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suburb of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Fitzroy is an inner suburb of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, 3 km northeast of the city ‘s Central Business District ( CBD ) and located in the local politics area of the City of Yarra. As of 2016, Fitzroy had a population of 10,445. Planned as Melbourne ‘s first suburb in 1839, [ 2 ] it late became one of the city ‘s first areas to gain municipal condition, in 1858. [ 3 ] It occupies Melbourne ‘s smallest and most densely populated area outside the CBD, just 100 hour angle.

Fitzroy is known as a cultural hub, particularly for its survive music scene and street artwork, and is the independent home of the Melbourne Fringe Festival. Its commercial heart is Brunswick Street, one of Melbourne ‘s major retail, culinary, and nightlife strips. farseeing associated with the working class, Fitzroy has undergo waves of urban reclamation and gentrification since the 1980s and today is home to a wide kind of socio-economic groups, featuring both some of the most expensive rents in Melbourne and one of its largest public house complexes, Atherton Gardens. Its built environment is diverse and features some of the finest examples of priggish era architecture in Melbourne. Much of the suburb is a historic preservation precinct, with many individual buildings and streetscapes covered by Heritage Overlays. [ 4 ] The most recent changes to Fitzroy are mandated by the Melbourne 2030 Metropolitan Strategy, in which both Brunswick Street and nearby Smith Street are designated for renovation as Activity centres. It was named after Sir Charles Augustus FitzRoy, the Governor of New South Wales from 1846 to 1855. [ 5 ] It is bordered by Alexandra Parade ( north ), Victoria Parade ( south ), Smith Street ( east ) and Nicholson Street .

history [edit ]

Looking south down Brunswick Street in 1906 The area that is now known as Fitzroy and Collingwood is separate of the district of the nation of the Woiwurrung people of the Kulin state. The area that is nowadays known as Fitzroy is the land of the Wurundjeri people. [ 6 ] The Kulin diagnose recorded for the Fitzroy sphere is ngár-go. [ 7 ] Fitzroy was Melbourne ‘s first suburb, created in 1839 when the area between Melbourne and Alexandra Parade ( originally named Newtown ) [ 8 ] was subdivided into vacant lots and offered for sale. Newtown was former renamed Collingwood, [ 9 ] and the area nowadays called Fitzroy ( west of Smith Street ) was made a ward of the Melbourne City Council. On 9 September 1858, Fitzroy became a municipality in its own right, separate from the City of Melbourne. [ 10 ] In accordance with the Municipal Act, on 28 September 1858, a meet of ratepayers was held in ‘Mr Templeton ‘s classroom, George street ‘ to prepare for a local council election, with Dr Thomas Embling, MLA for Collingwood, presiding. [ 10 ] The council election took identify two days late and the first councilors were ; Thomas Rae, George Symons, Edward Langton, Henry Groom, Benjamin Bell, Edwin Bennett and Thomas Hargreave. [ 10 ] [ 11 ] The first council touch, held after the resolution of election, was at the Exchange Hotel, George Street, and Symons was unanimously elected professorship. [ 10 ] Surrounded as it was by a big number of factories and industrial sites in the border suburb, Fitzroy was ideally suited to working men ‘s caparison, and from the 1860s to the 1880s, Fitzroy ‘s working class population rose dramatically. The sphere ‘s former mansions became boarding houses and slums, and the heighten poverty of the area prompted the administration of several charitable, religious and beneficent organisations in the area over the following few decades. A celebrated local anesthetic entrepreneur was Macpherson Robertson, whose confectionery factories engulfed respective blocks and stand as inheritance landmarks today .
The Fitzroy Gasworks was erected on Reilly Street ( nowadays Alexander Parade ) in 1861, dominating the suburb, with the Gasometer Hotel located antonym. [ 12 ] The population of Fitzroy in 1901 was 31,610. [ 13 ] The establishment of the Housing Commission of Victoria in 1938 see swathes of new residences being constructed in Melbourne ‘s out suburb. With many of Fitzroy ‘s residents moving to the new accommodation, their places were taken by post-war immigrants, by and large from Italy and Greece and the inflow of italian and irish immigrants saw a grade switch towards Catholicism from Fitzroy ‘s traditional methodist and presbyterian roots. The Housing Commission would build two public housing estates in Fitzroy in the 1960s ; one in Hanover Street and one at the southerly end of Brunswick Street. Before World War I, Fitzroy was a wage-earning vicinity, with a concentration of political radicals already living there. Postwar immigration into the suburb resulted in the area becoming socially divers. many wage-earning chinese immigrants settled in Fitzroy due to its proximity to Chinatown. There is besides a noticeable Vietnamese community, a small enclave of Africans, and the area ( peculiarly Johnston Street ) besides serves as a center of Melbourne ‘s Hispanic community, with many spanish and latin American-themed restaurants, clubs, bars and some stores. The Fitzroy Magistrates ‘ Court closed on 1 February 1985. [ 14 ] Like other inner-city suburbs of Melbourne, Fitzroy underwent a process of gentrification during the 1980s and 1990s. The area ‘s manufacture and warehouse sites were converted into apartments, and the corresponding acclivitous rents in Fitzroy saw many of the area ‘s residents move to Northcote and Brunswick. In June 1994, the City of Yarra was created by combining the Cities of Fitzroy, Collingwood and Richmond .

geography [edit ]

Fitzroy Memorial Rotunda, in honor of Fitzroy residents who died during World War I. Fitzroy ‘s topography is bland. It is laid out in grid plan and is characterised by a fairly tightly spaced rectangular power system of medium-sized streets, with many of its specialize streets and second lanes facilitating only one-way traffic. Its build form is a bequest of its early history when a mix of down uses was allowed to develop close to each early, producing a great diversity of types and scales of construct. [ 15 ]
The horizon of Melbourne from Brunswick Street Oval, Fitzroy .

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Demographics [edit ]

In the 2016 australian Census conducted by the Australian Bureau of Statistics, Fitzroy had a population of 10,445. The median age ( 33 ) was younger than the national average ( 38 ), while the median weekly individual income ( AU $ 925 per week ) was higher than the national average ( AU $ 662 ). only 24.9 % of Fitzroy ‘s population are married, compared to 48.1 % countrywide. 53.3 % of people were born in Australia. The most coarse countries of parturition were England 3.9 %, Vietnam 3.3 %, New Zealand 2.9 %, China 2.7 % and United States of America 1.2 %. 61.0 % of people only spoke English at home. other languages spoken at home included vietnamese 4.1 %, Mandarin 2.5 %, yue 2.1 %, Arabic 2.0 % and greek 1.6 %. The most coarse reception for religion was No Religion at 48.2 %. [ 1 ]

Housing [edit ]

Terrace caparison along Nicholson Street Fitzroy ‘s housing is divers. It has some of Melbourne ‘s earliest surviving houses and one of Melbourne ‘s most extensive stands of terrace housing, along with a mix of converted industrial and commercial buildings, walk-up flats, modern apartments and populace house. Among the earliest homes are royal Terrace ( 1853–1858 ) on Nicholson Street. Overlooking the Carlton Gardens, Royal Terrace was one of the first of its kind in Melbourne. Fitzroy ‘s “ character house ” ( pre-war ) is now largely gentrified and highly sought after real estate. equally early as 1923, the City of Fitzroy was accused of ‘creating slums ‘ by allowing inappropriate development such as three houses on a 31-foot by 100-foot block. [ 16 ] By 1953, the state of matter Housing Minister Thomas Hayes, said that Camp Pell in Royal Park, Parkville, Victoria, which had been a irregular military camp for United States forces during the second World War, ‘might become a permanent wave hand brake house colony ‘ and ‘Fitzroy slum dwellers who had refused offers of alternative accommodation by the house Commission because they would have to pay higher rents would credibly ‘ be moved there. [ 17 ] Two years later the headline was ‘Outcry Rages Over Fitzroy Slums ‘, as the department of state government accused the Commonwealth of bringing in immigrants that the states had nowhere to house, arguing that the ‘Awful, bedraggled buildings in Fitzroy, crowded beyond description with overwork New Australians were a dangerous danger to the health of the community. ‘ [ 18 ] The Atherton Gardens high-rise public house estate, on the corner of Brunswick and Gertrude Streets, is one of Melbourne ‘s largest, built by the Housing Commission of Victoria as contribution of its controversial “ slum clearance “ urban renewal program in the 1960s. [ citation needed ] The commission was established by the Housing Act 1937 in reception to slum housing in Melbourne, and operated under the Slum Reclamation and Housing Act 1938. [ 19 ] due to its sex appeal as a stead to live, Fitzroy faces increasing pressure for residential development. recent residential projects in Fitzroy have sought to express a sense of Fitzroy ‘s urban character in assorted ways and have been heatedly contested in some cases. [ 20 ] [ 21 ] [ 22 ]

government [edit ]

erstwhile Fitzroy Town Hall, immediately functions as secondary offices for the City of Yarra Fitzroy ‘s traditional representation at all levels of government reflects the area ‘s working course and bohemianism, leftist politics dominates. The australian Labor Party and more recently the australian Greens both have a identical firm political bearing. At a local charge, Fitzroy is separate of the City of Yarra Local Government Area. The Fitzroy area falls within the wards of Langridge and Nicholls, both of these wards are presently represented by the australian Greens. At a submit flat, Fitzroy is within the Electoral zone of Richmond, traditionally a safe australian Labor Party seat. At federal level, it is within the Division of Melbourne, which was taken from Labor by the australian Greens in 2010 .

Former City of Fitzroy and Fitzroy Town Hall [edit ]

The area once had its own municipal condition from 1858, with the City of Fitzroy meet at Fitzroy Town Hall on Napier Street. The Town Hall is on the victorian Heritage Register for its state historic and architectural significance. [ 23 ] The build was constructed in stages ( 1863, 1887 and 1890 ) to comprise municipal offices, meeting hall, patrol station, courthouse and clock tower. Since the amalgamation of the City of Fitzroy with the City of Collingwood and the City of Richmond in 1994 to form the City of Yarra, the Town Hall has functioned as secondary offices for the City of Yarra, and other occupants including the Fitzroy Legal Service, presently at Level 4, Moor Street capture .

acculturation [edit ]

art [edit ]

assorted kinds of street art adorn many buildings throughout Fitzroy There are many belittled commercial art galleries, artist-run spaces and artist studios located within the suburb. Fitzroy has a boom street artwork community and is besides the home of Gertrude Contemporary Art Spaces and the Centre for Contemporary Photography .

survive performance [edit ]

Fitzroy was the basal dwelling of the little band fit, an experimental post-punk scene which thrived from 1978 to 1981. initially led by local anesthetic groups the Primitive Calculators and Whirlywirld, it helped foster the careers of a number of noteworthy musicians, including members of dead Can Dance and Hunters & Collectors. [ 24 ] today Fitzroy is a hub for live music in Melbourne, and plays host to respective outstanding venues ; The Old Bar, Bar Open, the Evelyn Hotel, Gertrudes Brown Couch, and Cape Live. The well-known Punters Club was besides located in the area ; however, it was forced to close in 2002 .

heritage [edit ]

Fitzroy is home to many priggish era buildings.

The Moran and Cato warehouse designed by R.A. Lawson is considered to be of high architectural deservingness. The Champion Hotel is luminary for its fanciful edwardian design. A act of buildings and sites have been included on the victorian Heritage Inventory ( VHI ) or classified by the National Trust ( NT ). These include :

  • Aqua Profonda sign, Fitzroy Swimming Pool, 160-122 Alexandra Parade.(VHI) & (NT)[25]
  • Cordial Factory, 12–16 Argyle Street. (VHI)[26]
  • Exhibition High School Residence, 17 Bell Street. (VHI)[27]
  • National School, 40–48 Bell Street. (VHI) & (NT)[28]
  • Dodgshun House, 7–9 Brunswick Street. (VHI) & (NT)[29]
  • The Terrace, 11 Brunswick Street. (VHI) & (NT)[30]
  • Shop & residence, 13 Brunswick Street. (VHI) & (NT)[31]
  • Cathedral Hall, 20 Brunswick Street. (VHI)[32]
  • Melbourne Veterinary College, 38–40 Brunswick Street. (VHI) & (NT)[33]
  • Royal Terrace, 39–49 Brunswick Street. (VHI) & (NT)[34]
  • Shops, 236–252 Brunswick Street. (VHI)[35]
  • Fitzroy Cricket Club Grandstand, Edinburgh Gardens. (NT)[36]
  • Devonshire Arms Hotel, 38 Fitzroy Street. (VHI) & (NT)[37]
  • Christian Israelite Sanctuary, 185–193 Fitzroy Street. (VHI) & (NT)[38]
  • St Mark’s Church of England, 268 George Street. (VHI) & (NT)[39]
  • Glass Terrace, 64–78 Gertrude Street. (VHI) & (NT)[40]
  • Shops & Residence, 177–183 Gertrude Street. (NT)[41]
  • Shops, 181–183 Gertrude Street. (VHI)[42]
  • Holyrood Terrace, 331 Gore Street. (VHI) & (NT)[43]
  • Cobden Terrace, 209–221 Gore Street. (VHI) & (NT)[44]
  • Residence, 35 Hanover Street. (VHI) & (NT)[45]
  • All Saints Church Hall, 95 King William Street. (VHI)[46]
  • Falconer Terrace, 36–50 Napier Street. (VHI) & (NT)[47]
  • Fitzroy Town Hall, 201 Napier Street. (VHI) & (NT)[48]
  • Cable Tram Engine House, Cnr Nicholson & Gertrude Streets. (VHI) & (NT)[49]
  • Osborne House, 40 Nicholson Street. (VHI) & (NT)[50]
  • Royal Terrace, 50–68 Nicholson Street. (VHI) & (NT)[51]
  • Mercy Convent, 88 Nicholson Street. (VHI) & (NT)[52]
  • Cairo Flats, unit 1–36, 98 Nicholson Street. (VHI) & (NT)[53]
  • Denny house, 122 Nicholson Street. (VHI) & (NT)[54]
  • Avon Butter Factory, 218–222 Nicholson Street. (VHI) & (NT)[55]
  • Methodist Church, 472 Nicholson Street. (VHI)[56]
  • Post Office, 251 St Georges Road. (NT)[57]
  • Union Bank of Australia, 165–167 Smith Street. (VHI) & (NT)[58]
  • Eastern Hill Hotel, 77 Victoria Parade. (VHI) & (NT)[59]
  • McClelland house, 203 Victoria Parade. (VHI) & (NT)[60]
  • Blanche Terrace, 163–183 Victoria Parade. (VHI) & (NT)[61]
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Pubs [edit ]

The Devonshire Arms, built in 1843, is the oldest extant build in Fitzroy. Fitzroy has a large count of pubs for such a small suburb. The former Devonshire Arms hotel was located in Fitzroy Street and remains the oldest construction in Fitzroy. There are many other pubs in Fitzroy .

Cafés [edit ]

The bantam suburb of Fitzroy has many cafés. only one of the original three cafés is still standing – Marios. Bakers relocated north, and closed in 2007, while The Black Cat has transformed itself into a legal profession, but distillery retains its onstreet garden. In fact Silas is the oldest café, located between King William and Moore Streets, on the west side. With the gain of gentrification, a assortment of cafés in different styles have opened up and down Brunswick Street, on Smith Street, parts of Gertrude Street and in some of the back streets, in former milk bars and warehouse sites. [ 62 ]

mutant [edit ]

Formed in 1883, the Fitzroy Football Club, an australian rules football baseball club, went on to play in the victorian Football League ( now known as the australian Football League ). [ 63 ] From 1884 until 1966, Brunswick Street Oval was it ‘s primary home background, even after the club stopped playing games at the venue, the Brunswick Street Oval still remained the primary educate and administrative floor of the Fitzroy Football Club in the VFL until 1970. [ 64 ] [ 65 ] [ 66 ] The club had some early success before relocating its home games several times and last running into fiscal difficulties in the 1980s, forcing it to merge its AFL operations with the Brisbane Bears at the end of 1996, to form the Brisbane Lions. [ 67 ] [ 68 ] [ 69 ] They adopted a logo, birdcall, and guernsey based on those of Fitzroy, would take eight Fitzroy players in the 1996 draft, three Fitzroy representatives would serve on the board, and the Lions would keep an office in Melbourne. The Brisbane Lions would go onto winnings three premierships in a row in 2001, 2002, and 2003, and be considered one of the greatest teams of the modern earned run average .
The club keeps potent ties within the Fitzroy residential district, keeping a social club at the Royal Derby Hotel for victorian Lions fans, and maintaining links with the Fitzroy VAFA team by sponsoring a men ’ second and women ’ second musician each season. The strong support of Fitzroy club legends such as Kevin Murray, Garry Wilson, Mick Conlan, Paul Roos, and many more, have only added to the Brisbane Lions being considered a direct sequel of Fitzroy in the AFL. Fitzroy ‘s non-AFL operations came out of presidency after the Brisbane fusion in 1998, and the club shareholders voted for it to continue with the goal of resuming its play operations. After sponsoring respective local clubs, Fitzroy merged with the University Reds and finally returned the dally field after a 13-year absence, participating in the 2009 priggish Amateur Football Association temper with its home plate games played out of Brunswick Street Oval. [ 70 ] Since that clock, Fitzroy have doubled their membership and achieved promotion twice within the VAFA. The club presently plays in the premier B class. The Fitzroy Stars Football Club are an autochthonal club that joined the Northern Football League in 2008. They presently play their home games at Crispe Park in Reservoir with the baseball club ‘s off-field administration inactive based in Fitzroy. Fitzroy United Alexander Football Club, nowadays Heidelberg United, was Fitzroy ‘s foremost ever sporting club to play at a national level. Founded by Melbourne ‘s inner eastern Greek community, the golf club was relocated to the Brunswick Street Oval in early on 1971 but late departed by recently 1978. Whilst the club was based in Fitzroy, the club was initially participating in the victorian State League where it was crowned department of state champions in the 1975 temper. [ 71 ] With the clubhouse ‘s on and off-field military capability, Fitzroy was invited to be an inaugural participant of the National Soccer League, the former highest charge of soccer in Australia, where the club became the suburb ‘s first national sporting team. Although administration and cabaret train was based at Fitzroy, the clubhouse used respective venues in Melbourne for its home matches. The suburb ‘s first domestic first tier sporting match of any code was played at the Brunswick Street Oval on 2 May 1977, with Fitzroy United defeating Brisbane Lions 4–1 in front of over 4000 attendees. [ 72 ] The club participated in the 1977 and 1978 seasons as ‘Fitzroy ‘ complete one-third and fifth respectively. [ 73 ] In late 1978, the clubhouse and its administration was relocated to Olympic Village Stadium in Heidelberg West anterior to the 1979, with name being changed to Heidelberg United FC as a solution of a better stadium softwood and there being a larger Greek community in Heidelberg West than Fitzroy. Fitzroy City Serbia Soccer Club, a soccer club formed in 1953 by serbian migrants, is based in Fitzroy. The golf club is presently playing in the victorian State League Division 3 South-East and play their base games at Fairfield Park, with the clubhouse ‘s off-field government placid based in Fitzroy. The Fitzroy Baseball Club, known as the Fitzroy Lions, is a baseball club founded in 1889 to represent Fitzroy. [ 74 ] The club has five senior teams competing in the Baseball Victoria Summer League, equally well as junior sides representing the cabaret at every historic period level. The Melbourne Chess Club, the oldest chess clubhouse in the southern hemisphere ( est. 1866 ). [ 75 ] [ 76 ]

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In democratic culture [edit ]

The 1977 cult classic novel Monkey Grip by Helen Garner took place largely in Fitzroy and Carlton. Many of the central characters frequent the Fitzroy local swimming pool in the summer, referred to as the “ Fitzroy baths ”, and the heritage-listed “ Aqua Profonda ” bless at the deep end of the pool is the title of the novel ‘s first chapter, used as a metaphor for the central character ‘s profoundly troubled romanticist relationship with a serviceman. The inclusion of the sign and the pool itself gave it some degree of iconic status–its use in the novel was flush mentioned in the statement of meaning for the sign ‘s inheritance list in 2004. [ 77 ] The 2010 australian television receiver show Offspring was set about wholly in Fitzroy. [ 78 ] The main characters of the show were frequently seen at the Black Cat, a Brunswick Street bar. [ 79 ] Fitzroy has besides featured in episodes of a number of australian television shows, including City Homicide [ 80 ] and Rush ( notably in Season 3, where the team shoot at Fitzroy Town Hall to commemorate the death of a former colleague ). The movie serial and television series, Jack Irish, is filmed in Fitzroy. Based on the Peter Temple novels, it features many Fitzroy cultural icons. australian musicians have besides made note of Fitzroy in their lyrics. Clare Bowditch made a reference to Fitzroy in the birdcall Divorcee by 23, [ 81 ] as did the musical comedian The Bedroom Philosopher in the song Northcote ( So Hungover ). [ 82 ] In his song “ Slater ”, American rapper Tyler, The Creator mentions skating to Fitzroy. [ 83 ] Most notably, ARIA award achiever Dan Sultan has the song Old Fitzroy, the black and white video for which is stroke wholly in Fitzroy, featuring shots of and from Atherton Gardens, a well as shots of a number of Fitzroy public house. [ 84 ] Brody Dalle sings about growing up in Fitzroy in The Distillers sung “ Young Crazed Peeling. ” Birds of Tokyo in their song “ good Lord ” citation drink in Fitzroy public house .

Social and community services [edit ]

The health needs of Fitzroy residents and other Melburnians is served by St Vincent ‘s Hospital. There are two basal schools in Fitzroy : Fitzroy Primary School ( politics school ) and Sacred Heart Primary School ( Catholic school ). Fitzroy High School is located in Fitzroy North. At the 2021 ARIA Music Awards, Sacred Heart School ‘s Zoë Barry won Music Teacher of the Year. [ 85 ] A long tradition of community activism and civil company with many social and community service organisations having been based in Fitzroy. Organisations presently operating in the suburb include ; the Fitzroy Legal Service, Yarra Community Housing Limited, Society of Saint Vincent de Paul, Brotherhood of St Laurence and the Tenants Union of Victoria, a free legal service for residential tenants .

transport [edit ]

Brunswick Street St Vincents Plaza tramway interchange Fitzroy ‘s major road arterials are Brunswick Street ( north-south ) and Johnston Street ( east-west ). other independent roads include Victoria Parade, Nicholson Street, Smith Street and Alexandra Parade, which circumnavigate the suburb. It is characterised by a reasonably tightly spaced rectangular grid of medium-sized streets, with many of its pin down streets and back lanes facilitating lone one-way traffic. traffic and park congestion is a problem [ 86 ] and Fitzroy and local councils have implemented strategies to keep this traffic off residential side streets. It has been the site of several controversial inner city expressway proposals, particularly in the 1950s, however none of which have proceeded. There are no railway stations located in Fitzroy itself, with the nearest train stations being Rushall in Fitzroy North, and Collingwood and Parliament Stations. An clandestine railway occupation running between the City Loop and Clifton Hill, with stations located beneath Brunswick Street and Smith Street, has been proposed. Three tram lines pass through Fitzroy or its boundaries :
The St Vincents Plaza tram interchange, in adjacent East Melbourne, is at the junction of Victoria Parade and Brunswick Street and handles streetcar routes 24, 30, 86, 109 and 11 .
cycling is a very popular kind of ecstasy in Fitzroy, as with much of the City of Yarra. A place for the Melbourne Bicycle Share system is located near the St Vincents Plaza streetcar interchange. The City of Yarra besides supports a car sharing service, which has several locations in Fitzroy .

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