Every Canadian Black Friday and Cyber Monday Cell Phone Deal (2021)

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Best Cyber Monday 2021 Deals

This page will be regularly updated as we approach Black Friday 2021 so that you can find the best once-a-year deals from every canadian carrier. With Thanksgiving long behind us, Canadians are looking towards the adjacent large patronize event—Black Friday. entirely a few years ago, this denounce event moved north into Canada and became a popular room to start vacation shopping early. According to a study by DIG360, more than 1/3rd of Canadians participate in Black Friday promotions, but about half of those made their purchases before Black Friday itself. Throughout November, there are huge deals on presents to buy for your love ones … or for yourself .Every major Canadian mobile carrier has launched Black Friday deals. Below, you’ll find recommendations by WhistleOut Canada’s experts for the best deals. Keep scrolling and you’ll find every deal available at with   in one easy list (with links!). Every major canadian fluid carrier has launched Black Friday deals. Below, you ‘ll find recommendations by WhistleOut Canada ‘s experts for the best deals. Keep scroll and you ‘ll find every cover available at within one slowly list ( with links ! ).

A busy shopping mallAvoid the anxiety of shopping crowds by taking advantage of online-only Black Friday deals. WhistleOut spends all year finding you the best promotions, but these are some of the best deals we see all year. When you ‘re looking for a big deal, our annual guide helps you find the perfect phone and plan for your needs. Our newfangled Home Internet section besides brings you the best prices on cable, fiber, and satellite internet plans .All models of currently-sold Apple iPhones

What ‘s the Best iPhone Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deal ?

The modern Apple iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Pro are on store shelves, with promotions available from about every canadian carrier. WhistleOut Canada watches mailman pricing and records changes every week, and we track the best deals for every model of iPhone. This calendar month, we ‘re highlighting the best sales on all four iPhone 12 models and helping you find the best absolve iPhone batch in Canada.

Editor’s Pick: iPhone Deal 

iPhone 12 miniskirt ( 128GB ) on Rogers

The best black Friday distribute on an iPhone this year is the iPhone 12 mini ( 128GB ) from Rogers which now costs $ 9.99/month and includes FREE 2nd generation Apple Airpods .


Rogers Infinite 25GB Plan with Unlimited Canada Minutes


Carrier Rogers
Included Phone
iPhone 12 mini 128GB
Data 25GB Full Speed Data
Type Lease (24 mths)
Current Deal experience $ 14.50/mo. credit with Financing option
Total Price $101 per month

View Details

iPhone 12 mini 128GB

Scroll devour if you ‘re looking for deals on the new iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Pro smartphones. Why we love it: Apple stopped including headphones with new iPhone models a few years ago, but Rogers will throw in a free jell of 2nd gen Apple AirPods for FREE with this deal. not entirely is $ 9.99/month with Upfront Edge for a 128GB Apple iPhone 12 miniskirt a great price, but you besides get access to Canada ‘s first 5G network. In our iPhone 13 vs. iPhone 12 comparison, the newer iPhone 13 is big, but the older iPhone 12 is a far better softwood when you find the 128GB model on sale. For more Cyber Monday deals on Apple AirPods and other radio receiver earbuds for a giving ( or for yourself ) check out our Best Stocking Stuffer deals below With Upfront Edge, Rogers credits your report so you can walk out of the store paying $ 0 for the phone. After two years, you can either return the iPhone 12 miniskirt in good condition or pay the Upfront Edge credit and keep it everlastingly ! The iPhone 12 mini is just ampere herculean as its bigger sibling with a fast A14 Bionic CPU, 64GB of memory, and two 12MP rise cameras. The alone dispute is a smaller screen ( 5.4 ” ), slightly shorter battery life, and hundreds of dollars that stay in your pouch. If you were considering an iPhone 13, get this softwood at Fido and save yourself hundreds and hundreds of dollars over two years .Closeup of Apple iPhone 13

Runner up : iPhone 13 ( 128GB ) at Telus

A lot of readers are looking for an iPhone 13 Black Friday deal in Canada. The best offer we ‘ve found is exclusive for residents of B.C. and Alberta. Go to Shaw Mobile and you can get the iPhone 13 for $ 0 down and deoxyadenosine monophosphate cheap as $ 80/month .

Shaw Mobile

Shaw Mobile Unlimited Plan

Shaw Mobile

Carrier Shaw Mobile
Included Phone
iPhone 13 128GB
Data 25GB Full Speed Data
Type Installments (24 mths)
Total Price $80 per month
( after $ 40/mo. discount rate )
+ $45 Upfront

View Details

iPhone 13 128GB

This distribute includes 25GB of high-speed data per month, outright data at restrict speeds ( 256kbps ) on the Shaw network, plus 2GB of countrywide data. The entirely magic trick is you have to subscribe to Shaw Fibre+ home internet to get this cope .

Shaw Fibre+ Gig plans

only available in B.C. and Alberta

Shaw Shaw
  • Fibre+GIG
  • accelerate 1 Gbps
  • Cable association
  • No Term Contract
  • $115/mo
  • Deal: Limited Time offer : $ 50 placard credit for new customers with requital design


  • Fibre+GIG 1.5
  • rush 1.5 Gbps
  • Cable connection
  • No Term Contract
  • $135/mo
  • Deal: Limited Time propose : $ 50 bill citation for new customers with payment design


Runner up : iPhone 13 ( 128GB ) on Rogers Wireless 5G

Most Canadians live well east of the Rockies, sol if Shaw Mobile does n’t serve your area, we suggest looking at Rogers Wireless. Monthly plans cost more, but you get to use your new iPhone 13 on Canada ‘s foremost and largest 5G network. You can pay $ 0 immediately and finance the fully price of your new iPhone 0 % sake over two years. Get the base model iPhone 13 with 128GB of storage for $ 34.92/mth for 24 mths. Rogers besides offers some of the best trade-in values on old iPhones ; for a limited time, save up to $ 25 per month off your bill by trade in a qualifying iPhone 11 and walk out with a new iPhone 13 for $ 0/month .


Rogers Infinite 25GB Plan with Unlimited Canada Minutes

Carrier Rogers
Included Phone

iPhone 13 128GB

Data 25GB Full Speed Data
Type Lease (24 mths)
Total Price $119.92 per month

View Details

Colour options for Apple iPhone 13 Pro

Best iPhone 13 Pro consider

If you ‘ve been saving up for Apple ‘s bounty iPhone 13 Pro, you ‘ll want a plan with a draw of data and fast radio access. In addition to a countrywide 5G network, Telus Mobility has Canada ‘s largest 4G LTE coverage. Pick a design with inexhaustible Canada-wide long-distance and inexhaustible data ( at reduced speeds ), pay $ 42/mth for 24 mths for the earphone with Telus Bring-It-Back, and add extra kin members to share your full-speed data cap across multiple earphone lines .


Telus Unlimited 25 5G


Carrier Telus
Included Phone
iPhone 13 Pro 128GB
Data 25GB Full Speed Data
Type Lease (24 mths)
Current Deal Get 3 months spare of Apple TV+
Total Price $127 per month

View Plan

iPhone 13 Pro 128GB

All the Apple iPhone 13 Black Friday Deals

The Apple iPhone 13, iPhone 13 mini, iPhone 13 Pro, and iPhone 13 Pro Max have only barely hit the market, then do n’t expect any Earth-shattering deals for Black Friday. however, WhistleOut Canada tracks the best deals on every iPhone ( including the newest iPhone 13 models ) in our Best Deals on Every Model of iPhone  template .Samsung Galaxy S21 smartphones

What ‘s the Best Android Cyber Monday Deal ?

Android smartphones come in all shapes and sizes. Finding the perfect Android smartphone softwood can be overwhelming with folding screens, cheap midrange models, and herculean premium smartphones. however, finding the best deal is what we do best.

Editor’s Pick: Android Smartphone 

Samsung Galaxy S20 FE 5G at Koodo

The best black Friday deal on an Android smartphone is the Samsung Galaxy S20 FE 5G at Koodo for. Why we love it: During its Black Friday promotion, this was already a good softwood at $ 15/month. For Cyber Monday, Koodo dropped the Samsung Galaxy S20 FE 5G down another $5 saving you a far $ 120 over two years. Samsung released the Galaxy S20 Fan Edition 5G deep in 2020 with a cheaper expose and cameras, but it ‘s still one of the best premium smartphones on the market. In terms of performance, it even competes with this year ‘s Samsung Galaxy S21, but at, it ‘s less than half the cost. In our experience, the Black Friday season is the best meter of the year to upgrade to a new smartphone. right nowadays Koodo gives you a massive of data, inexhaustible Canada-wide calling, and a new Samsung Galaxy S20 FE 5G for /month for two years. Koodo does n’t offer 5G service so far, but when it does then you ‘ll be ready to connect to the countrywide Telus 5G network .

WhistleOut Canada’s 2021 Midrange Champions:
TCL 20 Pro 5G vs. Samsung Galaxy A52 5G

WhistleOut Canada experts test many smartphones. This class, no two devices were more closely matched than the TCL 20 Pro 5G and the Samsung Galaxy A52 5G .

  • TCL 20 Pro 5G full review
  • Samsung Galaxy A52 5G full review

While the TCL entrance edged out Samsung ‘s high-quality midrange device, we were impressed by both. Long-time Galaxy users who feel more comfortable with the Samsung ecosystem may consider upgrading to the more low-cost yet feature-rich Galaxy A52 alternatively of the more expensive Samsung Galaxy S20 FE or Galaxy S21 .
The Samsung Galaxy A52 5G and Samsung Galaxy A32 5G smartphonesBoth the Samsung Galaxy A52 5G and Galaxy A32 5G devices are smart and affordable upgrades for long-time Samsung fans.

Runner Up : FREE Motorola G Power ( 2021 )

You ca n’t do better than a unblock telephone ! The 2021 model Motorola G Power is a democratic phone on WhistleOut Canada because of its durable battery. It ‘s possible to get three days of moderate practice of it. The Motorola G Power is a midrange performer, so you wo n’t get the best 3D gaming experience. however, if staying connected and saving money are your highest priorities then this is the best smartphone on the canadian market. On the back is a herculean 48MP television camera, and your photos look bang-up on the 6.6 ” WHD+ LCD expose. There ‘s 64GB of storage inwardly, but you can add even more with a obliterable microSD card. Subscribe for two years at SimplyConnect at /month ( or more ), and you ‘ll get outright minutes of long-distance calling across Canada, inexhaustible texting, of data, and a new Motorola G Power ( 2021 ) for $ 0 down and $ 0 per month. SimplyConnect partners with Rogers Wireless to provide nationally 4G LTE coverage for 97 % of Canadians. Compare what you ‘re paying now to this plan, and you ‘ll credibly find that it ‘s worth switching—the new call for free is barely a bonus !Closeup of a woman with shopping bags looking at her smartphone

What ‘s the Best Cyber Monday Deal on a Cell Phone Plan ?

Start saving now by unlocking your earphone and jump onto a better cell telephone plan from another carrier. In our experience, you ‘ll find the best deals of the class now that we ‘re into the vacation shop temper.

Editor’s Pick: Smartphone Plan 

Telus Mobility 40GB with outright Canada-US Roaming

The best Cyber Monday cell earphone plan is the Unlimited-40 design from Telus which includes inexhaustible talk, text, and data service throughout Canada and the U.S.A. for /month. Fido, Koodo, and Virgin Plus offer 12GB of data for $ 50/month if you ‘re looking for something more low-cost. Why we love it:  Telus was the first national cellular supplier to include unlimited data at a rapid 512kbps. That ‘s debauched enough to keep streaming Spotify at premium audio quality. During this Cyber Monday promotion, Telus gives you of high-speed 4G LTE and 5G data, unlimited long-distance, and unlimited data at boil down speeds for /month. If you regularly change of location to the U.S.—or you ‘re precisely a junco who spends a few months there each year—you ‘ll love that this plan includes inexhaustible roaming throughout Canada and the U.S. Telus Connecting for Good:  As an add bonus to this distribute, for every new subscriber who buys a modern phone, Telus will supply a attest pre-owned call and plan to person in need. The Telus Connecting for thoroughly course of study helps keep seniors, low-income, and those in crisis restrain connected. It ‘s actually the most canadian BOGO deal always.

runner-up : Unlimited 20GB plan at Bell Mobility for $ 70/month

If you ‘re looking for a cheaper inexhaustible data design, contact Bell which will knock another $ 5 per calendar month off their Black Friday conduct. You get 20GB of inexhaustible full-speed data, outright Canada-wide long-distance, and unlimited throttled data for $ 70/month. This is a one-day Cyber Monday promotion, so move flying if you want it .


Bell Essential


Carrier Bell
Data 25GB Full Speed Data
Type No Contract
Total Price $85 per month

View Plan

56 Phones available

runner-up : 12GB for $ 50 at Fido, Koodo, and Virgin Plus

It was just a few years ago that Fido, Koodo, and Virgin Plus offered a Black Friday deal with 10GB on a $ 60 plan. Canadians signed up in record numbers so gamey, it crashed customer sign-up servers and the promotion was extended ! today, all three providers offer evening more data for a cheaper rate. Get 12GB of countrywide 4G LTE data and outright minutes with countrywide long-distance for $ 50/month .

12GB for $50

from Fido, Koodo, and Virgin Plus

Fido Fido
  • $60 Data, Talk & Text Plan with 10GB
  • 10GB Data
  • No Contract

  • $60/mth


Virgin Plus ( previously Virgin Mobile ) Virgin Plus (previously Virgin Mobile)
  • $60 Plan with 10GB Data and Unlimited Minutes
  • 10GB Data
  • No Contract

  • $60/mth


Koodo Mobile Koodo Mobile
  • $60 – No Tab/BYO Plan with 10GB Data
  • 10GB Data
  • No Contract

  • $60/mth
    + $5 Upfront


We recommend Fido or Koodo since both offer data overage protective covering. If you do manage to use up all 12GB of data inside your charge time period, then your downloads are disabled until you authorize extra charges. There are no end-of-month surprises on your beak.
You do n’t need to sign a drawn-out 2-year contract to get this deal if you bring your honest-to-god earphone. You can tied move from a different wireless provider and keep your phone number. Cell phones sold in Canada since 2018 are unlock, but if you have an older device then you might need to have it unlock by your original supplier. however, if you want a new iPhone or Samsung smartphone, all three carriers offer a wide choice of devices to make your holidays tied more reasonably .

Cell Phone Starter Plan Deals

It ‘s no unavowed that Canadians pay more for our cell telephone plans than equitable about every other industrialized nation on Earth. however, the canadian government stepped in and challenged the midrange radio providers ( Fido, Koodo, and Virgin Plus ) to meet specific price points. The first gear to be introduced was the $ 35/month plan, which includes 3GB of 3G-speed data. evening though your download rush is throttled at 3.0Mbps, that ‘s still fast enough for everything but watching Netflix. even streaming Spotify at the highest choice setting will work on this cheap plan. For Canadians who need more focal ratio, more Starter Plans  were added that include high-speed 4G LTE data along with unlimited Canada-wide minutes and text message :

  • 2GB for $38/month 
  • 4GB for $41/month
  • 6GB for $45/month

Important note about Starter Plans

While these are fabulous prices and credibly cheaper than the design you ‘re presently on, you ‘ll need to hold onto your old phone. Starter Plans at Fido, Koodo, and Virgin Plus do n’t qualify if you want to buy a new iPhone or Android smartphone on a 2-year design ( Quebec excepted ). You may need to sign up to plan at $ 50/month or more to qualify for new device finance.

Starter Plans with 4G LTE Data

Plans can not be used in combination with 2-year device contracts ( QC excepted )

  • $37.50 Data, Talk & Text Plan with 2GB
  • 2GB Data
  • No Contract

  • $37.50/mth


Virgin Plus ( previously Virgin Mobile )
  • $37.50 Plan with 2GB Data and Unlimited Minutes
  • 2GB Data
  • No Contract

  • $37.50/mth


Koodo Mobile
  • $37.50 – No Tab/BYO Plan with 2GB Data
  • 2GB Data
  • No Contract

  • $37.50/mth
    + $5 Upfront


  • $41.25 Data, Talk & Text Plan with 4GB
  • 4GB Data
  • No Contract

  • $41.25/mth


Virgin Plus ( previously Virgin Mobile )
  • $41.25 Plan with 4GB Data and Unlimited Minutes
  • 4GB Data
  • No Contract

  • $41.25/mth


Koodo Mobile
  • $41.25 – No Tab/BYO Plan with 4GB Data
  • 4GB Data
  • No Contract

  • $41.25/mth
    + $5 Upfront


Runner up : Rogers unlimited data kin plan

For a limited clock, you can subscribe your whole family ( 3 lines ) to Rogers Wireless and get 30GB of full-speed 4G LTE and 5G data for /month ( about $ 63/month each ). This cope from Rogers lets you subscribe to a simpleton 20GB design, then add extra lines with 5GB for $ 55 each. Add equitable two lines to your existing design to contribution 30GB of data. The report holder ( you ) can limit how much data each call line gets before any throttling download speeds will occur. That way, no one hog all the datum ! Bell has a alike consider, but it ‘s just not vitamin a good ; it does n’t include 5G data, HD video recording pour, or hot spot data sharing. Unless Bell removes those restrictions, WhistleOut Canada doesn’t recommend the Bell $55 family add-on plan. Telus has its own Unlimited plans which let you save up to $ 15 per earphone credit line when you add more family members. however, each design is $ 80/month or more before the family sharing deduction. however, every call line gets 5G service, at least 20GB of full-speed data, a bargain on a newfangled telephone, and Canada ‘s largest 4G LTE coverage .Man wearing Apple AirPods while looking at an iPhone

Best Stocking Stuffer Black Friday Deal

A smartphone is a personal thing and that person you ‘re shopping for may already have a call they love. You can choose to enhance their device feel ( and save yourself some cash ) by finding a big stock stuffer on sale.

Editor’s Pick: Stocking Stuffer 

Apple 3rd gen AirPods

Apple is helping to save the environment by excluding a charger and earbuds from its promotion, but you can rescue that iPhone fan in your life with the new 3rd generation AirPods. Why we love it: Apple ‘s new AirPods immediately include spatial audio, sweat and water resistance, a MagSafe charging case, and longer battery liveliness. These are cheaper than AirPods Pro but include many of the lapp features .

Apple AirPods (3rd gen)

The # 1 gift on every iPhone owner ‘s wishlist .
The newest Apple AirPods are expensive, typically retailing for $ 239.99, but these premium earbuds take your iPhone feel to a whole other level. The newly model is comfortable to keep in your ears for a solid workday of conference calls, and it ‘s great for a run thanks to the fresh sweat-resistant design. PROS/CONS

  • Longer battery life (up to 6 hours)
  • More comfortable, compact design
  • Sweat and water-resistant
  • No Active Noise Cancellation
  • Doesn’t work well with Android

runner-up : apple 2nd gen AirPods

Fido customers looking for agio audio at the best measure should check out this “ HoliDeal ”, with 2nd Gen AirPods that cost $60 when you pay it off over two years ( $ 2.50/mth ). That ‘s 66 % off the regular price, and it does n’t cost you more than one Starbucks coffee per calendar month .Bearded man listening his phone on Apple AirPods

More low-cost true wireless earbud deals

Earlier this year, we tested alternatives to the popular Apple AirPods .

  • The EarFun Free Pro Headphones impressed us with big sound in Bluetooth 5.2 earbuds barely larger than your thumbnail that retail for under $100. Save 20% when you use the WhistleOut Canada-exclusive discount code: EARFUNWO
  • While the AfterShokz Opencomm headset doesn’t offer the best audio fidelity for music playback, but it does sit comfortably outside your ears with all-day battery life for those endless work-from-home meetings.

Three different wireless earbuds reviewed this year

Best ache Gadget Black Friday Deal

We ‘re living in the future. A counter-top appliance the size of a doughnut can now control our lights, television, and internet access for the kids with a simple articulation command. If you ‘re thinking of adding some Star Trek-style exponent to your life, then here ‘s our best recommendation.

Editor’s Pick: Smart Gadget 

Amazon Fire Stick with Alexa Voice Remote

Upgrade your television receiver for less than a hundred bucks by adding a Fire television receiver Stick from Amazon, and save even more by using it for cable TV. Why we love it:  Flat TV technology gets better all the time, but the smart television receiver functions inside are outdated and perform slowly within a few years. An external Fire television adhere from Amazon is a cheap upgrade that immediately adds quick performance in Netflix, Disney+, Amazon Prime, and even network television receiver .Amazon Fire TV Stick HD box contents We tested the 3rd generation Fire Stick HD ( pictured above ) earlier this year and found it was a significant upgrade to older models and any LCD or OLED television. The newest revision includes a outback with Alexa spokesperson controls, television outback controls, and quick-access buttons for Netflix, Disney+, Prime Video, and Amazon Music. It normally retails for $ 59.99, but the Fire Stick HD with Alexa Voice Remote is half-price during the Black Friday promotion happening now. The cheaper Fire TV Stick Lite besides gets your television on-line for a lower price. however, you ca n’t control the power or volume with the admit Alexa Voice Remote. For most Canadians, we recommend upgrading to the Fire TV Stick 4K Max. Although it wo n’t turn your HDTV into a 4K television receiver, it includes Wi-Fi 6 for more authentic connectivity and streaming performance. It ‘s worth it for the faster operation if you plan to pick up a newly 4K television receiver on Black Friday ( or Boxing Week )

Compare Amazon Fire TV Stick models
Product Key features Black Friday Deal
Fire TV Stick Lite
Retail: $49.99
Cheapest model 50% off
Fire TV Stick HD
Retail: $59.99
Includes TV controls 50% off
Fire TV Stick 4K
Retail: $69.99
Supports 4K and HDR 50% off
Fire TV Stick 4K Max
Retail: $74.99
Best performance & Wi-Fi 6 33% off

Amazon just released a new Fire TV Stick 4K Max  with Dolby Vision, Wi-Fi 6, and costs just a little more. It ‘s worth it for the better performance if you plan to pick up a new 4K television on Black Friday ( or Boxing Week ) .

WhistleOut quick tip:
Cut the cable with a Fire TV Stick

Cut the television receiver cable plan with your current provider and switch to a cheaper choice using your Fire TV Stick as your cable box. You ‘ll however be able to get the same network television channels, including CBC, CTV, Global, and CityTV equally well as your favorite peculiarity channels like TSN, Sportsnet, Discovery, HGTV, YTV, Showcase, The Food Network, and of run, CTV Sci-Fi. throw to a home internet plan from sweeping providers like TekSavvy or VMedia, and use your Fire television Stick rather of renting an expensive cable box. You can save hundreds of dollars each year and still keep all your favourite live TV channels.People in a shopping mall

Every Black Friday Cell Phone Deal by Carrier

many Canadians are happy with their mobile carrier, but everybody wants a better cover. WhistleOut updates this list throughout November so that you can see every great deal from major telecoms, including Bell, Rogers, and Telus. There are besides deals from smaller wireless providers like Fido, Koodo, and Virgin Plus. And don’t forget about some of the best promotions of the year from regional carriers like Freedom Mobile, Videotron, and Sasktel .

Finding a 5G smartphone and plan

Keep an eye out for our  5G badge certifying a smartphone and radio receiver supplier jazz band that connects you to next-generation 5G networks in Canada. besides, search for the WhistleOut Canada Certified Great Deal checkmark to promptly find our recommendations for the best sale prices.

Telus Mobility Black Friday Deals

Telus Mobility is the best countrywide mobile carrier. It shares the largest net of cell towers with Bell, but Telus systematically scores best for speed and dependability. WhistleOut will list the best deals therefore you can score a bang-up earphone on a great network .

Bell Mobility Black Friday Deals

Bell Mobility runs Canada ‘s largest high-speed LTE network and offers one of the largest selections of cell phones, smartwatches, and more. Bell is normally one of the first to reveal its Black Friday deals promoting some of the best Samsung and Apple devices for angstrom short as $ 0 down.

Rogers Wireless Black Friday Deals

Supporting a wide diverseness of smart devices and IoT products, Rogers Wireless has one of the largest diverseness of services for fluid customers anywhere in Canada. Rogers Black Friday deals sport loads of bonuses and $ 0 deals on some of the most popular iPhone devices and Android smartphones.

Fido Black Friday Deals

Fido offers a wide choice of mobile plans for your smartphone and your pad every day of the year. however, some of the best deals on agio smartphones are exclusive to this event. Check out Fido ‘s Black Friday deals below and see the web site for details.

Koodo Black Friday Deals

Koodo does n’t constantly offer many Black Friday deals, but the ones it offers normally last for more than this one frantic weekend. You might find deals on a fresh phone you ‘ve been looking at or a plan that is a better cover than the one you have now. WhistleOut will sort through Koodo ‘s deals to bring you a list of the best.

Virgin Plus Black Friday Deals

Virgin Plus rebranded this year to spotlight its home internet and television service, but those are only available in Ontario and Quebec. If you live elsewhere in Canada, you can still get some of the best cell earphone plans at bang-up rates throughout the class.
Fizz Mobile

Fizz Mobile Black Friday Deals

Fizz Mobile is a small wireless carrier wave merely available in Quebec and Ottawa, but its plans are among the most consumer-friendly in the nation. All plans include roll-over data, so any you do n’t use this month you will get added on to following calendar month .

  • Receive 30GB of data free with the purchase of any new or preloved phone. Data expires 60 days after activation.
  • $100 referral bonus when you get a friend to sign up with Fizz, and your friend gets a $100 credit too.

Freedom Mobile

Freedom Mobile Black Friday Deals

In the past, Freedom Mobile launched industry-shaking Black Friday deals like 100GB of free full-speed overage data and a $ 50 10GB plan that overwhelmed their competition. It ‘s been repose this class, and that ‘s a short disappoint. even then, Freedom Mobile normally has bang-up deals on $ 0 phones, so it will be interesting to see if those deals get ramped up .

  • Big Gig Unlimited + Talk 20GB (+1GB nationwide) for $50/mth
  • Apple iPhone 13 (128GB) for $20/mth on a $60+/mth plan with TradeUp lease ($365)
  •  Apple iPhone 13 mini (128GB) for $17/mth on a $60+/mth plan with TradeUp lease ($288)
  •  Apple iPhone 13 Pro (128GB) for $29/mth on a $60+/mth plan with TradeUp lease ($432)
  •  Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max (128GB) for $34/mth on a $60+/mth plan with TradeUp lease ($456)
  • Apple iPhone 12 (64GB) for $20/mth on a $50+/mth plan with TradeUp lease ($360)
  •  Apple iPhone 12 mini (64GB) for $10/mth on a $50+/mth plan with TradeUp lease ($216)
  • Apple iPhone 12 Pro (128GB) for $31/mth on a $50+/mth plan with TradeUp lease ($312)
  • Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max (128GB) for $35/mth on a $50+/mth plan with TradeUp lease ($336)
  • Apple iPhone 11 (64GB) for $10/mth on $50+/mth plan with TradeUp lease ($288)
  • Apple iPhone 11 Pro (64GB) for $24/mth on $40+/mth plan with TradeUp lease ($240)
  • Apple iPhone SE (64GB) for $15/mth on $40+/mth plan
  • Samsung Galaxy S21 5G for $30/mth on $50+/mth plan with TradeUp lease ($264) (Samsung Galaxy S21 5G review)
  •  Samsung Galaxy S20 FE 5G for $12/mth on $50+/mth plan with TradeUp lease ($192)
  • Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 5G for $28/mth on $60+/mth plan with TradeUp lease ($288)
  • Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 5G for $78/mth on $50+/mth plan with TradeUp lease ($528)
  •  Samsung Galaxy A52 5G for $10/mth on $45+/mth plan (Samsung Galaxy A52 5G review)
  • Samsung Galaxy A32 5G for $5/mth on $45+/mth plan (Samsung Galaxy A32 5G review)
  • Samsung Galaxy A12 for $0/mth on $45+/mth plan
  •  Google Pixel 6 for $20/mth on $45+/mth plan with TradeUp lease ($168)
  • Google Pixel 6 Pro for $31/mth on $60+/mth plan with TradeUp lease ($264)
  • Motorola Edge (2021) for $15/mth on $45+/mth plan with TradeUp lease ($192)
  • Motorola One 5G Ace for $5/mth on $45+/mth plan
  • Motorola Moto G Power (2021) for $6/mth on $35+/mth plan
  • Motorola Moto E for $0/mth on $40+/mth plan
  •  Samsung Tab A7 Lite tablet and 4GB LTE for $0/mth on $15+/mth plan, and receive the first 6 months of service for $0 when you also buy a qualifying Samsung smartphone on 2-year plan ($90 value)


SaskTel Black Friday Deals

SaskTel is a telecommunications company that provides television, home telephone, internet, and mobile solutions to more than half of Saskatchewan. Its customer serve is among the best in Canada, and SaskTel mobile plans work seamlessly across Canada using the Bell/Telus LTE network. This class ‘s Black Friday deals feature some of the best deals in the country. SaskTel just announced its 5G network will go live in Saskatchewan on December 15. Existing customers with 5G-enabled iPhones and Android smartphones should be able to connect at 5G speeds after that date. Check back for more info about 5G in Saskatchewan, or read more on WhistleOut Canada’s 5G coverage page.

  •  Save $10 per month for 24 months on all new wireless voice & data service plans
  •  Save $10 per month for 12 months when you renew or upgrade an existing account and sign a 2-year contract on a voice & data plan
  •   Apple iPhone 13 (128GB) for $15/mth with Plus Pricing
  •   Apple iPhone 13 mini (128GB) for $8.33/mth with Plus Pricing
  • Apple iPhone 13 Pro (128GB) for $25/mth with Plus Pricing
  •  Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max (128GB) for $30/mth with Plus Pricing
  •   Apple iPhone 12 (64B) for $2.50/mth with Plus Pricing
  •  Apple iPhone 12 mini (64GB) for $0 on 2-year plan
  •  Apple iPhone 12 Pro (128GB) for $15/mth with Plus Pricing
  •  Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max (128GB) for $20/mth with Plus Pricing
  • Apple iPhone 11 (64GB) for $0 on 2-year plans
  • Apple iPhone SE (64GB) for $0 on 2-year plans
  •   Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 5G  for $20/mth with Plus Pricing
  •  Samsung Galaxy S21 5G for $15.83/mth with Plus Pricing
  •   Samsung Galaxy S20 FE 5G for $0 on 2-year plans
  •  Samsung Galaxy A52 5G for $0 on 2-year plans
  •  Samsung Galaxy A32 5G for $0 on 2-year plans
  •  TCL 20 Pro 5G for $0 on 2-year plans


Videotron Black Friday Deals

Deals at Videotron are exclusive to the residents of Quebec, but it besides accepts customers from Ottawa and neighbor regions of New Brunswick. Videotron runs one of the most dependable wireless networks in Canada, a flying 5G network in Quebec, and includes a partnership with Rogers Wireless to provide seamless 4G LTE service throughout the rest of Canada. Home Internet Deal:

  •  Unlimited Helix Internet 100 plan for $65/month with modem/Wi-Fi 6 gateway, or $53 when you buy the gateway upfront for $288

Shaw Mobile Black Friday Deals

Shaw Mobile equitable launched last class, and with the potential of a Rogers learning, its future is unsealed. however, Shaw Mobile plans work nationally for a small divide of what you ‘ll pay with the major national carriers. You need to live in B.C. or Alberta to subscribe, but you get some of the best cell earphone design prices found anywhere in Canada if you do .

  • Shaw Mobile’s popular Unlimited Data plan is $25/mth if you subscribe to the Fibre+ 1.5Gig home internet plan. 
  • NEW: The Fibre+ 1Gig plan now reduces the Unlimited Data plan to $40/mth (previously $25/month)
  • By the Gig plans now cost $10/mth on Fibre+ home internet plans under 1Gbps (previously $0/month)
  •  Add U.S. & Mexico roaming to your Unlimited plan and save $5 per month
  • Apple iPhone 13 (128GB) for $35/mth
  • Apple iPhone 13 mini (128GB) for $29/mth
  • Apple iPhone 13 Pro (128GB) for $47/mth
  • Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max (128GB) for $53/mth
  •  Apple iPhone 12 (64GB) for $30/mth
  • Apple iPhone 12 mini (64GB) for $25/mth
  • Apple iPhone 12 Pro (128GB) for $42/mth
  • Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max (128GB) for $48/mth
  • Apple iPhone 11 (64GB) for $25/mth
  • Apple iPhone SE (64GB) for $15/mth
  •  Samsung Galaxy S20 FE 5G for $30/mth
  • Samsung Galaxy S21 5G for $45/mth (Samsung Galaxy S21 5G review)
  • Samsung Galaxy S21+ 5G for $59/mth
  • Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G for $70/mth
  • Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 5G for $49/mth
  •  Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 5G for $99/mth
  • Samsung Galaxy A52 5G for $25/mth (Samsung Galaxy A52 5G review)
  • Samsung Galaxy A32 5G for $15/mth (Samsung Galaxy A32 5G review)
  • Google Pixel 6 for $30/mth
  • Google Pixel 6 Pro for $48/mth
  • Motorola Edge (2021) for $35/mth
  •  Motorola One 5G Ace for $15/mth
  • Motorola Moto G Power for $10/mth

Public Mobile

Public Mobile Black Friday Deals

Most plans offer data speeds at 3Mbps with Public Mobile. That ‘s besides boring for things like Disney+ and Netflix, but you can stream audio and browse social media on these plans. Public Mobile often features weekend-only promotions, but it ‘s likely to jump on the Black Friday bandwagon this year .

  •  Receive 2GB of extra data per month on any plan $35/month and up with promo code 2GBBONUS. Additional data expires only if the account becomes inactive or you change your plan.
  • Get one month’s credit when you activate any new plan

Chatr Wireless

Chatr Black Friday Deals

While Chatr does n’t normally offer big promotions, most plans already include outright talk, text, voice mail, call display and flush data at reduce speeds ( around 3.0 Mpbs ) .

  • Get 2GB of bonus data for 6 months on plans $35/month and up with new activations
  • One full month’s credit on activation of any new plan

Lucky Mobile

Lucky Mobile Black Friday Deals

Lucky Mobile already offers first gear prices on plans with lots of data, so it does n’t often have sales. however, direct competition from Public Mobile and Chatr seems to have changed its mind about Black Friday .

  • Add 2GB of bonus data for 6 months to any plan $35/month and up with new activations
  • Receive one full month’s credit on the activation of any new plan

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