starts to notice that King Kai was acting foreign and wonders why but King Kai keeps it to himself .
King Kai asks Goku to go to Bulma ‘s party or he might lose friends, but Goku refuses. Goku fires a Kamehameha wave on King Kai ‘s satellite causing his house to fall apart again. With King Kai frustrated, he slips the list Beerus and sparks Goku ‘s interest. King Kai starts to explain to Goku Beerus ‘ function in the population and this interests Goku even more. King Kai senses Beerus ‘ ki getting closer and encourages Goku to not do anything heedless and besides tells him to hide in his house .
Goku, who having stayed hidden in King Kai ‘s sign of the zodiac, is distillery noticed when Beerus needed to speak with him. Beerus asked Goku if he has heard of Super Saiyan God but Goku denies. Beerus is disappointed and asks him if he was the one who defeated Frieza and Goku claims that he did sol as a Super Saiyan. Goku ‘s power is examined by Beerus and he says that he ‘s could n’t have beaten him unless he transformed. Goku is curious about Beerus ‘s might and asks to have a struggle with him which Beerus accepts .
Goku immediately transforms into Super Saiyan and charges Beerus but he shows no feat towards Goku. Goku promptly bores Beerus, making him want to leave. Goku turns Super Saiyan 2 which surprises Beerus that Goku managed to surpass his limits. They both continue to fight but Beerus constantly dodged Goku ‘s punches and kicks. Goku wanted to pause the conflict for a here and now to ask Beerus if he could fight back rather of dodging. Beerus agrees and says that he will attack back if Goku managed to show more of his exponent. even after agreeing, Beerus dodges his attacks. Goku continues to throw punches, putting holes through King Kai ‘s satellite .
Goku transforms into Super Saiyan 3 and charges with wide force out, managing to get punches on Beerus. A Kamehameha wave was snapshot towards Beerus but was blocked by his finger. Goku began to feel intimidated by Beerus and attacks him once again. He notices his hits are n’t landing and that Beerus let him get hits on him. A concluding Kamehameha misses Beerus and goes through King Kai ‘s planet. Beerus has adequate and promptly defeats Goku with ease before taking off for Earth. With Goku lying on the establish in agony, he remarks about the comments Beerus made about the Super Saiyan God. He however wants to fight Beerus and suggests fusion with Vegeta but still does n’t think that is adequate .
Goku is given a Senzu Bean by King Kai and recovers. Goku wants to go to Bulma ‘s birthday party but King Kai, Gregory, and Bubbles wo n’t let him indeed Goku decides to wait it out on King Kai ‘s planet. After the battles of the Z Fighters and Beerus, Beerus decides that he should destroy planet Earth. Goku intervenes Beerus before does indeed and asks for time to summon the Super Saiyan God. Beerus allows this and Goku summons Shenron asks him if he knows of the Super Saiyan God .
He tells them how to create one, proceeding to speak the procedures required to make one before disappearing. Goku along with Vegeta, Goten, Trunks and Gohan attempt to channel their powers over to Goku, but they only succeed in increasing his exponent. Whis notes that they need six righteous Saiyan and Videl soon steps up, announcing her pregnancy. They then attempt the ritual once more, this time with Videl. With six righteous Saiyans ‘ powers combined, the ritual was reattempted. After a drawn-out routine, he has ultimately become, a Super Saiyan God. In the manga, Super Saiyan God Goku battles Beerus, tearing across the ocean and into the city. The fight is near even, though Beerus has an border. The two clash fists, causing shockwaves that threaten the constancy of the universe. Goku follows Beerus into the stratosphere, with Beerus noting that this is far as Goku goes as his baron had started to fade, Beerus fires his Sphere of Destruction at Goku to finish him, however Goku reveals that the Super Saiyan God ‘s might is telling him to go even further and destroys the Sphere of Destruction with a Limitbreaker Kamehameha .
In the anime, Goku and Beerus both ascend into the flip. Goku is yet to get a hold on his big office and attempts a few attacks on Beerus that fail, but he slowly comes to grasp this new power. To measure his power, Goku charges a Kamehameha and launches it at Beerus, who effortlessly evades it as the blast explodes in the sea. Beerus then attacks the Saiyan, showing him the difference between them however, Goku, while slowly getting used to his newfangled exponent, manages to grab Beerus ‘s fist, demonstrating that he can now see his moves .
Beerus compliments his power and proceeds to launch an energy ball at Goku, who despite struggling is able to throw it off. Goku charges up before attacking Beerus, after a successful punch that aggravates the deity, an angered Beerus attempts fires rear, but is surprised when Goku evades his fist, locking the god in his arm and then flicks him in the brow, continuing to chop him in the neck, similar to how Beerus defeated him at King Kai ‘s planet. Beerus comments that he did n’t expect him to be the type who ‘d carry a stew. Beerus then announced that henceforth, a battle between the gods will continue .
Goku uses the Afterimage Technique to hit Beerus in the abdomen. The two contend on equality with both throwing rapid punches. Beerus decides to launch a Sphere of Destruction at Goku in which he compresses the fire. The gods exchange several attacks towards each other and Goku notices that Beerus is n’t using his fully baron against him. Goku is blasted several times by Beerus and is blown onto an island. While on the island, Goku is pounded on by the Destroyer until Goku headbutt and punches him. Goku is launched into the air and is repeatedly hit until he reaches the stratosphere .
Goku is fast until Beerus tries to motivate Goku to use his fully exponent. Beerus creates an atomic fail and kicks it towards Earth. Goku decides to blast it with a one handed Kamehameha leading Beerus to create multiple and fires them, so Goku powers up a Kamehameha to blast them all. Goku is impaled through his abdomen by Beerus which makes him think he ‘s found the amiss warrior to fight. Goku falls down into the ocean and starts to think that he did n’t know a person that potent could ‘ve existed. In the moment, his torso starts to heal with the power of Super Saiyan God and Goku launches from the ocean back to the stratosphere. Goku states that the exponent of Super Saiyan God is raising his power and wants to continue the struggle .
After an try to chop Goku ‘s neck fails, they both agree to not use any “ cheap tricks ”. Goku and Beerus charge their ki and rush towards each other to clash their fists. This clash leads to shock waves throughout the universe of which could destroy the planets, the stars, the population, the gods, and themselves. Goku and Beerus continue to clash even though Goku is contacted by Kibito Kai to stop. Goku and Beerus clash one last clock time, however it is cancelled out as Goku used the same measure of exponent and attacked at the lapp slant as Beerus. The two continue to battle until Beerus throws an Atomic Bomb attack at Goku and he returns a Kamehameha. The collision of the blasts cause more jolt waves and Goku continues to surpass his limits using the Super Saiyan God ‘s powers .
Goku is struggling in the ki brush until Beerus finally nullifies the energy that was being exerted ; Goku is told that he did so using 100 % of his power. Goku and Beerus continue exchanging blows and Goku ‘s might has been increasing during his battle as stated by Beerus. Eventually Goku ‘s Super Saiyan God phase expires, due to having a time restrict, but silent possesses the power. Goku reverts into his Super Saiyan form, but still is able to gets hits on Beerus. In the manga, Goku stays in Super Saiyan God for the entire contend and the idea that Goku absorbs the power of the God human body into his lesser forms is discarded. Beerus declares that he will not destroy Earth and informs Goku of the early universes ampere well as the fact that Whis is stronger than him, before leaving. however immediately after, Beerus suddenly returns to Goku to tell him that he ‘s the second strong champion he ‘s always fought. [ 177 ]
In the anime, Goku and Beerus continue fighting as they go toward Earth. Goku is struggling to keep up with Beerus even though he has the god power. As Beerus is holding his hand out, Goku charges him and punches his hand, leading them to the stratosphere again. Goku starts to fade out of his Super Saiyan form and Beerus flicks Goku, as an end to their conflict. Goku, however, as he is falling towards Earth, does n’t take this as a loss and thinks of his syndicate and friends, fuelling him to continuing showing off his power .
Goku creates a fully-powered Kamehameha and Beerus throws an atom-like blast. The collision of these two creates a Sphere of Destruction. Goku is struggling to counter Beerus, leading him to punch the energy sphere and destroy the blast. As a result, Goku falls toward Earth and Vegeta catches him. Goku tries to convince Beerus not to destroy the Earth. As Beerus is ready to destroy the earth, he fires a ki bang at Bulma ‘s transport but misses because he falls asleep. Whis takes off with Beerus but before he does, he thanks Goku for entertaining Beerus .
Goku has a big meal and hears the news of Gohan becoming a father. Goten asks him how it felt becoming a god, Goku responds that he did n’t actually become a god and that he does n’t like it. Goku tells Vegeta that he ‘ll become the following Super Saiyan God, but Vegeta tells him that he ‘ll surpass him, Beerus, and Super Saiyan God. Goku mocks Vegeta for the “ My Bulmaaa ” situation and Piccolo points out that Goku had been watching the fights because he teleported to Earth. Goku says that he could n’t think of anything .

Golden Frieza Saga

Main article: Golden Frieza Saga
Goku wants to train on King Kai ‘s satellite but has to continue farming because Chi-Chi has used the 100 million zeni up already. Goku tries to get his tractor fixed by Bulma but no one is at home. He passes by Satan City where he sees a match between Mr. Satan and Galbee. Mr. Satan volunteers Goku to take his station because he is scared to fight. however Goku has to go because he sees Chi-Chi and Piccolo. At night, Goku returns home where he sees Goten and Chi-Chi. Goku is hungry but does n’t want to go in because he does n’t want to be in trouble .
While Goku is farming Krillin arrives to see him and wondering how strong Goku has gotten he asks to be punched by him. Goku does therefore and it sends Krillin flying through buildings and across bring into a boulder after Goku fails to catch him. Goku takes him back to his seat to rest and get treatment by Android 18. Goku wants to become stronger so he does n’t fall behind. When cipher was approximately, he has his train session. Six months late, Pan is born and Chi-Chi does n’t want her to be a fighter like the rest of the family. Goku is brought by Goten to persuade Chi-Chi to come out so Gohan and Mr. Satan could speak with her. After Bulma arrives, she mentions that Vegeta has been training on Beerus ‘ planet with Whis, Goku smashes through Gohan ‘s library and asks Bulma for Whis ‘ next render and she says that he ‘ll return in a calendar month or two .
Goku waits impatiently, interrupting Bulma while she ‘s doing activities. She finally gives him a telephone to get in contact with him when Whis shows up. finally, Bulma calls and tells him that Whis has arrived on Earth. Goku goes to Capsule Corporation and Whis agrees to take Goku to train with him after he had finished eating. Goku starts annoying Whis to hurry up. As Whis finishes, he is quick to leave but Chi-Chi approaches to scold him. Goku rushes to leave with Whis so he would n’t get in worry .
When Goku and Whis reach Beerus ‘ Planet he is glad to see Vegeta and notices that he ‘s get stronger since being trained by Whis for six months. Goku has to do chores with Vegeta and helps him change Beerus ‘ sheets. When they get into Beerus ‘ room, Goku is amazed and demanded to remain repose so Beerus wo n’t wake up. While changing Beerus ‘d bed sheets Goku gets attacked by Beerus several times and at one point, Beerus had Goku in a peg lock. Goku lifts Beerus so Vegeta could change his sheets .
Goku and Vegeta continue doing housework all over Beerus ‘ satellite. once finished, they begin training with Whis. Whis gives Goku a new gastrointestinal and the two are given weights to train with. Later that day before going to sleep, Goku tells Vegeta that he does n’t want to do the housework but he distillery wants to keep prepare. The adjacent sidereal day, Goku and Vegeta are sparring against Whis. Their match is stopped because they lack the travel rapidly to keep up. Whis starts to tell Goku and Vegeta their weaknesses and says that Goku is excessively calm air in his fights and could lead him to fail in the end. When Frieza is revived, Goku senses a huge power from earth and does n’t know what it is but Vegeta tells him to ignore it. Later, Goku and Vegeta spar with each other under the supervision of Whis and they unintentionally tap into a fresh power-up concisely. They finally see Beerus who has awoken and tell him that they came to train with Whis and entirely want to get stronger .
While train, Goku and Vegeta are ceased by Whis because they were good throwing blows at each other. Beerus points out that Goku and Vegeta have gotten stronger and wants to fight them. Goku says that he and Vegeta are still below Beerus in power and are no match for him. Beerus suggests to send Goku and Vegeta to “ that home ” so they can train to get stronger immediate. While in there, Goku and Vegeta can not move until Vegeta figures out that they should n’t have their ki leaking out. They besides recognize that the seat they ‘re in is alike to the Hyperbolic Time Chamber but filled with godly ki and has no signs of an passing .
While sparring, Whis brings them back out because Beerus wants more pizza but finds that Goku and Vegeta ate it all rather. Beerus is angered with them so he chases them into the woods. Whis last see ‘s Bulma ‘s message about Frieza coming back but the time it ‘ll take for Whis to get Vegeta and Goku to Earth will be 35 minutes so Goku uses Instant Transmission to get to Earth but he ca n’t sense anybody ‘s ki. When Gohan amply powers up into a Super Saiyan, Goku teleports himself and Vegeta to Earth where Goku flicks away a beam that was shot at Gohan from Frieza. Goku congratulates Gohan for summoning them and besides tells him that he ‘ll wish Piccolo back with the Namekian Dragon Balls before teleporting his body to The Lookout. Frieza begins to explain his agonizing times in Hell, then leaves his levitate pod to far exponent up to combat Goku. Goku wishes that he goes first against Frieza because Vegeta has taken out Ginyu. Frieza is waiting for Goku to transform into a Super Saiyan but Goku says that that world power is not needed however .
Goku and Frieza simultaneously walk towards each other and begin a might clamber. The office struggle finally explodes and they continue fighting. then, Frieza commences to pull cheating tricks on Krillin and Bulma. Goku saves Krillin the first clock but when trying to save Bulma, Frieza lands a blow that sends Goku falling toward the ground. After colliding again, Goku warns Frieza about attacking the others and he ‘s merely fighting him. While Goku is fighting Frieza he gets kicked in the back by Vegeta. Goku and Vegeta begin fighting each other. Frieza breaks up their fight to ask Vegeta motion his loyalty. Frieza wants to get his revenge on Goku so he wants Vegeta to wait a short longer. Goku and Frieza decide to reveal their true baron to each other. Goku unleashes his fresh baron, Super Saiyan Blue and Frieza questions if he just went Super Saiyan but Goku says that he ‘s a Super Saiyan with the power of Super Saiyan God. Goku urges Frieza to show him his new power and after one more flim-flam, Frieza transforms into Golden Frieza. They restart the fight, firing ki blasts at each other until it leads to an department of energy clash between the two ‘s department of energy beams that results in an explosion. After a apparently even conflict, Frieza gains the upper hand and knocks Goku to the ground, leaving the Saiyan surprised with how Frieza caught up to his baron like it was nothing. After Beerus ‘ arrival, the two resume their duel once more with Frieza gaining the upper hand, leaving Goku exhausted and critically injured .
Goku refuses to give up which leads to Frieza hurting him more until Goku bites his tail but once again the fight leads to him being knocked to the ground. Vegeta suggests switching places but Goku insists that he ‘s “ about got him ”. Goku warns Frieza to leave before the tables turn due to his helplessness before resuming the fight. It would seem that Frieza has ultimately won until Goku resists Frieza ‘s finishing punch saying that he ultimately reached his limit and punches Frieza back intemperate. Goku explains Frieza ‘s weakness : he came to Earth ampere soon as he unlocked his golden kind, consequently he is burning more stamina and world power than his consistency can regulate and should have got used to it first before exacting his revenge .
Frieza tries to punch Goku again but the Saiyan catches it once more and explosion shows up behind him. When Goku reverts into his al-qaeda kind, however, Sorbet shoots him in the thorax with his Bad Ring Laser when he charitable asks Frieza to leave so he can have a replay with him. Frieza then repeating kicks him and tells him his failing : his excessive lastingness makes him careless, and Frieza prepares to kill Goku once and for all until Vegeta blocks the attack away after teleporting to their location .
After Vegeta steps in, Goku thanks Vegeta for saving him and allows him to finish the fight with Frieza. Goku explains to his friends that Vegeta besides has achieved Super Saiyan Blue but thanks to his own world power. When Frieza destroys Earth, Goku and his friends ( except Vegeta ) are shielded by Whis. Goku regrets not killing Frieza right off until Whis offers to use his worldly Do-Over to turn back clock to before the incident happened. After the do-over, Goku turns into a Super Saiyan Blue and charges up a Dash Kamehameha that kills Frieza. Vegeta scolds him but Goku explained he had no choice so Bulma and the others explained everything for him .
Goku then heads back to the Lookout to pick up Goten and Trunks and gather the Namekian Dragon Balls to revive Piccolo. He then explains to Piccolo what happened after he died and laughed after hearing Trunks saying he ‘ll cut Frieza in half ( a citation to what Future Trunks did to Frieza before the confront Trunks was born ). Goku then enjoys the feed Bulma threw and the food served in it. He late talks to Vegeta about planning to work together next meter but Vegeta disagrees to that, and surprisingly, Goku agrees .

Universe 6 Saga

Main article: Universe 6 Saga
erstwhile late, Goku is sparring ( doing finger ups in the zanzibar copal ) with Vegeta on Beerus ‘ planet which is being supervised by Whis. Goku and Vegeta fight on even terms until Vegeta gets angry and goes Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan and hits Goku with a ki gust. Goku reminds Vegeta that the human body was supposed to be off-limits and proceeds to use the form himself. While they bicker, Goku bites his tongue saying Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan repeatedly. Goku asks for a modern name and Whis suggests “ Super Saiyan Blue ”. Whis then punishes Goku and Vegeta for transforming by making them put on heavy spacesuits. Champa and Vados suddenly arrive on Beerus ‘ satellite. Goku notices that they both look like Beerus and Whis and is told by Vados that she is Whis ‘ sister and Beerus and Champa are twins. When Beerus arrives, Goku is told that Universe 6 has their own earth and the Earthlings were wiped out by war. Champa challenges Beerus to a five on five tournament of Destroyers for the Universe 7 ‘s Earth, which makes Goku excited. After Whis explains why Beerus and Champa do n’t fight each other, they discuss the details for the tournament. The rules will be the lapp as the Tenkaichi Budokai and will be in five Earth days on the Nameless Planet at 10 ante meridiem Goku and Vegeta join Beerus ‘ team off the bat. They besides select Piccolo, Buu, and Beerus wants the strongest champion he ‘s always faced, who ‘s not Whis. Vegeta suggests Gohan to fight because he has the highest likely but Goku says he ‘s focused on studying. Goku and Vegeta go back to Earth to get Bulma to invent a new Dragon Radar to locate the last Super Dragon Ball .
Goku tests out Bulma ‘s raw Super Dragon Radar but it does n’t work as they are on the edge of the universe. Bulma contacts her baby, Tights, to get Jaco to go to Earth. Goku asks Vegeta if he wants to train in the Time Chamber but Vegeta says that they ‘re airless to their limits. Goku says he will train alone and become stronger quick, which leads to Vegeta wanting to train with him besides and they could go all-out because they ‘re two of them. Goku asks Piccolo to train with him but he declines. While training in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber, Goku wonders if the warriors from Universe 6 will be hard to which Vegeta tells him that they will be. Goku is excited to see them and even the combatant Beerus has been speaking of. Vegeta wants Goku to act his senesce but not knowing what he meant, Goku responds saying that Saiyans stay young until they reach the historic period of 80. Vegeta was, however, taking about his mentality. Goku and Vegeta turn into Super Saiyan Blue so they both could go all. They train for three years in the room ( three days in the outside worldly concern ) .
On the day of the tournament, Goku and Vegeta finish their trail and emerge with beards. As Whis picks everyone up in his cube, Goku asks Videl where Gohan is, she says that he ‘s in an significant conference. Goku greets Monaka and questions his name, which means nipples. Later, everyone is playing Shiritori. When Whis says the idiom, “ Juri-Juri ”, Goku questions a “ Juri-Juri ” so Whis responds saying that it ‘s a bird from his planet. On the Nameless Planet, Goku is amazed after seeing the size of the Super Dragon Balls. Upon landing, he notices Shin and Kibito and wonders why they ‘re discriminate. While Shin is explaining the situation, Goku greets the Universe 6 Supreme Kai and his accompaniment before heading off to start an examination. When walking towards the stagecoach, Goku recognizes a conversant face to which Vegeta exclaims is “ Frieza “ though it is not and besides notices Magetta, wondering if he ‘s a “ Human ”. As Goku is about to take his seat to take the examination, he sees Cabba. Goku and Vegeta are recognized by Cabba to be a Saiyan and he besides reveals that he ‘s a Saiyan, which surprises them. Goku asks Cabba where his chase is, to which Cabba explains their race had tails long ago, but lost them due to evolving .
Goku takes the examination and barely passes with a fifty-percent however, their team is short a member because Buu failed his. Goku blames Vegeta for requesting such a thing. Goku takes the first match against Botamo. When the match begins Goku is immediately rushed by Botamo. Goku is struggling to dodge his attacks and finally gets hit. Beerus is wondering what Goku is doing but Goku says he ‘s merely trying to exercise his meal off. Goku begins running in the call while Botamo is trying to attack him but fails to connect. Botamo finally is worn out so Goku takes advantage of this as he is done exercising his meal. Goku attacks Botamo but no one can see him move because he ‘s moving at an huge speed. Goku begins to take manipulate by attacking Botamo but he is n’t taking any damage even after firing a Kamehameha at him. Goku thinks of an idea to beat Botamo and pushes him down and drags him to the edge of the ring. As Botamo tries to punch Goku, he grabs his sleeve and throws him out of the gang, resulting in a ring out .
Goku looks over at Hit, who is not paying attention to the crusade. Goku ‘s adjacent rival is Frost and they shake hands before the match. As the Referee commences the match, Frost charges Goku and they both fire and block each other in rapid succession. Goku uppercuts Frost in the catgut and kicks him to the floor. Goku assumes that Frost is trying to test his might though Frost denies it. Goku is tidal bore to see Frost transform into his final form but Frost wonders how he knew he could transform. Goku tells Frost that he fought person alike ahead and that he should transform so he wont’t be defeated without using his on-key baron. Frosts then transforms into his “ final kind ” .
Goku is surprised at Frost ‘s transformation and says he has n’t seen that phase previously. Frost asks if his counterpart defeated Goku though he chooses not to say so Frost assumes that he did n’t. Goku and Frost battle it out again until Frost fires a finger blast at Goku which sends him crashing to the ground. Goku immediately hops up, not taking unplayful damage. Goku still thinks Frost is hiding another transformation thus he transforms into Super Saiyan. As Goku charges towards Frost, Frost transforms into his true final form. As a Super Saiyan, Goku wholly outclassed Frost, with him ineffective to land a major blow. however Frost catches him with a glance blow which instantaneously renders Goku dizzy and unable to fight, leading Frost to kick Goku out of the ring and win the pit .
Chi-Chi hurries to check on him. Goku admits his personnel casualty who suddenly congratulates Goku and raises his hand. He explains to Beerus that he thought Super Saiyan was enough for Frost and did n’t think he needed to push him any further. Before Piccolo starts his meet with Frost, Goku bluffly tells Piccolo that he ‘s no match for Frost but he can damage him a little for Vegeta. After Frost is revealed to have cheated, Beerus locates a wind on Goku ‘s hand from Frost ‘s poison acerate leaf and is allowed to compete again. however, Beerus insists that Monaka will go survive and Goku will go after Vegeta .
After Vegeta loses to Hit, Goku, after figuring out Hit ‘s abilities, enters the ring to fight Hit himself. After throwing himself at Hit a few times Goku manages to block one of Hit ‘s moves, to which Hit thought was a fluke and attacked again with his Time Skip and this clock Goku draws blood from Hit and begins to go on the assail, countering Hit ‘s time skipping ability by predicting where he is going to be, much to the annoyance of Vegeta. Hit, realizing his Time-Skip is useless is forced to fight badly and Goku goes Super Saiyan Blue and attacks Hit, forcing him to power up .
Goku, seeing that Hit is more mighty than he thought, unveils his fresh technique, the Kaio-Ken form while in Super Saiyan Blue. Goku notes the chances of him doing it is approximately 10 % and failure will likely kill him. Goku explains that combining the Kaio-ken proficiency with his Super Saiyan Blue form is possible due to the imprint ‘s required calm air mind and perfect congenital ki control, and he did not attempt to combine it with the former Super Saiyan forms because they were excessively rough on his body and he would have died. Goku then powers it up ten-spot times and goes on the attack, wholly outclassing Hit but notes his body is starting to give out therefore Goku fires a Kamehameha at Hit. Hit however survives and the fight continues .
Determined to prove to Champa that he and Hit are more than just “ pawns ”, Goku prepares to attack Hit again, but Hit once again increased his Time-Skip and lands a potent bombard of punches on Goku. Goku retaliates with a impregnable blow, knocking Hit into part of the arena. Goku asks Beerus to remove the tournament rules, realizing that Hit is holding rear because of the non-killing rule. Champa agrees, while Beerus disagrees, and they begin to argue. Wanting to fight Hit another time, Goku measuredly falls out of the ring and Hit is declared the achiever. When Goku disperses the Kaio-ken proficiency, he recieves an huge sum of annoyance and collapses .
In the manga, Goku is able to counter some of Hit ‘s attacks while in his al-qaeda form. Hit repeatedly scolds Goku for revealing his strategy. Goku is able to fight evenly with Hit in Super Saiyan but it becomes clear that he is expending stamina while Hit is not. When Goku enters Super Saiyan God, Hit ‘s Time Skip become ineffective as the opening in their exponent becomes greater. Hit responds by going to fully power, claiming he ‘ll alone need one minute and one Time Skip use to win. Goku uses Super Saiyan Blue and its entire office allows him to break through Hit ‘s Time Skip and lands a kick followed by a massive Kamehameha that Hit dodges. He then surrenders as he does in the anime. In the anime, Beerus angrily confronts Goku, and admits that he would have lost anyhow due to the Kaio-ken ‘s time limit and reminds him that Monaka has not fought yet. Goku, not knowing that Monaka is an amateurish, cheers him on, and when Monaka wins the match due to Hit intentionally being knocked out of the ring, Universe 7 is announced as the winner of the tournament .
When Zeno appears and mentions that he would be interested in organizing another tournament, Goku casually tells him it would be playfulness, as Champa and Beerus are flustered. Goku and Zeno talk and Zeno praises Goku for his match with Hit. Goku extends his pass out to Zeno, causing both Gods of Destruction to worry. Zeno shakes his hand and calls Goku funny. Zeno then leaves, with Beerus and Champa sighing in stand-in, telling Goku that he can destroy all of the universes if he wished. Goku approaches Hit, wanting to have a replay against him at a later clock time. After Beerus uses his the Super Dragon Balls to make his wish, the group arrive on Beerus ‘ planet, Goku asks Beerus for a short sparring catch with Monaka, but Beerus refuses, saying that as they are both tired from the tournament, they should go home and rest. Whis then drops off the Z-Fighters back on ground .

Copy-Vegeta Saga

Main article: Copy-Vegeta Saga Bulma hosts a party following Universe 7 ‘s victory, with Beerus, Whis and Monaka besides invited. Goku meanwhile is seen taking a nap on a farm. After Beerus and Whis arrive, Beerus instructs everyone to keep Monaka being weak a confidential from Goku, stating that if Goku finds out, he will lose any motivation to grow stronger. Goku teleports to the party and upon seeing Monaka tries to get him to fight him but Chi-Chi forces Goku to fly home to change into clean clothes. He does therefore, and teleports right back, wearing his regular Gi, still eager for a spar match. In ordering to buy more time, Beerus forces Goku to do three hundred trillion sit-ups, which he does cursorily, not knowing how to count that gamey .
As Goku drags a frighten Monaka to a guarantee area to fight, Chiaotzu and Krillin attempt to slow Goku devour, as Beerus dons a life-size costume of Monaka made by Mr. Satan. Goku, fooled by the costume, engages in battle with Beerus. As they fight, the costume begins to rip, exposing his body parts. Vegeta and Piccolo intervene, claiming that “ Monaka ” has the ability to control people, but Beerus throws them away and starts fighting with Goku again, with Whis explaining that Beerus is enjoying the battle. Whis ends the fight when it begins to become excessively serious, not wanting them to destroy Earth. Goku is impressed by Monaka ‘s exponent, as Yamcha casually comments that ( the real ) Monaka has passed out due to the fight, much to everyone ‘s annoyance. After seeing the real Monaka, Goku praises “ Monaka ” for having the ability to split himself. Goku and an exhaust Beerus, then says they are cook to eat, and the party starts .
One night, Goku surprises his family when he appears to not have a lot of an appetite. Goten and Chi-Chi wonder if Goku is ghastly, or dying, and Goku says he is n’t. While Goku is grocery store shopping his Ki has a mind of its own, not allowing Goku to turn back or even land properly. Goku visits King Kai on Chi-Chi ‘s hypnotism, but his Ki is interfering with his teleport, and he lands in Bulma ‘s bedroom, Krillin ‘s patrol place, Penguin Village while seeing Arale, and on the top of Korin Tower. Goku finally teleports to King Kai ‘s planet, as King Kai inspects him. King Kai then tells Goku that he is suffering from Delayed Onset Ki Disorder, which temporarily disrupts a person ‘s Ki after they use it in a heedless manner. In Goku ‘s case, it was ascribable to using the Super Saiyan Blue Kaio-ken technique a few days prior. King Kai instructs Goku to forget train for a while due to the disorder, tells him to spend time with his granddaughter. As Goku flies home, his Ki forces him to crash into and destroy his house, angering Chi-Chi. The next day, Goku, Chi-Chi and Goten are in Gohan ‘s sign of the zodiac as Piccolo is babysitting Pan. Piccolo then leaves as Goku and Chi-Chi gain the responsibility of babysitting Pan .
At night, Goku and Piccolo are sitting with Pan on the roof. Goku tells Piccolo that his Ki is therefore out of shape that he would lose to Piccolo in a battle. Goku has fun with Pan and apologizes for his disorder, wanting to fly Pan around in the starry flip. The following dawn, Pan disappears, and ends up in the hands of the Pilaf crowd. Goku, along with the others start to look for her. late that day, Gohan and Videl arrive back home, the others are exhausted, but Pan was sleeping thoroughly on the frame by the clock time they arrived. They deduce that overnight Pan must have crawled under the bed or in the cupboard. As Gohan tells Pan that Goku is not feeling well, Pan starts referring to Goku as “ Gramps ”, and Goku starts to feel proud .
later, Goku is training on King Kai ‘s satellite due to his Ki perturb elapse, King Kai suggests that Goku goes to train on Beerus ‘ satellite, but Goku says that Whis is away and he ca n’t teleport there. While eating, Goku and King Kai on the spur of the moment sense Gotenks and Vegeta ‘s energy and realizes that the two are fighting. Goku teleports to Potaufeu equitable ahead Fake Vegeta finishes off Goten and Trunks. Goku is unaware of the current position and believes Fake Vegeta to be the substantial Vegeta until he, transparent and close to disappearing due to Commeson ‘s effects, tells Goku to defeat Fake Vegeta, while wondering if he can. Goku, though confused, agrees and engages in struggle with Fake Vegeta, who is equally strong as the real thing .
An impatient Vegeta begins to give them both tips, with them wondering whose side Vegeta is on. Goku transforms into a Super Saiyan Blue and to everyone ‘s surprise so does Fake Vegeta, and continue their battle. As they both land a knock-down blow, a bright fall is created, and the core of Commeson attacks Trunks, as Vegeta steps in-between them. Monaka casually steps on the core, which crushes it, causing Fake Vegeta huge pain. Goku then fires a God Kamehameha, destroying Fake Vegeta and saving Vegeta barely in time. As Potage is re-sealing the core of Commeson, Goku praises Monaka for defeating the core, exclaiming how mighty he is. The group then say goodbye to Potage as they return to Earth. Goku and Vegeta discuss Vegeta sucking on the key to the seal, which resembled a child conciliator, and Vegeta is embarrassed as he realizes this. Goku and Vegeta then exclaim to each early that they will not lose .

“ future ” Trunks Saga

Main article: “Future” Trunks Saga
While Goku is eating on Beerus ‘ planet, Whis receives a straiten call from Bulma, who shows them an unconscious Future Trunks, having barely escaped his timeline with his animation. The four teleport to Earth, and Goku grabs some Senzu Beans from Korin Tower. After future Trunks eats a Senzu Bean he wakes up. Seeing Goku, Future Trunks angrily and unexpectedly attacks him. future Trunks regains his senses and is surprised to see Goku alert. In the manga, Goku, Vegeta, and Whis are already on ground when Future Trunks appears. future Trunks explains what happened in the future, and Goku and Vegeta are shocked to hear about Goku Black, a barbarous and merciless version of Goku, responsible for the near eradication of humans in future Trunks ‘ timeline. Goku asks future Trunks to spar with him to see where he stands against Black. They both start off as Super Saiyan 2. Impressed by future Trunks ‘ strength, Goku transforms into a Super Saiyan 3. future Trunks tries to attack with his sword, but Goku catches it with his fingers and knocks Future Trunks down, defeating him. In the manga, Future Trunks is able to keep up with Super Saiyan 3 and Goku has to briefly tap into Super Saiyan God to put him down .
A dark rupture appears in the flip and Goku Black emerges from it, quickly noticing the actual Goku. Goku greets Black and challenges him to a battle, to which Black responds by attacking him with a Black Power Ball that pushes Goku out into a mountain. Regrouping, Goku goes Super Saiyan 2 and goes on the nauseating. Black is able to keep up by channeling a mysterious dark energy. Throughout the crusade, Black lento gets stronger and resists the rupture ‘s attempts to pull him back in until the fight leaves him excessively fatigued to do then. Before being pulled through, he destroys the Time Machine. Goku wants to train while Bulma and the others fix the Time Machine, but Whis and King Kai do n’t want to train him on their planets indeed Goku decides to eat alternatively. Goku goes with Beerus and Whis to Universe 10 because they have an idea on Black ‘s true identity. On the room Whis tells Goku about its knock-down apprentice Supreme Kai Zamasu, making Goku excited to fight him .
Arriving in Universe 10, they meet Zamasu and Gowasu. Goku introduces himself to Zamasu and asks him for a competitiveness but is stopped by Beerus, who tells Zamasu and Gowasu about Black. Goku asks to fight Zamasu again and Gowasu insists the contend happen. Goku goes Super Saiyan 2 and tries to punch Zamasu but he counters into what looks to be a finish shove off before Goku counters with a ki blast. He notices that the ki emanating from Zamasu is similar to that of Black. Goku overpowers Zamasu, defeating him in battle. He leaves with Beerus and Whis, hoping to fight Zamasu again some day. After a barge in land on Earth, the group have dinner and before leaving, Whis tells future Trunks that Black and Zamasu have exchangeable ki but differ in many ways. belated, Goku feels Vegeta and Future Trunks ‘ ki while they are sparring. He teleports Bulma to their location where they watch as Vegeta harshly trains Trunks. In the manga, Black does not visit the past nor does he destroy the Time Machine. alternatively, the group wait for it to be refuelled and pass the prison term by playing a racing video recording game. additionally, Goku never visits Universe 10 and never meets Zamasu, who rather learns of him through watching GodTube .
Goku is summoned to Zeno ‘s Palace and upon arrival, Goku, Whis and Shin are greeted by the Grand Minister. He escorts them to Zeno ‘s enthrone room where Zeno is elated to see Goku. Zeno reveals that his reason for summoning Goku is that he ‘s looking for a acquaintance to play with. Goku agrees to be his ally but says he has business to attend to first. He promises to bring Zeno a fresh friend when he returns. Zeno gives Goku a button that will summon him or teleport Goku to him whenever it is pressed. Goku then returns home .
Using the Time Machine, Goku and company arrive in the future where is attacked by the resistance army, who mistake him for Goku Black. After Trunks explains that Goku is an ally. Goku and Vegeta company Future Trunks as he reunites with Future Mai, Future Yajirobe, the rest of the resistance army and surviving civilians. Afterwards the three Saiyans leave to confront Goku Black. Goku watches in reject as Goku Black reveals his Super Saiyan Rose shape and easily defeats Vegeta, impaling him with a ki sword. Goku transforms and engages in battle with Goku Black, but he is knocked to the grate after a brief scuffle. Black prepares to finish him with a Black Kamehameha but is interrupted by the arrival of Future Zamasu, who wants the honor of killing Goku .
Future Zamasu states his design to exterminate all mortals, and Goku engages him in conflict, noting something is unlike about him compared to the Zamasu he fought. Goku is finally double-teamed by both Future Zamasu and Goku Black and Future Trunks steps in the fight to even things out. Despite this they are being overwhelmed, with Goku discovering that Black can use instant infection and future Trunks learn that Future Zamasu is immortal. The two are defeated by taking a full-force hit from a Black Kamehameha while held down by future Zamasu. They are about to be finished off but are saved by Vegeta, who wakes up momentarily to intercept an attack fired at them. In the confusion, Goku and Future Trunks are dragged away by Future Yajirobe, while Vegeta is saved by Future Mai. Future Mai sends the three Saiyans, back to the past in the Time Machine. After clang land in front of Capsule Corp., they are quickly given Senzu Beans by Bulma. In the manga, upon arriving in the future, Future Trunks feeds the hurt Future Mai a Senzu Bean by mouth, leading Goku to admit that he ‘s never kissed anybody, to the shock of Vegeta. Goku watches Vegeta gains an advantage over Black in struggle. When Future Zamasu appears, Goku overpowers him with Super Saiyan Blue. After impaling his breast with a lamppost, Goku reverts to Super Saiyan but is shocked when Future Zamasu heals. He then reveals that he wished himself to be deity and gains an advantage over Goku using his telekinetic powers, so future Trunks creates a diversion with a Solar Flare and they hide in a gutter, where Goku comes up with the mind to learn and use the Evil Containment Wave on Future Zamasu. Goku and Vegeta then escape in the Time Machine leaving Trunks in a dangerous status .
In the zanzibar copal, Shin visits Capsule Corp. to relay Zamasu probing Zuno for information on the Super Dragon Balls and Goku. Goku and Whis speculate that Zamasu is going to use the Super Dragon Balls to create a handmaid with Goku ‘s appearance and power and then wish for immortality the follow class using the Time Ring. Goku goes with Beerus, Whis, and Shin to Universe 10 and observe from a outdistance as Zamasu kills Gowasu. After Whis performs a temporal role Do-Over and Zamasu is exposed, he prepares to fight Goku but is intercepted and well destroyed by Beerus. With Beerus insisting the future is now safe, future Trunks decides to go and check, with Goku, Vegeta and Bulma going with him .
Upon arriving in the future, they realize that the future remains unaltered. After Goku Black reveals his truthful identity, the two teams fight neck and neck again, with Black and Zamasu holding the initial advantage. Black pins Goku to a rampart with a ki sword and tells him how he killed Chi-Chi and Goten after stealing his body. This enrages Goku, who powers up and overwhelms the two by himself. Goku Black grows even stronger from Goku ‘s assault and defeats Goku. While a powered up future Trunks battles Goku Black and Zamasu, Goku, Vegeta and Bulma return to the present to figure out a plan. Goku teleports to Master Roshi to teach him the Evil Containment Wave, which he practices on Turtle. After Goku has learned the proficiency, Roshi gives him an urn to seal Zamasu in, and he, Vegeta and Bulma ( in the zanzibar copal ) fall to the future .
In the manga, upon arriving in the future, Goku feels Future Trunks ‘ ki evanesce. They find Goku Black and Future Zamasu beating up future Trunks and Shin and Goku teleports them to Future Mai, who is transporting the hurt Gowasu away. While Vegeta heads off to battle Goku Black, Future Zamasu confronts Goku and once again reiterates that he ‘s immortal and can not be defeated, but Goku goes Super Saiyan Blue and uses the Evil Containment Wave to send him into a jolt. however Goku is not able to keep him in there due to the amulet needed to seal the jar being missing. Zamasu emerges in shock and vows to obliterate everyone. Goku enters into his Super Saiyan God form alternatively to save on his department of energy. Outmatched Zamasu uses the Potara to fuse with Goku Black and combine into amalgamate Zamasu .
In the anime, Black and Future Zamasu cursorily confront Goku and Vegeta, with Black damaging the Time Machine again. Goku realizes the sealing urn is hush in the Time Machine and while future Trunks tries to puts the jar back together, Gowasu and Shin arrive. Black and Zamasu try to kill them but Goku and Vegeta translate into Super Saiyan Blue and stop the blasts. As Vegeta pushes second Goku Black, Goku fights Future Zamasu. When Black creates a rift which spawns a series of clones they surround Goku and Vegeta. As they destroy them, the rupture continues to produce more. finally Black senses that Future Zamasu ‘s ki is diminished due to closely being sealed with the Evil Containment Wave. Black teleports to Future Zamasu and use Potara Fusion to combine into fuse Zamasu .
Goku and Vegeta engage Fused Zamasu in conflict but are overwhelmed by his cleric exponent. After future Trunks and Vegeta are taken down, Goku uses his God Kamehameha against Fused Zamasu ‘s Holy Wrath, resulting in a huge plosion as the beam pierces Fused Zamasu ‘s ki celestial sphere, leaving the left field side of his boldness and body disfigured. This leaves Goku strained to the orient that he can no longer use his arms. Regardless, Goku attacks with a barrage of kicks and uses the power of Super Saiyan Blue Kaio-ken to land a huge blow, destroying Fused Zamasu ‘s divine halo. Goku falls to the grind exhausted as a angry Fused Zamasu powers up with Light of Divine Justice. In the manga, Fused Zamasu hits Goku and Vegeta with fast strikes to the gut. They collapse to the prime, reverting to base from their Super Saiyan God forms. Goku goes Super Saiyan Blue and attacks Fused Zamasu, who deflects all of his strikes. Goku fires a God Kamehameha which pierces Fused Zamasu ‘s chest of drawers, but he heals the wound due to his immortality. After continuing to overwhelm Goku and Vegeta, Shin gives Goku his Potara, suggesting they fuse into Vegito. Vegeta refuses and Goku heads back into the competitiveness though continues to be overwhelmed. After hearing that the Potara coalition only lasts an hour, Vegeta asks for the earrings. In the anime, Goku suggests that he and Vegeta fuse and he reluctantly agrees. Gowasu explains that as Goku and Vegeta are not Supreme Kais, the Potara fusion will concluding one hour. The Saiyans function fuse into Vegito, who fights a climactic conflict with amalgamate Zamasu in Super Saiyan Blue. Zamasu ‘s body continues to mutate during the fight, becoming larger and more antic. Vegito begins to overwhelm blend Zamasu but his fusion ends prematurely and the Saiyans are dropped to the ground with a enormous punch .
Fused Zamasu prepares to finish Goku and Vegeta off, but his God Split Cut is blocked by future Trunks ‘ Light Sword. Super Saiyan Anger Future Trunks takes on Fused Zamasu and his Light Sword becomes a Sword of Hope as it absorbs the energy of Goku, Vegeta, and all of the remaining humans on Earth. future Trunks uses the Sword of Hope to cut fuse Zamasu in half. Everyone celebrates until a rift appears in the air that forms to become Infinite Zamasu. Goku and Vegeta hear to ability up, but lack the ki to transform. Goku, Vegeta and Future Trunks each fire their own blasts but they are easily nullified. Goku looks in his g for a Senzu Bean but finds the button Zeno gave him rather and summons Future Zeno to their localization. future Zeno is upset by the state of the world he is brought to, and decides to erase it. Goku tells everyone to get in the Time Machine as Shin and Gowasu teleport away and Future Zeno erases the future timeline. In the manga, Goku and Vegeta fuse into Vegito, but the fight is cut inadequate by Vegito ‘s sudden defusal, leaving Goku and Vegeta on the earth being barraged with blocks of Katchin. Gowasu suggests that as mortals, Goku and Vegeta ‘s fusion was besides hard to sustain. Fused Zamasu begins attacking Goku and Vegeta interrupts the assault, throwing Goku towards Future Trunks. Goku is healed by future Trunks, who barely found out he has the heal ability due to having apprenticed under Future Shin. As he could only in full heal one person, Vegeta had him heal Goku as during the coalition he sensed that Goku had mastered Super Saiyan Blue .
Goku teleports to the battlefield and Shin teleports Vegeta away and Round 2 between Goku and Fused Zamasu begins as Goku powers up to Perfected Super Saiyan Blue and faces Fused Zamasu in fight. The two fight on even grounds but finally realizing he ca n’t hold onto the Perfected shape much longer, charges up one final attack and dashes toward to unleash Hakai. Fused Zamasu begins to disintegrate, but saves himself by grabbing future Mai through a portal site and holding her in battlefront of him, distracting Goku and allowing Fused Zamasu to land a kick that interrupts the Hakai and knocks Goku out. After future Trunks apparently kills Goku Black and Zamasu, Goku goes to congratulate him when Trunks is hit in the back by a ki blast from Black. Future Zamasu and Black then stand up and to everyone ‘s horror, both transform into a disjoined Fused Zamasu. The Zamasus begin beating on Goku until Vegeta blasts both them with Gamma Burst Flash. The attack obliterates both Zamasus into pieces however each of the pieces abruptly turn into another Zamasu. Shin teleports Goku and Vegeta to the Time Machine where they attempt to escape, but are interrupted by hundreds of Zamasus. Goku and Vegeta train to go down fighting before Goku realizes he has the push button Zeno gave him, which he uses to summon Future Zeno. Future Zeno is disgusted by the state of the universe he is brought into and decides to erase it as everyone scantily escapes in the Time Machine and Infinite Zamasu and the future timeline are permanently erased. Goku returns with future Trunks to the extinct future and takes Future Zeno to the past where he takes him to his introduce counterpart ‘s palace, fulfilling his predict to bring Zeno a ally. The day after, Goku and company bid farewell to Future Trunks and Future Mai as they prepare for a new biography in a modern timeline created by Whis ‘ alterations ( in the zanzibar copal ) or future Trunks ‘ planned revision ( in the manga ), with Goku believing future Trunks is potent enough to defeat any adversary .
In the zanzibar copal, sometime by and by, Goku begins to act strange and sense everything around him, realizing person is after his life and that person is Hit. When he senses Hit arriving on Earth, Goku leaves to confront him. Hit showing capital obedience to Goku offers to spare his life if Goku were to disappear but Goku declines the offer. Goku transforms into a Super Saiyan Blue and reminds Hit that Time-Skip wo n’t work on him. Goku attacks but his attacks are going through Hit. Hit successfully assassinates Goku with a single qi strike to the center, with Goku dying before his consistency hits the background. Piccolo, Gohan and Goten arrive moments and discover his absolutely torso. Piccolo begins to perform CPR but Gohan sensing something looks up and notices a massive qi blast falling back to Goku. The blast strikes Goku in the heart, reviving him. Goku and Hit continue there battle, with Goku starting to see how Hit ‘s new moves bring and figures them out on the third base sample .
Champa, Vados, Beerus, Whis and Vegeta all arrive. Champa mentions that Hit has to kill Goku as Goku is a major menace in Zeno ‘s approaching tournament and that it was wise of Vados to hire strike to assassinate Goku, but Vados says she only hired Hit but there is person else who wants Goku dead. Goku having figured out Hit ‘s ability, powers up to maximum exponent and shatters his Tides of Time and defeats him with a Kamehameha. After the fight everyone greets the pair with Vegeta demands Hit to tell him who hired him but he Hit refuses. on the spur of the moment Vegeta realizes who hired Hit and accuses Goku to which Goku confesses to hiring Hit through Vados. Hit admits Goku is far to complex for him to understand and smiles at his target. Hit asks Goku if there is a time specify on his deputation and Goku says no. To which Hit replies that he will kill him late then, smiles at Goku and leaves. late on, Goku goes to the movies with his family to see the newfangled Great Saiyaman movie, but falls asleep through it and gets yelled at by Chi-Chi for it .

Universe Survival Saga

Main article: Universe Survival Saga
peace having returned, Goku begins farming again, and takes his latest harvest to a trader. While driving away from the farmer ‘s market in a Capsule Corp. hand truck, Goku spots a man whose truck is stuck in the road. Goku agrees to help, but finds himself held at point by the serviceman and his two companions who demand the truck. Goku refuses and renders all but one robber unconscious. The last robber fires a bullet train at Goku, which scratches him. After knocking out the last robber, Goku looks at his start and comes to the decision that he is getting out of practice. In the manga, Goku brings the criminals to the police station, where the sheriff pays him a big wages. Goku calls Krillin to ask if he wants to train but he is busy with police work. rather, Goku calls Whis and agrees to give him attic daifuku in exchange for more discipline. Heading dwelling to put on his Gi, Goten asks if he can come along but Chi-Chi forbids this, though the two sneak out while she is distracted. After picking up the bean daifuku they head to Capsule Corp. The two notification Bulma ‘s boastfully abdomen, and Goku comes to the conclusion that she has been eating excessively a lot. He is surprised to learn that she is meaning again and offers her the bean daifuku before being reminded by Goten that it is for Whis. Bulma declines and says he should give it to Whis .
After finding Vegeta, Goku asks him to come along with him but he rejects since Bulma is going to give birth soon. once Whis arrives, he takes Goku to Beerus ‘ Planet to train. Looking to fight stronger opponents once more, Goku asks Beerus about the tournament that Zeno was planning, but is scolded by Beerus and told not to get involved. Beerus threatens to destroy Goku, viewing his uninitiate nature as a threat to the population, but Goku tricks him and presses the button, bringing himself to Zeno ‘s Palace. He asks Zeno about the tournament and Future Zeno become excited by the estimate of it, so the Grand Minister tells Goku that he will inform him of the details when they become available. Goku returns to Beerus ‘ satellite and tells Beerus what happened and asks Whis to take him to the Sacred World of the Kai .
The Grand Minister arrives and fills everyone in on the details of the Tournament of Power. Goku and the others are shocked to learn that every suffer universe will be erased from universe. The Grand Minister informs Goku that there will be an exhibition match held before the tournament thus future Zeno can spectate a battle for the first time. Goku is instructed to find two other fighters in the adjacent hour to join him in battling aboard three fighters from Universe 9 in the exhibition meet. Returning to Earth, Goku asks Vegeta but he refuses. Goku decides that Goten and Trunks are excessively watery to compete, so he goes to Gohan. Gohan is hesitant at beginning, indeed Goku tells him about the stakes at act. Goku and Gohan agree to keep the population erasure article to themselves to prevent a potential panic .
When Mr. Satan and Good Buu join Goku and Gohan, Goku asks Buu to fight in the Zeno Expo. Buu agrees, and Goku teleports everyone to the Sacred World of the Kai. Shin takes everyone to Zeno ‘s Palace, where they encounter their universe 9 opponents for the first time. The Gods and Angels of the early ten universes arrive curtly after. The Grand Minister introduces Goku as the man responsible for the Tournament of Power and explains the rules for the Zeno Expo. Good Buu defeats Basil while Gohan and Lavender ‘s battle ends in a draw. While watching them fight, Goku notes that he ca n’t sense the ki of the Universe 9 fighters, which excites him .
Goku is paired against Bergamo, who declares Goku as the foe. Bergamo convinces Zeno to rescind the rule stating all lose universes are destroyed if he defeats Goku, to which Zeno agrees. The Grand Minister warns Goku that every universe will be immediately destroy if he holds second. Bergamo allows Goku to hit him, which increases his size and lastingness. He goes Super Saiyan and continues to hit Bergamo and make him stronger. Becoming a Super Saiyan Blue he fires a 10x God Kamehameha which overpowers Bergamo ‘s Wolfgang Penetrator and defeats him. Goku is then challenged by Top of Universe 11. Goku starts the contend off in Super Saiyan and Top is able to gain an advantage over him until Goku turns Super Saiyan Blue. The two fight a destructive battle and Goku does damage with an instantaneous Kamehameha. They prepare to fight at full ability before the Grand Minister ends it. Before they part ways, Top reveals that there is a being in Universe 11 tied stronger than him. concisely afterwards Goku returns to Earth where he begins to put a team together. In the manga, the Grand Minister announces the tournament of Power, and Future Zeno is confused as he ‘s never seen a battle before. The Grand Minister then decides to hold a Zeno Expo couple featuring all of the Gods of Destruction. Goku watches as Beerus seems to effortlessly evade attacks for a consequence, and Whis says his body is capable of doing it on its own. After the Grand Minister ends the match, Goku overhears Future Zeno talking about cancelling the tournament and insists he can put on a more stimulate contend for them. The Grand Minister chooses Top as his adversary. He starts the contend off in Super Saiyan and is unable to land any attacks as Top tells him to take things seriously. future Zeno wishes to see all of Goku ‘s forms, and he obliges by going Super Saiyan 2 and quickly following up with Super Saiyan 3. clear continues to hold his advantage, then Goku goes up to Super Saiyan God and the two begin to fight more evenly. At Beerus ‘ request, he goes Super Saiyan Blue and looks to end the competitiveness, but acme ducks his punch and lands a massive recoil to the gut, knocking Goku out of the resound and winning the match. After Grand Minister announces the rules for the Tournament, he sends everyone second to their respective population to build their teams. back on the Sacred World of the Kai, Beerus berates Goku despite Goku technically giving Universe 7 a luck to survive preferably than endangering it as Shin points out. Goku and company then head to Capsule Corp. to begin recruiting their team .
In the anime, at Capsule Corp. Shin reveals that there are only twenty-eight planets with deadly life, so they limit their search to Earth, starting off with Goku, Gohan, Buu, Vegeta and Piccolo. Goku wants Monaka but Beerus lies that he is ailing. Goku and Gohan have a take care conflict between Krillin and Basil, and despite Krillin lose, Goku decides to placid recruit him. Goku refuses to consider Trunks and Goten, citing their inexperience. Gohan then suggests Master Roshi, while Mr. Satan has the theme to recruit Android 18, which gives Goku the theme to recruit Android 17 .
Goku and Gohan find Vegeta, who still refuses to get involved. Whis solves the problem by using his staff to instantaneously and painlessly deliver the bay who is soon named Bulla. Goku and Gohan then head to Satan City where they find Krillin doing police work. They go to Krillin and 18 ‘s home, where both reject to compete until Goku lies about a ten-spot million zeni honor. At a outside location, Goku watches as Krillin beats Gohan in a spar match with the Solar Flare x100. Goku besides spars with Krillin on a rooftop in Satan City. Krillin keeps up with Super Saiyan Goku using a cagey Destructo Disc strategy. When Goku goes Super Saiyan Blue, he fires a God Kamehameha which collides with Krillin ‘s Kamehameha. Android 18 comes to Krillin ‘s help, cutting Goku ‘s beam away. They challenge Goku to a two-versus-one competitiveness, but Goku says that ‘s enough, admitting he has a fortune to learn from them. Before Goku and Gohan leave, Goku asks 18 if she knows where Android 17 is, but she only knows he ‘s working at a wildlife preserve. Gohan heads off to train with Piccolo while Goku visits Dende to look for 17, but is distracted by Good Buu ‘s train nearby. Buu now in a slender form spars with Goku and manages to knock him out of bounds while he ‘s distracted. Goku is impressed by Buu ‘s fresh exponent and looks forward to fighting aboard him. He then heads to the Lookout where Dende has moves it to the island Android 17 is working on. On the room, Dende lets him know that 17 has gotten a draw stronger. He besides mentions a boy with improbable world power living in a minor village and recommends training him when he gets older as he is the reincarnation of Kid Buu .
Goku arrives at the wildlife chancel where he finds android 17 dealing with poachers. After Goku helps him send the poachers away, Goku and 17 fight with Goku starting off in Super Saiyan. The two fight evenly until Goku powers up to Super Saiyan Blue. His God Kamehameha is blocked by 17 ‘s Android Barrier and 17 is able to trade blows with Goku until he calls the match off to protect the island. even after Goku tells 17 the truth about the tournament, he silent turns him down, but after telling him of the Super Dragon Balls being the trophy, he begins to reconsider. After Goku helps 17 save the animals from a gang of intergalactic poachers, 17 agrees to fight in the tournament, leaving his island in the care of Trunks and Goten while he ‘s gone. In the manga, Goku neglects to recruit Gohan, saying he does n’t like to fight. Goku visits Krillin and Android 18 and is able to recruit them after some convert. Dende gives Goku a ride to Android 17 ‘s island, where he realizes he does n’t even know what 17 looks like, but soon finds him careless. 17 initially mistakes him for a poacher due to Goku wearing a poacher ‘s masquerade. They fight, with Goku turning Super Saiyan 2 and then Super Saiyan 3 before 17 realizes who he is and stop assail. At nox, Goku convinces him to take part in the tournament by telling him Krillin will be there as 17 feels he owes a debt to Krillin .
In the zanzibar copal, Goku meets up with Piccolo and recruits him, besides asking him to train Gohan in for the tournament. After being told by Oolong that Roshi is at the Tien-Shin Style Dojo, Goku heads there to recruit him and Tien. Tien initially turns him down, but they are interrupted by Yurin, a early scholar of the Crane School, brainwashing his students and turning them against him. Roshi falls to her witchcraft and Goku fights the brainwash Roshi, noting how impregnable he is. Goku hits Roshi with a Kamehameha, breaking the spell. Yurin then agrees to be Tien ‘s scholar again, and both Tien and Roshi agree to fight in the Tournament of Power .
Goku is eating at a restaurant with Tien, Roshi and Chiaotzu when he is interrupted by Piccolo and Gohan, with Gohan asking Goku for a spar match. Himself and Piccolo vs. Goku and Tien. They move to Gohan ‘s training grounds, where Piccolo and Gohan are able to win the equal. Gohan then requests a one-on-one couple with Goku, which Goku happily obliges. Gohan is able to fight evenly with Super Saiyan 2 Goku but falls when Goku uses Super Saiyan Blue Kaio-ken. Nonetheless, Goku says he ‘s shanghai and names Gohan the drawing card of Team Universe 7 .
In the anime, a scheme meet is held at Capsule Corp. Old Kai suggests drawing out Goku ‘s electric potential, but there is not enough time. alternatively, Goku decides to train with Whis in the gravity chamber. When Bulma tells everyone that Good Buu has fallen asleep, Goku rushes over to try to wake him to no avail. When he returns to Capsule Corp., he is confronted for lying about the reinforce and the accuracy about the tournament, and Goku apologizes. Short a team member, and Goku heads to Earth ‘s Hell and finds Frieza, Goku explains the situation and Frieza agrees to participate under the condition that Goku uses the Dragon Balls to resurrect him if Universe 7 wins and Goku finally agrees .
At Fortuneteller Baba ‘s Palace, Goku and Frieza are ambushed by and forced to fight a big group of assassins from Universe 9. The assassin boss throws a ball of Energy of Destruction from Sidra at Frieza, but he overpowers it and traps Goku inside while he murders the assassins. Goku is set barren after the arrival of Beerus and Whis, and asks for a competitiveness with Frieza saying that if he wins, Frieza will stay obedient to Universe 7 but the contend ends in a draw. Goku helps diffuse a confrontation between Frieza and Vegeta before Shin goes over Universe 7 ‘s scheme for the tournament but they struggle with the theme of fighting in numbers. Whis then transports the team to the Null Realm where the Tournament of Power is being held .
In the manga, Whis contacts Goku, who informs him that Buu is asleep so ineffective to fight. He visits Piccolo, who says he ‘s going to train Gohan then visits and recruits Tien Shinhan before returning to Capsule Corp, where he decides to recruit Frieza. He attempts to negotiate with Frieza but things get fierce and they arrive at Capsule Corp. looking bad for wear, with Goku admitting Frieza has managed to get stronger while absolutely. He besides admits that he promised to resurrect Frieza should Universe 7 win, much to everyone ‘s repugnance. Team Universe 7 then departs for the Tournament of Power. Goku speaks with with Hit, with Hit warning Goku that he ‘s receive stronger. At the start of the meet, Goku goes straight after Jiren but the Pride Troopers gang up on him. Goku fights them off while Jiren leaves the area. After Krillin and Tien Shinhan are eliminated by Frost, he goes after Master Roshi. Goku interferes on Roshi ‘s behalf, but Roshi says he can handle himself and tells Goku to focus on Jiren. In the zanzibar copal, arriving in the Null Realm, Goku soon realizes he ca n’t fly. He greets Hit and Cabba, who introduces him to Caulifla and Kale. Goku feels a strong energy with the arrival of Team Universe 11. He greets acme and tries to introduce himself to Jiren, but Jiren moves behind him immediately, shocking Goku with his amphetamine .
When the tournament begins. Goku goes after Top, but is intercepted by Ganos, who he clashes with momentarily. He briefly confronts top before the latter is attacked by Murichim. Goku has a stare down with Jiren which is interrupted by Nink, who grabs Goku from behind and locks him in a Bear Hug. In danger of being thrown out of the ring, Goku uses Super Saiyan Blue to knock Nink off, barely managing to grab the edge to save himself. Goku is then surrounded by five warriors from Team Universe 9 including the three of Danger, much to his delight .
The Trio of Danger fight Goku three-on-one. Goku paces himself, using his base form to avoid wasting stamina. Lavender use his Poison Blow, thus Goku creates a ki barrier to negate it ‘s effects. When the Trio of Dangers start to overwhelm Goku with the Dangers ‘ Triangle, Vegeta steps in to assist him, and the two find themselves facing eight members of Team Universe 9. Goku transforms into a Super Saiyan and eliminates Chappil and Comfrey while Vegeta, Frieza and Android 18 extinguish early members. Goku and Vegeta collide with the Trio of Danger in Super Saiyan before going Super Saiyan Blue to finish them by combining their attacks to create a Final Kamehameha. Everyone watches with horror as the Zenos erase Universe 9 from being .
When the fight resumes, Goku briefly battles Jimizu, but is interrupted by Caulifla and Kale. After kicking Jimizu away, Caulifla demands that Goku teach her how to become Super Saiyan Blue. When Goku says he does n’t think she ‘s fix for the imprint, Caulifla responds by becoming a Super Saiyan Third Grade and attempts to attack Goku, who easily counters her attacks and warns her not to use the form as it is slow. He shows her Super Saiyan 2, impressing her before she responds by pulling off the transformation herself. Goku says she might tied learn Super Saiyan 3 in this fight and they begin to fight .
After a short while, Kale tries to interfere and Goku asks her not to interrupt, which sends her into a fit of rage and causes her to transform into a large, muscular, Super Saiyan form. Kale charges Goku and begins thrashing him around. ineffective to hurt her in Super Saiyan 2, Goku powers up to Super Saiyan Blue and fires a God Kamehameha at her, but even this is ineffective. Kale continues to rampage, until Jiren appears and defeats her with a Power Impact. Goku then approaches Jiren as Caulifla and Kale hideaway .
Goku prepares to fight Jiren, but is hit from behind by Top before the two withdraw. Moments late, Goku teams up with Caulifla and Kale against five of the Pride Troopers. Outnumbered and struggling, Android 17 and 18 join the competitiveness and aid Goku. Caulifla and Kale defeat three of the Pride Troopers and 18 eliminates Cocotte. Goku then turns his attention to the Kamikaze Fireballs of Universe 2 where Goku clashes with Roasie. She surrounds him with ki blasts, but 17 protects him by deploying an Android Barrier. Goku gets the better of Rozie and lands an attack of his own, but Jimeze teleports Rozie and Ribrianne away before they can be eliminated .
After watching Gohan defeat Botamo, Goku takes on his Super Saiyan God shape and joins Hit against Dyspo and K’nsi. Goku clashes with Dyspo, whose speed nullifies Instant transmittance. He briefly gets the better of Dyspo with a preciseness strike in a burst of Super Saiyan Blue, but ultimately ends up switching opponents with Hit. Goku powers his way through K’nsi ‘s field of Energy Threads in Super Saiyan Blue while Hit begins to overpower Dyspo. K’nsi saves Dyspo from elimination, but gets himself eliminated by Hit. Dyspo retreats and Goku parts ways with Hit, hoping to fight him and Dyspo belated in the tournament .
Goku ‘s next opposition is Maji-Kayo, who is able to hold the Super Saiyan in place with his body Manipulation ability. When he notices Master Roshi laying unconscious mind, he uses Super Saiyan Blue to break free and rushes to his Master ‘s care. After reviving Roshi, Goku regroups with his allies against Prum and Harmira. Goku and Vegeta try to put coerce on Prum with their ki wave attacks, but find that he is able to reflect them effortlessly. Goku and Vegeta blackmail Prum by throwing rocks at him and after Vegeta eliminates him, Goku goes to assist Master Roshi against Frost, but is intercepted by Ribrianne .
Goku fights Ribrianne, holding his own in his free-base form against her love-based arsenal of attacks. Their struggle heats up, with Ribrianne transforming into Super Ribrianne. Goku easily overpowers her with Super Saiyan Blue and finally gets his wish as Jiren interrupts the battle and mutely challenges him. Goku begins the crusade in his base state and slowly powers up to test the Pride Trooper ‘s abilities. Jiren is wholly unfazed by Super Saiyan and Super Saiyan 2, but exerts minor attempt when confronted by Super Saiyan God. Goku powers up to Super Saiyan Blue and the fight begins in earnest. The battle catches the attention of everyone in the Null Realm as Goku fights to his limit, utilizing X20 Super Saiyan Blue Kaio-ken and being held off with relative rest .
Seeing no early choice, Goku drops second to his base kind and gathers energy to create Universe 7 ‘s Spirit Bomb, all of Universe 7 contributing except for Vegeta, who declines out of pride ( though he does protect Goku when Ribrianne tries to blindside him ). Jiren takes the Spirit Bomb point on and pushes it back. The two struggle to control the massive assiduity of ki, with Goku again utilizing X20 Super Saiyan Blue Kaio-ken. ultimately, Goku ‘s office gives out and he collapses, falling into his imploding Spirit Bomb. initially believed to be dead, the remaining fighters prepare to collapse on Jiren. however, Goku emerges from the volcanic crater, having undergone a fresh transformation due to the power of the Spirit Bomb combining with his own congenital energy to resist it. Unlocking his deepest electric potential, he has reached a state referred to by the gods as “ Ultra Instinct “ .
Seeing Goku ‘s new office, Top and Dyspo try to aid Jiren, but Goku holds them off effortlessly until Jiren dismisses them. Goku and Jiren resume their conflict, the pair nowadays appearing to be evenly matched. The conflict rages until Goku burns through his raw energy and drops back to his base form mid-attack. Jiren prepares to throw Goku from the ring before Hit intervenes, attacking Jiren. Goku retreats to rest, only to be accosted by Frieza who surprisingly heals him with a ki savage, admitting that he wants Goku to defeat Jiren for him. Goku is stunned when Jiren eliminates Hit from the tournament. Jiren tells Top and Dyspo to handle the rest of the tournament, as he has now eliminated all of the worthwhile warriors, giving Goku a pointed spirit which he takes with umbrage. In the manga, Goku clashes with Top and Dyspo in Super Saiyan. Top warns Dyspo that Goku has more transformations left, shocking his mate Pride Trooper. As top pins him to the earth, Goku realizes Hit is in risk of being eliminated by Jiren and powers up to Perfected Super Saiyan Blue, breaking out of Top ‘s hold and rushing to his ally ‘s aid. He charges Jiren, who is able to knock Goku binding with a individual Kiai. Hit says his Time Skip did n’t work against Jiren and they prepare to fight him together .
Jiren blocks their attacks while standing in place, evening taking no price from a Kamehameha. Jiren pushes Goku to the border of the arena and prepares to eliminate him, refusing to acknowledge his name but Hit intercepts, landing a kick on Jiren. Hit considers his debt to Goku from the Tournament of Destroyers reward, and Goku compliments Hit on improving his military capability. As they continue fighting, Jiren proves to be a brick wall, Hit prepares to use a new proficiency he developed to beat Goku. Hit says that they ‘ll need to work together but Goku reverts to his basis shape and declines, wanting to beat Jiren alone. He then watches as Hit is overpowered and eliminated by Jiren. Goku prepares to fight Jiren again, as the latter last acknowledges Goku ‘s identify .
In the anime, Goku is attacked by Koitsukai, Pancéa, and Borareta of Universe 3. The three, hoping to capitalize on Goku ‘s diminished state. however Caulifla interrupts and kicks and blasts them away. Caulifla demands to fight Goku and be taught how to use Super Saiyan 3. She powers up to Super Saiyan 2 but Goku can not as his stamen has n’t so far recovered. The two engage in a fierce battle, though Goku is outclassed in power, his superscript amount of experience allows him to hold her off until he ‘s able to match her transformation and fight evenly. Goku then invites Kale to fight alongside her passkey. Thrilled by the opportunity, she transforms into her Super Saiyan state and the battle resumes .
Goku has greater difficulty fighting against the two and when they unleash a blend ki attack, Goku is forced to use Super Saiyan 3 to repel it before reverting to Super Saiyan 2 for stamen reasons. Feeling cheer, Kale returns to her amuck state before putting it under her see, increasing the power of her Super Saiyan submit. The two Saiyans launch a devastate assail on Goku. Seeing Caulifla as the more vulnerable of the two, Goku targets her for respective distracting attacks, allowing him to focus more directly on Kale .
Goku ‘s stamina recovers enough to use Super Saiyan God. In this express, he holds an advantage, dodging or deflecting most of their attacks while dealing them some good punishment. Goku prepares to finish them off by firing a Kamehameha, but a cursorily executed Potara fusion saves them as Kefla is formed. Kefla lunges at Goku, shocking both Goku and herself with her focal ratio. Goku transforms into Super Saiyan Blue so Kefla responds by becoming a Super Saiyan. The battle resumes and utilizing Super Saiyan Blue Kaio-ken, Goku is able to do some damage. Goku counters Kefla ‘s Gigantic Blast with a God Kamehameha, but Kefla appears behind Goku and knocks him out. Kefla prepares to finish Goku, but Goku stands up, channelling Ultra Instinct Sign once again and effortlessly deflects her attacks .
Whis surmises that Goku was able to achieve the form a moment clock time due to Kefla ‘s baron equal that of the Universe 7 Spirit Bomb. Kefla far powers up to Super Saiyan 2 but Goku dodges all of her attacks and lands the first hit. He begins to overwhelm Kefla, though his attacks are less effective than he expects. He begins to charge a Imperfect Instinct Kamehameha while dodging Kefla ‘s Ray Blast and advances towards Kefla. With Goku suspended in midair, Kefla fires a gigantic Blaze and Goku uses the Kamehameha to glide over the beam, allowing him to land a lead murder, destroying the Potara, ending the fusion, and eliminating Caulifla and Kale. Whis then states that Goku needs to learn to attack subconsciously to master Ultra Instinct .
Exhausted, Goku is cornered by the remaining warriors of Team Universe 2, Zirloin, Zarbuto, and Rabanra. He holds his own until the three transform and gain the Kamikaze Fireballs ‘ powers. At that point, 17 and 18 join Goku, and Goku is left to fight Zirloin one on one. The three remaining Universe 2 fighters are pushed to the edge and attack to use the Pretty Black Hole on Goku, 17, and 18. This, however, does not work as Goku utilizes Super Saiyan Blue and fires a Kamehameha which overpowers the attack and finishes off Team Universe 2 as Gohan and Piccolo simultaneously finish off Team Universe 6. team Universe 7 come under attack from Team Universe 4. Goku watches as Gohan and Piccolo eliminate inconspicuous warrior Gamisalas before being caught in Xiangca ‘s Illusion Technique. Piccolo eliminates Xiangca, putting an end to the illusions but is then eliminated by bug-sized warrior Damom. Goku manages to save Android 17 from a similar destiny and Goku and 17 work together to defeat him, with Goku creating shockwaves in the grind to disrupt Damom ‘s movements while 17 deals the coating blow and finishes Universe 4 off .
Goku, Vegeta, and Gohan are next attacked by Borareta, Koitsukai, and Pancéa, who ultimately merge into Koicéareta. Goku and Vegeta are subject to let Gohan deal with this threat, but are forced to step in when Koicéareta gains the upper hand. Goku and Vegeta combine attacks to stall Koicéareta farseeing adequate for Gohan to prepare a Kamehameha. however, Paparoni fuses with Koicéareta to create the enormous Agnilasa who immediately gains the advantage, closely knocking Goku out if not for seasonably avail from Frieza. Goku, Vegeta, Android 17, Gohan, and Frieza attempt to combine their attacks to defeat Agnilasa, but it proves not to be adequate to defeat him, and entirely Android 17 ‘s idea to attack Agnilasa ‘s energy reactor leads to its kill and Universe 3 ‘s expunction. In the manga, Goku ‘s crusade with Jiren resumes, taking to his Perfected Super Saiyan Blue shape. meanwhile, the rest of Team Universe 7 come under assault from a variety show of fighters. As 17 takes caution of Damom, Goku comments on how much of an asset he has been. Goku briefly joins Gohan and Roshi in a battle against three Pride Troopers, until Gohan points out that Frieza is in disturb against Super Saiyan Kale. Goku teleports to Frieza and powers improving to Perfected Super Saiyan Blue. Despite Frieza ‘s protests, he challenges Kale, gaining an early advantage but noting that Kale ‘s power is increasing steadily. Frieza angrily kicks Goku out of the way, claiming that he can handle Kale himself. The two bicker until Kale powers up to a berserker state and goes on a rampage until she is fused with Caulifla to become Kefla. Gohan intercepts Kefla ‘s attack on Goku and Jiren and says he ‘ll deal with her while Goku resumes his battle against Jiren .
In the anime, Jiren, Top, and Dyspo confront Team Universe 7. Goku and Jiren begin their second round of fighting and exchange their motivations. Vegeta interrupts the battle, intending to challenge Jiren himself. Goku and Vegeta take turns attacking Jiren, but neither can hold their own at first gear. Vegeta, however, soon finds a manner to strike Jiren, and Goku is then left to watch Vegeta battle. He is amazed at Vegeta ‘s potency when he prepares to use a Final Flash, but is left shock and worried when Jiren survives and hard wounds Vegeta. Goku jumps back into the fight afterwards. Despite versatile tactics and coming close to victory, Jiren recovers from Goku ‘s attack and increases his battle world power, which makes him potent enough that the shockwave of a single punch can knock Goku out of Super Saiyan Blue. however, Goku states that he can not afford a loss. He activates Super Saiyan Blue in combination with the Kaio-ken, and watches as Vegeta powers up to Super Saiyan God SS Evolved .
The two begin fighting Jiren and are able to put him on the defensive due to their pressure. Despite their effectiveness Jiren turns things around for himself and regains control. Soon afterwards Vegeta splits off to fight Top while Goku continues to take on Jiren. After Vegeta defeats Top, Goku is slapped aside by Jiren who commends Vegeta on his victory and powers up to full might. The trio of Goku, Vegeta and 17 are not able to make any advancement but 17 sneaks up on Jiren and hurts him which allows Goku to see Jiren ‘s failing, which ironically is Goku ‘s own defect of dropping his defend. The trio try to recreate an opening for 17 to damage Jiren but to no avail and they are blasted and heavy injured before being rescued by Frieza though he is promptly taken down excessively. As 17 goes on to battle Jiren alone, Goku and Android 18 madly tell 17 to run, with Goku believing 17 can actually win but 17 says he is giving up his wish and wraps both Goku and Vegeta in a barrier, telling them he hopes he bought them adequate time as he blows himself up to stop Jiren ‘s attack. Goku thanks 17 for his forfeit before collapsing exhausted .
In the manga, Goku goes for a combination attack on Jiren, which Jiren well blocked and countered with a devastating catgut punch, chastising the Saiyan for his insistent umbrage. Knowing he still has a wall to overcome, Goku stresses his body to its limits, drawing from his reserves and uses the Kaio-ken. He lands some heavier blows on Jiren but the boost proves negligible as Jiren points out that Goku made the lapp err Kale did, trying to wield office gained by destroying the body. Seeing his erstwhile student on the ropes, Master Roshi tells Goku that he needs to conquer his own spirit preferably than continuing to work on potency. Goku thinks back to the words of all of his past masters, who taught him not to waste motion, to be calm and flying, to train his emotional state, and to allow his torso to act on its own. Roshi teaches Goku a final moral on “ how to move well ” as he charges Jiren and manages to dodge a bustle of his strikes with elegant movements which Whis say resemble Ultra Instinct. Roshi is swiftly eliminated by Jiren and Goku praises his previous passkey ‘s teach ability, declaring himself Son Goku of the Turtle School as he enters the Ultra Instinct Sign state for the first time and dodges the incoming Jiren ‘s assail. He prepares to fight Jiren in the newly form, but snaps out of it before the fight begins and takes a heavy punch to the face. Vegeta, having reached the Super Saiyan God SS Evolved state battles against Jiren but he makes brusque work of him. After Goku teleports Vegeta to a safe obscure spot, Frieza and Android 17 buy time for Goku and Vegeta to recover, with 17 apparently blowing himself up in a bootless undertake to defeat Jiren. Jiren approaches the dinge Saiyans and Goku taps into Ultra Instinct Sign once again. Jiren powers up, casting an aura for the first time in the tournament .
In the anime, after Vegeta finally falls to Jiren, he gives all of his remaining energy to Goku with hope that he can win. Goku is able to hop up to his feet and goes Super Saiyan Blue as Jiren wonders why they trust Goku then much. Goku, annoyed and angry at Jiren for his view of the worldly concern says he would n’t understand and attacks Jiren. Despite fleeting achiever, Goku is beat back into base mannequin where he tries again and to Jiren ‘s astonishment is calm able to keep up with him but Goku is beaten spinal column to the edge of the ring .
Goku struggles to stand as Vegeta screams out to him along with everyone else. Before Jiren ‘s fall lands, Goku vanishes into thinly air. A bewilder Jiren looks around and finds Goku having reawakened into Ultra Instinct. Jiren attacks as Goku casually dodges his blows and responds with a body hit that heavily injures Jiren. The turn continues until Jiren raises his energy to a flush that blows Goku away. After Vegeta ‘s words of encouragement, Goku stops Jiren ‘s assail and closes his eyes, concentrating on focusing his heart and soul into the fight and abruptly begins to overwhelm Jiren. Jiren powers up more and blasts Goku to the limit of being eliminated, unleashing thousands of punches with Goku only being able to block .
crown notices Goku is actually fighting back as he begins to overpower Jiren ‘s assail, landing another devastating punch that has Jiren reeling heavily as Goku unleashes more exponent. Jiren throws his Power Impact, however before the fire lands it vanishes along with Goku, much to everyone ‘s daze. Goku reappears behind Jiren now glowing white having caught Jiren ‘s attack, dispelling it with ease. Jiren attempts to strike Goku but fails, unable to see Goku ‘s movements, Goku ‘s shirt dissipates and his air softens to reveal his domination of Ultra Instinct, as Whis and Beerus smile, both confirming Goku has mastered Ultra Instinct. Goku instantaneously engages Jiren, calmly dominating his opposition in battle .
Jiren breaks through his own limits, managing to fight on par with the Saiyan and Goku is repeatedly knocked down. Goku charges a Kamehameha, which Jiren returns with a powerful Power Impact. Goku is overwhelmed in the glow contend and is knocked to the background with Jiren believing him to be unconscious. however, Goku rises and knees the Pride Trooper in the stomach but is blasted to the ground by a ki smash. Goku rises once more and explains that he ca n’t back down since 17 and the others have left things up to him. Goku collides with Jiren in a mighty central of blows, gradually overpowering him and knocking him down, before telling Jiren that through his friends and kin, he is able to push himself far beyond his limits to further increase his own might
Livid, Jiren angrily fires a Power Impact towards Team Universe 7 in the spectators ‘ point of view, which forces Goku to deflect the blast. angry beyond composure, Goku ‘s ferocity explodes as he flys towards Jiren and delivers an extremely powerful punch. Jiren once again attempts to fight Ultra Instinct Goku, but even having broken past his limits, he is no match for the angry Saiyan. Goku manages to wholly overpower Jiren, managing to dodge all of Jiren ‘s attacks while simultaneously pummelling him, before uppercutting Jiren and firing a full-power Kamehameha that blasts Jiren into a bombastic collocate of rock candy, badly wounding him .
Accepting kill, Jiren asks Goku to finish it. however, before he can knock Jiren off, he is on the spur of the moment struck in the back by agonizing pain, causing him to collapse on the ground as dark bolts of ki engulf him while he screams in agony. Whis notes that the limit-breaking power of the gods has been excessively much for Goku ‘s body to sustain. Jiren, emboldened by Belmod ‘s words, blasts Goku out of the sphere. however, before Goku is eliminated, a kiai hits his back, sending him onto a floating rock ‘n’ roll. Frieza stands there, revealing that he saved Goku while Android 17 besides crawls out of a snap having survived .
Although drained from using Ultra Instinct, Goku continues the conflict alongside his two remaining teammates, boosting Frieza into the air travel to help him tackle Jiren with his Nova Strike, although Jiren breaks free. finally, with a surprise team campaign, Goku and Frieza tackle Jiren offstage, with Goku going Super Saiyan and Frieza using his fully baron to ensure they bring him down with them. Goku late watches as Android 17 wishes the erase universes back, and heads down onto the ruin stage to meet him there .
In the manga, Jiren pours on the umbrage against Goku, who is able to avoid significant damage. The signally composure Goku tells Jiren that he ‘s become rid of unnecessary emotions and that his heart is composure. Closing his eyes, he awakens the true state of Ultra Instinct, landing a mighty punch to Jiren ‘s body. Goku gets the better of Jiren, dodging an enormous ki beckon and connecting with a point-blank Kamehameha that pushes Jiren through the stadium floor, with him merely managing to pull himself up. Enraged, Jiren triggers his broad baron before attacking Goku, who is however able to control the fight. Jiren ‘s increased might forces Goku to work hard, causing huge stamina enfeeble. ultimately, Jiren outlasts Goku ‘s Ultra Instinct and Vegeta narrowly saves Goku from elimination .
Jiren vows to win and resurrect his victor Gicchin. With less than three minutes left, Goku and Vegeta fight Jiren together in their base forms, utilizing technical teamwork. Jiren powers up again, forcing Goku and Vegeta to put all of their remaining power into a Kamehameha and Gamma Burst Flash. Jiren takes the combined good time and emerges with minor damage before knocking Vegeta off the phase. Goku is about to be pushed off future when Frieza appears behind Jiren holding a Death Ball. Goku grab Jiren, but Jiren is able to overpower him and throw away the gust. Distracted, Golden Frieza hits Jiren with a Nova hit that eliminates all three warriors. Android 17 then reveals himself, making population 7 the winners of the Tournament of Power before using his wish to bring back all of the erase universes .
At Beerus ‘ request, Whis restores Frieza ‘s life permanently as advantage for his aid. Frieza claims he will not change his evil ways, but Goku vows that he will defeat him if he causes trouble again. After Goku and the others return to Earth, they have a big celebration at Capsule Corp. Vegeta finally challenges Goku to another sparring match and their clash brought them to the like barren where they had their foremost fight many years ago. When Vegeta asks why Goku was n’t using his Ultra Instinct, Goku replied that he does n’t know how to use it at will. The two Saiyans then vow to continue surpassing their limits .

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Broly Saga

Main article: Broly Saga Goku and Vegeta battle Super Saiyan Broly using their Perfected Super Saiyan Blue states in an icy environment .

galactic Patrol Prisoner Saga

Main article: Galactic Patrol Prisoner Saga
After their confrontation with Broly, Goku appears at the Capsule Corporation in order to train with Vegeta in the Gravity Training Room. While they spar, Vegeta asks Goku about Ultra Instinct and he replies that he has n’t been able to pull it off since the Tournament of Power. Vegeta says the technique is useless if he can use it at will. Undeterred, Goku says that he will barely have to keep grinding out his train if he is going to be able to use it again. on the spur of the moment, Bulma contacts them to say she has received an pressing call from Mr. Satan regarding a cryptic gang that showed up at his house and is now trying to kidnap Buu. Goku teleports over there and confronts them until he is knocked out by Merus ‘ Stun Gun. He awakens aboard the Galactic Patrol Headquarters where he is informed of a dangerous criminal named Moro who has escaped from the Galactic Prison and they require the Grand Supreme Kai who slumbers inside of Buu in arrange to stop him. Talking with Merus and Jaco anterior to joining the Galactic Patrol, Goku reveals how not long before the Moro situation, he and Vegeta had encountered a Saiyan named Broly and had been forced to fuse into Gogeta to defeat him .
Goku offers to help catch the criminal and along with Vegeta the two are inducted into the Galactic Patrol as temp special members. They join Merus on their venture to the Planet Jung to capture the Macareni crowd who are attempting to steal some Blue Aurum. After Goku helps to catch the gang, he attempts to search for Moro ‘s energy signal but is shocked when it appears that Moro has noticed. Explaining that his ability was n’t particularly huge but terrifying in a way he had never felt before, Goku and the others soon come to the ending that Moro is heading to New Namek in order to gather the Dragon Balls .
Taking Vegeta with him, Goku uses Instant Transmission to teleport to New Namek to get a head startle on Moro just as his ship appears above. Goku watches as Vegeta is the first to take on Moro and realises throughout that Moro has the ability to absorb life sentence energy. Moro finally drains both Vegeta and Goku of all their department of energy and defeats them, leaving them for dead. however still on the brink of life, they are rescued by Moori and a young Namekian named Esca and are taken to a nearby house where they are looked after for the future three days .
After sensing Moro heading in their direction, Goku and Vegeta head out to confront him once again but Merus arrives first on top of a Galactic Patrol starship and takes him on alternatively, capturing him with a device. When Buu is kicked off the transport and spots Moro he becomes enrages and Goku watches as he overwhelms Moro in struggle, noticing that Buu appears stronger than he did ahead. unfortunately Moro ‘s magic is returned to him thanks to Cranberry using Porunga and Moro flee ‘s the area. Buu restores Goku and Vegeta ‘s department of energy and when they turn around, see that the Grand Supreme Kai has manifested his direction through Buu .
Goku teleports himself, Vegeta and Grand Supreme Kai to Moro ‘s placement on the scepter of New Namek ‘s atmosphere but is ineffective to continue the fight when Moro heads out further into space. After Merus assists Grand Supreme Kai and gives him the opportunity to grab halt of him, Moro is teleported back to New Namek where Goku and Vegeta await him. Moro informs the two of his third base wish, to have all the prisoners from the Galactic Prison go release and they soon appear by his side having used a starship to get there. Moro shares his power with the prisoners, putting them into an endow state before they gang up on Goku, Vegeta and Grand Supreme Kai but they get overpowered. however when Moro begins to absorb up their energy once again, the Saiyans and Kai begin to struggle. With the planet on the verge of destruction, Goku uses his clamant transmittance to teleport all of his allies but Vegeta, who chooses to go his separate way, back to Galactic Patrol Headquarters .
After a few more days, Goku hears from Merus that Moro has grown even stronger and immediately stand virtually no gamble of victory against him. Goku asks if this were to be true even if Merus were to be fighting badly and he decides to give Merus a fiddling test. He throws a punch at Merus which he effortlessly dodges even though Goku had meant for it to connect. Wanting to get a true feel for Merus ‘ exponent the two move to a educate room for a spar seance but even after progressing through Super Saiyan and Super Saiyan 3, Goku is still unable to land a hit on Merus. He asks Merus to train him believing that by doing thus he could potentially master the Ultra Instinct that may be needed to defeat Moro. Merus agrees but suggests they can go elsewhere to train as the room can not withstand their baron .
A few days after Vegeta and Irico land on Yardrat, Goku travels with Merus on another planet to train. During their coach session, Goku proceeds to punch and kick Merus but Merus effortlessly dodges Goku ‘s punches and kicks, not taking any hits from him and counters his punches and kicks by hitting him with a staff to his back. Finding that Ultra Instinct will be one unmanageable proficiency to learn particularly due to his emotions being all over the place when fight, Goku tells Merus that in order to achieve Ultra Instinct he needs to empty his kernel and judgment. Merus then proceeds to charge toward Goku with his staff, and while Goku dodges Merus attacks with the staff, Merus reminds Goku that emotions can besides translate into exceeding power such as Super Saiyan which is chiefly triggered by fad though Merus points out that what he is after is the accurate diametric .
The train now in a crippled, Merus reveals to Goku that he knew about Ultra Instinct all along and had a reason for keeping quiet about it much to Goku ‘s storm. Knowing that Merus is a good guy who has the lapp goal to defeating Moro, Goku does n’t mind Merus keeping his cognition about Ultra Instinct quiet and proceeds to resume their prepare to learn this ability but Merus tells Goku to follow him inside a pyramid where he leads him to a room that resembles the Hyperbolic Time Chamber much to Goku ‘s recognition. Merus tells Goku that 1 day that passes outside of the room is equivalent to 3 days inside of the room much to Goku ‘s disappointment that they will lone have 3 days to train but considers extra time better than no time. Merus reveals to Goku that the independent reason why he brought him to the room is thus that he can unleash his full power without anyone finding out about it .
Merus goes into a active stance now serious and Goku assumes that Merus is not going to hold anything bet on against him to which Merus confirms this upon replying that he will impart all of his potency in their aim and wo n’t go easy on Goku. Merus asks Goku if he is train to continue their train and Goku with a smile on his face who goes into a fight position happily obliges to resume their train as he replies he was born quick. After continuing for a while, Goku begins to doubt that he flush used Ultra Instinct after all. After Merus asks if it was beginning activated during an extreme crisis, he tells Goku the quickest direction to achieve it again is to replicate those conditions and that Goku must be prepared to die during the process. During a break in the train to eat, Merus informs Goku of the news program of Moro ‘s men visiting land. Merus tells Goku that he has two months ( six months in the board ) before Moro himself heads to the planet and then continue their training .
Two months late, with time about up, Goku and Merus decide to have one last spar at full persuasiveness but they are interrupted by Whis who teleports them outside and reveals Merus as his younger brother and Angel. Before Whis takes Merus back to his kingdom, he tells Goku that he faith that he will defeat Moro. After they leave, Goku realises he has been left alone with just a astronomic Patrol ship that he would have to pilot himself and shouts for the Angels to come back. At some orient, he gets lost on the room back to Earth and stops off of at a nearby minor planet to ask some locals for directions .
As he gets closer to Earth, he begins to sense the battles taking place and his friends in trouble. He tries to use his Instant transmission to teleport to them but is unable to get a defy of them until he senses Krillin ‘s spiking qi. Arriving on Earth, precisely as the fusion of Miza, Kikaza and Iwaza are going in to finish off Krillin and Master Roshi, Goku knocks her out cold with a single fire before turning to Krillin and apologising for showing up recently. When Krillin asks Goku if he thinks he can beat Moro, he says yes evening though he could placid be hiding some of his power. Goku teleports to Tien, Yamcha and Chiaotzu – who are losing their battle with Zauyogi – and proceeds to take down their enemy in an clamant. Yamcha inform Goku that Gohan and the others need him, and thus Goku teleports away once more .
As Saganbo continues to overwhelm Gohan and Piccolo in battle, Saganbo is suddenly attacked by Goku – moving excessively fast for anyone but Jaco and Moro to see. At Moro ‘s request, Goku reveals himself and Moro notes that he has grown much stronger than he was earlier. Moro powers up Saganbo foster and Goku engages him as a Super Saiyan Blue and proves to be the stronger. Believing the crusade to be complete, he prepares to battle Moro, only for Saganbo to stand up again, stronger still after receiving another power-up from Moro. Goku demands that Moro stop powering up Saganbo, who is clearly on his last leg, but Moro refuses, saying that he wants to see the ability Goku was using when he first arrived on the battlefield. As Goku attacks Moro to try and stop him, Saganbo suddenly collapses and dies .
Angered by Saganbo ‘s needle death, Goku vows that he will kill Moro for what he ‘s done and unveils his new ability – Ultra Instinct Sign – which a shock Moro recognizes as a technique of the gods. As the two get into conflict positions, Goku throws a multitude of punches from a stand situation that act as publicize blasts which Moro has to block. Darting in close, Goku ‘s heightened agility allows him to pressure Moro who in return attempts to immobilise him. Goku soon breaks free and charges fore, powering up a Kamehameha but turns away from Moro at the last second, realising that it is an illusion and fires the brandish at the substantial Moro before continuing into an forward pass conflict. Goku begins to gain more of an edge until Moro uses his magic to draw him in close and the two land a difficult coincident blow .
Moro attempts to use his energy assimilation proficiency on Goku but with a quick burst of accelerate he is able to dodge it and continues to hold an advantage over Moro while at close up scope. Moro stops fighting concisely to tell Goku that he is a fool for think that he is lone able of sol a lot and powers up farther still. In a cheeseparing instantaneous, Moro is able to grab Goku from behind and causes him to fall out of his Sign submit. Moro points out that Goku was trying to rush the conflict ascribable to not having the stamen to keep the Sign horizontal surface up for long and was why he did n’t use it against Saganbo throughout their battle. Goku acknowledges his weakness but deduces that if Moro were stalling for time then it must mean he can not beat him at full office. Goku powers back up into Ultra Instinct Sign, apologizing to Merus for not continuing his stamen balancing act any longer, deciding to fight at wax potency .
As both Goku and Moro begin to use their full moon strength, their auras begin to collide. Goku ‘s wins out and he is able to push Moro back and the two fight an evenly meet battle until Goku knocks Moro down. After standing back up, Moro admits that he had been excessively cautious earlier and will not lose to Goku if that is the true extent of his ability. As Goku begins to slow down after having reached his limit, Moro gains a clear border in battle. Goku attempts one last desperate push to increase his exponent beyond his limits but Moro thoroughly begins to beat Goku down until he drops out of his Ultra Instinct Sign shape.

When he attempts to absorb Goku ‘s energy, Android 17 and Android 18 intervene but fail to leave much of a notice on Moro. Vegeta last returns to Earth using Instant infection with Goku surprised to see him pull the proficiency off then begins to watch as Vegeta is following to take Moro on. It soon becomes apparent that Moro is getting weaker as the battle progresses and Vegeta gains the upper berth hand. Goku realises what Vegeta has achieved and tells Gohan and Piccolo that Vegeta is using Forced Spirit Fission, something Goku was unable to learn previously. This allows Vegeta to liberate the stolen department of energy from Moro where he proceeds to release it to its bespeak of origin. As Vegeta battles on, Piccolo notes his emergence as a person which he believes is thanks to Goku. Goku is naturally forgetful to this, just vowing to surpass him once again .
unfortunately, Moro ‘s disadvantage is short lived. Absorbing Seven-Three, Moro achieves greater power and promptly takes Vegeta polish. Goku gets to his feet and along with Gohan and Piccolo, despite being exhausted prepare to take him on. Though Vegeta returns about immediately afterwards, Moro takes him down once again but not before stealing all of his abilities for himself. Gohan and Piccolo promontory in to engage Moro, with Gohan able to ensnare Moro using Gotenks ‘ Galactic Donut proficiency and Goku, back in his Super Saiyan Blue form, uses the Instant Kamehameha to blast Moro at point lacuna scope. This destroys Moro ‘s arm but much to Goku ‘s traumatize and horror, Moro promptly regenerates the arm and drives it straight through Goku ‘s chest where he proceeds to collapse in a near death state of matter .
Thanks to the arrival of Whis and Merus on Earth, Goku and his decrease allies are transported outside of the barrier that Moro had erected. due to being in the worst condition, Dende heals Goku first gear and then informs him that an Angel is presently in battle with Moro. Goku recalls being told of how Angels will disappear if they were to fight outside of train and concerned for Merus ‘ well being he rushes back to the battlefield. Goku transforms into Ultra Instinct Sign once again and cursorily takes over the battle but is unable to land a one blow before Moro sends him hurtling away. He tells Merus that despite all their train, he hush has n’t gotten the hang of it. however, Merus tells him that his educate did cultivate and he is entirely a gradation off from achieving its on-key country. Merus re-enters the struggle, using his true powers as an Angel to destroy the ball on Moro ‘s body to seal away his replicate ability. As Merus begins to fade away, Goku looks on feeling distraught and helpless. Merus tells Goku that should he achieve Ultra Instinct again at his current level of force, the form will be more stable and Moro, nor anyone else will be able to defeat him. He asks Goku to protect the galaxy that he has grown to love and disappears into the tip .
Goku then begins to build up a fresh establish level of lastingness but tries to calm himself down. Understanding that he is n’t fighting alone and that Merus ‘s sacrifice was for the universe as a whole, Goku accepts his military position as a stream member of the Galactic Patrol, acknowledging that it is now his speculate to protect the population. Goku re-enters into the perfect Ultra Instinct express for the first fourth dimension since the Tournament of Power and promptly establishes his superiority over Moro, blocking and dodging all of his attacks with ease before landing a mighty float on Moro that shakes the entire planet. After Moro tries unlike even bootless strategies, Goku kicks him into a nearby rock, with the impingement causing a large part to fall onto Moro which traps him underneath. As Moro beg for his life, Goku confirms from Jaco that Moro had been sentenced to death leading him to remove his Gi with the Galactic Patrol insignia, stating that from immediately on he will fight Moro as an Earthling. Goku destroy the boulders pinning Moro then teleports over to the newly Krillin and takes the bag of Senzu from him. He offers to spare Moro ‘s life if he promises to return to the Galactic Prison and stays there. Moro accepts and Goku tosses him a Senzu which he eats but unsurprisingly Moro breaks his promise and attacks Goku. however, Moro alternatively breaks his wrist on Goku ‘s body. Goku calls him a coward that could never defeat him and reverts to his normal department of state asking Moro if he has always trained ahead. When Moro says no, Goku calls it a compassion as he could have grown stronger through discipline than he ever did by eating planets and would have loved the opportunity to fight with him again .
Jaco urges Goku to finish off Moro and once more Goku asks if he will return to prison. Moro spots his previously severed branch behind Goku and vows to continue his ways causing Goku to tap back into Perfected Ultra Instinct to finish him. Moro summons his branch back towards him and attaches it, gaining Merus ‘ world power and ability and takes on a promote develop form. The two conflict once more and fearful of the damage they could do to the Earth, Goku takes the brush into the flip with Moro amazed at what his body is now able of. Racing across the satellite, Moro kicks Goku into a batch and as they continue, Moro ‘s body begins to swell to several times its normal size with Whis explaining that his body is attempting to contain the Angel power coursing throughout him. As Goku gains the advantage he reminds Moro that he is now experiencing the same thing that Saganbo did before and urges Moro to give up the ability before it destroys him. As Moro realizes that he must attain a body strong enough to endure the power, Whis tells Goku that if he intends to kill Moro then he should do so now. Goku goes to finish the problem only for Moro to merge himself with Earth. Whis tells everyone that Moro ‘s destiny is now tied to Earths and in addition, his body now risks detonating which will eradicate the galaxy along with it. While Goku continues to try and fight off Moro, Beerus was about to join Goku in the fight, citing the situation calls for his hindrance. however before he can actually help Whis and Beerus are summoned by the Grand Minister to speak about Merus vanishing. Before taking off, Whis casually halt ‘s Moro ‘s attacks while telling Goku in arrange to save everything and fix his mistake he must destroy the crystal as Merus did. Goku questions if he can actually do that and Whis reminds him with Ultra Instinct he has godly office and is more then enough to do it .
Before Goku get ‘s a probability Moro sucks the crystal inside the Earth. Vegeta flies in and starts to use his Spirit Fission to revert Moro ‘s body back a act and draw the crystal out, giving Goku the orifice to end it. Before Goku can though he get ‘s caught by Moro who drain ‘s his energy. Piccolo along with Gohan and the rest of the team arrive and Piccolo believes Vegeta ‘s Spirit Fission can work in reverse and wants Vegeta to take all of there Energy and give it to Goku. Their families along with Dende and Mr. Popo besides contribute causing Goku to ability back up to Super Saiyan Blue, but it even is n’t enough to break absolve of Moro ‘s grip. Gohan asks how come Goku is n’t using Ultra Instinct and Vegeta tells him he ca n’t as he merely got divine Ki from Dende and it is n’t enough to make him go Ultra Instinct again. Considering get the better of Vegeta along with most of the Z-Fighter ‘s give up seeing as Moro is literally here and now ‘s away from exploding, Gohan and Krillin choose to go directly to Goku to break him free in a undertake to save him .
suddenly Vegeta and Piccolo notice a gigantic ball of Godly Ki appearing above them. Dende realizes that it is coming from Uub, with aid from the Grand Supreme Kai. Dende figures out that when Kid Buu was reincarnated as Uub, Uub received all of the Godly Ki he took from Grand Supreme Kai. Vegeta, not knowing where it is coming from thanks the person and promptly uses his Spirit Fission and gives it to Goku. in full regenerate Goku powers up to Ultra Instinct and grows in stature to overpower Moro. once overpowering Moro, Goku flies out of his gigantic aura and smashes the crystal, killing Moro once and for all .
As Goku ‘s friends rush over to congratulate him, Vegeta asks where the final burst of exponent came from. Goku deduces that it must be from person else amazing on Earth and that they ‘ll find out some day. Goku joins his friends and family at a banquet at Satan House before taking Esca back home. A few days late, Goku, Vegeta, Buu and Jaco head back to Galactic Patrol Headquarters where they are awarded with medals for their efforts in defeating Moro. much to his shock, he is reunited with Merus who had been revived by the Grand Minister but now as a deadly. Elated to see him again, Goku and the others take a celebratory photograph and with that his time with the Galactic Patrol comes to an end .

Granolah the Survivor Saga

Main article: Granolah the Survivor Saga
sometime late, Goku and Vegeta return to Beerus ‘ Planet to continue their discipline. Goku catches the Oracle Fish for Whis so that he can inject him with some vitamins to help him sleep due to him presently having insomnia. Following this, Goku has a sparring session with Whis, transforming into Perfected Ultra Instinct at will. Despite the power up, he is inactive not able to land a blow on the Angel and is told that obtaining Ultra Instinct is merely the first step and now he must learn greater control condition over it. The think of being able to grow stronger still excites Goku as he continues sparring. As he and Vegeta continue their separate train, Goku ponders which of them will be the strongest in the universe, even asking Whis if he knows of anyone stronger than them. When the Oracle Fish wakes up, she repeats her prophecy that soon the strongest warrior in the universe will rise up. Goku and Vegeta then pester the fish for answers as to who it is though she refuses to answer and Goku continues his train. Whis asks Goku what the cardinal difference is between himself and the Angels. After a promptly demonstration where Goku finds himself whacked on the head by Whis ‘ staff, Whis explains that they are always in the Ultra Instinct state of matter whereas Goku transforms in order to entree it, believing that he equates Ultra Instinct to his transformation. Goku then realizes that he must learn to use Ultra Instinct in his normal form to which Whis tells him that doing indeed will free him of his stamina drain and that the transformation should be used as a survive recourse when he requires to surpass his limits. Over the next few weeks Goku makes significant progress with his train. When both he and Vegeta decide to head back to Earth to meet up with the Heeters members, Oil and Macki, who have requested their aid in defeating a knock-down villain, Whis marks his Gi once again with his signature. They board the Heeter ‘s Spaceship and with 18 days until they reach their address, Goku decides to take advantage of the ships chef and the epicure cook. They finally arrive on grain with Goku aboard Vegeta flying to the villain unaware of them being tricked by the Heeters. While they are flying past a ruin city a bunch of random Ki blasts appear in front of them with the two scantily able to dodge them. Goku using his refine Ultra Instinct is able to have an easier time dodging the blasts before landing on the ground before being surprised that the blasts did n’t appear from there. Goku sees another barrage of blasts and proceeds to dodge them but is finally caught by one with it striking one of his vital points. Goku recovers with a Senzu Bean and is called out by Vegeta for relying on his Ultra Instinct excessively much to which Goku agrees .
Goku transforms into a Super Saiyan, spotting Granolah and firing a Energy Wave at him but the latter dodges and immediately teleports behind him, much to the former ‘s storm. The Cerealian unwittingly reveals he ‘s the “ villain ” and knows the Saiyan race much to Goku ‘s shock with Goku telling Vegeta if he knows of the Cerealians which Vegeta does not. Goku is then caught off guard when Granolah uses a similar proficiency to Hakai and asks Vegeta if he wants to work together which gets declined. Goku is told by Vegeta that he should go inaugural as vengeance which Goku agrees and descends to the land declaring he ‘s the first gear to fight .
Goku is asked by Granolah if he can turn into a great Ape but Goku declines stating he ca n’t pull off that transformation anymore. Goku transforms into Super Saiyan God then they engage in battle with Goku struggling to fight before using Ultra Instinct in conjunction with his form to dodge Granolah ‘s attacks. Goku is finally struck in one of his unaccented points and reverts back to base form. Goku is now aware of how Granolah is able to spot his weaknesses and listens as to why Granolah wants retaliation on Frieza. With the cognition of his intentions Goku questions the former if he ‘s in truth an foe. Goku sees Granolah powering up then says that he can not be called the strongest that easily and turns into Super Saiyan Blue, fighting evenly with the latter .
Goku battles against Granolah in and around a afforest area, dodging blast and blow alike before Granolah swings around a corner by his scarf to deliver a flying kick on Goku. Goku recovers and stands his flat coat against the Cerealian ‘s heavy blows, letting out a raging hell of Ki that obliterates the surrounding area. Granolah notes with his evolved right eye that the flow of blood and movement of cells within Goku ‘s body have altered ; Goku has combined Ultra Instinct with the Perfected Super Saiyan Blue form. Goku begins to move around Granolah at incredible travel rapidly, evading his attacks before firing off a knock-down Kamehameha at blunt crop. Granolah, however, is still able to land his pressure point attack at a vital period in Goku ‘s neck as he is hit by the wave. As the debris clears, Granolah is mildly damaged, but Goku is a lot worse for wear ; having dropped down to his base class. Goku sticks to his impression that a dependable practitioner of Ultra Instinct should have no faint points, and that his training must be lacking. Granolah causes the ground beneath Goku ‘s feet to swell and explode upwards with a awful energy that Goku struggles to counter. Goku desperately escapes with Instant Transmission and lands by Vegeta, noting that Granolah ‘s technique is similar to Moro ‘s. Vegeta inform Goku about his discoveries : the Cerealians were a race that were wiped out by the Saiyans under Frieza ‘s command retentive ago. The Saiyan pair realize that Granolah is the last survive Cerealian out for revenge, and that the Heeters lied to them about his villainy. Reasoning that nothing less than beating him will allow them to convince Granolah that the Saiyans are no longer his enemies, Goku claims to still have hope of victory and transforms once more into Perfected Ultra Instinct, as Granolah reels with shock ; he can not detect any pressure points .
Goku attacks again, only this time, Granolah is unable to perceive his movements as the Saiyan launches a lightning-fast assault that tears off his attack goggles and knocks him around the afforest. Goku tries to reason with the revengeful warrior, but Granolah is unmoved and attacks Goku viciously. He is unable to penetrate the Saiyan ‘s autonomous defense, and finds his shove off halted by Goku ‘s telekinesis, before being lifted into the atmosphere and punched by a series of ki blasts to the stomach. Vegeta believes the battle is won, but notices that Granolah ‘s energy has not dropped deoxyadenosine monophosphate much as it should. He then detects Granolah ‘s baron coming from elsewhere .
Granolah expresses surprise at the lastingness of the Saiyans. however, Granolah may have underestimated Goku, but he has not lost so far. He explains to a confused Goku that the Granolah he is facing is not his true self ; he split his baron aside at the begin of the struggle, taking some of the world power of his true torso and creating an magic trick ringer to fight. Vegeta finds the true Granolah, sitting in his starship, and alerts Goku as the clone vanishes into slender air. But as Vegeta turns rear to the ship, the true Granolah teleports to Goku ‘s placement and strikes a atmospheric pressure item directly over his heart that briefly stops it, causing him to drop out of Perfected Ultra Instinct. A concluding, devastating blow sends Goku crashing through the forest. Granolah says that he wanted to save his dependable intensity for Frieza, but having Goku fight a ringer first worked to his advantage as the accuracy of his Perfected Ultra Instinct only drops over time. He then mocks Goku for falling for his trick and prepares to kill him with a ki blast, only to be interrupted by Vegeta. curtly afterwards, Goku wakes up and immediately suffers intense trouble from the atmospheric pressure item attack Granolah inflicted on him earlier, and begins to observe Vegeta ‘s contend with Granolah. He begins to self heal his wounds therefore that he can get back into the action .
Goku leaps binding in to the fight in the dent of meter to save Vegeta from a killing blow, however, Vegeta gets to his feet and unexpectedly roundhouse-kicks Goku into a nearby rock, angered at the thought of having the competitiveness taken away from him. Vegeta then tells Goku that they had only ever fought in concert in the past when something needed protect. Goku asks about his life which needs preservation, though Vegeta scoffs at this and says he would quite die than team up with him. Unaware, Granolah charges in to strike a blackmail point over Vegeta ‘s heart, though Goku is able to save him in fourth dimension by pushing him away using a Kiai .
Granolah asks how he was able to react in time, with Goku saying that he now has a take on his vital target strategy and it will not work anymore. The two begin to struggle with Granolah apparently ending the fight fast with a pressure point attack to the back of Goku ‘s neck. however, Goku attacks Granolah from behind, claiming that the same move will not work on him again. Granolah attempts another fire, but Goku is able to move his coerce points and counters with a punch. Goku says that he can not dodge the attack completely, but is able to shift his pressure points adequate to avoid fateful price. Granolah praises his defensive ability, but claims that he will not surpass him as his attacking push is not up to par. Vegeta stirs and once more gets to his feet, watching as Goku is sent crashing to the ground and drops out of Perfect Super Saiyan Blue .
Vegeta decides to take over, still not wanting to team. He asks Goku to leave the fight to him, and Goku agrees. however Granolah overpowers Vegeta and attempts to finish him off in one final sacrificial act. Goku tries to intervene, but the baron of the attack stops him from getting close. Monaito, who appears on the setting, calls out to Granolah to stop, and the sudden distraction gives Goku the gamble to knock Granolah to the ground, calling both him and Vegeta stupid. Monito tells Granolah that he had lied to him as there was one Saiyan who did not earn his vengeance. Forty years ago, the man who had saved both Granolah and himself was none early than a Saiyan named Bardock .
When Monaito questioned Goku if there was any sexual intercourse because of their resemblance, Goku was uncertain because he was raised by Gohan on Earth. however, Vegeta soon reveals that Bardock was Goku ‘s father, to the latter ‘s shock. Goku soon remarks he wish he knew more about his father while Vegeta comments that the kindness in truth is genetic in Goku ‘s family. curtly afterwards, Gas emerges, having nowadays become the strongest in the population thanks to Elec ‘s summoning the dragon and making the wish. Both Goku and Vegeta were shocked to hear that Cereal had Dragon balls and that is where Granolah got his intensity. After taking down Goku, Gas focuses his efforts on Granolah, proceeding to take him down with ease. As Monaito heals Goku of his wounds, the recovering Saiyan asks Vegeta to go get the Senzu Bean that was stored away in his armor and tells him to eat it. Goku attempts to buy him some time and heads back into conflict as Super Saiyan Blue but finds himself far outmatched. Granolah soon returns to take over the conflict in Goku ‘s stead who then watches events unfold with Vegeta. Granolah appears to defeat Gas using his superior skill set however when Elec shows up and removes Gas ‘s necklace, his instincts are unleash, giving him access to far greater might than ahead though he is initially in a angry and frenzied submit. During his rampage, he promptly takes down Granolah before savagely kicking Vegeta and taking him down. Goku rushes in with a punch and though it is blocked, Gas is reminded of his struggle with Bardock long ago and backs off. Gas soon snaps out of his madness as his soundbox undergoes a new class .
After Gas breaks Granolah ‘s arms and Elec fatally shoots him in the back, Vegeta gives his remaining ki to Goku. Goku takes a abstruse breath then goes Perfected Super Saiyan Blue. Gas attacks Goku with a multitude of special weapon-based energy techniques, followed by using Telekinesis to throw buildings at the Saiyan before striking him with a moving train. Goku flips up on to the lead of the train and Gas joins him. Asking Goku to show his true military capability, he notices that he does not seem to have the same ferocious resolve that his church father once had and questions if he actually is his son. Goku is sent into the lake below and begins to suffocate subaqueous, however not satisfied by such a dim-witted death, he returns Goku ‘s counter attack right back at him. As Goku wonders how he is going to be able to defeat his adversary, Gas spots Monaito using his Healing powers to partially restore Granolah. Gas makes a bee-line for Monaito but before he is able to reach him, Goku grabs a cargo area of him and uses Instant Transmission to teleport them off of Cereal. After doss land on another planet and greeting Jaco, Goku confidently states that Gas has an deficient version of teleportation than his own and baits Gas to teleport into embarrassing positions. Next, Goku and Gas are teleported into the Galactic Prison where Gas is mocked by villains from the past. On a volcanic planet, Goku appears nearby Whis and the Oracle Fish, followed shortly by a confuse Gas. Goku reveals his gambit : he leaves using Instant Transmission back to the Galactic Patrol transport he precisely left. From there, he promptly chains together a sequence of Instant Transmissions before last landing back on Cereal. Gas realizes that Goku has stranded him and is excessively far away to directly return to Cereal with Instant Transmission. unable to follow Goku back along their road, Gas furiously asks Whis for the commission to Cereal, which he provides. Gas takes off into space at incredible speed .
Goku regroups with the others, having bought them some time. Oatmeel is besides present, having activated a mobile android mode to help out. In a hovercar on the means to Monaito ‘s house, Goku is contacted by Whis who warns Goku that Gas is approaching and will return in 20 minutes. At the house, Monaito tells Goku that he has something to show him ; Bardock ‘s Scouter. Oatmeel begins to play the Scouter ‘s store audio, and Monaito recognizes Bardock ‘s part, warning him to escape with Granolah from the battle with Gas 40 years ago. He tells them to “ Stay alert ”, awakening a trench, repress memory within Goku of Bardock and Gine telling him the same thing as they sent him away from Planet Vegeta before its destruction .

Dragon Ball Heroes

Dark Empire Saga

Main article: Dark Empire Saga In the manga, one of the Dark Dragon Balls travels back to the Battle of Namek and fuses with Frieza, with its baron, the now Xeno Frieza is able to easily take down Super Saiyan Goku Xeno Goku and Xeno Trunks arrive to correct the timeline and help Goku fight Xeno Frieza. Xeno Frieza goes into his 100 % Full Power state of matter to block two Super Kamehamehas fired by Xeno Goku and Super Saiyan Goku, but the attacks give Xeno Trunks enough time to get behind Xeno Frieza and cleave him in half – in the lapp manner that Xeno Frieza ‘s Death Saucer did in the proper time – knocking the Dark Dragon Ball away from Xeno Frieza. The fight then continues as it is meant to, with the injure Frieza beg Goku for mercy and afterwards the timeline restores to normal .

Prison Planet Saga

Main article: Prison Planet Saga At some target after the tournament of Power, Goku and Vegeta are second to training with Whis on Beerus ‘ planet. future Trunks and Future Mai travel back in time and future Trunks trains with Goku and Vegeta. Future Trunks is kidnapped and taken to the Prison Planet, then Goku, Vegeta and Future Mai head their to rescue him .
On the Prison Planet, Goku encounters another Goku, both Goku ‘s witness that the other posse a form that the other does not have ( Goku with Super Saiyan Blue and Xeno Goku with Super Saiyan 4 ) and then they wish to see who is stronger, the two seem evenly matched but in the end Goku defeats Xeno Goku, who notes that Goku is a step above him. Goku questions Xeno Goku, but finds they are on the lapp side. Fu arrives and explains the situation and how to escape the Prison Planet – by obtaining the seven particular Dragon Balls held by the prisoners .
In the zanzibar copal, soon afterwards they are confronted by the evil Saiyan Cumber. After Goku transforms into a Super Saiyan 2 and attacks Cumber, he loses all reason having come into contact with such evil ki and mutates into a Super Saiyan : amuck where he then then begins to attack Vegeta alternatively. After future Trunks arrives with Cooler, Cooler transforms to become Golden Cooler and with his modern recover persuasiveness defeats Goku with a one punch causing him to regain his senses. After Mai tosses him and Vegeta a copulate of Potara, the two fuse to become Vegito in order to fight against Cumber .
After using up all their world power in the fusion, they return to their individual selves alone to see a Golden Great Ape Cumber standing in front of them. Goku attempts to battle it as a Super Saiyan but is cursorily beaten and stepped on. In rate to escape from being crushed, Goku transforms into a Super Saiyan Blue and proceeds to use the Kaio-ken X20 but the battle is interrupted by Fu who reverts Cumber to his normal submit so he does not destroy the seal surrounding the Prison Planet. Cumber continues to attack Goku who immediately uses the form of Super Saiyan God but is still beaten exhaust and about killed before being saved by Xeno Goku immediately with Xeno Vegeta .
Vegeta tries to wake up Goku to get all of them out of here when on the spur of the moment Goku reawakens into Ultra Instinct. With his counterpart in a stun silence, Goku very cursorily overpower and dominates Cumber. Goku looks at his counterpart before going binding in to finish Cumber. Xeno Goku, knowing himself, asks everyone to grab onto him and uses Instant Transmission to teleport off the satellite. Ultra Instinct Goku then defeats Cumber with a Kamehamaha. Before he can finish him, Fused Zamasu arrives and steals Cumber ‘s torso aside, leaving Goku alone on the blowing up planet .

Universal Conflict Saga

Main article: Universal Conflict Saga
Goku was saved by the Grand Minister, who brought Goku to Zeno ‘s planet and gave him modern overdress that resembled his own. The Grand Minister takes him to Universe 11 where both his allies and his enemies are surprised to see him. In the anime, without saying arsenic much as a news, he enters into his Ultra Instinct Sign submit and swats Oren, who is in monomania of Vegeta ‘s body, murder of future Trunks to save him. As Zamasu and Hearts make a remark on Goku ‘s Godly world power, an agitate Oren attempts to attack Goku but he is well overpowered and unable to land a single approach. With a single punch, Goku is able to separate Oren from Vegeta and then blasts away an incoming Kamin. He then stares up at Hearts, prepared to face him next .
Goku hovers astir to Hearts, confirming that he is the person he ‘d been tell of when Kamin and Oren attack him in unison. Goku easily overwhelms them with his persuasiveness and reflexes and knocks them down again. After Kamin and Oren merge together to become Kamioren, Goku briefly battles the blend warrior until Hearts mobilize Rags who appears within a large bespeak looking glass shard that Hearts sends towards Goku. Goku exerts all his military capability in destroying the shard and reverts back to his convention state in the procedure. Rags then uses the break smaller pieces to attack Goku and badly injures him to the indicate he falls down. Trunks saves him just in time from being hit by a full of life assail but then manages to get to his fight to in turn salvage Trunks though receives even more damage. When Hearts sends Rags forth to Universe 3, Hearts vows to draw out Goku ‘s dependable Ultra Instinct exponent. Goku transforms into a Super Saiyan and charges at Hearts but is immediately brought down by his Gravity Burst proficiency. Just then Shin teleports into the area and he and Goku teleport themselves, Trunks and Vegeta away .
They arrive in Universe 7 where Piccolo and Android 17 articulation up with them in order to struggle the Core Area Warriors that appear. Goku transforms into a Super Saiyan and heads directly for Hearts but is once again repeatedly slammed to the footing via his Gravity Burst proficiency. After Hearts powers up, Goku gets to his feet cook for another cycle. Goku and Hearts begin fighting though he is forced backwards by a barrage of punches. With fiddling other choice, Goku powers up further into his Super Saiyan Blue department of state .
immediately able to compete with Hearts on equal grounds but is pushed back as Hearts comments that Goku ‘s desire to fight can only be satisfied by him, which Goku rebuffs. The two acknowledge that neither is still using their entire power. When the competitiveness commences again, Goku turns the tides on him and overwhelms Hearts with a Kamehameha. however Hearts gets back on his feet and taunts Goku before using his graveness powers on him. When Hearts uses his Gravity Fist technique, Goku is shown to be at a disadvantage as Hearts begins to power up even further. Hearts draws his energy cubes towards him and charges at Goku hard enough to send him to the ground and out of his Super Saiyan Blue shape .
After Kamioren undergoes a transformation after merging with the world power of the Universe Seed, Goku intervenes and stops one of Kamioren ‘s punches aimed for Vegeta but is far overpower and caught in his grip. After struggling to break detached, he enters into his Ultra Instinct Sign country once more and instinctively dodges Kamioren ‘s punches and energy blasts. Kamioren fires a Mouth Energy Wave at Goku which he stops in it ‘s tracks and sends second at his enemy. As he brings his adversary down to his knees, Kamioren fires another energy wave but this fourth dimension around is able to catch him .
Goku withstands the energy smash and emerges in his master Ultra Instinct submit where he then proceeds to dominate the battle. When the other members of the Dragon Team launch an energy barrage at Kamioren, Goku fires off a knock-down Kamehameha which causes the bolshevik bio-gem on Kamioren ‘s chest of drawers to begin to crack. Goku charges forth and follows up with a assume to the gem which causes Kamioren to shatter into pieces. Exhausted, Goku reverts back to his normal state .
When Hearts is merging with the Universe Seed, Fused Zamasu appears to defend him. He takes down the entire Dragon team with a one blow each but Goku manages to regroup himself and fights on, but ineffective to transform due to being exhausted of energy from recently using Ultra Instinct, he is at a disadvantage and Zamasu soon twists his arm around his back. He is saved by the appearance of Jiren and soon after Hit. The three undertake to take on Zamasu but are pushed back by a pulse from the newly completed Universe Seed .
Goku and the rest of the group organize to face Hearts when he uses a solicitation of green ball to attack and enclose the group in a tight space. Hearts takes Goku down with a single coke along with the others but as they get to their feet, Goku is the inaugural to attack, transforming into a Super Saiyan Blue. however, his momentum is halted as Hearts tells him that he can see his movements and his kernel before sending him flying backwards. After suffering through another barrage, Goku suggests to Vegeta that they should fuse, not knowing when his Ultra Instinct may be available to him again. While his friends buy him time, Goku and Vegeta complete the process to fuse into Gogeta. Gogeta finally defeats Hearts and returns peace to the Earth. Jiren asks why they did n’t fuse in concert during the Tournament of Power. Before Gogeta can respond, he defuses back into Goku and Vegeta individually. Vegeta finishes the explanation that it ‘s because he never wants to fuse with Goku. Goku laughs off the gloss, saying that adjacent time he will deal with the enemy all by himself .

universe Creation Saga

Main article: Universe Creation Saga
In the anime, at Capsule Corporation, Goku examines a strange bird he ‘s found named Tokitoki, until it unexpectedly bites him on the nuzzle after saying it has a stupid looking expression. Gohan, Piccolo, Krillin and Android 17 articulation Goku ‘s side in figuring out what the boo is when Xeno Trunks and Xeno Pan appear from another dimension in search of Tokitoki and explain how important he is. suddenly the twelve Gods of Destruction appear and threaten them, surprised Goku asks what Beerus is doing and he explains to Goku his prediction of a foreign bird appearing in Universe 7 and destroying all universes. The Gods of Destruction train to destroy everyone when Beerus halts them, wanting to take duty for his own universe. Goku and Vegeta head up to face Beerus and transform into Super Saiyan Blue .
Goku charges at Beerus and throws a string of attacks at Beerus that are ineffective to land before being kicked away with relief. The competitiveness is put to a crippled with the arrival of Xeno Goku and Xeno Vegeta who point out the roots belonging to the Universe Tree. Fu shows up shortly afterwards and explains his plans to create a new universe using the tree which will come at the price of early planets and lifeforms. After disappearing, Beerus unleashes his own office to counter the tree, halting it from being able to absorb energy for the meter being, but ineffective to keep it up for long, Goku, Vegeta and Xeno Trunks head off in regulate to search for Fu and put a stop to his plans .
They are joined by Xeno Pan and Tokitoki who manage to track down an area where they believe Fu will appear. Before he does however, Turles and Bojack who are sided with Fu arrive with intentions of revenge from having been defeated years prior. As the two promptly become hostile, Goku transforms into a Super Saiyan Blue to confront Turles and his new Evil Saiyan power. As they battle, Fu appears and Goku and Vegeta attack to face him but are struck in the back by energy blasts as Turles and Bojack refuse to let them leave. The two continue to conflict until Dogidogi, under the command of Fu, flaps his wings to freeze Goku and the others in place allowing Fu to take the opportunity to capture Tokitoki and elude through a space-time distortion .
concisely afterwards, Goku and the rest of his group by chance fall through a fourth dimension distortion where they meet up with Xeno Goku and Xeno Vegeta once again along with a very hostile and empower Janemba. Believing Janemba to be another one of Fu ‘s companions, Goku and Vegeta transform into Super Saiyan Blue and attack point on but find themselves ineffective to land a reverse due to Janemba being given analysis on their alternate counterparts abilities. Goku continues to conflict. now aboard Xeno Goku and the two ultimately land a punch merely before Salsa and Putine intervene. Goku and the others are drawn into battle once more with Janemba and placid at a disadvantage and with few options, Goku, Vegeta, Xeno Trunks and Xeno Pan pool their Saiyan Power into Xeno Goku and Xeno Vegeta, allowing them to enter into the Super Full Power Saiyan 4 Limit Breaker submit where they go on to finish off Janemba. then he and the others are teleported to the localization of the Universe Tree thanks to Putines magic .
curtly after arriving, Fu appears, followed by Towa who teleports everyone away, leaving only Vegeta, Goku and Fu left at the Time Rift. When Vegeta attempts to take on Fu, he is overtaken when Fu uses Cumbers energy, that he has obtained for his own use, to turn Vegeta Berserk. Goku transforms into Super Saiyan Blue and tries to aid Vegeta but he excessively is taken over. The two enraged Saiyans flail wildly at Fu who easily fends them off before purifying them of their Evil Aura. With time running short and the Universe Tree close to destroying their universe, Goku removes a Potara from his pocket that he retrieved from Salsa and tosses it to Vegeta where they fuse once more into Vegito .

New Space-Time War Saga

Main article: New Space-Time War Saga
In the zanzibar copal, after Fu creates his new universe, Goku awakens alone in a foreign and eerie understudy version of West City on Earth, wondering what is going on. He is attacked by the Frieza Force including Frieza and Meta-Cooler while trying to escape from Fu ‘s Universe. He teams up with Hearts to fight the Golden Brothers, using Ultra Instinct Sign to fight and cursorily overwhelm Frieza before returning to his base form. however the galactic tyrants are given a abound of world power when they unexpectedly find themselves merged with a Dark Dragon Ball. The two brothers are able to pressure Goku and Hearts until Broly arrives on the scene and takes down everyone with rest .
After Broly takes off after the Warrior in Black and the Crimson-Masked Saiyan leaves. An exhaust Goku sits on the grind and Hearts tosses him a Senzu Bean. Goku recovers and thanks Hearts as he brings out the Four-Star Dragon Ball and tells Goku that if the Senzu Bean however had the same effect in the space-time then the lapp should be true for the Dragon Balls. The two decide to collect all the Dragon Balls and use them to escape. They head to Capsule Corporation where Goku collects the Dragon Radar. Turning it on, he picks up two signals, one of which belongs to Hearts and the other up above them. Goku teleports himself and Hearts to Planet Vegeta. There, the Crimson-Masked Saiyan arrives and informs Goku that he is his opposition before transforming into a Super Saiyan Rosé. Goku realizes that this is indeed Goku Black, revived through strange means. Black proclaims that he will defeat his original counterpart and prove himself to be superscript. Goku goes Super Saiyan Blue and the two fight, with Hearts following them after transforming into Super Hearts. however Goku Black defeats the two, holding the former by the neck and swiftly tosses him apart .
however, Goku by chance returns and appears behind the Crimson-Masked Saiyan in his Ultra Instinct Sign country. The Crimson-Masked Saiyan blasts Goku at point-blank range, though it causes no damage to him. Goku proceeds to avoid every one of his adversary ‘s attacks and appears to have the advantage in struggle. The Crimson-Masked Saiyan takes to the skies and fires a couple of energy blasts to leave Planet Vegeta on the verge of end .
Goku attempts to use instant transmission to escape, but is unable to as he can not sense any other qi signatures. however, much to everyone ‘s surprise Cell appears and teleports everyone aside just in nick of meter. Goku asks Cell how he was able to come back though Cell simply says it is just the lapp as how Hearts was able to. Vegeta asks why he decided to save them but Cell tells them to be affected role and hear what he has to say. Two other figures then appear behind the group with Goku and Vegeta surprised at their identity .
Goku and the others join Gohan and his group in a nearby cavern and shortly afterwards Shroom appears along with Salsa and Putine and explains that Cell is lending a hand in taking the Crimson-Masked Saiyan. With a herculean enemy to face and Goku not having yet mastered Ultra Instinct, Shroom and the early demons open up a doorway to a room exchangeable to that of the Hyperbolic Time Chamber. Goku and Vegeta go inside where they face phantoms in the guise of enemies from the past and apparently complete their train in time, leaving the room and making their way to West City to face the powered up Super Saiyan Rosé 3 Crimson-Masked Saiyan. together with Vegeta, they overpower their foe with Goku landing a mighty foe that sends his opponent hurtling into a build, concisely afterwards Goku ‘s Ultra Instinct state runs out. however the Crimson-Masked Saiyan enters into his Super Saiyan Rosé Full Power state and Goku and Vegeta are left with no choice but to fuse into Gogeta once again. Gogeta successfully defeats the mighty adversary and defuses. The Warrior in Black re-appears carrying the full located of Dragon Balls which he uses to send everyone out of the Pseudo Universe .
Goku finds himself back in the Crack of Time where he encounters a younger looking Fu who has absorbed Dogidogi. When Vegeta appears, Goku fuses him with again to become Gogeta and fights along Xeno Gogeta but the two are quickly overpowered and defuse. Fu then throws the Vegeta ‘s into a dark whirl to prevent far fusion, but the Goku ‘s welcome some unexpected backing in the form of Chronoa. Chronoa heals the pair injuries and asks that the two power up to their terminus ad quem. She then performs a proficiency that allows the two Saiyans to merge their Ki together. They attack with a combine Kamehameha, which breaks through all of Fu ‘s barriers, forcing him to block it himself. Despite Fu stating the attack was dangerous, Xeno Goku notes that, even with this huge exponent, he and his understudy self are inactive unable to beat the Dark King .
Fu begins absorbing power from the Universe Tree, and to an extent, all of the universe itself. When Fu attacks tries to attack Chronoa, Goku grabs one of Fu ‘s tendrils and rips it off. The energy given off by the tendril at first gear begins to overwhelm him, but Goku manages to harness it for his own by besides harnessing the Universe Tree ‘s baron to gain Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan ( Universe Tree Power ). Goku and Fu two betroth in an epic poem struggle, climaxing with a knock-down shine struggle that ends with Goku managing to finish him with a Kamehameha. Fu finds it impossible that the universe has sol much electric potential, and with those apparently being his last words, he is defeated with a smile on his font. After the battle, Goku is sent back to where he came from after Toktoki uses his exponent to restore universe 7 .

Supreme Kai of Time Saga

Main article: Supreme Kai of Time Saga interim on Earth, Goku enjoys a napoleon during his farm bring. Coming round, he is approached by a Mysterious Guide. After introducing himself, he tells Goku that he has been invited to the “ Super space-time Tournament ”, a tournament to determine the strongest fighter from every space-time. obviously excited by the expectation, Goku quickly accepts and is teleported away to the tournaments placement. once there, Goku reunites with Gohan, Piccolo, Vegeta, Hit, Jiren and Yamcha .
The Mysterious Guide re-appears and explains the rules of the tournament before the participates are teleported to the struggle field. On the battlefield Goku quickly crosses paths with his timeline counter-part Xeno Goku who are each elated at the prospect of fighting each other once again. however, Xeno Goku states his intention with the horde of the tournament Agios. Before he can explain his reasons as to why, the two Goku are ambushed by another team. They cursorily take them down before setting sights on each early as the prospect of facing another Goku is besides arouse to pass up. Goku transforms into Super Saiyan Blue while Xeno Goku transforms into Super Saiyan 4 begin their replay until it is halted due to members of their team discover Time Fairies which return them to the main hallway having progressed through the initial round .

passive World Saga

Main article: Peaceful World Saga
Ten years after the defeat of the malefic, pure Majin Buu, Goku kept training despite the fact that earth was at peace. He is training with his youngest son, Goten. When the tournament comes round, Goku forces Goten to cancel his date to enter and Goten shows disdain toward Goku ‘s rule. During the 28th World Martial Arts Tournament, Goku battles Majin Buu ‘s reincarnation, Uub, who was born after King Yemma heard his request made ten years ago. however, Uub was experiencing an extreme bout of phase fear, thus Goku was forced to make respective insults towards his family and obscene gestures to try and get him angry adequate to fight and overcome his fear .
After a short, however intense battle, Goku apologizes and explains to Uub that his insults were just meant to coax him into using his truthful power. Goku then takes Uub to train him to one day help oneself in being the defender of the satellite, although he late tells Uub that after the train, he desires to fight him again not only to discover the strongest out of the two, but the strongest in the entire universe. then they fly off in the distance ( in Kanzenban, Goku gives Uub, his Nimbus Cloud ) .

Dragon Ball GT

Black Star Dragon Ball Saga

Main article: Black Star Dragon Ball Saga

So, does this mean I have to go back to school now?
— Goku after being turned into a child

Five years after leaving the 28th World Martial Arts Tournament with Majin Buu ‘s reincarnation, Uub, Goku finishes training Uub, and they have just finished testing their abilities against one another in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber. Soon after Uub leaves the lookout and Goku finds out what is going on, an accidental wish by Emperor Pilaf transforms Goku back into a child. This wish was made on the Black Star Dragon Balls. As a result, Goku must travel the galaxy and return them to Earth to prevent the satellite from exploding from the negative energy created by the wish .
After leaving earth in the starship designed by Bulma, a piece of the transport falls off and Goku, Trunks, and Pan are forced to crash state on the planet Imecka to get the parts needed to repair the ship. Groups of merchants pour Goku and the others and they have to go to the gold star topology hotel to hide from the swarms of sellers. They then realize they are being charged every second for everything in the hotel including the lights. They escape without paying and lurch upon the house of an old couple and their children. They talk about Don Kee, the rule of the planet, and how he mistreats his people. Just then, Don Kee ‘s men come and repossess the old match ‘s house saying they were behind on payment. Goku suggests that they go and competitiveness Don Kee, but the couple says that is impossible because of his fantastic army. On their direction back to the ship Trunks drops the Dragon Radar and it is swallowed by a small automaton named T-2006, nicknamed Giru, who says that he can not give the radar back to them because it is already integrated into his system. interim, Goku notices the ship being dragged off by Don Kee ‘s men. He tries to use clamant transmission to teleport them to the ship, but after two failed attempts, he realizes that he can not use it with his small body. They are forced to travel to Don Kee ‘s palace on metrical foot to recover their ship. Pan decides that they will use a stealth operation to recover the embark and would lone result to fighting as a last recourse. After concisely sneaking about, a large rock candy falls on Trunks ‘ head and Giru starts making noises that alarm the guards. The guards exposed fire on Goku and the others and Pan says that they must fight now, so Goku agrees. Pan jumps in the have a bun in the oven cable car while Goku moves the embark onto the car and Pan drives the ship out of the palace with Goku and Trunks. While escaping, Don Kee ‘s henchmen Gale and Sheela fire a compound Energy Wave at Goku, but Goku deflects it back with ease towards Ledgic, Don Kee ‘s right-hand world who recognizes them as Saiyans. Goku and the others escape, but Trunks says they have to go back into town for more parts due to Pan ‘s “ foolhardy drive ” .
once they reach the town, everyone hides and Trunks finds the three of them on Imecka ‘s most want list. While running from Don Kee ‘s soldiers, they fall into the firm of a decent old couple who offer them food after realizing Goku and company mean no damage. They say that Don Kee made it a law that no one is allowed to own a ship so that no one would escape the satellite including the old match. Pan gets fed up and convinces Goku and Trunks to go face Don Kee head on. They turn themselves into the police and get brought to the palace. once there, Goku, Trunks, and Pan incapacitate Gale, Sheela, and all of Don Kee ‘s guards. then Goku blasts his way into Don Kee ‘s throne-room. Don Kee sicks Ledgic on the fighters after capturing Pan in an energy chamber. Ledgic says that he will fight Goku, but for his own gratification. After a short fight, Goku defeats Ledgic as a Super Saiyan and they take down Don Kee and make him give everyone spare rip and give them back their ships free of commission. Plus Don Kee gives them the parts they need for exempt and they leave Imecka. They then land on an nameless planet where everything is larger than life. Goku finds the Four Star Ball in the tooth of a elephantine and they go to the future planet .
On planet Gelbo, they find the Six-Star Dragon Ball in the hair of the princess of the greenwich village, Leena. Trunks asks for the ball, but her fiancé Doma said that they were in a large trouble already. The amphibian creature Zoonama was threatening the greenwich village with his power to create earthquakes and volcano eruptions by shaking his whiskers if they did not give him a wife. Goku decides that he would help them out in central for the Dragon Ball and they agree. Pan comes up with the mind to disguise Goku as Leena, but it does not work out, so trunk poses as Leena rather. Zoonama comes and starts getting impatient waiting for Leena and threatens to shake his whiskers. then Trunks arrives dressed as Leena and Zoonama takes him to his level. Trunks gets Zoonama potty and Goku arrives with Pan and Doma. Doma slices off Zoonama ‘s left whisker with a huge match of scissors and as he cuts off the bequeath one, Zoonama awakens in a bibulous rage. He begins to wiggle his whiskers and an earthquake begins to come, but stops soon after while Zoonama continues to wiggle his hair’s-breadth. Pan realizes that he can not cause earthquakes, he can alone predict them. But now he is so tipsy that he did not realize that the quiver was over. abruptly a actually big earthquake erupts and Goku and the others leave the cavern with Zoonama. Goku then stops the huge vent with a Kamehameha, saving the city and winning the Dragon Ball. Just as they are leaving the planet, Bon Para, one of the cryptic Para Brothers, arrives and takes the ball from Pan ‘s hands using his telekinesis. In shock, the three Z Fighters precisely watch as he leaves .
Goku then jumps in the transport with Pan and Trunks and they chase after the Para Brothers ‘ starship. The brothers trick them onto the asteroid, Beehay, inhabited by huge bloodthirsty worm-like creatures called Mouma. The Para Brothers escape and fly to the planet Luud. They go to Cardinal Mutchy Mutchy, who tells them that they have failed and that Goku has another Dragon Ball on his transport that they failed to get and they must go retrieve it. They travel back to find Goku and the others and they get hypnotized by the Para Para Boogie until they are saved by the athirst Mouma after they wake up. Pan goes aboard the Para Brothers ‘ embark to find the Dragon Ball that they stole. She unintentionally activates the auto-pilot and is brought to Luud. There she is captured and turned into a doll for the evil godhead, Dolltaki. Goku shows up with Trunks and kills Cardinal Mutchy Mutchy, who reveals that he is actually two parts the body and the flog transforms into Mutchie and fights Goku .
Trunks finishes Mutchie off with the Brave Cannon and saves Goku from his whip arms. then Dolltaki turns everyone except for Goku, himself, Trunks, and Pan into dolls and feeds them to the machine deity, Luud. Dolltaki then awakens Luud who takes him and Pan inside of his body to gain their energy. While Luud fights Goku and Trunks, Pan forces Dolltaki to tell her the weakness of the apparently invincible Luud. Dolltaki reveals that Goku must strike the external of Luud ‘s mechanical heart while Pan strikes the inside at precisely the same time. After multiple tries, Goku finally succeeds and destroys Luud freeing all of the people including Pan who is turned back to normal. Goku then takes back his Dragon Ball and they leave the satellite .

Baby Saga

Main article: Baby Saga

Then that’s what I’ll do. I know where Baby’s hiding right now, and if everything goes smoothly, Earth and all her people will be back to normal by the end of the day. Mr. Satan, you’ll take care of Pan.
— Super Saiyan 4 Goku before fighting Baby Vegeta

As our heroes arrive on the purportedly desert planet M-2, they continue on their quest for the Black Star Dragon Balls. They find themselves caught in a trap by the satellite ‘s inhabitants, mutant robots, and that Giru was deceiving them all along. Pan manages to escape and late rescues Goku who does conflict with the robotic group of commando known as the Sigma Force and their leader General Rilldo. however, both he and Pan are captured again and taken to Dr. Myuu for studying. Giru has a change of heart though and manages to rescue the three thanks to a cagey plan by Trunks .
It is then that we see Myuu ‘s true creation, Baby, who breaks free from his containment after being revived, but stopped by Goku and the others. however, as a get the better of and hurt Dr. Myuu escapes, a piece of Baby ‘s spread remains jumps onto his skin, late busting out of Dr. Myuu and reforming into his original country. Baby, is in fact the last exist Tuffle, the original inhabitants of Planet Vegeta ( Planet Plant ). Baby is a car mutant who was created by Dr. Myuu ; however, Baby states that he is Dr. Myuu ‘s passkey, and that Dr. Myuu was designed to revive him .
Goku, Trunks, and Pan arrive on earth to return the Black Star Dragon Balls, but soon discover that Baby has infected the population with mind-controlling eggs and chosen Vegeta as his modern host. After a short fight with Baby, Goku discovers that he can not sustain Super Saiyan 3 while still being a child. After being pummeled by Baby Vegeta, Goku is weak and defenseless. During this contend, however, Goku learns of Baby ‘s one failing ; he is sensible to taunts, and easily angered. meanwhile, Baby uses the Revenge Death Ball to finish off Goku, but Kibito Kai arrives fair as the bombard strikes to save Goku and bring him to the Sacred World of the Kais .
There, Old Kai hatches a plan to “ solve Goku ‘s energy trouble ” by re-growing Goku ‘s dock. Progress is decelerate at first, but Goku has an estimate about how to accelerate the process. After a very afflictive operation where the tail is pulled out by a match of pliers, Goku returns to the Tuffle satellite ( where most of Earth ‘s residents had migrated to ) to confront Baby. During the long and hard struggle with Baby Vegeta, Goku is able to sustain his Super Saiyan 3 kind, but is hush unable to win. As he lies on the grind, naked, he gazes at Earth and realizes he has failed it. But alternatively of dying, looking at the Earth causes Goku to transform into the form of a Golden Great Ape. With Pan ‘s help, Goku regains control of himself and become a Super Saiyan 4 .
Baby Vegeta is no meet against a Super Saiyan 4. In desperation, Bulma ( who ‘s under Baby ‘s control ) uses a Blutz Wave Generator that causes Baby Vegeta to transform into a Golden Great Ape. Although Goku outclasses Baby in terms of accelerate, he is lento worn down by Baby ‘s power. equitable as Old Kai loses all hope of Goku succeeding, Kibito Kai removes Gohan, Goten, and Trunks from Baby ‘s control using the Sacred Water from Kami ‘s Lookout. After realizing that they can not help by fighting the anthropoid, they channel some of their energy to Goku. Goku finally succeeds in defeating Baby Vegeta and leaves him defenseless. In desperation, Baby leaves Vegeta ‘s soundbox and tries to escape from Planet Tuffle, but Goku uses his Kamehameha attack to destroy Baby and blast his remains into the sun .

Super 17 Saga

Main article: Super 17 Saga A year after the frustration of Baby Goku fights in the 31st World Martial Arts Tournament, having to fight in the Junior Division with Mr. Satan saying there is a stature prerequisite. In the finals, his opposition wins by tickling Goku while he is talking to Vegeta, resulting in Goku falling out of the ring .
Some time afterwards, Goku and his family and friends are at home eating, until a badly beaten up Trunks arrives, saying he encountered Android 17, who told him to tell Goku to go to Hell to set things heterosexual. Goku leaves for Hell, where he meets Dr. Myuu and Dr. Gero, who leave, making Goku very frustrated with no way out, until two of his most fierce enemies of the past drop by, Cell and Frieza. Goku manages to deal with both of them in his normal state. Realizing Goku ‘s power, Cell forces out his tail and absorb Goku. This lone lasts for about ten seconds, since Goku finds his way out of Cell ‘s body. After a fight between Goku, Cell, and Frieza, they show Goku a new proficiency that they learned in Hell, the Hell ‘s baby buster : they create a tornado type spin that throws Goku polish to the deepest part of Hell. While there, a strange, old lady demonstrates respective tortures, which obviously ends by freezing Goku in a freeze of frost. interim, Cell and Frieza wait to use a eat up move on Goku. Goku ‘s end seems to have arrived until everyone realizes that the coating motion does not work on the live. Despite being freeze, Goku manages to hear their conversation. In his retaliation, he breaks free, attempts the freeze proficiency on Cell and Frieza, and successfully freezes them, but incidentally shatters them .

So, you’ve made quite a mess, 17. What do you say you show your face so I can start cleaning up, now?!
— Super Saiyan Goku before fighting Super 17

still trapped in Hell, Goku tries to find a way to get out. He asks King Yemma to aid him, with King Yemma responding that he does not know how to get Goku out. Piccolo contacts King Yemma and asks him to transport him to Goku. Believing the design is farcical, King Yemma refuses, leaving Piccolo to destroy significant portions of Heaven as a think of to convince him. King Yemma finally follows through with Piccolo ‘s idea and transports him directly to Goku where he, with Dende ‘s aid, open a gate between Hell and Earth to allow Goku to escape Hell. successfully escaping, Goku immediately leaves for the battlefield .
Goku fights the newly fused Super 17 after reaching the battlefield. He finally transforms into a Super Saiyan 4 but Super 17 ‘s ability to absorb his energy and grow stronger causes difficulties for Goku. With the help of Android 18, revengeful towards Android 17 for Krillin ‘s death, Goku defeats Super 17 with the use of the Super Dragon Fist through the android ‘s abdomen and chest. This attack presumably destroys Android 17 ‘s Energy Absorption devices. Goku then finishes off the android with a Kamehameha through the wounded Super 17 ‘s stomach, causing him to explode .

Shadow Dragon Saga

Main article: Shadow Dragon Saga
When the dragon, Shenron, is summoned to revive those killed by Super 17, the Dragon Balls crack and a unlike, cigar-smoking dragon appears in his place. This Black Smoke Shenron promptly splits into seven Shadow Dragons, each with a crack Dragon Ball in its body. Goku and his companions fight valiantly to defeat these new dragons. however, after six of the seven are defeated ( Naturon, Rage, Haze, Oceanus, Eis, and Nuova ) in a series of many struggles, the One-Star Dragon, Syn Shenron appears .
Proving to be more than a match for the Super Saiyan 4 Goku, Goku is badly beaten by the most potent of all the Shadow Dragons, losing his Super Saiyan 4 transformation and falling unconscious mind. Goku ‘s friends provide him with their own power, which makes Goku transform to Super Full Power Saiyan 4 and last become superior to Syn. unfortunately, the Evil Dragon absorbs the early Dragon Balls into himself, becoming Omega Shenron. even as a Ultra-full-power Saiyan 4, Goku ca n’t defeat the powered-up draco. He even combines 2 of his strongest attacks in the shape of Dragon Hammer but Omega hush survives this. After Vegeta ( nowadays a Super Saiyan 4 ) joins the competitiveness, they still ca n’t beat him so Vegeta suggests that they fuse to which Goku agrees, even mentioning that this will be “ special ”. Due to fusing Super Saiyan 4 Gogeta is born. however, the blend warrior does not finish off the malefic Shadow Dragon before the fusion wears off ascribable to wasting besides a lot clock. Later Goku ‘s might runs out and he reverts to his base child form. After being presumably killed by Omega ‘s Negative Karma Ball, Goku asks the people of the planet earth to send him their department of energy. The gather energy is not adequate to defeat Omega Shenron, so Goku asks King Kai to help him by gathering energy from all over the universe, creating the Super Ultra Spirit Bomb. The Spirit Bomb is successful in destroying Omega Shenron .

You know Shenron, I’ve never been this tired.
— Goku before he merges with Shenron .

The people of Earth witness this and last realize Goku is a champion. Afterward, the real Shenron appears once again, saying that no more wishes will be granted for a long time. After convincing Shenron to grant one last regard and asking that all the people who were killed by Super 17 and the Shadow Dragons be revived, Goku decides to accompany the dragon. Before leaving, Goku tells Vegeta that the lives of everyone are immediately in his hands, passing the function of defender of the Earth and anyone in want of help oneself, to Vegeta. Goku besides visits Krillin, who has recently been revived by the last wish, and the two of them have one concluding crusade before Goku flies off with Shenron. He then visits Hell to apologize to Piccolo for “ putting him through nothing but worry ”, vowing to remember him for deoxyadenosine monophosphate hanker as lives. With all loose ends tied up, Goku disappears along with Shenron .

Til we meet again, guys!
— “ Until We Meet Again “

A hundred late, as an aged Pan watches the World Martial Arts Tournament, she catches a glimpse of a familiar grimace in the stands : her grandfather, Goku ( now grown up once again, and without his tail ). When she tries to follow him, however, he disappears. Goku leaves since the earth is at peace but the narrator says he will always return when the earth is in danger. Goku is then seen flying into the publicize, grabbing onto his Power Pole, calling for the Flying Nimbus and finally flies off into the distance while shout, “ Til we meet again, guys ! ”

Film appearances

Bardock – The Father of Goku

Main article: Dragon Ball Z: Bardock – The Father of Goku

Only an average power level… and I thought you were special.
Dragon Ball Z: Bardock – The Father of Goku – Bardock after reading his son ‘s baron level ( Funimation dub )

Kakarot was born sometime in Age 737 on Planet Vegeta, during a clock of great convulsion. [ 5 ] Following a Saiyan custom, Kakarot was sent as a baby to planet Earth, in order to destroy its inhabitants and clear the planet for its future sale. [ 38 ] As Earth ‘s inhabitants were thought to be fallible, a baby Saiyan was considered adequate for the task, particularly after transforming into a great Ape by Earth ‘s full daydream. Kakarot ‘s father, a lower-class Saiyan warrior named Bardock, disappeared in his base planet ‘s destruction at the hands of Frieza shortly after Goku ‘s deviation to Earth. [ 178 ]

Curse of the Blood Rubies

Main article: Dragon Ball: Curse of the Blood Rubies
This movie is a repeat of Goku ‘s first travel, and his conflict against King Gurumes. He meets Bulma who tells him of the seven magic Dragon Balls. Soon, he encounters the Gurumes Army after they steal his Four-Star Dragon Ball. During their journey, Goku and Bulma rescue a daughter named Pansy from Oolong. While pursuing Oolong, Goku is attacked by Yamcha and Puar. After the battle against Yamcha, Pansy tells the crowd about King Gurumes and the Blood Rubies. They meet Master Roshi and Turtle as Pansy thinks the Turtle Hermit can help her village against Gurumes ‘ forces. On Roshi ‘s island, they are attacked by King Gurumes ‘ united states army and Goku witnesses Master Roshi performing a MAX Power Kamehameha to defeat Gurumes ‘ men. Afterwards Goku successfully pulls off of a Kamehameha of his own. Master Roshi turns down Pansy ‘s offer to help, suggesting that Goku is more than enough to get the job done. soon afterwards, Goku and his friends heads to the Land of Gurumes and fight head on against Gurumes ‘ forces. Goku battles against Bongo in a mid-air conflict and after using his power Pole to shatter the Flying Disc that he was standing on, he fights him again inside the castle. There he encounters King Gurumes himself. When he eats the Dragon Balls, Bulma summons Shenron and the wish is used to remove the Blood Rubies from the land. peace is restored and Goku heads out on the Flying Nimbus, bidding farewell to his friends .

Sleeping Princess in Devil’s Castle

Main article: Dragon Ball: Sleeping Princess in Devil’s Castle
After Goku arrives at Kame House in ordain to begin training under Master Roshi, he meets Krillin and wishes to undergo his educate. In order to do so, he and Krillin must first travel to Devil ‘s Hand in search of the Sleeping Princess. While at Devil ‘s Hand, they fight against Lucifer and his demons. It is revealed that the Sleeping Princess is a big diamond and Lucifer want to use its power to destroy the Sun. After being captured by Lucifer ‘s men and encased in a wall, Goku looks at the full moons and soon undergoes a transformation into a great Ape. His tail is once again removed after Puar transforms into a pair of scissors and cuts it off, causing him to revert to normal state. Goku and Krillin then fight against Lucifer, oversee to defeat him, and he is killed by his Devil Castle Cannon in the process after Goku fires a Kamehameha that moves the cannon towards him. Goku and Krillin then bring Launch to Master Roshi, allowing them to begin their train under the Turtle Hermit and takes a celebratory photograph with his friends .

Mystical Adventure

Main article: Dragon Ball: Mystical Adventure
As they completed their education earlier, Master Roshi takes his students Goku and Krillin to a soldierly Arts Tournament held by the Mifan Emperor Chiaotzu. In a barricade the night before, the gang helps Bora and Upa against the Mifan Army and Goku has a brief fight against Major Metallitron. The adjacent day, Goku witnesses Yamcha ‘s frustration at the hands of Bora and Bora ‘s death at the hands of General Tao. Furious, Goku enters the ring and fights against Tao, but is defeated and blasted by a Dodon Ray from Mifan to the top of Korin Tower where he meets Korin. Korin gives Goku some advice, saying that the reason he lost against Tao was due to being angry during the contend and was n’t seeing things clearly which causes Goku to see the error of his ways. At the bottom of the column, Goku meets Arale and the Gatchans. They take on General Tao and wield to defeat him by kicking missiles back at him. Goku returns to Mifan and rescues Upa from Major Metallitron by flying straight through his middle. After the frustration of Minister Shen, the gang uses the Dragon Balls to resurrect Upa ‘s beget back to life .

The Path to Power

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This movie is a recite of Goku ‘s first travel and his battles against the Red Ribbon Army. He meets Bulma for the first clock time and besides meets Oolong, Yamcha, and Puar while they are in the desert. After a struggle with Yamcha, Goku and his friends unintentionally run into Muscle Tower, but Goku is able to defend them. While inside the tugboat, he defeats major Metallitron and meets Android 8 and befriends him, giving him the nickname Eighter. After taking the Dragon Ball from Muscle Tower, they meet Turtle on the road. After returning him to the sea and meet Master Roshi, who gives him the Nimbus Cloud, they are attacked by General Blue and his forces from the sea .
fter seeing Master Roshi perform one, Goku releases a Kamehameha that closely destroys all of the enemy forces. Goku is knocked out by a missile and after Goku ‘s friends are kidnapped by the army, he attacks the main headquarters. He attacks Staff Officer Black while in his giant Battle Jacket after he ruthlessly murders Eighter in front of him. Goku snaps, and releases a Kamehameha that destroys Black, putting an conclusion to the Red Ribbon Army. Goku then uses the Dragon Balls to revive Eighter, delighted to his friend .

Dead Zone

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Those fancy moves won’t work on me!
— Goku while fighting Ginger, Nikki, and Sansho .

Four years after the kill of Piccolo Jr. in the 23rd World Martial Arts Tournament, Garlic Jr. ‘s henchmen show up at Goku ‘s House in in order to get the Four-Star Dragon Ball that Gohan wears on his hat, subsequently injuring Chi-Chi and Ox-King adenine well as kidnap Gohan. Goku visits Bulma at Kame House so that he can use the Dragon Radar to track down Gohan ‘s placement and heads off towards Garlic Castle in the bolshevik sea. soon after arriving, Kami appears and while he fights Garlic Jr., who has recently used Shenron to ask for immortality, Goku heads into the palace where he confronts the three henchmen. When Piccolo appears in order to get his own retaliation against Garlic Jr and his minions, Goku takes his battle with Nicky and Ginger outside where he promptly kills the two after firing a Kamehameha at them .
Goku and Piccolo team up to battle Super Garlic Jr and after removing their weighted clothe, they are able to stop him. Thinking Garlic defeated, they start to fight with each other due to Piccolo wanting to settle the score. In the middle of their duel, Garlic Jr. comes binding and opens a portal vein to the Dead Zone, trying to suck everybody in. Gohan gets angry at seeing Goku in danger, and, unconsciously releasing his power, he pushes Garlic Jr. into the Dead Zone, sealing him inside. surprise to see Gohan ‘s power and then former that he did n’t even realise that he had done so, Gohan decides not to tell Chi-Chi about what happened .

The World’s Strongest

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You’re going down, no matter how long it takes me!
— Goku toward Dr. Wheelo .

After Master Roshi and Bulma are kidnapped by Dr. Kochin and the Bio-Men, Oolong visits Goku at his home and tells him what happened. Goku goes to Dr. Wheelo ‘s Fortress using the Flying Nimbus to save them. Goku overcomes several of the fortress defenses and battles against Misokatsun though his cartilaginous body gives him trouble. Goku charges straight at his stomach and uses the Kaio-ken in regulate to fly through him. After defeating Misokatsun, Goku future encounters Ebifurya and Kishime and ends up encased in ice. He is saved from a end blow due to the arrival of Gohan and Krillin but after they end up in trouble, Goku frees himself from the ice using the Kaio-ken and swiftly defeats the two Bio-Warriors .
Heading further into the fortress where they find Bulma, Goku is approached by a a brainwash Piccolo, the two battle until the device shatters and Piccolo gains control of himself. When Dr. Wheelo enters the battle, Goku fires a Kamehameha aboard Gohan, Krillin and Master Roshi though it has no consequence. After seeing his son get taken down, Goku uses the Kaio-ken x3 and concisely gains an edge, he attempts to finish off Dr. Wheelo with a Kamehameha but gets overpowered until he uses the Kaio-ken x4 and sends Dr. Wheelo upwards into the air though he survives. Just as Dr. Wheelo is planning to fire a blast that will destroy the Earth, Goku forms a Spirit Bomb that he uses to destroy him and save the planet .

The Tree of Might

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Keep on dreaming! Cause that’ll never happen with me around!
— Goku toward Turles .

Goku is bathing in a barrel outside of his house with his son when a dragon that Gohan had befriended named icarus shows up at their home. Chi-Chi says that he ca n’t keep it and demands he take it back up to the mountains. Goku however shows Gohan a little cave nearby where Icarus can reside. At his home with the rest of the Dragon Team present, King Kai contacts them and informs them of the Tree of Might and the danger it possesses to the planet .
The group head out to the tree and try to destroy it with a combined blast to no avail. The Dragon Team are confronted by the Turles Crusher Corps. but when Turles appears and forcibly transforms Gohan into a great Ape, Goku tries to get him to see reason while besides avoiding his mighty blows. Gohan appears to calm down when Icarus appears and an annoyed Turles goes to kill him though Goku saves him by firing a smash that removes Gohan ‘s chase and returns him to normal .
Though most of the Z Fighters are defeated, Goku is able to best all of them using the Kaio-ken proficiency. Turles is army for the liberation of rwanda stronger, but Goku gives a clean fight using the Kaio-ken. however, after Turles eats the yield from the Tree of Might, Goku starts to lose his flat coat. Goku attempts a Spirit Bomb while the Z Fighters divert Turles ‘ attention but it is excessively faint due to the tree having absorbed up besides a lot of the planets energy. Goku tries once again this time taking the energy from the Tree of Might itself and Goku is ultimately able to destroy both Turles and the Tree of Might. Afterwards he goes on a camping trip with his friends .

Lord Slug

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When newsworthiness reaches that a asteroid is heading for Earth, Goku and Krillin head out to slow it down, not wanting to destroy it knowing that it is inhabited. The two arouse Kamehameha Waves at it but fail as they are blown away by the boisterous winds produced by the near-clash of the satellite with Earth. The asteroid in reality is home to Lord Slug, a very old Namekian that travels from planet to planet with his army. Lord Slug starts terraforming Earth to his like, and learns and gathers the Dragon Balls in order to recover his young person. soon after this, Yajirobe finds Goku and Krillin and give him a Senzu Bean where they then head to the location of Lord Slug. Goku appears to save Gohan from Medamatcha and Angila who he kills with ease .
The final battle against Lord Slug is left in the hands of Goku, and Slug starts taking the amphetamine hand using the Power of Darkness. however, an angry Goku transforms into a Pseudo Super Saiyan, allowing him to thrash Slug around but the form merely lasts for a brief period. punch transforms into a giant star translation of himself to outclass Goku and chases him around the city, but thanks to Piccolo ‘s assistant, Slug is subdued by his weakness : his extremely sensitive listen. While Slug is distracted, Piccolo gives what little strength remained in him to Goku. Thanks to Piccolo, Goku is able to use the Kaio-ken x100 and charges straight through Slug ‘s mid-section to apparently defeat him. Goku begins to head upwards to destroy the terraforming generator but Slug, still alive, latches on to him. Goku now above the cloud, charges up a Spirit Bomb which he launches at Slug, sending him backwards into the generator, destroying them both. Having saved the earth once again, Goku joins his friends .

Cooler’s Revenge

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You’re as twisted inside as your brother! Full of hatred. Well, no more! You’ve dug your own grave.
— Goku toward Cooler after the former was unaffected by a punch from Salza .

Goku, Gohan, Icarus, Krillin and Oolong go on a camping slip in the woods when Cooler, Frieza ‘s brother, comes to earth with his troops in arrange to avenge his buddy by defeating Goku. Goku battles against Cooler ‘s Armored Squadron by himself, even gaining an advantage against them until he see ‘s Cooler who he mistakes for being Frieza. When Cooler attempts to blast Gohan who has shown up to back up his don, Goku tries to protect him and as a result is blasted in the back causing him to be badly injured. Gohan takes him to hide in a cave, and goes to get Senzu Beans to help him recover, while Cooler ‘s troops try to find them. On his way back, he is attacked by Cooler ‘s henchmen, but Piccolo stalls them long adequate to let Gohan get a bean to Goku. Salza ultimately caught up with Gohan and destroyed the attic container, which caused Goku to express unbelief before passing out in despair, although he managed to get another attic ( due to Yajirobe supplying Gohan with a spare bean earlier ) from Gohan .
After healing, he steps out to confront Cooler. Salza who was besides nearby, punches Goku in the jaw to no impression. Goku powers up, with the force sending Salza flying and charges straight at Cooler. Goku then fights Cooler, first in the tune and then submerged, apparently evenly matched or with Goku having a rebuff border. Cooler explains to Goku that he had found a way to surpass his brother and transforms into his fifth shape where he greatly gains the upper hand even with Goku using the Kaio-ken. On the brink of frustration, Goku remembers his fall friends and turns into a Super Saiyan where he becomes sol strong that Cooler can hardly faze him with a punch. An anger cool powers up a Supernova Cooler which pressures Goku and pushes him backwards but Goku retaliates with a Kamehameha which pushes the Supernova back into Cooler, sending him out into quad and into the sun where he is killed. After the conflict, a heavily drained Goku is surprised and helpless when Salza emerges from the debris but he is soon killed by Piccolo ‘s extra Beam Cannon .

Super Android 13!

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I don’t care what you’re called, taking other people’s lives is wrong. And I won’t stand for it!
— Goku to Android 13

Goku goes with Chi-Chi and Gohan on a patronize trip in the city and belated stop at a penthouse restaurant to eat where they meet up with Krillin, Future Trunks, Master Roshi and Oolong. They are suddenly attacked by two androids, Android 14 and Android 15, who were created by Dr. Gero ‘s supercomputer with their only goal being to destroy Goku. Goku confronts the two in the skies above the city but fighting two against one, he is at a disadvantage. When Trunks arrives to assist him the two decide to move away from the city lest it be destroyed and head to the artic .
The fight begins once again and Goku is pummelled upon until Android 13 appears. While future Trunks takes on Android 14 and 15, Goku battles against Android 13 with Gohan and Krillin arriving into the sphere to aid them. Goku is able to hold his own well but is continually at a disadvantage all the like. soon after Vegeta shows up and takes on Android 15, the three Saiyans transform into a Super Saiyan. Vegeta and Future Trunks manage to destroy their respective Androids but the more brawny Android 13 remains standing and absorbs their calculator chips and baron cells causing him to transform into Super Android 13. Goku is completely overwhelmed by the powered up Android and is blasted into the ocean. There he begins to gather department of energy to create a Spirit Bomb while the others are able to buy him some time. Wanting to get more energy, he turns Super Saiyan, which makes him unintentionally absorb the Spirit Bomb. however, he is able to punch Super Android 13 and channel his energy into the attack, making the android detonate. Afterwards Goku and his friends go to the hospital to tend to their wounds .

The Return of Cooler

Main article: Dragon Ball Z: The Return of Cooler
Sensing that New Namek is in danger, Goku and his friends travel there in a starship in order to help their Namekian friends. After getting there, they discover that Cooler was saved by the Big Gete Star from his destruction, and is now back as a machine, leading an army of robots that have enslaved the Namekians. While the Cyclopian Guards oversee to defeat and capture Goku ‘s friends, Goku tries to fight Meta-Cooler but he is no match for Cooler ‘s new powers ; he attempts to use the Kaio-ken but still proves to be at a disadvantage and his moment transmission is revealed to besides be a technique used by Cooler .
even after turning into a Super Saiyan, Goku fails to gain the upper hand due to Cooler ‘s Rebirth ability. When Goku is caught up in a choke retain, he is saved by Vegeta who besides turns into a Super Saiyan. finally the two are able to combine their powers and are able to stop Meta-Cooler. unfortunately for the two, thousands of copies of Cooler appear, who proceed to knock down and capture the two Saiyans. They awaken to find themselves tangled up, in battlefront of the Meta-Cooler Core. Cooler tries to steal the Saiyan ‘s energy to give more baron to the Big Gete Star, but Goku and Vegeta are able to overload it by sending all of their energy at once. They therefore destroy the Big Gete Star and the automaton united states army, and Goku and Vegeta wangle to blast the stopping point remains of Cooler .

Broly – The Legendary Super Saiyan

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Heh, Broly, you surprise me. So, I’d say you won the first round. But, now it’s time for round two.
— Goku toward Broly .

Goku is in a suit in orderliness to help Chi-Chi with getting Gohan in a school, repeatedly being told what to say to the interviewers so they can leave a well impression. During the interview, he is contacted by King Kai who warns him about the appearance of the Legendary Super Saiyan and the damage he has already dealt to the South Galaxy. Apologizing to Chi-Chi for having to leave, Goku teleports to King Kai ‘s Planet. There, after being fed a ten naturally meal, he is told about that this new Saiyan is even stronger than Goku and he become excited by it .
After King Kai points him in the right direction, Goku teleports around the galaxy trying to focus on the Legendary Super Saiyan ‘s ki, finally arriving on New Planet Vegeta, with him unintentionally being punched mid-Instant transmittance by Krillin as the latter was showing off. There Goku met respective of his friends, including Vegeta, who had been brought there by a Saiyan called Paragus. He besides meets his son Broly who begins to lose manipulate upon seeing him due to deep-down hate of him stemming from traumatic events relating to his birth. During the night, Broly attacks Goku who is forced to defend himself but before Broly can get besides out of control, Paragus appears and uses a device to calm him down .
They finally discover that Paragus ‘ son, Broly, is in fact the Legendary Super Saiyan. Broly breaks free of his founder ‘s control and attacks Goku and the Z Fighters, who are no match for him. Goku is the last one still standing and all the beat fighters give their energy to Goku, including Vegeta after some convincing. Goku then uses all the exponent that the Z-Fighters gave him to power one punch, defeating Broly. Goku escapes with his friends using Instant Transmission, precisely before the asteroid destroys the planet. Upon returning home plate, he tells Chi-Chi that his favored hobbies are reading and sports, the same give voice that Chi-Chi wanted Goku to say at the school consultation. Chi-Chi then faints out of exasperation .

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Bojack Unbound

Main article: Dragon Ball Z: Bojack Unbound

Gohan, the world is depending on you, Gohan. I believe in you, son. Unleash your true power. It’s the only way.
— Goku coming to Gohan ‘s care against Bojack .

While a dead Goku is hanging about with King Kai in the early World, the Z Fighters enter a tournament on Earth, which was hijacked by the foreigner mercenary Bojack. He had been freed from his imprisonment when Cell made King Kai ‘s satellite explode, thanks to Goku. The Z Fighters are unable to defeat Bojack and his band, and when Bojack starts to bear-hug Gohan to death, Goku teleports to Earth using Instant Transmission ( something somehow against the rules of the all in ), which allows him to appear concisely and punch Bojack away. Goku besides tells Gohan to protect the Earth and unleash all the anger and office he had in him. Goku then vanishes back to the other World. not certain if he in truth saw his father, Gohan is however encouraged adequate to release his world power and defeat Bojack .

Broly – Second Coming

Main article: Dragon Ball Z: Broly – Second Coming
due to being long absolutely, Goku does n’t appear until he is brought bet on in heart form after Goten thinks to himself “ I wish dad was here ” and Shenron grants the regard. Goku aids Gohan and Goten in their Kamehameha brush against Broly and his Omega Blaster. After helping his sons defeat Broly, he vanishes and returns to the other World .


Main article: Dragon Ball Z: Bio-Broly
Goku makes a brief appearance, shown eating while being given a message by Bubbles saying that he and Pikkon have to go to Hell and calm Broly polish because he is on a rampage but decides to finish his meal first .

Fusion Reborn

Main article: Dragon Ball Z: Fusion Reborn

You act innocent, but you’re deadly. It’s over, Janemba.
— Goku after transforming into Super Saiyan 3 .

Goku is fighting with Pikkon in the early World tournament ring when Janemba appeared and the barriers between dimensions were disrupted. Because early World was no long isolated from the forcible plane, those who had died were able to walk amongst the living. Goku used Instant Transmission to go to King Yemma ‘s check-in post with Pikkon and saw the first form of Janemba sitting on the post ‘s roof. Eager to engage Janemba in conflict, Goku gleefully left Pikkon behind to rid Yemma ( much to Pikkon ‘s dismay ). Goku was soon forced to use his Super Saiyan 3 imprint to combat Janemba ‘s singular armory of techniques .
At Super Saiyan 3, Goku made flying influence of Janemba, only to be outclassed when Janemba transformed into a smaller, fierce monster. Vegeta soon arrived on the setting ( no longer being confined to Hell due to the dislocation in the dimensional barriers ) and was persuaded by Goku to attempt the Fusion Dance. Their first attack failed and produced a fat Veku. Due to sheer luck, they were able to survive against Janemba until the fusion expired. After regrouping, Goku and Vegeta were able to fuse properly while Pikkon distracted Janemba. Gogeta appeared as a Super Saiyan and destroyed Janemba with facilitate. late, Goku and Vegeta are seen standing at the Blood Pond where Vegeta vanishes and goes back to Hell. Goku hopes that they can see each other again, but like in the series, Vegeta only tells him “ we ‘re never fusing again. ”

Wrath of the Dragon

Main article: Dragon Ball Z: Wrath of the Dragon

Look, I don’t care what you are, this ends NOW!
— Goku before engaging Hirudegarn with the Z Fighters

Goku tries to open a magic Music Box that Gohan had gotten from Hoi but he can not open it, so they go and find the Dragon Balls to summon Shenron. Goku finds his Dragon Ball at a Zoo where he jumps into a Lions den in regulate to retrieve it where he has attacked by them but is entirely unharmed. When Shenron opened the box, Tapion came out but because Tapion was freed, the upper half of Hirudegarn was besides freed. At night, Goku attends a barbecue with his friends at Capsule Corporation. The future day Tapion went to Trunks ‘ home and Bulma made him a house with the lapp material as the music box, so Tapion could sleep without worrying about Hirudegarn, but when Tapion went to sleep, Hirudegarn escaped and found his lower half, thus making him one monster again .
When Goku, Gohan and Goten try to attack him, it is ineffective because Hirudegarn is excessively fast. Later, Gotenks is formed and he gets Hirudegarn down, but it only made him transform and Hirudegarn knocks Gotenks out. When there was about no hope left, Goku transformed into Super Saiyan 3 and started to fight Hirudegarn. When Trunks wanted to help Goku, he said that he wanted to handle Hirudegarn alone. Goku notices Hirudegarn ‘s failing, that it ‘s intense emotions drain it ‘s energy, leaving it open to attack. He taunts Hirudegarn which causes it to become anger, dodging one survive punch, Goku strikes with his Dragon Fist that defeats the freak for good. Goku then joins the others as they bid farewell to Tapion .

Battle of Gods

Main article: Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods

I will not let you destroy my world!
— Goku before he becomes a Super Saiyan while fighting Beerus

approximately four years after the Kid Buu Saga, Goku is training on King Kai ‘s Planet, as he realizes he is missing Bulma ‘s birthday party. King Kai immediately begins to sense the arrival of the God of Destruction Beerus, and grows worried about Goku acting casual towards him, telling him to hide in his house while he greets the God. When Beerus and Whis arrive, they tell King Kai they have occupation with Goku, who is called out to formally meet Beerus. Beerus asks if Goku knows anything about the Super Saiyan God, and Goku says that he has n’t evening though he knows about normal Super Saiyans. Beerus wonders how Goku was able to defeat Frieza as he is but realizes he could upon becoming a Super Saiyan. Beerus and Whis prepare to head to Earth to ask the other Saiyans, who can besides transform into a Super Saiyan .
Goku asks Beerus for a spar match, wanting to see for himself how strong he is, and Beerus accepts the challenge. Goku shows Beerus the Super Saiyan forms, revealing Super Saiyan 3 at the end. Goku asks Beerus if he wants Goku to office rear down to Super Saiyan 2, and the unimpressed Beerus says to stay as he is and equitable attack him. Goku does indeed, and despite Goku ‘s efforts ( including punching straight through King Kai ‘s satellite ) Beerus well defeats him with a chop to the neck. While Goku is knocked out, Beerus and Whis drumhead to Earth. Goku wakes up and continues his discipline, trying to attain the level of Super Saiyan God Beerus mentioned .
Before Beerus can destroy the earth after winning a rock-paper-scissors meet with Oolong, he is interrupted by Goku ‘s arrival. Goku asks Beerus if he can spare some time so Goku can use the Dragon Balls to ask Shenron about the Super Saiyan God. Shenron, flustered at Beerus ‘ bearing, explains the lineage of the Super Saiyan God and how to create one. Goku begins to absorb the energies of Gohan, Goten, Trunks and Vegeta, and while he has powered up greatly, Beerus explains to him that he inactive has not become a Super Saiyan God despite absorbing everyone ‘s energy. Whis reminds them of what Shenron said : they need 5 Saiyans to instill their energy into another, so the group realize they are curtly one Saiyan. Videl, revealing to the group that she is meaning with Gohan ‘s child, partakes in the ritual, and Goku successfully becomes a Super Saiyan God .
Goku then engages in a boisterous conflict with Beerus, which takes place at several different parts of the populace ascribable to their huge speed and ability. The two fight an adequate battle until Goku and Beerus both point out that they ‘re holding back. Beerus begins to take the contend more badly as Goku then loses his Super Saiyan God form. however, despite of this, he continues to fight an equal conflict with Beerus, who explained to Goku that he absorbed the office of Super Saiyan God and in turn caused his body to grow stronger. While blocking Beerus ‘ Sphere of Destruction, Goku briefly becomes a Super Saiyan God again and absorbs the bang, but this causes Goku to become extremely consume and office devour. Beerus says he had fun with his match with Goku and calls him his second strong adversary. As Goku falls to the land, Beerus prepares to blow up the earth but due to using most of his energy, merely destroys a small rock ‘n’ roll formation. Beerus and Whis befriend the Z-Fighters, promising to come back for more delightful food, and they leave. Afterwards, Bulma ‘s birthday party is continued, and Goku tells Vegeta he saw Vegeta ‘s power-up upon Beerus hitting Bulma and begins to make fun of him for it. Bulma hits Goku when she realizes he was there watching as Beerus was well defeating the Z-Fighters .

Resurrection ‘F’

Main article: Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection ‘F’

You’re a lot stronger now than the last time I saw you, Frieza, there’s no question about that. But it’s been a really long time, and in case you didn’t notice, I’ve gotten stronger, too.
— Goku to Frieza before fighting

Four months after Frieza ‘s revival, Goku and Vegeta face off against Whis on Beerus ‘ Planet as part of their train to gain control over their godly department of energy and more baron. The two are unable to land a individual blow on Whis and are soon teach their flaws by the divine attendant. Beerus wakes up and asks what they are doing on his planet, realizing Whis is training them with Earth ‘s food as an bonus. Goku says he has no interest in taking over Beerus ‘ job as God of Destruction, as all he wants is to get stronger. finally, the group is notified by Bulma about Frieza ‘s fall and that his baron has grown vastly. The Z-Fighters on worldly concern power up thus Goku can sense their energy, and he ( with Vegeta ) teleports to Earth using Instant Transmission .
Upon arriving, they meet Frieza face-to-face, realizing he has gotten stronger, but Goku says he has gotten stronger, as well. Frieza immediately takes his final human body, and Goku prepares to fight him using the baron of Super Saiyan God. Goku has the upper hand in the battle – oversee to avoid even taking a single abrasion, and he pushes back Frieza ‘s Golden Death Ball with his own God Kamehameha. Frieza then decides to get serious in the crusade, and prepares to use his true world power. Goku agrees to do the same, showing Frieza his newly acquired Super Saiyan Blue form, which surprises Frieza .
Frieza then becomes Golden Frieza, and Goku is shocked to see that Frieza ‘s ability skyrocketed to the target that it has surpassed his own. As Goku fights Frieza, he realizes Frieza is excessively strong for him to fight on par with, but he and Vegeta soon realize that Frieza ‘s office is decreasing due not being able to handle his new form ‘s strain. During the fight, Goku lento gains the upper hand as Frieza ‘s baron finally drops to a level below his. Goku offers Frieza a find to leave and train with his raw power, but Frieza grows frustrated and continues to fight. When Goku has Frieza cornered, he is shot from behind by Sorbet, Frieza ‘s subordinate. Whis had explained to Goku that he lets his guard down which makes him easy to take down with an unexpected attack, and due to the attack from behind, Goku is mortally wounded and left at Frieza ‘s mercifulness .
Vegeta prepares to take his turn for the fight, ordering Krillin to feed Goku a Senzu Bean. He does sol, and Vegeta becomes a Super Saiyan Blue and pummels around the diminished Frieza. Frieza reveals his trump circuit board : blow up the earth, and he succeeds in doing therefore, killing everyone on Earth. Whis created a shield before the destruction and the remaining Z-Fighters were left unharmed, but are shocked to see the Earth being destroyed. Goku regrets not killing Frieza when he had the luck, and Whis gives him another chance to do so, performing a temporal Do-Over to rewind time, restoring everyone ‘s deaths and the destruction of Earth. Before Frieza destroys the Earth, Goku immediately kills him. Vegeta is angry at Goku for butting in like that, but Goku explains to Vegeta what happened. He besides offers Vegeta the casual to learn to fight together in case they need to, but Vegeta declines and Goku agrees with him .


Main article: Dragon Ball Super: Broly

My name’s Goku. But Broly, call me…Kakarot.
— Goku introducing himself to Broly, Cheelai, and Lemo

Moments before Planet Vegeta would be destroyed by Frieza, Bardock arrives at his house and checks up on his son in his nursing space capsule while meeting up with his wife, Gine. leery about Frieza ‘s orders for all Saiyans to return to Planet Vegeta, Bardock and Gine send Goku off to the distant satellite earth with a native population fallible enough to not pose a terror. In the present, Goku spars with Vegeta near Bulma ‘s summer home, on an island far to the south of West City. They take a break to join the others for food. Whis asks Goku why he seeks greater strength and Goku explains that it ‘s because he met incredible fighters during the Tournament of Power which motivated him to become stronger. Vegeta meanwhile says it ‘s because of the menace of Frieza though Goku doubts he ‘d still hold a grudge after they revived him. When Trunks calls them to say that some burglars wearing Battle Armor have stolen the Dragon Balls, Vegeta reveals that they are indeed Frieza ‘s soldiers. Believing that whatever Frieza could want to wish for must be bad newsworthiness they decide to depart for the Ice Continent as that ‘s where the last ball is .
As they arrive on the Ice Continent, the burglars spot Goku and Vegeta and realising they are no pit, they decide to flee only for Goku and Vegeta to stop them. Vegeta and Goku both notice Frieza approaching but person else with an enormous office degree besides. Frieza arrives, along with the two Saiyans, Broly and Paragus. Frieza introduces Goku and Vegeta to Broly and Paragus and explains that they are Saiyans and hold a vendetta toward Vegeta because of his beget ‘s actions. With Broly ‘s anger perceptibly bubbling out and Paragus and Frieza decide it ‘s prison term to begin the fight and unleash Broly. Paragus orders Broly to attack and Broly charges straight toward Vegeta and they both fight as Goku watches the battle between them. As the fight plays out, both Goku and Vegeta express their surprise at the sudden and dramatic increase in Broly ‘s world power, and realize that the battle is going to be more challenging than they thought. While Broly puts far try and coerce on Vegeta as the fight continues, Goku takes off his coat and decides it ‘s time for him to fight Broly .
Goku ‘s goes into a active position and both begin to charge toward each early. They trade some blows and Goku proceeds to fire a Kamehameha Blaster and multiple energy blasts at Broly but it does n’t faze him. Broly blasts and endlessly punches him through a mountain. Goku turns Super Saiyan and the two endlessly deal blows. He ‘s hush outmatched, but he teleports behind him and catches him by surprise. This advantage does n’t last retentive, as Broly cursorily reasserts the amphetamine hand, knocking Goku into a batch once again .
Goku transforms into a Super Saiyan God and paralyzes Broly long adequate to talk some sense into him. Goku ‘s try at resolving the conflict peacefully appears to be having an effect, and Broly seems to calm down. however, the effect is shortlived until Broly suddenly loses his composure and gets angry enough to finally break Goku ‘s defy on him. He manages to reverse and mimic Goku ‘s God Bind proficiency but Goku manages to absorb the energy and escape and continues on with the conflict. As the contend progresses, Broly is steadily increasing in office and before long the battle becomes wholly one sided in Broly ‘s favor .
Goku transforms into a Super Saiyan Blue. With dramatically greater might than earlier, Goku starts to steadily gain the advantage in the fight. Frieza kills Paragus in order to cause Broly to become a Super Saiyan and informs Broly about Paragus ‘ lifeless body and lies that he was killed by a stray energy smash. In a craze, Broly finally reaches his Super Saiyan shape. Although Goku tries to fight back, he is far outmatched even when Vegeta re-joins the battle to assist him, leaving them no choice but to retreat. They fly past Frieza and Goku grabs Vegeta by the hand and uses his instant transmittance to teleport them to Piccolo .
Goku asks Vegeta if he knows the Fusion Technique. Vegeta initally refuses to perform the dance but Goku manages to persuade him after asking if he would actually be okay with letting Bulma and Bulla die. After a few fail fusions they successfully fuse into Gogeta, who confronts Broly with his blink of an eye infection and battles Broly. During the climax of the battle, Gogeta about defeats Broly before Cheelai asks Shenron to send him back to Vampa. sometime late, Goku uses his instantaneous transmission to reach Broly. As he arrives in the cave where Broly, Cheelai, and Lemo are at, he is met with hostility but Goku gives them an categorization of items for shelter that will help them survive the harsh conditions of Vampa. Goku hypothesises that Broly could be stronger than Beerus and offers to train him to properly use his baron. As he prepares for his passing, Cheelai asks for his name and in reply, Goku, pronounces his name to them as “ Son Goku ” but he tells Broly to call him “ Kakarot ” .

Super Hero

Main article: Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero

A Hero’s Legacy

Main article: Dragon Ball GT: A Hero’s Legacy
about a century after Goku leaves with Shenron, Goku ‘s descendant Goku Jr. wants to cure his great-great grandma Pan with the Four-Star Dragon Ball. When he finds the Dragon Ball, nothing happens and he gets angry and upset. Goku appears and explains how to use the Dragon Balls, that all seven are needed to grant a wish. then, a helicopter with Pan and Puck appears and Goku disappears. When Goku disappears, he tells Goku Jr. that it was his courage and courage that caused his grandma Pan and his supporter Puck to be active and safe. After that, Goku tells Goku Jr. to keep and treasure the Four-Star Dragon Ball as a memory of him, and tells him that he is gallant of him and wishes him good luck for his future and a farewell to his descendant .

other Dragon Ball Stories

Shenron no Nazo

Main article: Dragon Ball: Shenron no Nazo After the events of the Emperor Pilaf Saga, Goku enters a Kung-Fu tournament and battles several herculean foes. Goku borrows the Dragon Radar from Bulma and heads out in search of his Grandpa Gohan ‘s keepsake, the Four-Star Dragon Ball. He detects a ball in space and heads there, finding that Monster Carrot has set up an operation there, Goku defeats Kurilien, whom had been hired by Monster Carrot, and then Monster Carrot himself, Goku obtains a Dragon Ball, but it is not the Four-Star and then Goku continues searching. Goku returns to Earth to obtain the Dragon Balls, adventuring through Seven Island, a jungle ruled by Bimbo and then last goes to Konpei Tower and fights the MB Army to obtain the Four-Star Dragon Ball, after defeating the MB Army General – who Goku an co. assumed had the Dragon Ball – they find that he did not have it, they head to the next board in the loom and encounter a automaton, Goku defeats it and obtains the Four-Star Dragon Ball, then makes a wish .

Dragon Ball SD

Main article: Dragon Ball SD At the time when Goku, Krillin and 18 were children. Gero tried to kidnap the young Lazuli to turn her into an android, however upon seeing Goku in the vicinity, Gero sends Android 9 after him – but Goku defeats him in a one blow .

Plan to Eradicate the Saiyans

Main article: Dragon Ball: Plan to Eradicate the Super Saiyans
In this especial, Goku and his friends go to investigate a boast called Destron which has been accumulating on Earth, and is slowly killing be beings. The flatulence is coming from four different points, but before splitting up to cover them all, Goku and the Z Fighters are attacked by some weird monsters. Goku discovers that the Destron gasoline is besides preventing them from using Energy attacks. Goku goes to the Grand Apron, and destroys the generator there after defeating its guardians, and after rejoining with his friends, they destroy the last stay generator in the Land of Ice. however, another one appears in the western Capital, so the Z Fighters travel there to destroy it besides. While there, they have to fight Ghost Warriors of Frieza, Cooler, Turles and Lord Slug, and finally defeat them .
however, in arrange to destroy the generator, they have to travel to the Dark Planet and frustration Dr. Lychee. After several troubles, they reach the Dark Planet, and discover that everything was a ploy from Dr. Raichi to avenge the Tuffles that were destroyed by the Saiyans years ago. Dr. Raichi releases his ultimate creation, Hatchiyack, and after a long fight, Goku and his friends defeat them. This destroys the death stay generator on Earth .

The Real 4-D

Main article: Dragon Ball Z: The Real 4-D
Goku is called to West City by Bulma because person is destroying the city, finding his enemy to be none other than the revived Frieza, Goku engages him in combat. After being well overwhelmed and knocked into a build Goku transforms into a Super Saiyan and battles Frieza, after a long fight Goku attempts to attack with a Kamehameha, but Frieza counters with a Death Ball, leaving Goku ineffective to even stand while Frieza does not have a scratch on him. however, Goku is saved from death by the arrival of Vegeta, Piccolo and Krillin, who manage to stall Frieza farseeing enough for Goku to create a massive Spirit Bomb, and destroy Frieza .

The Return of Son Goku and Friends!

Main article: Dragon Ball: The Return of Son Goku and Friends!
Two years after Kid Buu ‘s extinction, Goku becomes a farmer. Goku questions why he is working when his family is supported by Mr. Satan, but Chi-Chi says that he must do hard work like a “ normal ” homo. Goku and his class are invited by Mr. Satan to come to the open of his hotel. When he gets to the hotel, he first has a little food competition with Vegeta, when they feel the ki of two beings heading for land. They appear to be Gure and Tarble, the little brother of Vegeta, Tarble tells them two firm enemies and former servant ‘s of Frieza are coming to Earth. Goku wants to fight them, but then the other fighters want to fight excessively. They agree to pick radishes ; a game that declares the one with the longest radish as the winner, which is Trunks .
When they go back to the hotel, Abo and Cado arrive. Goku tells Goten that he may help Trunks with his battle. Goten and Trunks kill Abo and Cado, then Abo and Cado merge into Aka with Goten and Trunks becoming Gotenks to even the match. Goku and Vegeta intervene after Aka launches a Super Wahaha no Ha. Goku tricks Vegeta, so he can fight alone and then goes Super Saiyan to do a Kamehameha that dissipates Aka ‘s fire. After that, Goku punches Aka in the intestine, therefore making Aka split up. Afterward, they resume the banquet, this clock time with the addition of Abo and Cado. As they eat, Goku and Vegeta begin to argue and turn Super Saiyan. It ends with everyone happily watching the controversy except for Chi-Chi and Bulma .


Main article: Nekomajin
Goku makes an appearance in the stopping point chapter of Nekomajin, searching for his student, Neko Majin Z, to help him fight an enemy that neither him, Ox-King, Chi-Chi, Goten, Pan or Uub can beat. Goku flies out to find Z but has a hard prison term sensing his ability, finally he unintentionally stumbles upon Z ‘s friend, who attempts to trick him into getting his photograph taken with a “ koala ” ( in actuality just Z in a costume ) for money. Z immediately recognizes Goku as his warlike arts teacher and puts his g back on. Goku then requests to see how impregnable Z has become and engages him in a struggle, the two are reasonably equal in their infrastructure forms, then Goku transforms into a Super Saiyan. Z immediately takes on his Super Neko Majin form as a counterpunch. however Goku pulls out a cat toy, which Z can not resist. Goku reveals that the crusade was a farce, and that he actually good wanted to test how cat-like Z was. He then reveals that there is a foe that he and his syndicate could not deal with. The three head to Goku ‘s house with Instant Transmission, where they are greeted by Goku ‘s family. They all head to the storage shed, where Goku reveals the enemy is a rodent. Unimpressed, omega deals with this “ foe ” and then he and his supporter leave .

30th Anniversary Special Manga

Main article: Dragon Ball 30th Anniversary Special Manga Akira Toriyama ( depicted as Robotoriyama ) meets Goku and Vegeta on Planet Namek and tells them it is the thirtieth anniversary of Dragon Ball, Goku is not very impress since they were not actually running for 30 years straight, annoying Toriyama who tells them he should be grateful he made them celebrated .

Super Tenkaichi Budokai

Main article: Dragon Ball Z: The Real 4-D at Super Tenkaichi Budokai
Goku competes in the World Martial Arts Tournament and reaches the finale aboard Vegeta, Krillin, Piccolo, and the Great Saiyaman. As Goku dukes it out with Vegeta they are interrupted by the sudden appearance of Broly God. Goku transforms into a Super Saiyan Blue to fight but is outmatched. Broly catch Goku in a agree and releases a huge explosive wave – sending him flying into the reason along with the Capsule Corp. ship the audience are in. Shenron is summoned and grants a wish. Thanks to Shenron, Goku performs God Fusion with the audience inside the ship. After Goku fused with the consultation, Broly attacks him but Goku well repels him and sends him flying, teleporting after him and smashing him even further away. Broly prepares a gigantic energy sphere as his concluding try to win, but Goku fires a Kamehameha at him, finishing him off. Goku then unfuses with the audience, returning to convention .


Society Survival Saga

Main article: Society Survival Saga The country-born Goku decides to get a job, and becomes a new recruit at the DB Commercial Affairs. On his first day he finds that Vegeta, who joined the caller on the like day as he did, is superintendent competitive – the two have a confrontation of Rock-Paper-Scissors, and Vegeta is triumphant, therefore Goku has to pay for lunch .

Victory Mission

Main article: Dragon Ball Heroes: Victory Mission
As Beat is training with the other Dragon Ball Heroes at Heroes Laboratory, Tsubasa has Beat go into an extra-hard mission against five different incarnations of Goku. The five versions of Goku are easily defeating Beat until a cryptic articulation ( that of the real Goku ) speaks to him and helps him to regain his ground in the fight, finally allowing him to win. Afterwards, Beat learns that no one else heard Goku ‘s spokesperson, but Beat thanks Goku for helping him. [ 179 ]

Dragon Ball Online

Main article: Dragon Ball Online In Age 801, realizing his death is at hand, Goku, who wanted to settle their competition, left the earth with Vegeta. Years late, a supernova explosion was detected ; possibly caused by Goku and Vegeta ‘s battle .


Main article: Dragon Ball Xenoverse Due to the arrival of the Time Breakers and their meddling with time, many of Goku ‘s major battles were altered to give an advantage to his opponent, causing a change in history. however with avail from the Future Warrior these changes were corrected, allowing history to play out as was intended .

Demon God Demigra Saga

Main article: Demon God Demigra Saga After Demigra ‘s scat from the Crack of Time, the Future Warrior is forced to fight the revived Buu, Cell, and Frieza. Chronoa then calls for Goku ‘s help, in which he helps the Future Warrior get the better of Buu, Cell, and Frieza, and the brainwash Gotenks, Gohan, and Vegeta. After the Future Warrior returns to the Time Nest, he finds that Demigra has taken over Tokitoki City, and has brainwashed Trunks into doing his dirty work. once Trunks was reverted to normal, Goku finds his way to the Time Nest. Due to his earlier transformation into a Super Saiyan God, he was immune to Demigra ‘s charming. After Demigra ‘s get the better of, he escapes to the Time Next, and Goku uses Instant Transmission and brings everyone back to his placement, the Time Vault. Demigra is angered and tries to destroy the Time Vault, despite Chronoa ‘s warning. The Future Warrior and Super Saiyan 3 Goku charge at him, but Demigra fires spears at them both. One impales and kills the Future Warrior, while four of them trap Goku in an electrify force sphere. then the Future Warrior ( apparently from a different timeline ) appears and destroys Goku ‘s electrify gate. After the Future Warrior enters the portal site that Demigra escaped to, Goku struggles to stop the gigantic energy ball from destroying Tokitoki. Goku stops the giant ball from destroying Tokitoki, and uses Instant Transmission to catch up to Demigra and the Future Warrior in the Crack of Time. They fight Demigra in his final form, and finish him off with a compound Kamehameha. Once Demigra is defeated, Goku and the Future Warrior return to the Time Nest, where Trunks and Chronoa are relieved to see them. Goku then challenges the Future Warrior to a fight, where he/she gladly accepted. The Supreme Kai then stops them and tells them that fighting there would cause a disaster. In the aftermath, Chronoa thanks Goku for everything. Goku then replies that he should be thanking her alternatively, for giving him something to be excited for. Goku then leaves, but not before being welcome to return in the future .

Xenoverse 2

Main article: Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 once again, ascribable to the changes in history made by the Time Breakers, Goku ‘s previous battles were changed for the worse. These changes were corrected thanks to the new Future Warrior being sent back in prison term to correct history .

Infinite History

Main article: Infinite History Saga He and Vegeta appear fighting Fu who they think is Whis. They belated fight the Future Warrior and his teacher. If the teacher is Goku then the two Goku ‘s will struggle. Fu will turn one of the Goku ‘s and Vegeta into Super Saiyan 4 ‘s with Blutz Waves and your Goku will respond by turning Super Saiyan Blue and the Goku ‘s will conflict each other, with Vegeta becoming increasingly annoyed and flustered of having to deal with two Goku ‘s. late if the right choices are made, Old Kai will manipulate Goku into wanting to fight Fu, as Old Kai believes Fu is responsible for everything. This will cause the Future Warrior to step in and crusade in Fu ‘s rate. After the fight begins Fu will reappear and give all the energy he absorbed to the Future Warrior, which allows him to fight on equality with and beat Super Saiyan Blue Goku, forcing Goku to push himself into Ultra Instinct, to which the fight was unfinished .

Altered Tournament of Power

Fu returns to once again cause trouble for the Time Patrol via another one of his “ experiments ”, this time taking position in an alternate interpretation of the Tournament of Power. In this alter timeline, Fu acts as a extremity of Universe 11 replacing Dyspo. The Time Patrol are forced to send in Time Patrol Trunks and the Conton City Hero, to fix Fu ‘s alterations. Though successful, Fu retreats through a time rupture .

Future Reborn

Time Patrol Trunks and the Conton City Hero follow Fu through the clock rupture, finding themselves in what appears to be Hell and assume it is Janemba ‘s timeline of beginning as the monster is obviously fighting Pikkon though neither are Goku, Vegeta, nor their fusion Gogeta is confront. finally Fu uses one of his raid crystals to empower Janemba into his first stage Supervillain state and Janemba uses his mystic Copy ability to create an army of clones. fortunately, Future Gohan suddenly appears to assist Time Patrol Trunks, the Conton City Hero, and Pikkon, apparently having been brought bet on to life sentence as a result of Janemba ‘s world falsify ( similar to how Frieza and some of the villains who escaped Hell in Fusion Reborn were brought back to life ) as he lacks a Halo .
however the Janemba ‘s restrain appearing one after another, though fortunately Super Saiyan Blue Goku from the change Tournament of Power comes to their aid to pay back the Time Patrol for their aid during the Tournament of Power. Future Gohan is surprised to see his father ‘s counterpart and wonders about his blue-haired Super Saiyan form, but both decide its best to focus on defeating the Janembas for the time being. As father and son, Goku and Future Gohan fight together with near perfect coordination, evening managing to pull off a Father-Son Kamehameha, which helps turn the tide in their favor. unfortunately, Fu reveals that they are presently in the Hell of Future Trunks ‘ alternate timeline disclosure that the Pikkon they are allied with is actually future Pikkon, therefore explaining Future Gohan ‘s presence. Fu besides reveals that the Janemba they have been fighting is an anomalous Future Janemba who according to him did n’t exist in the master unaltered history, revealing that he is responsible for Future Janemba ‘s creation. As a leave, defeating Future Janemba and his clones does n’t actually repair things and Fu absorbs the altered timeline causing the Hell of the Future to start to disappear as he absorbs the altered timeline ‘s energy. fortunately future Trunks and the Conton City Hero evasion through the time rift Fu uses the flee, though Goku, Future Gohan, and Future Pikkon ‘s destiny is left uncertain .

Dragon Ball Fusions

Main article: Dragon Ball Fusions In the Timespace Rift after Tekka teams up with Goten and Kid Trunks for the Timespace Tournament, Ziku detects Goku ‘s qi touch and got to find him to ask him to join their team. however they learn that the signature is coming from another dimension and Tekka uses Burst Ki to open a hole in timespace. however alternatively of Adult Goku, Kid Goku appears to the daze of Tekka, Goten, and Trunks. They discover that he is Goku ‘s younger self from the clock period he was training under Kami. After introducing themselves and explaining about the Timespace Rift and tournament, Kid Goku agrees to join their team. As part of Tekka ‘s team, Kid Goku meets versatile people from different timelines and eras such as older version of his friends ( Bulma, Krillin, Yamcha, Tien, and Chiaotzu ), his older brother Raditz, granddaughter Pan, the Ginyu Force, Frieza, his future rival Vegeta, his eldest son Gohan as a Teen and Adult, Piccolo Junior, Future Trunks, Cell, Broly, Mira, Towa, and many others american samoa well as his adult self. During the main floor, he meets his future pornographic self. Kid Goku is amazed by his older self ‘s exponent and wants to become adenine potent as him, while Adult Goku envies his new self due to the many battles and rugged opponents he will encounter. additionally, Kid Goku besides encounters Broly in Area 4F and at one target Goku humorously asks why so many people know him. In addition to meeting his old brother, sons, and granddaughter, Kid Goku besides meets both of his parents in two freestanding Sub-Events. In Sub-Event : “ Father’s Fist “, Goku and Tekka ‘s Team meet Bardock in Area F4 of the Timespace Rift. At beginning Bardock does not realize Goku is Kakarot until Goku asks if he had met him somewhere ahead, though Bardock decides to keep his true identity as his beget from Goku, who is implied to have subconsciously remembered his church father ‘s olfactory property though due to his amnesia, Goku only remembers it is a familiar olfactory property like his Grandpa Gohan ‘s indicate that he remembers the scent is from when he was young. Bardock offers to spar with Tekka ‘s Team which Goku excitedly accepts. Tekka ‘s Team frustration Bardock by dealing a certain sum of damage in a certain amount of clock. Afterwards Goku is amazed by Bardock ‘s power and the two continue to spar a act. Goku is amazed by Bardock ‘s exponent and Bardock asks Goku to allow him to accompany Tekka ‘s Team so he can train him. Thinking to himself, Bardock wishes for his son to grow stronger than even him. In Sub-Event : “ An Unlikely Pair “, his mother Gine ends up traveling through a fourth dimension hole Tekka opens up. She is at first confused by her new surroundings and Pan notices Gine is a Saiyan. When Goku points out she has a tail like him, Gine recognizes her son and calls him by his parturition name. Goku asks if they have ever met ahead, causing Gine to about reveal she is his mother, but decides to keep her identity a mysterious from him. Flustered by the meeting, Gine leaves abruptly and Pan notices her odd demeanor. Later Goku and the team total to her defensive structure and defeat the group attacking her. While Goku is checking on Gine to see if she is approve. Gine asks if she can accompany them and Tekka agrees. Goku is about to welcome her when he realizes he does n’t know her name and she reveals her name which Goku calls her by due to distillery being unaware she is his parentage mother. It is the first time in a Dragon Ball bet on in which Goku meets and encounters both his parents and older brother, though he is lone mindful of his familial kinship with Raditz .


Main article: List of Power Levels

I feel like I’m stuck in some kind of bizarre nightmare. How can one Earthling have that much strength?!
— Jaco witnessing Goku ‘s might against Final Form Frieza in Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection ‘F’
Manga and Anime

Goku is one of the strongest mortal warriors in the multiverse, much referred to ( including by deities ) as the most herculean and fittest warrior in Universe 7, equally well as a one of the most powerful characters in the franchise. A omen of battle, he learned a big share while a young child and would continue to near-effortlessly learn practically any newfangled proficiency he encountered. His natural endowment for struggle along with his unwavering drive have taken his power to unprecedented levels to the point of reaching and rivaling the knowledge domain of the Gods of Destruction. ultimately, Goku ‘s immeasurable likely has made him believed to be incomparable and even invincible for any early fighter when he is at his absolute flower. As an baby, he could drag large rocks tied to him while pursuing food and resist his adoptive grandfather ‘s attempts to hold him down. When first meet Bulma, he was unfazed when summation by her car and shot, cursorily picking up and throwing her cable car with her in it. He defeated a Pteranodon, a pack of wolves and a Bear thief with ease. When meeting Yamcha, Goku fought on par with the bandit despite being weakened from hunger. later, as a Great Ape, Goku effortlessly destroyed Emperor Pilaf ‘s castle. While training under Master Roshi, Goku systematically outperformed Krillin, including moving large boulders and running a 100-meter dart in 8.5 seconds. Goku and Krillin accomplished respective grueling labors a day that outperformed an entire work-force of adults. By the 21st World Martial Arts Tournament, Goku ‘s might could move a massive boulder. In the tournament, he breezed through the preliminaries while holding back significantly and developed assorted new techniques against his foes. In the finals, Goku fought on par with the temper veteran “ Jackie Chun “ and likewise duplicate much every tactic his opposition used on him, narrowly losing by miss of stamen after a double count-out. While fighting the Red Ribbon Army, Goku did not experience any serious trouble against the majority of their fighters, with only General Blue providing any meaningful immunity through the use of his telekinetic abilities. In hand-to-hand combat, however, Goku still managed to handily come out on top. Goku had besides fought on par with the Pirate Robot, an ancient but herculean fight machine, before ultimately defeating it with an forward pass attack. When facing Mercenary Tao, Goku was toyed with by the madly assassin and only managed to mildly hurt the foe with his Kamehameha before being defeated himself. After training with Korin, Goku defeated Mercenary Tao with facilitate, able to block Tao ‘s Dodon Ray with alone balmy trouble. Goku then proceeded to single-handed destroy the integral Red Ribbon Army ‘s headquarters and defeat all of its soldiers. even Staff Officer Black ‘s Battle Jacket was beaten easily. To get help oneself from Fortuneteller Baba, Goku faced and defeated her supernatural foes including Bandages the Mummy and Spike the Devil world with meek attempt. He then fought on par with the resurrect Grandpa Gohan, who resorted to grabbing Goku ‘s tail to get an advantage. During the 22nd World Martial Arts tournament, Goku defeated a former champion in King Chappa in the preliminaries. He gradually overwhelmed Krillin, evening taking Krillin ‘s Kamehameha with a single hand. As Krillin attempted to stop Goku by grabbing his tail, Goku is revealed to have trained it to be arsenic hard as the respite of his consistency. Goku then defeated Krillin besides fast for anyone but Tien to see. Against Tien in the finals, Goku proved able to counter about everything Tien used on him, forcing him to alternatively rely on a count-out by destroying the closed chain while he flew. Against Tambourine, Goku was bested due to his debilitation and starve after the aforesaid tournament. once he regained his intensity, however, Goku well defeated and killed the freak. Almost immediately after, Goku was confronted by the weakened, aged King Piccolo himself and dominated at inaugural due to taking him by storm. however, once King Piccolo got good, he thoroughly defeated Goku and easily withstood his Kamehameha. After drinking the Ultra Divine Water, Goku ‘s potential was unbarred, enabling him to well defeat Drum, King Piccolo ‘s most powerful warrior who had effortlessly beaten Tien, and battle on par with King Piccolo himself, who was restored to his choice and finally defeated him. After training under Mr. Popo for three years, Goku ‘s all-around performance increased unusually to surpass his teachers. In the 23rd World Martial Arts Tournament, with leaden clothes, he effortlessly made it to the semi-finals. once removing his slant clothes, Goku ‘s speed proved besides great for Tien to even perceive and promptly defeated Tien. In the finals, Goku perceptibly outfights King Piccolo ‘s stronger reincarnation, Piccolo Junior, gradually wearing down the enemy to ultimately defeat him and become acknowledged as the strongest in the earth. At the start of Dragon Ball Z, while Goku ‘s might was extraordinary by human standards, it was revealed that by even Low-level Saiyan standards, Goku ‘s might was a slightly pathetic charge of 334, making him the weakest Saiyan active at that period. He was outclassed by his older brother Raditz, considered a mid-class warrior himself. Despite aid from Piccolo, he only managed to defeat Raditz by dying along with him after taking Piccolo ‘s gust. After training with King Kai, Goku gained a ability level of 5,000 ( when supressed ) to 8,000 ( or 9000 ), easily defeating Nappa, the Commander-in-Chief of the Saiyan Army. He fought on par with Vegeta, a Super Elite warrior, although he needed to use Kaio-Ken x3 in order to overpower the Saiyan prince. After healing from his contend with Great Ape Vegeta and aim at x100 Earth ‘s graveness, Goku ‘s power far exceeded Saiyan standards, easily defeating Ginyu Force members Recoome and Burter, the former of whom pummeled Vegeta and Gohan, and contend on par with Captain Ginyu himself. After healing from his Body Change know, Goku ‘s power increased vastly, and through respective tactics and newfound strategies, forced the brawny tyrant Frieza to fight badly at 50 % of his truthful world power. only when he used Kaio-ken x20, could Goku land an attack on Frieza at 50 % ability, and even then, his attack failed to give Frieza any major damage. After transforming into a Super Saiyan, Goku completely outmatched Frieza at 100 % might, sedately dominating the enemy once fighting badly. After training with the Yardrats, Goku ‘s might increased adequate to defeat both Mecha Frieza and King Cold, as he primitively would have if not been for future Trunks doing therefore. In their brief spar as Super Saiyans, Goku effortlessly deflected all of Future Trunks ‘ sword attacks with a finger, leaving the hybrid in fear, albeit Goku noted that future Trunks was n’t fighting badly. After training for three years to prepare for the Androids, Goku, at Super Saiyan, easily dominated Android 19 and would have defeated him had the heart virus not hindered him. After training in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber, Super Saiyan Goku showed far more power than any of his allies, all while at less than half his might. Against Cell, Goku fought on equality with a moderate Perfect Cell, a feat no one could match but Super Saiyan 2 Gohan. In the anime, Goku fight in the other World Tournament against the greatest warriors in the history of Universe 7 with countless millennia-worth of experience each and reached the finals against Pikkon, apparently the mightiest warrior of other World .
Seven years later, base Goku easily carried eight tons of leaden invest for discipline and 40 tons as a Super Saiyan. Base Goku easily fended off Yakon, tied invalidate of sight from Yakon ‘s black world. As Super Saiyan, Goku was noted to have 3,000 kili – exponent to destroy respective planets. Goku besides said he can defeat Dabura, a enemy who is the strongest in the Demon Realm, without besides much trouble. Vegeta noted that Super Saiyan 2 Goku surpassed Gohan ‘s might when he defeated Super Perfect Cell. With equitable transforming into Super Saiyan 3, Goku causes cosmopolitan earthquakes with Tien worrying Goku could destroy the satellite by the sheer weight of his world power. Goku ‘s ki in his Super Saiyan 3 form is potent enough to be sensed by beings in the Sacred World of the Kais all the way from Earth. Against Buu, despite the Majin ‘s boundless resilience and unpredictable nature, Super Saiyan 3 Goku could fight on par with and endlessly pressure him. ultimately, Goku admitted to be holding rear well as Super Saiyan 3 ‘s volume was draining Goku ‘s time in the Living World and probably could have defeated him if he had tried. In the zanzibar copal, Goku manages to hold his own against Super Buu ( Gotenks absorb ) as Super Saiyan 3. Goku proved able to fight about on equality with the Ultimate Gohan ( Clone ) in his base form, and cursorily overwhelmed him with Super Saiyan. Later, Super Saiyan 2 Goku fended off Kid Buu for an extended time period of time, even parting a mountain with his bare fists. once using Super Saiyan 3, Goku initially pressured the Majin until he began tiring against Buu ‘s near-limitless curative. It was noted that his full power could wipe out the Majin. however, he had trouble gathering the necessary energy since his living consistency had n’t adapted to the mannequin however. At the identical begin of the manga version of the God of Destruction Beerus Saga, Goku has a genial struggle with his three strongest enemies from the original series : Frieza, Cell, and Kid Buu. Using Super Saiyan alone, Goku effortlessly defeats Frieza and Cell in their strongest forms. Before he can face Kid Buu, hush as a Super Saiyan, he is on the spur of the moment interrupted when he hears Goten crashing his tractor. Upon meeting nucleotide Goku, Beerus highly doubts Goku could defeat Frieza. In the anime, it is stated by Beerus that, flush as a Super Saiyan, Goku is merely slightly stronger than Frieza, [ 180 ] while in the manga Beerus does not acknowledge Goku ‘s ability to defeat Frieza until he has experienced his Super Saiyan 2 form ‘s power. [ 181 ] When using Super Saiyan 3, Goku ‘s power impressed Beerus and Whis, albeit he was still absolutely defeated by two playful strikes from Beerus. After Goku attained Super Saiyan God, Goku is firm enough to face Beerus and inflict some damage, to which their battle caused the universe to start crumbling from the massive department of energy they exerted. After Super Saiyan God form ‘s time limit ended in the zanzibar copal, Goku reverted to Super Saiyan, but was hush able to compete against Beerus as he managed to absorb the godly ability, with it being noted that he had surpassed Super Saiyan God by evolving. After reverting to his base form, Goku managed to destroy the Sphere of Destruction he and Beerus had created, though it used up all of his power to do so. While Goku trained under Whis, in the zanzibar copal, Whis noted that Goku was only on the lowest levels of divine ability. At this point, foundation Goku could survive an delirious ki blast from Beerus. In the zanzibar copal, base Goku and Final Form Frieza contend was noted by Krillin and Gohan to move besides debauched to be seen. besides, Goku pressured Frieza in his reinforced true imprint, whose first mannequin easily defeated Super Saiyan Gohan. [ 182 ] Despite then revealing Super Saiyan Blue, Goku was wholly outmatched by the tyrant ‘s new Golden form and had to rely on his lake superior stamina to outlast Frieza, whose miss of proper master over the new form exhausted him. once he was drained, Goku soundly defeated his bane with circumscribed effort. During the Tournament of Destroyers, Goku briefly struggled against Botamo ‘s strange body, forcing him to rather rely on strategy to defeat him and then went on to dominate Frost, who resorted to poisoning the Saiyan in an undertake to achieve victory. Against Hit, base Goku held his own and began pressuring Hit as he adapted to his Time-Skip assault. In the anime, his Super Saiyan Blue overwhelmed the assassin ‘s full might. This forced Hit to imprint and improve his conflict art to counter Goku, which in turn drive Goku to use x10 Super Saiyan Blue Kaio-ken, allowing him to outmatch the assassin ‘s improved Time-Skip. In the manga, Super Saiyan Goku outmatched Hit until Hit ‘s tactics retained more stamina than Goku. Super Saiyan God Goku was on equality with Hit ‘s full office and immune to the Time-Skip. With Super Saiyan Blue, Goku broke the Time-Skip wholly. In the anime, when meeting Goku Black in the present timeline, Super Saiyan 2 Goku is able to fight on par with him. subsequently, when Super Saiyan 2 Goku fights Zamasu, Gowasu notes that Goku ‘s might is in the lapp region as a destroyer ‘s ( although Beerus is offended by this statement ), having gradually overwhelmed and defeated Zamasu. Super Saiyan Blue Goku fought on par with Super Saiyan Rosé Black, occasionally outmaneuvering him, but was critically hurt by Black ‘s Black Kamehameha while held down by future Zamasu. Upon learning Goku Black killed his family in the former timeline, despite the hole in his thorax, an enrage Goku overwhelmed Goku Black and Future Zamasu simultaneously. Goku besides proceeded to briefly overwhelm Fused Zamasu using his Super Saiyan Blue Kaio-ken despite his hurt arms. In the manga, during Vegeta ‘s battle with Goku Black, Future Trunks states that Goku has trained and pushed his body to it ‘s absolute limit to the point that he can not get any stronger. Goku besides managed to overwhelm fuse Zamasu using Perfected Super Saiyan Blue. In the zanzibar copal, once Goku faced Hit again, he was overwhelmed by Hit ‘s new skillset, chiefly Hit ‘s ability to phase through attacks. During the second base round off, Goku cursorily realized the accuracy of his techniques and adjusted, able to overpower Hit with only Super Saiyan Blue, noting that Hit ‘s Time-Skip techniques would no longer affect him. After which, Goku ‘s swerve energy shattered Hit ‘s Tides of Time pocket dimension and the fight ended in a stalemate. In the anime, during the Zeno Expo, base Goku matched Bergamo, the strongest warrior of Universe 9. With Super Saiyan, he outpaced the giant Bergamo before defeating him with Super Saiyan Blue Kaio-ken, to which the gather deities noted that Goku ‘s world power rivaled the gods. Afterwards, Super Saiyan Blue Goku contend against Top, a Universe 11 candidate for the God of Destruction, and gradually overwhelmed him. In the manga, base Goku stayed conscious from Rumsshi ‘s Battle Roar, which knocked out all the Supreme Kais present. During recruitment for Team Universe 7 in the anime, base Goku matched the highly strengthened Shape-Up Good Buu but is defeated by ring out. Fought largely on par with the enormously powered up Android 17, but both agreed that the Saiyan was still holding back well. Against Gohan ‘s Potential Unleashed state, Goku fought on equality with Super Saiyan Blue and then used the Kaio-ken to defeat Gohan instantaneously. Base Goku withstood Sidra ‘s Energy of Destruction, though he was unable to get manipulate over it, requiring Beerus ‘ care and at Super Saiyan Blue, had a brief substitute with Golden Frieza and proved his equal despite his frightful power increase. During the Tournament of Power, numerous deities, acknowledge Goku as the most powerful warrior of Universe 7 with at least a few of them considering him the greatest terror after Jiren. All throughout, base Goku held his own against multiple opponents such as the Trio of Danger, the Universe 3 robots Koitsukai, Pancéa and Borareta, the Universe 6 Saiyan Caulifla, and the Universe 2 warriors Ribrianne, Roasie, Zarbuto, Rabanra, and Zirloin with his power, skill and determination. This is made all the more impressive by the fact that during at least half of these encounters, he was highly exhausted. At Super-Saiyan Blue, Goku was outmatched by only Kefla and Jiren. In the anime, even with X20 Super Saiyan Blue Kaio-ken, Goku stood no opportunity against Jiren. In the manga, Goku pushed his body well-beyond the normal limits of Perfected Super Saiyan Blue to utilize the Kaio-ken, using this increase in office to momentarily overwhelm Jiren. however, the breed promptly caught up, allowing Jiren to rebound unfazed. Goku finally gained Ultra Instinct Sign which allowed him to hold his own against Jiren. In this express, Goku ‘s ki shook the entire Null Realm, a kingdom of infinite size. Against Top and Dyspo, he casually blocked their coincident attack and dodged the erstwhile ‘s Justice Flash. He former eliminated Kefla while in her Super Saiyan 2 imprint. In the final one-on-one confrontation against Jiren, Goku achieved Ultra Instinct Sign again and began to overpower Jiren. finally Goku mastered Ultra Instinct, leaving all the confront deities observing in awe. He then easily overwhelm Jiren until he unleashed his shroud ability, but ultimately Goku was still able to gain an advantage over Jiren until his body broke depressed. In the manga, upon perfecting Ultra Instinct Goku quickly overpowered and about rule out Jiren. however Jiren noted that Goku did not possess “ true lastingness ” and was simply exploiting openings, going to his full might Jiren then went on to pressure Goku, with his miss of education in Ultra Instinct making him promptly lose stamina and neglect back to base form. Goku teamed up with Vegeta against the buffet Jiren, overpowering the foe from their synchronized rape – Goku and Vegeta ‘s combination proving greater than the sum of it ‘s parts. Goku and Vegeta ‘s unite Kamehameha/Gamma Burst Flash was so potent it warped the entire Null Realm – changing it ‘s color – and made everyone in the stands brace themselves, though it still could not eliminate the Jiren, who had achieved a further power up. During the Galactic Patrol Prisoner Saga, after training with Merus, his baron grew enormously to amaze his Earth-bound allies. Goku easily defeated the fusion of Miza, Iwaza and Kikaza and Zauyogi with a one boast each and sedately overwhelmed Saganbo despite the huge rise of office gained from Moro. even as the latter began to overdose on Moro ‘s baron, Perfected Super Saiyan Blue let Goku easily fend the enemy off. Against Moro, Goku showed the fruition of his trail, able to access Ultra Instinct Sign at will. With it, he gained an advantage over the charming, able to evade Moro ‘s energy absorption power and pressure Moro onto the department of defense. however, once Moro unleashed his full power, he proved able to fight on peer foothold with Goku, able to bypass Goku ‘s automatic defenses. It is noted by Merus and Whis that Ultra Instinct Sign is an fluid state that will promptly drain Goku ‘s stamina, to which Moro soon had a dominate run due to Goku ‘s speed dribble. Goku was able to enter a Powerhouse state and despite landing knock-down blows, it robbed Goku of what small he calm had of Ultra Instinct Sign ‘s agility, allowing Moro to obtain victory. After Moro absorbed Seven-Three, Moro transformed and shattered his previous limitations. Despite this, Blue Kaio-ken Goku was able to momentarily overwhelm Moro with a Kamehameha, blasting off Moro ‘s arm, however his efforts were promptly made otiose, as Moro regenerated his arm and impaled Goku through the thorax with it. Dende noted that it would be difficult to heal Goku due to his ki having reached god-level. by and by, upon witnessing Merus ‘ sacrifice, Goku was able to perfectly and consciously access the completed Ultra Instinct submit. The baron he wielded allowed Goku to effortlessly outmaneuver and maim the ace, his very strikes causing shockwaves that rattled the entire satellite. Goku newfound exponent compared to Moro at his vertex made the ace break his own hand when punching Goku ‘s chest of drawers. Upon Moro replicating Merus ‘ might, despite physically being equal, Goku superior feel with Ultra Instinct allowed him to ultimately outmaneuver Moro and overtax his enemy ‘s consistency until Moro was forced to merge with the worldly concern to stabilize his newly-acquired divine power. In this state of matter, Goku was quickly overwhelmed because Moro was absorbing the life force out of everyone on the planet. however, once he restored all of his divine exponent, Goku was last able to dominated the warlock and finally obliterated him by destroying his informant of ability. By the Granolah the Survivor Saga, Goku ‘s clamant and perfect access of Ultra Instinct made Whis put actual effort in sparring with Goku, getting into a good position. Despite this, Whis notes that Goku ‘s performance of Ultra Instinct is silent merely basic compared to a fully-trained Angel, and he is easily overpowered by Whis. When Goku asked Whis if he knew of anyone in Universe 7 stronger than he and Vegeta, Whis noted that he did not. After arriving on the planet grain, both Goku and Vegeta were immediately shot at by Granola. The blasts were indeed accurate establish Goku and Vegeta were barely dodging them and therefore Goku used Ultra Instinct in his base shape to dodge them better but Goku still has n’t perfected using Ultra Instinct in his basal phase and therefore was struck by a blast from Granolah in his critical point behind neck. The shoot was solid adequate to knock out basal Goku and Vegeta had to give him a Senzu Bean to get him back up. When starting to fight Granolah one on one Goku transforms into Super Saiyan God to fight him. Goku, tied in his Super Saiyan God shape is forced on the defensive and faces perturb finding an open to attack Granolah. Goku then started using Ultra Instinct in his Super Saiyan God form to dodge Gronolah ‘s fire better. Despite extremist instinct being more accurate in his Super Saiyan God kind Goku hush got hit in his vital period by Granolah and knocked him out of his Super Saiyan God form. Unlike before, Goku was able to get back up without using a Senzu Bean. Goku then transformed into Super Saiyan Blue class and is able to fight on par with powered up Granolah. Though Goku is beginning to struggle and is forced to use a junction of Blue and Ultra Instinct and he is able to evade most of Granolah ‘s attacks and used a Instant Kamehameha damaging the former before getting hit in a full of life degree forcing him to use Perfected Ultra Instinct. With Perfected Ultra Instinct, Goku is able to swiftly overwhelm Granolah with the latter not able to land blows albeit a forge one with his power being split and evening then he had to rely on Ultra Instinct ‘s accuracy to drop. Upon recovering enough, Goku ‘s adapted to the attack patterns of Granolah, able to anticipate how and where Granolah would strike. With this, Perfected Super Saiyan Blue Goku was able to avoid any critical wrong and endure the blunt of the attacks to counter Granolah. Soon however, Granolah was able to wear Goku toss off enough to overwhelm him. After recovering adequate, whereas before he was well overpowered by Unlocked Potential Gas, Perfected Super Saiyan Blue Goku was able to hold his own and trade wind blows against Awakened Gas. ultimately however, Goku was pressured besides much, forcing him to lure Gas away from the planet to regroup. Ten years after Kid Buu ‘s kill, at the 28th World Martial Arts Tournament, he felt certain that merely Kid Buu ‘s reincarnation, Uub, would be a challenge for him. Five years subsequently in Dragon Ball GT, Goku ‘s true world power is not shown as he is turned into a child by the Black Star Dragon Balls, apart from fighting on equality in establish human body with Uub, who later on could hold his own against Super Baby Vegeta 2. hush, Goku retains far greater intensity than when he was rightfully a child and still much stronger than his allies. While hunting for the Black Star Dragon Balls, he fights and overpowers base Rilldo, who is stated to have greater power than Majin Buu ‘s. When Baby conquered Earth, floor Goku was able to defeat Gohan and Goten, both as Super Saiyans, simultaneously and besides breaks through a dimensional barrier. While Super Saiyan 3 Goku could compete against Super Saiyan Baby Vegeta, his child body could n’t keep up that form for more than a minute. once obtaining Super Saiyan 4 he fought on par with Golden Great Ape Baby, to which once he obtained full ability, he proved a lot stronger and promptly defeated Baby. former, against Final Form Frieza and Super Perfect Cell, base Goku easily repelled the two dead foes, horrifying them at his might. When facing Super 17, Super Saiyan Goku fought on par against the android that all the Z Fighters combined were swiftly overpowered by ( until he absorbed Goku ‘s energy ). Against Syn Shenron, the strongest of the Shadow Dragons, using Super Full Power Saiyan 4 Goku easily overwhelmed the enemy. Furthermore, using Dragon Fist, he obliterated Syn on his Omega express. After undergoing a cryptic change, Goku was cloaked in an aura that stopped evening Omega Shenron ‘s attacks from having any effect on him. [ 183 ]

Neko Majin

As a Super Saiyan, Goku ‘s power is about on par with Super Neko Majin Z ‘s .


In Dead Zone, Goku simultaneously fended off all three of Garlic Jr. ‘s henchmen in their respective Super forms with only minor attempt. As Ginger and Nicky each unleashed a match of blades on Goku, he managed to counter their assaults with his Power Pole before ultimately defeating them. He then held his own against Super Garlic Junior. once removing his burden invest and teaming up with Piccolo, the couple were able to overwhelm the deity foe. In The World’s Strongest, Goku faces off against Dr. Kochin ‘s Bio-Warriors. During which, Goku agilely gets through the diverse department of defense systems unleashed on him and defeated Misokatsun by plowing through his stretchable and force-absorbing body. Against Kishime and Ebifurya Goku is able to adapt to the teleporting patterns of the erstwhile and repel the latter ‘s frosting blasts, quickly defeating them simultaneously. Goku then manages to defeat Dr. Wheelo ‘s massive robotic imprint with the Spirit Bomb. In The Tree of Might, Goku, with a might level at 30,000, effortlessly defeats all of Turles ‘ henchmen in each shuffle before simultaneously repelling their group assail and defeating them all with a individual blow each. Against Turles, the evil Saiyan was visibly alarmed at Goku ‘s office, to which he initially outmanoevred and drove Turles back adequate to pressure him into eating a Tree of Might ‘s fruit to gain the advantage. While unable to evening compete against the empowered Turles with a x20 Kaio-ken, utilising his Spirit Bomb train, Goku harnesses energy from the Tree of Might to re-energize himself and instantaneously form a much stronger Spirit Bomb to defeat Turles. In Lord Slug, Goku effortlessly defeated Medamatcha and Angila. He killed the erstwhile with a unmarried punch despite being drained of energy from the foe ‘s mini-clones, which Goku effortlessly incinerated. He then killed the latter with a blast that simultaneously overwhelmed the enemy ‘s mouth blast. While Goku ‘s power impressed Lord Slug, during their initial struggle, Goku was completely outclassed by the tyrant. once Goku becomes a Pseudo Super Saiyan, he completely overwhelms Slug, forcing him to rely on his Great Namekian shape. once gaining extra energy from Piccolo, he was able to handle a x100 Kaio-ken to effortlessly plow through Slug. In Cooler’s Revenge, Goku fights off Cooler ‘s Armored Squadron all at the same prison term and survived a Darkness Eye Beam by Cooler. once healing, he is about unfazed and unmoved by Salza ‘s sneak attack, who is then easily repelled by Goku ‘s power up. Goku then fought just ahead of Fourth Form Cooler. While base Goku was dominated by Fifth Form Cooler with x20 Kaio-ken, Goku ‘s Super Saiyan outclassed Cooler, unfazed by Cooler ‘s solid punch to his gut and alike left Cooler staggering from two blows. ultimately, he overpowered Cooler ‘s Supernova to launch it along with Cooler into the sun. In The Return of Cooler, base Goku held his own against a Meta-Cooler but was unable to cause damage even with the Kaio-ken. As a Super Saiyan, he was able to greatly damage the automaton double. however, the self-adapting automaton cursorily repaired and improved itself to overwhelm Goku, forcing Goku to rely on Vegeta ‘s help to defeat it. Against the Meta-Cooler Core, Goku and Vegeta ‘s energy overwhelmed the computer system, escaping their confines. once freed, Goku launched an department of energy ball brawny to destroy Cooler and the Big Gete Star. In Super Android 13!, he endured a team assault from Android 14 and Android 15 relatively unfazed before facing Android 13. He held his own against the stronger android with Super Saiyan, even as he continued analyzing Goku ‘s skills. Once the remaining android absorbed his colleague androids ‘ CPUs and cores to become Super 13, Goku was pummeled by the extremely android. When Goku absorbed the massive energy of his Spirit Bomb, the intensity of his ki left Super 13 ‘s fist disintegrate when attempting to hit Goku, to which Goku destroyed the android with a single blow. In Broly – The Legendary Super Saiyan, al-qaeda Goku crusade on equality with the restrained Super Saiyan, drawing blood from a solid blow to Broly ‘s face. Against Legendary Super Saiyan Broly, despite the unilateral meter down everyone received from Broly, Goku was the merely one able to endure the rape farseeing enough to gain energy from his allies, which allowed him to defeat Broly in a unmarried waste. In Bojack Unbound, al-qaeda Goku ‘s liveliness proved herculean enough to return to the exist world and survive for a infinitesimal, which was retentive enough to save Gohan from Bojack before returning to other World. During which, he delivering a potent punch that decked the full-powered space plagiarist and left him momentarily dazed. however, Goku ‘s attack was a blindside assault with Bojack fully focused on Gohan. In Fusion Reborn, Goku made it to the finals of another early World Tournament where he fought on par against Pikkon. Later, base Goku fended off Janemba ‘s basal phase and swiftly obliterate the creature with Super Saiyan 3. once Janemba reformed into a stronger phase, Goku held his own for a elongated menstruation before ultimately being defeated. In Wrath of the Dragon, Super Saiyan 3 Goku was the lone matchless who could dodge and withstand Hirudegarn ‘s massive blows, to which Ultimate Gohan could not, before defeating the giant star monster with his Dragon Fist. In Battle of Gods, Beerus openly complimented Super Saiyan 3 Goku, who punched a big crater into King Kai ‘s planet despite its incredible density. however, he was still defeated by two playful flicks from Beerus. Later, when achieving Super Saiyan God, Goku ‘s divine state at 80 % fought on par with Beerus at using about 70 % of his own ability. After clock ran out for his impromptu form, despite returning to base human body, Goku subconsciously absorbs the godly exponent, letting him continue using its office on acme of Super Saiyan and even briefly restitution to his Super Saiyan God form without help. ultimately, Goku is left exhausted from stopping Beerus ‘ Sphere of Destruction, leaving Goku unable to continue fighting and frankincense lost. Beerus besides lies that Goku is the second firm he ‘s ever faced, when he is actually the strongest. In Resurrection ‘F’, Goku ‘s train allowed him to master his divine ability to use it amply without transforming as a Saiyan beyond God. In this department of state, he becomes stronger than Fourth Form Frieza despite unlocking much of his true potential. Goku besides obtains Super Saiyan Blue, which despite Golden Frieza ‘s huge advantage in power, allowed Goku to hold off Frieza retentive enough to tire out the tyrant, regaining the advantage. Whis asserts that should Goku and Vegeta combined their might, they would be an “ unstoppable coerce ” that could decidedly defeat the full baron of Golden Frieza and equal Beerus. In Broly, Goku is able to initially hold his own against against Wrathful Broly and even briefly overpower him. once forced by the ever-growing enemy to use Super Saiyan, Goku was able to hold his crunch better, [ 184 ] showing more tactical maneuvers to dodge and parry Broly ‘s attacks until Broly again grew stronger. As a Super Saiyan God, he proved more versatile with his department of energy, using his God Bind to subdue Broly for a menstruation of clock. once overwhelmed again by Broly, Goku used Super Saiyan Blue to gain a relatively firm control until Broly becomes a Super Saiyan. Goku was still firm adequate to deflect respective blasts from Broly ‘s Blaster Meteor. unfortunately, even with the serve of Super Saiyan Blue Vegeta, the two Saiyans were barely able to hold their own against Super Saiyan Broly, and were forced to retreat and teleport to Piccolo .


In Dragon Ball: Plan to Eradicate the Saiyans, Super Saiyan Goku was able to easily defeat Dr. Lychee ‘s creatures despite being weakened by the Destron Gas. He besides defeated Ghost Warrior -Cooler with entirely minor difficulty despite the foes enhanced-strength and regenerative powers. late, against Hatchiyack, who is noted evening stronger than fabled Super Saiyan Broly, Goku was the only one able to perceive its assaults and mount an effective defense mechanism for a time period. ultimately, Goku defeated the struggle machine in respective ways ( depending on the ending ) : Against Multiple Hatchiyack, Goku realized that it could not sustain its clones while reflected in mirrors, dispersing them and leaving it weakened enough to be destroyed. Against Super Hatchiyack, as the empower foe proved crown potent, Goku created an Instant Spirit Bomb to defeat it. Against Giant Hatchiyack, Goku flies into Hatchiyack ‘s center through the mouth, destroying its core with a Kamehameha. In Dragon Ball: The Return of Son Goku and Friends!, Goku ‘s simple demonstration of Super Saiyan caused Tarble ‘s rover to explode. When Goku was told that Abo and Kado were each equal to Frieza ‘s power on Planet Namek, Goku was upset, feeling it was excessively easy for him ( albeit the were probably compared to Frieza ‘s First Form ). Once the evil couple fused into Aka and began causes massive damage to the area, Goku as Super Saiyan easily repelled the fusion ‘s ultimate attack with a Kamehameha and then proceeded to defeat him with a single blow out .

Super Dragon Ball Heroes

During the Prison Planet Saga, Super Saiyan Blue Goku battles against his surrogate dimension self, Super Saiyan 4 Xeno Goku. The two Goku ‘s fight evenly before ending in a stalemate in the manga/anime but in the game Goku defeats Xeno Goku, who notes that Goku is a step above him. belated, against the restrain Cumber, Goku ‘s ki is corrupted and he transformed into Super Saiyan : Berserk. In the anime, Golden Cooler knocks Goku down with a one punch, freeing him from putrescence. In the manga, Berserk Goku promptly knocks down the unguarded Super Saiyan Blue Vegeta and former survives Golden Coolers herculean energy attack. In the zanzibar copal, his X20 Super Saiyan Blue Kaio-ken momentarily pressured Cumber, but hush caused no damage. In the crippled, X20 Super Saiyan Blue Kaio-ken Goku is able to conflict Super Saiyan Cumber, though they cease fighting before a victor can be determined. later after he activates Ultra Instinct Sign, he repels Cumber ‘s massive energy testis. Goku then proceeds to enter the master department of state of Ultra Instinct, were he proceeds to effortlessly dodge all of Cumber ‘s attacks and defeats him with a Kamehameha. In the manga, Ultra Instinct Goku is able to clash against Super Saiyan 3 Cumber and apparently wins, badly injuring Cumber while he escapes. During the Universal Conflict Saga, Goku while using Ultra Instinct Sign, effortlessly overwhelm Oren ( after assimilating Vegeta ) and Kamin, forcing the siblings to merge into Kamioren. The merged warrior hush proved to be at a disadvantage against Goku. Against Rags, her massive looking glass barrier hit proved struggling for Goku. While managing to hold back and shatter the fire, it drained Goku besides much and forced him back to base form. Rags then proceeded to defeat base Goku with a field glass shard barrage. later, against Super Hearts, Goku was initially able to overpower him with Super Saiyan Blue and proceeded to land blows that rattled Hearts and overpower his bombastic energy blast with his Kamehameha. Forcing Hearts to draw more ability from the Universe Seed, Goku was overwhelmed decisively soon after. Against Ultimate Kamioren, Goku entered into Ultra Instinct Sign and proceeded to decisively overwhelm Kamioren. once accessing the complete Ultra Instinct, he proved able to throw around the massive enemy and ultimately destroy Kamioren with a mighty punch its core. Against the Ultimate Godslayer Hearts, with Super Saiyan Blue, he was able to put up more of a immunity against Hearts than Jiren and Hit. even in his base form, out of all the meet Universe 7 warriors, he was the one who could even reasonably stand up while restrained by Hearts ‘ Gravity Finale. Goku believed that his power in Ultra Instinct would stand a chance of victory against Hearts but as he could not access it again, he opted to fuse with Vegeta. In the Universe Creation Saga Goku was hush outmatched by Beerus as the latter managed to easily dodge his attacks and repress him with barely a kick on the back. later on he fought Turles and was adequate to of well fighting and dodging his attacks even while empowered with Blue. Against the newly recreated Janemba both him and Vegeta were n’t able to land a attack due to Janemba already got their analyses, While he and his Xeno counterpart were able to finally inflict a hit on the cheer monster it only staggered it. Against Fu Goku in a Blue Berserk state was able to force Fu on the defensive but was n’t able to inflict a strike on him due to the corruption inhibiting his fighting art. In the New Space-Time War Saga, faced with a apparition of Super Full Power Saiyan 4 Limit Breaker Xeno Goku who is fighting with intent to kill, Goku is able to match him using his ordinary Super Saiyan Blue. In the zanzibar copal, upon taking on and harnassing the power contained within the Universe Tree, Goku was able to defeat Fu who previously had defeated both the powered up Gogeta and Xeno Gogeta at the same time. During the Super Space-Time Tournament, Goku as a Super Saiyan Blue fought an even conflict against Super Full Power Saiyan 4 Limit Breaker Xeno Goku .

Statements by authors and guidebooks

As a baby, Goku had a power flush of 2, which is identical gloomy for even a low-level Saiyan. By senesce 11, his power was 10. Great Ape Goku was described as having destructive power like to that of a battleship ‘s main gun. [ 5 ] In the 22nd World Martial Arts Tournament, Goku ‘s power became 180. After drinking the Ultra Divine Water to combat King Piccolo, Goku ‘s power charge increased to 260. During his conflict with Frieza on Namek, Goku ‘s might leaps to 3,000,000 thanks to Saiyan Power. It was stated in Daizenshuu 2 that during his struggle with Piccolo, his Super Kamehameha is stronger than the one used to shatter the moon. The movie tract for Dragon Ball Z: The Tree of Might states that Goku ‘s ability level during Dragon Ball Z: World’s Strongest is 10,000. According to writer Akira Toriyama, during Battle of Gods, in terms of power, Goku as Super Saiyan God would be a 6, Beerus would be a 10, and Whis would be a 15. [ 185 ] While inside Buu, Goku could not even use 1/100 of his common office. [ 186 ] According to Akira Toriyama, Goku is the strongest in the Universe and # 1 by the end of the master manga. [ 187 ] According to the Toei web site Hirudegarn is equal in office to Super Saiyan 3 Goku, and Goku is not any stronger in Wrath of the Dragon than he was in Fusion Reborn. [ 188 ] According to Weekly Shonen Jump # 20, Goku as Super Saiyan Blue in Resurrection ‘F’ has an “ overwhelm baron that the world has never seen before ”. At the prison term of the Universe 6 Saga, Toyotarou considered Beerus and Whis to be an unsurpassable wall for Goku and the others, and Toriyama stated that he has no contiguous plans for Goku and Vegeta to surpass neither Beerus or Whis. [ 189 ] anterior to Goku achieving Ultra Instinct Sign, Goku and Frieza were tied for the No. 1 spot on Team Universe 7 in terms of power. [ 190 ] In Goku ‘s concluding usage of Ultra Instinct Sign, even Beerus thinks Goku might be stronger than him. [ 191 ] By the time of Dragon Ball Super: Broly, Goku is close to being a god, with Vegeta urgently trying to catch up with him. [ 192 ] With the Perfected Ultra Instinct, Goku became the strongest deadly in Universe 7, until the Granolah the Survivor Saga – where a warrior that equal Goku appeared. [ 193 ] Perfected Ultra Instinct Goku is the strongest iteration of Goku, surpassing his previous powerful rivals like Fused Zamasu, Jiren, Broly and Moro. [ 194 ] Toyotarou refers to Granolah, Goku and Vegeta as the 1st, 2nd and 3rd strongest in the universe, though does not elaborate on the rate away from Granolah being 1st. Toyotarou besides states that Goku is still not on the grade of Beerus, Whis or the Grand Minister. [ 195 ] Daizenshuu 2 and The History of Trunks zanzibar copal comics mention Gohan ‘s electric potential as being greater than Goku ‘s. GT Perfect Files Vol.1 notes that the direction behind Goku being turned into a kid in GT was in order to make him weaker, as it was felt he had become besides firm by the time he had defeated the “ ultimately strong ” Majin Buu, though due to finally defeating the “ ultimately strong ” baby, he became hard again after all despite having been turned in a child. however, the Super Saiyan section of the ledger contradicts the notion of Goku having become weak as a child, stating that Goku seemed to inactive be a strong as earlier. As an adult in GT, at the time Goku was the “ mightiest Goku who can do anything ” and had gone a far as he could possibly go. After being turned into a child in GT, Goku is much weaker than his adult self. [ 183 ]

Video games

Super Saiyan Blue Goku ‘s reveal for Dragon Ball Z: Extreme Butōden referred to him as being the “ strongest ” of the characters who were playable in the game. [ 196 ]


Appearances in early media

Dr. Slump remake

Goku appears as a child in the remake television receiver serial of Dr. Slump. Arale helps him fighting General Blue and Ninja Murasaki. He besides transforms into a capital Ape during the series. Kid Goku even appears in the television game Dr. Slump: Arale-Chan. Goku besides makes a minor appearance as an adult in the movie Dr. Slump and Arale-chan: N’cha! Love Comes From Penguin Village, where he is seen fighting Bojack in the background .

Jump Super Stars

Main article: Jump Super Stars (manga) In a dream by Sena Kobayakawa of the Eyeshield 21 series, Goku is one of the heroes brought to the Jump World by Dr. Mashirito. Goku turns Super Saiyan to battle Caramel Man 011 along with the other heroes, and is the one to deal the final blow to it with a Kamehameha when it ‘s movements are halted .

Video Game Appearances

In video recording games, Goku appears in about every Dragon Ball licensed electronic game to date. He is besides featured in respective crossing games ; he appears the Famicom games Famicom Jump: Hero Retsuden and Famicom Jump II: Saikyō no Shichinin, the DS games Jump Super Stars, Jump Ultimate Stars, and Jump Force. He is featured in the Dragon Ball Z/One Piece/Naruto 2006 crossing game Battle Stadium D.O.N. In December 2007, Goku, along with Naruto Uzumaki and Luffy, would make guest appearances in embodiment form in the MMORPG Second Life to promote “ Jump Festa ”. Goku was among a issue of Dragon Ball characters to appear in the Terebikko game Dragon Ball Z: Atsumare! Gokū Wārudo. This game was packaged as a VHS magnetic tape and a telephone peripheral used to input commands to Goku and friends when requested, telling a feature-length report involving time locomotion leading up to the Cell Games. Like the zanzibar copal, Toei Animation was responsible for the footage, and ampere well each voice actor reprising the function of their characters .
For the first gear time ever, Goku is playable in his Dragon Ball Minus ( Jaco the Galactic Patrolman ) outfit in Dragon Ball Heroes since the sixth mission of Jaaku Mission series ( JM6 ). In Dragon Ball Fusions, Kid Goku and Adult Goku appear as disjoined incarnations from unlike timelines who end up in the Timespace Rift. Kid Goku comes from the period when he was training under Kami for the 23rd World Martial Arts Tournament, but ends up getting transported to the Timespace Rift through a clock time hole opened by Tekka after Ziku mistakes his qi for his adult self. Adult Goku comes from Dragon Ball Super when he is training under Whis and comes to the aid of Tekka ‘s team when they are attacked by Cell, then trains them to defeat Cell by sparring and teaching them EX-Fusion. His early DBZ and GT incarnation besides appears as a playable characters outside the main narrative and Pan mistakes Kid Goku for GT Goku when they first meet in the floor. Goku ‘s Super Saiyan, Super Saiyan 3, Super Saiyan 4, Super Saiyan God, and Super Saiyan Blue forms besides appear as offprint playable characters with DBZ, Super, and GT versions of his Super Saiyan and Super Saiyan 3 forms as classify characters a well .

Hey there… Do you need me for something? Huh? What’s this? Whoa, is this for me? Thanks! Jeez, these are some weird clothes! Looks like they might be kind of hard to fight in… Actually, they might make for some good training gear! I’ll put them on later and see how they handle!
— Goku receiving his gift from the Future Warrior in Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 — Goku receiving his gift from the Future Warrior in

In Xenoverse 2, the Future Warrior can purchase Gift (Goku) from the TP Medal Shop, which contains his journey to the West Special Costume for his custom-made skillset. Goku thanks the warrior for the gift though notes the clothes are eldritch and look unmanageable to fight in earlier noting that might make them dear for educate. After giving him the give, Goku ‘s especial Costume is unbarred for Partner Customization, though its color can not be customized and the Hood disappears when he is using any Super Saiyan form until he reverts to base. The Hood Goku wears besides lacks the kanji featured on the Journey to the West Hood Accessory .

Live-action movies

Main article: Goku in Dragonball Evolution
Goku is the main supporter in the 2009 american english live-action movie Dragonball Evolution directed by James Wong. The character is portrayed by actor Justin Chatwin. Chatwin did not wear a wig as it was felt his hair already resembled Goku ‘s. In the movie, he carries out his grandfather ‘s wishes and seeks out Master Roshi for training while he attempts to collect all the Dragon Balls before Piccolo. Along the way, he befriends Yamcha and Bulma. Goku besides appears in the 2010 live action battle prove Dragon Ball Kai: Super Battle Stage, which is loosely based on the 1993 movie Broly – The Legendary Super Saiyan. Goku will appear in the live-action Gintama 2. [ 208 ]

In democratic culture

Goku has frequently been deemed a convinced character model for children throughout Japan. In June 1988, Goku and other Dragon Ball characters were featured in two PSA shorts. The first short-circuit was entitled “ The Goku Traffic Safety ” ( 悟空の交通安全, Gokū no Kōtsū Anzen ) where Goku is taught the importance of obeying traffic condom by others. The second was called “ Goku ‘s Fire Brigade “ where he teaches two children the importance of burn base hit ; this brusque is luminary for featuring Goku as a volunteer fire-fighter .
Goku has made guest appearances in assorted japanese television shows and manga. He is a recurring character in the anime remake of another series by Toriyama, Dr. Slump. In 1990, Goku ( in anime shape ) made a surprise 2 min.30 appearance on “ Yamada Katsute Nai Wink ” ( やまだかつてないWink, “ Yamada Katsute Nai Wink ” ). here, he uses the Dragon Balls to help J-Pop star and hostess Kuniko Yamada gain her abilities, including the ability to execute a Kamehameha, which she playfully uses on him. In 1993, Goku ( with a ring ) appeared accompanied by Maruko-chan ( another manga character ) in a promotional broadcast for Dragon Ball Z: Super Android 13! and Chibi Maruko-chan: My Favorite Song, which were released in Japan on July, 11th 1992, and December 19, 1992 respectively. [ 209 ] In 2006, Goku, Vegeta, and Frieza would make a surprise appearance in a special issue of KochiKame. here, Ryotsu Kankichi travels to Namek and issues Frieza a quotation for parking his ship illegally. Ryotsu besides meets Vegeta and Goku on the satellite. In 2005, Goku appears in the Toriyama parody manga Neko Majin, where he is the sensei of the independent character, Neko Majin Z. He, with the other Dragon Ball characters, would team up with the draw of One Piece in a crossing over manga titled Cross Epoch. here, Goku is traveling nomad who meets up with Monkey D. Luffy. together, they fight the Pilappaggy Villain Union, a gang led by Pilaf and Buggy .
Goku can besides be considered a regular commodity for Fuji television. In 2003, Goku would appear in the synergistic feature entitled Kyutai Panic Adventure! ( 球体パニックアドベンチャー !, Kyūtai Panikku Adobenchā!? ; illuminated. “ Orb Panic adventure ! “ ), which was featured entirely at the Fuji television headquarters. here, Frieza attacks tourists by blasting the orb section dislodge it from the rest of the Fuji television receiver building followed by a cannon attack by Arlong and his crowd. It features teamups of Goku, Luffy, and Astro Boy. This was followed up with the 2004 Kyūtai Panic Adventure Returns! ( 球体パニックアドベンチャーリターンズ !, Kyūtai Panikku Adobenchā Ritānzu!? ; fall. “ Orb Panic Adventure Returns ! ” ). here, the malefic Eneru appears and attack the headquarter ‘s localization in the greenish blue city of Odaiba. It features team ups with Goku, Luffy, and KochiKame’ s Ryotsu Kankichi. The have is besides known for Goku and Luffy ‘s tag-team attack on Eneru, which fans have dubbed as the “ Gom Gom Kamehameha ” .
On April 7, 2007, Goku appeared along with Fuji TV announcer Masaharu Miyake as commentators to an anime segment in Nippon Ijin Taishō • Saikyō no Ijin wa Dare? ( 日本偉人大賞・最強の偉人は誰? ; fall. “ Japan ‘s Great Awards – Who is the Strongest Hero ? ” ). The section featured a extra World Martial Arts Tournament that was to decide who was the greatest person in japanese history. The fighters were Musashibo Benkei, Himiko, Prince Shotoku, and Amakusa Shiro. During the pause, Goku managed to plugged the then soon be released copies of R2 releases of the Dragon Ball DVDs. The winner was Prince Shotoku, who defeated Benkei in the final .
Goku has often been the subject of versatile parodies over the years. On an episode of operation !, Takeshi Castle, which is presently known as in the US as MXC, had an episode called family day. In that episode, the hosts Beat Takeshi and Sonomanma Higashi were dressed as popular zanzibar copal characters one was Kid Goku and the other was Doremon. In the MXC dub of that episode, when asked who about his Goku costume, the horde replied “ Who, me ? I ‘m dressed as a fracture head ! ” The Shonen Jump “ Gag special 2005 ” exit released on December 1, 2004 featured a Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo one-shot Dragon Ball parody manga. The manga was a humorous fictionalize of the conflict between Goku and Vegeta in the Saiyan Saga. Jelly Jiggler was Goku and Don Patch was Vegeta. In the anime episode “ fuel It Up ! Abenobashi Hong Kong Combat Shopping Arcade ” of Magical Shopping Arcade Abenobashi, character Sasshi Imamiya goes Super Saiyan much like Goku and fires a Kamehameha. He and other assorted characters besides appeared in the History of Japan that aired in Japan. Goku was selected as a cultural ambassador for the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo which was held in 2021. [ 210 ]


Goku ‘s character is well-received by publications for manga, zanzibar copal and other media. respective pieces of merchandising based on Goku have besides been released, including action figures, [ 211 ] [ 212 ] plushes, [ 213 ] [ 214 ] and keychains. [ 215 ] Anime News Network noted Goku to be a good part of the drollery of the series and remarked that, after all events that happen to him, he is placid the like primitive character. [ 216 ] THEM Anime Reviews noted him to not be the knock-down one in the inaugural serial unlike Dragon Ball Z, nor does he randomly disappear for farseeing stretches of clock between sagas. They besides liked how the series tells all his adventures, making him a good main character. [ 217 ] praised Goku ‘s artlessness as one of the funniest parts of the series. [ 218 ] His travel and ever-growing force resulted in the character winning “ the admiration of young boys everywhere ”. [ 219 ] Goku ranked systematically high in the Anime Grand Prix poll in the category of “ best male fictional character ” in the former 1980s and early 1990s, appearing fifteenth in the 1988 poll, [ 220 ] second in the 1989 poll, [ 221 ] fourthly in the 1990 pate, [ 222 ] one-third in the 1991 poll, [ 223 ] fourthly in the 1992 poll, [ 224 ] thirteenth in 1993 poll, [ 225 ] and twelfth in 1994 pate. [ 226 ] In Mania Entertainment ‘s 10 Most iconic Anime Heroes written by Thomas Zoth who commented that “ Goku and Dragon Ball completely revolutionized shōnen manga. ” [ 227 ] In a Newtype cartridge holder poll from March 2010, Goku was voted the fifth most popular male character from the 1980s. In 2005, The Daily Reader printed an article entitled “ The Greatest Geek Movie Heroes of All Time ”. Goku is the merely animated character on the list, coming in nine places after the achiever. [ 228 ] early manga artists, such as Naruto creator Masashi Kishimoto and One Piece creator Eiichiro Oda, have stated that Goku inspired their series ‘ chief protagonists. [ 229 ] [ 230 ] In 2000, Goku placed third in an Animax poll of favored anime characters. [ 231 ] In a review conducted by Oricon in 2007 between 1,000 people, Goku ranked first place as the “ Strongest Manga character of all time. ” [ 232 ] In the survey “ friendship ” developed by in which people had to choose what zanzibar copal character they would like to have as a supporter, Goku ranked fifth. [ 233 ] Masako Nozawa, the japanese voice actress for Goku, has commented she liked it when he lost his tail because that made him more normal but liked that the character was placid the same at the end of the serial. [ 234 ] Jackie Chan has gone on record stating that Goku is his favorite Dragon Ball character. [ 235 ] named Goku the number 1 zanzibar copal quality of all time in their list of the “ top 25 Anime Characters of All Time ” in 2009 [ 236 ] and third gear on the 2014 list. [ 237 ] Despite being primitively based on and immediately named after Sun Wukong from Journey to the West, Goku ‘s setting ended up evolving into something similar to Superman ‘s origin floor : they both were born on alien planets under different names ( Kakarot and Kal-El ) ; they both were sent to Earth as infants proper before their home plate planets were destroyed, and they were both adopted by Earthlings and given new names ( Goku and Clark Kent ). furthermore, both of their biological fathers ( Bardock and Jor-El ) tried to warn their people of their destruction. In the 133rd cartridge holder edition ( September 2002 ) of Wizard, a conjectural Superman vs. Goku match-up was published. Goku won the crusade quite easily, not even needing to use the Super Saiyan form. The article fell under heavy criticism by pop acculturation analysts, as it claimed that Superman would die from a decrease from Earth ‘s orbit despite him surviving far worse. Later that class, Wizard did an open poll at the Toronto Fan Expo and New York Comicon asking attendees who would win. Over 80 % said Goku would defeat Superman. Rooster Teeth ‘s Screwattack groove, as separate of their Death Battle series, pits Goku against Superman twice, with Superman winning both rounds because as the characters said, Superman has no measurable limits to his world power in the first topographic point whereas Goku can only break his limits. Goku has been the inspiration for many other manga/anime characters, including Monkey D. Luffy from the One Piece serial, Naruto Uzumaki from the Naruto series, Zatch Bell from the Zatch Bell series, and most recently Toriko from the Toriko series. The disband german rock isthmus “ Son Goku ” takes their name from Goku. The band ‘s frontman Thomas D specifically chose the name as Goku embodies the band ‘s philosophy. Stating he was “ fascinated by Goku ‘s naïveté and cheerfulness, however, at the same time, a big warrior saving the world ”. [ 238 ] In court to their function in voicing Goku, both Masako Nozawa and Sean Schemmel ( Goku ‘s longest-serving English knight VA ) have voiced versions of the original Sun Wukong. Nozawa voiced Wukong in League of Legends, and Schemmel ( along with other lyric voice actors ) voiced a version of the original Sun Wukong himself in Smite .

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name Changes


list of Characters Killed by Goku


  • In Japan, Goku is sometimes rendered as “Gokuh” or “Gokou” in promotional material such as toys and figures, mainly as a way to make him stand out from other Japanese adaptations from Sun Wukong. However, the latter spelling would make the pronunciation different from its intended one.
  • Comically, in Dragon Ball, Goku says he hates carrots (his namesake) when fighting against Monster Carrot.
  • In the anime, Goku is shown to suffer from severe , or the fear of needles.[137]
  • Goku’s hobbies include finding and fighting strong opponents.[4]
  • Goku will eat anything.[4]
  • Goku’s favorite vehicle is the Flying Nimbus.[4]
  • From his mid-teens to early twenties, Goku was a famous celebrity on Earth for his defeat of King Piccolo and his later victory over Piccolo Jr. at the 23rd World Tournament. Later, Goku appears to have been largely forgotten in favor of the following World Tournament champion, Mr. Satan (most likely due to Mr. Satan using success to become a rich and famous media hound in contrast to Goku living a humble and quiet life away from the public’s eye). However sometime after the defeat of the Shadow Dragons and before the 64th World Martial Arts Tournament, in GT, Goku is once again a revered hero as a giant statue of him is displayed in the stadium.[242] Additionally, though the general public may have forgotten his heroics, people like King Furry and World Tournament Announcer do as they have witnessed to his exploits.
  • In the Japanese version, Goku’s voice actress, Masako Nozawa, also voices every biological male relative of Goku, with the exception of Raditz.
  • In the anime version of the Universe Survival Saga Goku is seen as a villain by most of the other Universes due to his role in creating the Tournament of Power (although Goku’s actions actually gave the universes with low mortal levels a chance to survive as Zeno was originally going to erase them all immediately).
  • Goku shares many similarities with Superman from DC Comics:
    • Both are human-like aliens who were sent to Earth before their planets were destroyed (Goku from Planet Vegeta and Superman from Planet Krypton) and spent their lives believing they were human until learning the truth as young adults. The difference was that Goku was sent to Earth to destroy it, while Superman was sent to Earth to live in and help it.
    • Both have alien names (Goku was Kakarot and Superman was Kal-El) they seldom go by.
    • Both are aliens that appear as tall and muscular men with fair skin and distinct black hair styles.
    • They both have gained the respect of gods and other such beings, such as Beerus and Whis for Goku and citizens of New Genesis and Themyscira for Superman.
    • They both have an Achilles’ Heel that is generic for their respective races: Goku’s are his tail and hunger, while Superman’s is Kryptonite and yellow sunlight depletion/red sunlight exposure.
    • Both can draw power from the sun: Superman subconsciously being empowered by exposure to its light and Goku to create the Spirit Bomb or (reflected off the moon) enter the Great Ape forms.
    • They both have flight, incredible super speed, extreme super strength, super senses, and can emit powerful blasts from their being.
    • Both have fought members of their race who are or were evil: Vegeta for Goku, and Zod for Superman.
    • They both have evil counterparts: Turles, Goku Black, and a clone for Goku, and Ultraman, Bizarro, Cyborg Superman, H’El and Superboy-Prime for Superman.
    • They both have a married an Earth woman: Chi-Chi for Goku, and Lois Lane for Superman.
    • Both have half-human sons, Gohan and Goten for Goku, and Jonathan Kent for Superman, who have been implied to have the potential to be more powerful than their respective fathers.
    • Both had contact from their race through a blood relative (Raditz and Kara Zor-El).
    • Both have discovered that their race home planet was not completely wiped from existence (Universe 6 Saiyans and the Citizens of Kandor).
    • Both have fathers who foresaw the end of their home planet and attempted to save it (Bardock and Jor-El).
    • Both have also fought virtually unstoppable monsters from their home planet (Broly and Doomsday).
    • Both are pacifists by nature who refused to use more power than necessary to face a problem (albeit Goku also does this for the sake of a better challenge while Superman fears hurting others too much in general).
    • Both are considered the greatest champion of good for their people and known for their pure/noble views in life.
    • Due to all above statements, there are heavily conflicted debates among fans of both characters on who would win in the event of a full-on battle against each other.
  • On one occasion, in an interview with Shonen Jump in 1995, Akira Toriyama stated that Goku is his favorite character from the series.[243] In previous statements, he claimed that Piccolo was his favorite, and before this, that Tien was his favorite.
  • In the Raging Blast series, Goku is the only character to have three ultimate attacks, which can be changed through customization.
  • Goku is unusually light for his build; despite having a muscular physique, he is only 62kg (137 lbs) and given that his official height is also 175 cm (5’9″), this would put Goku’s weight as approaching underweight.
  • In 2004, Goku was voted the top character in the series to the Japanese fans.[244]
  • Goku having a Naruto Sage Mode costume in Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z is similar to how Naruto has Goku’s Turtle School uniform as a bonus costume in the 2013 video game Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 3; both costumes are based on an artwork featured in the Naruto 10th Anniversary Special Fanbook 2. Sage Goku performs his Kamehameha with a gesture similar to a jutsu attack from Naruto and runs with his arms stretched outside like the way Naruto characters run.
    • Additionally, canonically Goku himself is no stranger when it comes to Shurikenjutsu (which is often associated with Ninja in popular culture) as he was able to learn Ninja Murasaki’s Ninja Mist Shuriken technique via Mimicry and then performed it himself by stealing some of Murasaki’s shuriken during their battle in Muscle Tower.
      • In Super Dragon Ball Heroes: World Mission, Ninja Mist Shuriken can be performed by Goku if the Ninja Mist Shuriken accessory is equipped to any non-Special Type Goku card in a custom deck (additionally it can also be equipped to a Custom Card through Card Creation). Goku performs this in the same manner as Ninja Murasaki does in World Mission.
    • In addition to his use of Shuriken jutsu and the Naruto Sage Mode costume, Goku also worn Shu’s clothes (which is basically a Ninja Suit) after his clothes were destroyed by the Pilaf Machine in the Fortuneteller Baba Saga.
  • In Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2, despite his adversarial relationship with Frieza, Goku will state he is jealous that the Future Warrior gets to train with him (if the warrior talks to him without selecting anything).
  • Monk Bomber, a character from the Bomberman franchise, features a very similar outfit to the one Goku wears.


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