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Posted : 02-23-2018_09.16 – Expired : 02/26/2018
PHISH : multiple Alerts Combined ID : Alert-126

There are multiple issues this week. They have been combined into one alarm.

[ACTION REQUIRED] GCSU Revised and Updated Business Integrity, Policy and Procedures For All Employees.
Emails are being circulated to many colleges and universities that purport to be from their campus president of the united states. They come in using campus branded letterhead and look and feel authentic. The national line is : [ ACTION REQUIRED ] GCSU Revised and Updated Business Integrity, Policy and Procedures For All Employees. The emails are well written and do not have the misprint and poor English that you normally see in these types of messages.

Like constantly, please do not click on URL ‘s provided in emails that you are not expecting. They are trying to steal your GC credentials.

PHISH: *E-sign Now*!! Electronic Signature
warn : There are emails being circulated that appear to come from DocuSign ( esign-notice @ docusign.com ) that are not actually from DocuSign.
This is decidedly a phish intended to have people provide their GC credentials. Please do not click on the URL.
If you have clicked on the URL and provided your information, your GC credentials are compromised. You need to change your GC password through Unify ( unify.gcsu.edu ) immediately and then contact the Serve Help Desk ASAP ( x7378, or serve @ gcsu.edu ).
Never cluck on hidden URL ’ s, specially those in emails that you weren ’ t expecting to receive. At GCSU our use of DocuSign will be branded with GCSU images and will say it ’ randomness from “ GC Signature ” and it will besides provide information about the document being provided. You ’ ll notice that this electronic mail was not branded by GC any and provides no data regarding the document or who to call with questions.
The contents of the electronic mail were as follows :
This message is intended for your.email @ gcsu.edu
You have received this electronic mail due to a request for your electronic signature via DocuSign ( Agreement.PDF ),
Please Follow The Link Below.
View/Sign Document
NB Important Documents such as these are removed from our organization within 12hours of Delivery.

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Thank you !
The DocuSign Team

SCAM ALERT – Personal Assistant Position – Multiple Messages Different Senders
SCAM EMAIL ALERT : many on campus have received an e-mail with the submit trace of “ Personal Assistant Position ”. It ‘s decidedly a scam of some type, originating out of South Africa. Do not reply to the e-mail.
— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — —
From : Ye Tian [ mailto : Ye.Tian @ uga.edu ]
Sent : Wednesday, February 21, 2018 1:07 PM
To : Ye Tian
subject : Personal Assistant Position

My emboss needs person to run errands for her on a part meter footing. The hebdomadally wage is $ 400, if you are interest send an electronic mail to elleng843 @ gmail.com Ye Tian.

From : mho MICHAEL Jewell
Sent : Sunday, February 18, 2018 5:49 PM
To : S MICHAEL Jewell
Subject : Personal Assistant Position

Your adjacent lease is here
Our node, a leader in the investment populace has an excite void available for a high attention to detail individual. You will be working on a part-time basis to earn $ 400.00 weekly. She is looking for a PA to handle her very busy schedule. To learn more about your duties and how to apply for this stead I advise you to be the first candidate to send an e-mail to elleng843 @ gmail.com

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Best of fortune,
Steven Michael.

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