How To Get The G Eazy Haircut

G Eazy is a man who constantly looks sharp and that is in part down to his own style with advanced takes on classical haircuts .
In this stake we show you how to get 3 G Eazy haircut ‘s ( including his current 2019 haircut ), the messy quiff, slick back and the unvoiced partially side part. here ‘s how to get the G Eazy haircut .
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1. stream G Eazy Haircut 2019 – Messy Quiff

2. G Eazy Haircut – Slick Back
3. G Eazy Haircut – side Parting

1. Current G Eazy Messy Quiff Haircut 2019

What Is This G Eazy Haircut Called

The current G Eazy haircut is a average length messy quiff haircut with a low candle slice on the back and sides .

What To Ask Your Barber For

To replicate this G Eazy Haircut ask your barber for a messy textured quiff and get them to leave around 4-5 inches on clear, with more length left in the fringe. You want this haircut to have a bunch of texture added through for the messier look .
With the sides and neck add a moo sharpen slice ( or a temple fade ), that looks to be around a 0-0.5. This is the short luff around the ears that you see .
The top of the sides are leave reasonably hanker and besides left slightly disconnected into an about undercut style. Just show your barber the picture though as it makes it easier to understand !

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Styling This G Eazy Haircut

To get this G Eazy Haircut, you want to keep the hair looking natural and very show off that texture, while besides having a potent reworkable declare. Use a matte finish product like the Regal Gentleman Matte Clay to finish.

Do n’t spend excessively long styling this one, just use a blow dry and your fingers to mess it up. Get some stature in the fringe, and then work the style intersection through from back to front, using just your fingers to work the texture into it. You could besides use a pre-styler like a strategic arms limitation talks spray in damp hair for add bear and texture, before using the finish up product .

2. G Eazy Slick Back Haircut

What Is The G Eazy Haircut Called?

The G Eazy haircut is a slick back with a low candle on back & sides.

It ‘s evocative of mafia style haircuts sported by Robert De Niro in Casino and Al Pacino in Godfather, but the wick adds a slenderly more modern edge to this expressive style !

What To Ask Your Barber For

You ‘re always best to show your barber a picture, as a slickness back with a taper to one barber may be interpreted different to another !
But for your reference the haircut is slick back with around a number 1-2 sharpen on the back & sides .
The optimum length for this cut on top is around 6-10 inches. G Eazy ‘s is credibly around 8-10 inches on top .

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Styling The G Eazy Slick Back Haircut

To style the G Eazy slick back haircut use a pomade with a medium to high hold and high shine like the Regal Gentleman Vintage Pomade (coming soon – get exclusive access now), and a fine tooth comb. Apply intersection and then comb back through your hair’s-breadth to create separation .
Blow dry is very important with this style to give the hair plenty of volume. Blow dry all your hair’s-breadth back and into the middle .

3. G Eazy Side Parting Haircut

What Is The G Eazy Haircut Called?

The more celebrated G Eazy haircut is a mod take on a 40’s-50 ‘s authoritative the slick side parting comb over with a hard separate. It besides combines elements of the rockabilly/greaser course .

What To Ask Your Barber For

Ask your barber for a heavily function english parting with a zero taper fade on the back & sides. G Eazy keeps this cut very houseclean around the ears and neck with a zero wick kept very abject and faded up .
The heavily part means that the separate is razored in to make it easier to style !
however, be aware that if you do like to switch up your expressive style then the heavily part can cause you issues with early styles, so if you ‘re person who likes to wear a different style for different occasions then go for the side parting without the hard share .

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How To Style The G Eazy Haircut

To style use a high shine & high hold pomade like the Regal Gentleman Vintage Pomade (coming soon – get exclusive access now), and use a ticket tooth comb to create separation.

G Eazy kept this vogue looking solid, and some gents may not like this much hold to their hair. If not, go for a light hold
Top tip – Separate your part when wet and blow dry this partially of the haircloth downwards while holding the top of your hair’s-breadth in place with your other pass to make it easier to style !

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