Study at Global Cyber University: Courses, Admission, Tuition, Acceptance

Students seeking to study at Global Cyber university should read on to know about the courses, entree, tutelage, and toleration rate.

just like the word “ Global ” means, this university is an external community dedicated to grooming students to have a global mentality that enables them to create solutions to the problems facing Earth and humanity. In March 2022, democratic korean Jungkook announced that he has graduated from the Global Cyber University with the highest honor- the ‘ President ’ s Award ’. He was a scholar of the Broadcasting & Entertainment department at the university. The K-pop paragon was unable to attend the gradation ceremony but sent a video recording accepting the Presidential Award.

This post contains everything you need to know about the Global Cyber University, why you should choose Global Cyber University, acceptance rate, programs, entrance fee requirements, eligibility, how to apply, and tutelage and living costs. READ ALSO: Delete Cyber-bullying Scholarship 2021

Study at Global Cyber University

Global Cyber University

ball-shaped Cyber University is a global Cyber University ( GCU ) based on the Hongik ideal. internationally, it is besides known as BTS University afield. Among the 7 members of global sensations ; BTS, 6 of them were students from Global Cyber University.

At Global Cyber University, it is believed that education is central to the means people live their lives therefore, they hope to show the world the deep entail of korean culture. In addition, the modality of study has changed to adapt the course of study and survey schedules to suit personal needs. This has made advance studies more easy and accessible. global Cyber University seeks to offer the same facilitate of entree as other on-line universities, which means you can take advantage of the benefits that e-education offers students. They besides practically promote Hallyu culture ( or K-Culture ) around the world .

Why Should I Choose Global Cyber University?

At Global Cyber University, they work to contribute to the earth ’ s cultural information and promotion, like any early university.

additionally, Global Cyber University tries to help people harness their talents for the benefit of the unharmed world and to live what they call the Hongik ideal. ball-shaped Cyber University nurtures creative people to develop talents and dreams through popular art and culture and get in touch with the world. In this way, it promotes korean culture and spreads Hallyu through them. At Global Cyber University, it is equally believed that education is central to the way people live their lives, and far more important than the type of smartphone an individual chooses or the television shows they watch.

global Cyber University hopes to show the world the deep intend of korean polish and this can be made potential through internet-based education and digital engineering which makes it possible for most people to access some human body of department of education, regardless of their fiscal situation and life style. besides, a growing act of older adults are now seeking extra department of education to expand their cognition and careers. The way people study has now changed as they adapt to a course of study and analyze schedules that suits their own needs. It made advance studies more accessible and easier to do. global Cyber University aims to join this quickly developing educational phenomenon by offering the lapp ease of access as other on-line universities.

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isolation of students is a possible negative effect of Internet-based education is the. Though some traditional universities have student classrooms that interact with each other, cyber students have no physical contact with instructors and early students and possibly left alone with their determine. so far, Global Cyber university ’ sulfur goal is to create links between people for the benefit of world. Though their boyfriend students may be on the other side of the world, Global Cyber University ’ s approach path and hold for problem-solving and collaborative memorize via the Internet encourages their students to get evening closer than they would do in a traditional classroom .

What is Global Cyber University Ranked for?

global Cyber University is ranked senior high school for its ability to help people develop their talents and reach their full potential.

These teachings have been turned into a dynamic personal growth system that helps people around the world to live better lives. In July 2018, GCU received the “ Emotional Labor Healing 365Campaign ” award, an prize for excellence that has been running continuously for the last four years from Korea Occupational Safety and Health Agency .

Is Global Cyber University Accredited?

Yes, Global Cyber University is accredited as a 4-year-course university by the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology together with Higher Education Act accredited Cyber University. This university has six majors and three departments.

Study at Global Cyber University

What is Global Cyber University Acceptance Rate?

The acceptance pace of Global Cyber University is 96.3 %. It is high and you have a greater casual of getting entrance fee if you apply to the university. The academician year of 2010, had the third-highest phone number of freshman intakes amongst all the Cyber Universities in Korea .

What are the Programs Global Cyber University Offer?

global Cyber University, as a global professional mental hospital for higher education in the twenty-first hundred, offers programs that help students discover and nurture cultural talent. They plan to establish themselves as an alma mater at the center of worldly concern cultural exchange in order to achieve this mission.

They aim to achieve this through the follow programs :

  • Counseling psychology
  • Brain Education Convergence
  • Sports & Health
  • Brain-based Emotion Coaching
  • virtual english
  • AI Convergence
  • convergence Contents
  • Entertainment & Media
  • Convergence Management
  • oriental Studies
  • Interdisciplinary- Major
    • Dementia Care
    • ball-shaped K-Culture
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How Do I Get Admission Into Global Cyber University?

Admissions at Global Cyber University are processed in Korean. All courses are besides taught in Korean excessively. There is no linguistic process requirements, hence ; there ’ second no need to provide scores on a korean linguistic process proficiency screen. however, it ’ s crucial that you can speak and understand Korean at a sealed horizontal surface as this will allow you to make the most of your assignments, classes, and exams. Below are the admission requirements for first Year, Second Year Transfer, and third Year transfer Students

Admission Requirements First-Year Students

  1. high school graduate ( or expected graduate )
  2. An applicant who passed the high educate equivalency test
  3. An applicant recognized as having the educational equivalent to above by law

Admission Requirements Second-Year Students

  1. Applicants who have graduated ( or are expected to graduate ) from college and are recognized as having the equivalent educational background under the law .
  2. Applicants who have completed at least two semesters of college and have earned 35 or more credits .
  3. Applicants who have earned 35 or more credits under the Act of Credit Recognition .

Admission Requirements Third-Year Students

  1. Applicants who have graduated ( or are expected to graduate ) from college and are recognized as having the educational equivalent background under the law .
  2. Applicants who have completed at least four semesters of college and have earned 70 or more credits
  3. Applicants who have earned 70 or more credits under the Act on Credit Recognition .

Eligibility for General and Special Admissions

Students will be accepted under limited admissions when the applicant ’ south conditions and special career ( liveliness experience ) are in accord with certain guidelines. Applicants who meet the coarse qualifications above and wish to apply for special admissions must meet the be conditions in rate to be accepted .

Eligibility for Transfer Students

  1. Credits will be accepted once the consort department has submitted and reviewed the transcripts from the former college .
  2. sophomore transfer students can receive astir to 35 credits and junior transfer students can receive up to 70 credits .
  3. Depending on the previous university ’ randomness field of study and the transfer department ’ s field of survey, credits are recognized as a cultural choice, primary choice, or general option courses .
  4. course notes are not accepted, entirely class credits are accepted .
  5. The remaining credits that are not recognized as primary and cultural elective course credits are considered general elective credits .

How to Apply for Global Cyber University Admission

registration is carried out according to procedures After enrolling in the semester courses, students must pay tuition fees and can only modify or cancel the courses they have chosen during the course discipline period. Below is the procedure to follow if you want to apply for admission into Global Cyber University.

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Submit Online Application:

  • Go to http : //go.global.ac.kr
  • Fill out the application form wholly and save it .
  • Make application fee payment ( KRW 30,000 )
  • Fill out Study Plan and Academic Aptitude Test

Document Requirements:

  • official entire years of transcripts for high school ( Translated and notarized )
  • If you graduated in different countries for elementary school, in-between school, and eminent educate ,
  • you need to submit all official transcripts of them ( elementary school, center school, and high school ) .
  • official High School Diploma ( Translated and notarized )
  • official Agreement for Enrollment and Academic Credits ( Attached file )
  • Academic History Verification Report or the Verification of Apostille
  • Please contact education-related public institutions or the applicant ’ second embassy or consulate for information about the Academic History Verification Report
  • A 3×4 inches of applicant ’ mho photograph
  • Online GCU Application Form ( Download )
  • transcript of recommendation

Document Screening:

The school conducts this privately .

Interview (Offline or Online):

further notice will be given

Decision Notification

far notice will be given

Tuition Payment (in KRW):

capture fee : KRW 166,000 course Fee : KRW 70,000 per credit

sum class tip per semester ( 18 credits for 6 courses ) : KRW 1,260,000 payment Methods : credit Cards or Wire Transfers The scholarship will be informed with individual request right before filling out the application

Begin School:

  • entrance ceremony
  • orientation course for each department

Is Global Cyber University Expensive? Tuition and Living Cost

global Cyber University is not expensive, since it ’ s a new school. Their tutelage is besides quite low-cost for any scholar on a low budget.

here are the criterion tutelage fees of Global Cyber University :

  • entrance tip : KRW 166,000
  • path Fee : KRW 70,000 per accredit
  • entire course fee per semester ( 18 credits for 6 courses ) : KRW 1,260,000

Their Payments is made through Credit Cards or Wire Transfers


Thorough practical prepare that combines veridical train environment and field lecturers, Global Cyber University helps build creditworthy career management students. If you ’ ra even to study at Global Cyber University, follow through with our Global Cyber University entire review .

Official School Website

For more information about Global Cyber University, click the push button below to visit the school’s official school website.



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