A Quick Guide to Getting Started With Facebook Touch

The huge majority of Facebook users entree the platform via a smartphone. If you ’ re one of the 81.8 % that prefer to use your mobile device, Facebook Touch can be a dependable app to download and install. not merely is it easy to use, but it besides uses less data. While the traditional Facebook app is even one of the most download apps according to Facebook statistics ( not much data is available about Facebook Touch ), it can still be an alternative to check out. In this article, we briefly summarize all the main things you need to know about its discrete features, how to download it, and complete some of the main tasks .

A Quick Guide to Getting Started With Facebook Touch:

What’s Facebook Touch?

First things first, Facebook Touch wasn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate created by Facebook. The app was designed by H5 which was recently acquired by Lighthouse.

In short, Facebook Touch is a sophisticated Facebook app that was designed specifically for touch screen phones. It has respective singular features and an intuitive interface. While you can hush use the traditional Facebook app, there are a few ways in which Facebook Touch is different such as :

  • Facebook Touch runs faster. It was created specifically for mobile users which means that it will besides use less data. Plus, you can use Facebook Touch even if you don ’ t have the fastest internet connection .
  • The graphics are good and the display will be better besides. You can view high-res images without sacrificing loading speed .
  • The interface is easier to understand and use. so, you can look forward to a seamless exploiter know .

How to Download Facebook Touch

Facebook Touch international relations and security network ’ thyroxine available on the App Store or Google Play Store. When you search for Facebook Touch on either of these two stores, you ’ ll only see the traditional Facebook app. alternatively, you ’ ll need to get an APK file. This you can get by searching the terminus “ download Facebook Touch ” in the search field of the web browser that you normally use. Though, to do this, you ’ ll first need to change your device ’ s authority settings to allow installation of apps from unknown senders. then, select the APK file that complies with all the Ts and Cs and pawl on the download button. Just like with any other download, it ’ south best to do it when you can connect your mobile device to Wi-Fi. Otherwise, you ’ ll want to use your fluid data which can become dearly-won. After the app has been downloaded, all that ’ s left to do is to install the app, launch it, and log into your account with your existing login details .

What Can You Access via Facebook Touch?

With Facebook Touch, there are assorted features that you can easily access. By plainly clicking on the three dots in the lead right-hand corner, you ’ ll be able to access most of the information that you ’ ll credibly need. These include :

  • Your profile photograph
  • A “ Suggested ” check that lists suggestions about Facebook pages and groups that you might want to check out
  • An “ Apps ” tab where you ’ ll get a agile overview of all the apps that are enabled within Facebook
  • A “ Favourites ” tab where you can get flying access to the video recording that you ’ ve watched, messages, friends etc .
  • A “ Groups ” tab that summarizes all the groups that you ’ ve joined
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Switching Off Notifications

With Facebook Touch, it ’ s pretty easy to turn off notifications for whenever person replies to a comment or likes a stake. here ’ s how : Step 1: Open the “ Settings ” pill on your telephone Step 2: Click on “ Apps ” Step 3: Select the Facebook Touch app from the drop-down menu and suction stop on the “ Notifications ” pill Step 4: Disable the notifications

Accessing Account Info and Privacy Settings

Another exemplar of how Facebook Touch is more intuitive than the traditional Facebook app is when it comes to accessing your history details and privacy settings. To access this information, here ’ s what you need to do : Step 1: Open the Facebook Touch app on your smartphone Step 2: Log into your Facebook account by typing in your username, call number, and password Step 3: Click on the three lines in the top right-hand corner of the home page Step 4: Scroll down to “ Help and Settings ” and chink on “ Settings ” Step 5: here you ’ ll be able to view and edit your score information, preferences, permissions, and visibility

How Do You Send Messages on Facebook Touch?

If you want to send direct messages on Facebook Touch, you ’ ll need to use the Messenger app. The Facebook Messenger app is an extra app that you ’ ll need to download via the Google Play Store or App Store. All in all, it ’ s a good joyride to use for managing social media conversations ( specifically customer conversations but a small bit more about that later ). not merely can you use it for one-on-one conversations but besides for group message. Plus, you can add attachments and keep it free-and-easy by using emojis and stickers. alike to WhatsApp, you ’ ll be able to see when the other person is typing. then, once the message has been delivered, you ’ ll besides be notified. early utilitarian features offered by Messenger include the ability to search your messages for specific keywords, groups, or people. You can besides view message requests from people who you aren ’ triiodothyronine friends with, making it utilitarian for commercial purposes which brings us to our adjacent point. Facebook Messenger can be a great tool to connect with customers. You can use it to answer questions about your product range/services, take orders, and offer post-sales customer serve. As a matter of fact, if you ’ re using social commerce and betray via Facebook, downloading and installing the Facebook Messenger app is a must.

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Cons of Using Facebook Touch

nothing is perfect, and in addition to needing to install a separate message app, Facebook Touch has a few other limitations. That said, these all basically boil down to serviceability. If you ’ re used to using the traditional Facebook app, you might find it challenging to grow used to Facebook Touch. These two tools aren ’ t that different, but it can take some time to familiarize yourself with the ins and outs. You should besides remember that it ’ s a third-party app that you ’ ll have to download from another beginning ( it ’ s not available on the App Store or Google Play ). Whenever you download apps from other sources, there ’ south constantly the risk of malware. Plus, you ’ ll necessitate to share your Facebook login details with this third-party app besides .

Who Should Use Facebook Touch?

While everyone can use Facebook Touch, it ’ mho particularly recommended for users that don ’ triiodothyronine practice an io or Android device. alternatively, if you encounter approachability issues when trying to operate standard apps with your smartphone, this option might solve your worries. That being said, as it requires less data, it can be a good alternative to explore if you much need to access Facebook on the run. besides, considering that it runs precisely fine when you have a slow internet joining, it ’ s a way that you don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate necessarily need to use your mobile data when you aren ’ t blessed with a fast internet joining .

Other Facebook Tools to Check Out

If you ’ re on the hunt for apps that can make your Facebook have well, there ’ s a long list of early Facebook tools that you can besides check out. At the very least, you should get a decent social media management cock, graphic blueprint joyride, and a URL shortener. here are three tools that can help you with these functions. As a Facebook partner, Sprout Social is one of the democratic Facebook tools used by bigger brands. It offers a great selection of tools that will help you to manage a Facebook page, create subject, and keep traverse of your conversations. Key features include:

  • A Smart Inbox
  • Workflow management
  • Analytics
  • post schedule
  • Automated publish
  • Brand tracking

Canva offers 130,000+ templates for Facebook posts and about 16,000 Facebook cover templates ( and thousands of them are free ). Whether you want to create a collage, ad template, or top for an event, it ’ second easy to customize these templates to make them your own and align with your current stigmatize. On acme of these templates, it besides offers images, semblance schemes, and baptismal font jazz band. sol, there ’ s no need to start from scratch. If you ’ ll be sharing links quite often, a URL shortener like Rebrandly will make a worthwhile investment. not only will you be able to shorten your links, but you can besides use your custom sphere name and even add an emoji. This way you can basically include your mark diagnose in all the links that you share on Facebook to help boost brand awareness .

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Wrapping Things Up

If you presently have no issues accessing Facebook via your smartphone, there ’ s no necessitate to download Touch. however, if your drug user know via your phone international relations and security network ’ metric ton all that it ’ s cracked up to be, you might want to check out this alternative before cracking your screen out of pure frustration. To sum it up, it ’ randomness basically easier to use, runs faster, and the trope quality will besides be better. then, while you ’ re busy improving your overall Facebook exploiter experience, be sure to check out other tools besides. From scheduling posts to shortening links, there are respective apps that can help you to streamline casual tasks .

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s Facebook Touch?

Facebook Touch is a third-party app that was designed by H5 ( nowadays called Lighthouse ). It was created specifically for touch screen phones. not merely does it have a user-friendly interface, but it besides has a issue of features that can help to improve your experience. In short, it will run fast ( it uses less data ) and the display and graphics can besides be better .

Where can I download Facebook Touch?

Facebook Touch international relations and security network ’ thymine available on the Google Play Store or App Store. To download and install it, you ’ ll need to get an APK file by searching for the terminus “ download Facebook Touch ” in the search field of the network browser that you normally use. Before you can download it, you ’ ll first need to change the authority settings of your smartphone to allow facility of apps from stranger senders .

Is Facebook Touch good?

FB Touch is specially good for users that don ’ thymine use an io or Android device. It can besides be a adept option to the traditional Facebook app if you have any handiness issues when trying to operate standard apps with your smartphone. Another advantage is that it uses less data and works well with slower internet connections .

Can I send messages with FB Touch?

If you want to send direct messages on Facebook Touch, you ’ ll indigence to use the Messenger app, a freestanding app that you can download via the Google Play Store or App Store. The Messenger app offers a number of useful features that include the ability to search your messages for specific keywords, groups, or people, watch message requests, and air stickers .

How do you schedule posts on Facebook?

There are a count of tools that you can use to schedule posts on Facebook. You can, for model, check out :

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