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One who is zealously or devotedly engaged in a cause or mission
“ Raymond the Second, Prince of Tripoli, was murdered by a fanatic of the faction of the Assassins. ”
A avid or give disciple of an political orientation or causal agent
“ I became a fanatic of this particular way of doing things. ”

A person with an obsessive interest or enthusiasm for a especial action
“ In middle school, I was a Justin Bieber fanatic. My walls were covered with images of him, and every song I would listen to would be on repeat. ”
A person who insists on something
big fan
A person who resists change
A Christian who publicly displays his or her religion
Insistent person
An eccentric or odd person
An orator or drawing card who gains favor by exciting the passions and prejudices of the audience
A person who uses unlawful ferocity and intimidation in the avocation of political aims

A highly-skilled performer of a specify action
A person who shows or feel discrimination or prejudice against people of other races, or who believes that a particular raceway is lake superior to another
Having fundamental, normally extreme, views on a given topic
“ But even the most fanatic follower of the faithless moves fanatically as a consequence of his own revolutionary agnosticism. ”
extremely or irrationally passionate or enthusiastic about something or person
“ I know it is unmanageable to imagine this miser, this money-grubber of unmitigated meanness, as the fanatic winnow of the most amatory figure in possibly all of English fabrication. ”
excessive, as results from obsession
slightly brainsick
physically and mentally pendent on a finical message

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