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If your order hasn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate arrived even, please check your delivery information by :

  1. Checking your shipping ratification e-mail for estimated delivery dates .
  2. Checking your shipping confirmation e-mail to ensure the delivery address provided is correct .
  3. If your ordering was sent using a chase delivery servicing, check your ship emails, chatter on the link to our tracking portal and check on the pitch condition.

If the estimated rescue date for your order has passed and you have hush not received your item, please contact the retailer to let them know .

Top tips: We recommend checking with a neighbor or with your local delivery function before contacting the retailer. In some countries once the parcel is handed over to the local postal services, you may be required to collect it from a local solicitation point .

To contact the Retailer, either :

  1. Visit our synergistic Help Centre ( by clicking back a page ) and answer some agile questions to send a message to the retailer directly or
  2. Login to your Fruugo Account, view your orders and click ‘ Raise order inquiry ’ to send a message to the retailer directly.

We expect our retailers to respond to you within 48 hours. Please inform the retailer of any delay or missing orders within a reasonable period of time.

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What if I don ’ t have a embark confirmation e-mail ?

It ’ s possible that your decree has not however shipped, if the estimated dispatch go steady on your order confirmation e-mail has passed, please use our synergistic Help Centre or login to your Fruugo account to contact the retailer and find out the status of your cargo. If you haven ’ triiodothyronine received any emails from Fruugo after checking out, it ’ s potential that you by chance entered an wrong electronic mail address during checkout, please use our interactional Help Centre which will guide you to the help you need to get this position resolved.

What if I entered an incorrect or incomplete pitch address during checkout ?

A complete and accurate address is critical for successful manner of speaking. An incomplete or inaccurate address will either cause significant delay, the parcel being returned to sender or the parcel being deemed as lost. Message the retailer using our Help Centre or through your Fruugo account deoxyadenosine monophosphate soon as possible with the discipline information to see if they can rectify with the messenger.

unfortunately we ’ re not able to accept indebtedness for a lost parcel if you input an incorrect or incomplete address, and you will not be refunded in this event. If the address you supplied is still valid albeit not your address : the package may be delivered to that cover and it ’ s your duty to recover the goods. In this event, and where a retailer is felicitous to reship your goods to the compensate savoir-faire, it will be at your expense. Where a retailer will not reship the goods, you will be refunded for the cost of goods .

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