How to Fix ‘ERR_CACHE_MISS’ in Chrome (7 Methods)

Google Chrome is one of the most popular and authentic web browsers out there, but it isn ’ t without demerit. There are a handful of common issues you might encounter while using it, including the ‘ ERR_CACHE_MISS ’ mistake message .
If you ’ ve come across this message, chances are the browser is besides asking you to re-enter or submit some data. While this error can be confusing and torment, it ’ mho besides entirely fixable .
There are a handful of quick, easy methods you can use to resolve this erroneousness message, and successfully reach the locate you ’ re trying to visit.

In this stake, we ’ ll explain what ‘ ERR_CACHE_MISS ’ means and discuss some of its park causes. then we ’ ll walk you through several methods you can use to fix it .
Let ’ s suffer started !

What Does ‘ERR_CACHE_MISS’ Mean?

There are a handful of popular error messages you might come across when using Chrome. These include issues like ERR_QUIC_PROTOCOL_ERROR and ERR_SSL_OBSOLETE_VERSION .
Another error that Chrome users frequently encounter is the ‘ ERR_CACHE_MISS ’ message :
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From the name, it ’ second clean that this error is related to caching. More specifically, there are a assortment of reasons you might be seeing this message, including :

  • Your browser is unable to obtain cache files from the site you’re trying to access.
  • There are bugs, corruptions, or inefficiencies in your browser, browser settings, or browser extensions.
  • The website you’re trying to visit has incorrect coding or PHP issues.

If you ’ re a developer, you may encounter this message if you ’ re using the wrong codes to test an application or web site, either on Android or another OS .
As a user, you could encounter it when trying to entree just about any web site, even highly-popular ones such as Facebook .
It ’ sulfur worth noting that while this problem is about entirely exclusive to Chrome, some users have reported running into similar issues in Firefox. More specifically, in versions of Firefox 32 and above, the message reads as “ Document Expired ” .
however, most messages include a “ Confirm Form Resubmission ” message or prompt. This normally occurs when a Chrome drug user is completing or submitting a shape and uses the back/forward buttons excessively much or besides promptly .
The ‘ERR_CACHE_MISS ‘ error : Confusing. Frustrating. But fixable ! ✅ Read more hera ⬇️

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How to Fix ‘ERR_CACHE_MISS’ in Google Chrome (7 Solutions)

now that you understand a morsel more about what ‘ ERR_CACHE_MISS ’ means, it ’ mho meter to learn how to resolve it. Let ’ s take a look at seven methods you can use to fix the ‘ ERR_CACHE_MISS ’ message in Google Chrome .

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1. Reload the Page

occasionally, the ‘ ERR_CACHE_MISS ’ error in Chrome may appear on your filmdom if you ’ re experiencing network connection issues. If this is the event, just reloading the vane page might be adequate to resolve it .
You can reload the page by clicking on the reload icon in the top-left corner of the address measure in your Chrome browser :
google chrome reload
alternatively, you can besides press the F5 key on your keyboard. If you still see the error message, it ’ mho safe to assume that your net connectivity was not the source of the exit, and it ’ s time to move on to the adjacent method .

2. Update Your Browser

If you ’ re using an erstwhile or outdated translation of Chrome, it ’ s a smart idea to upgrade to the latest interpretation. This can help to eliminate any incompatibility issues or inefficiencies that might be contributing to the ‘ ERR_CACHE_MISS ’ error message .
To update your browser, open a newly window and then navigate to Settings > About Chrome :
update chrome
On this page, you ’ ll see whether you ’ re using the latest version of the browser. If you ’ re not, there will be an option to Update Chrome .
Follow the prompts, then restart your browser and try to access the web page again .

3. Clear Your Browser Data

If your browser has accumulated corrupt files in your hoard, it may result in the error message you ’ rhenium visit nowadays. consequently, the next step you should take in your attempt to resolve the problem is to clear your browser data .
To do this, go back to your Chrome settings menu. Hover over  More tools, and then in the menu gore that opens, blue-ribbon Clear browsing data :
clear chrome data
In the window that appears future, make certain all three options ( Browsing history, Cookies and other web site data, and Cached images and files ) are selected. Hit the Clear data button :
clear data chrome
once you clear the datum, refresh the browser .
hopefully, you ’ ll no longer see the ERR_CACHE_MISS message. If you do, it ’ sulfur time for the following method .

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4. Disable Your Browser Extensions

Another electric potential issue that may be causing the ‘ ERR_CACHE_MISS ’ error is that one of the extensions you have installed is corrupted, or is interfering with Chrome ’ s ability to connect to and load the web foliate .
To determine whether this is the problem, the best run of action is to disable all of your browser extensions .
To locate these, go to your Chrome settings, hover over the More tools option, and then blue-ribbon Extensions :
google chrome extensions
This will bring you to the Extensions page, where you can see any and all extensions that are installed. One by one, go through them and toggle the disable option for each :
disable chrome extension
We recommend starting with any ad block extensions, as these are most likely to be the perpetrator. Try refreshing your browser after you disable each extension, to see if the error resolves itself .
If it does, you ’ ll be able to pinpoint ( and remove ) the debatable extension. If not, your extensions probably aren ’ triiodothyronine to blame .

5. Reset Your Network Settings

Problems with your network settings can besides cause the ‘ ERR_CACHE_MISS ’ message. To resolve that, you can try resetting those settings .
The easiest way to do this is through your Command Window, which you can open by clicking on the Windows icon, typing “ cmd ” into the research field, and then selecting Run as Administrator in the Command Prompt app :
command prompt windows
With the Command Prompt windowpane open, type in the follow and crusade Enter after each line : Struggling with downtime and WordPress problems ? Kinsta is the hosting solution designed to save you meter ! Check out our features





netsh int ip set dns

netsh winsock reset

ipconfig renew

ipconfig renew

On macOS, you can do this through the Terminal app. Navigate to Finder >  Applications >  Utilities :
mac applications utilities
once you open the Utilities folder, settle and open the Terminal app :
macos terminal application
In the Terminal window, type in the play along commands and crush Enter after each one :

dscacheutil -flushcache

sudo killall -HUP mDNSResponder

resume your computer and open a fresh browser windowpane. Your network settings will revert to their defaults, which will hopefully keep you from seeing the ‘ ERR_CACHE_MISS ’ mistake again .

6. Reset Your Browser Settings

If your network settings aren ’ t the return, the problem may lie with your browser settings. consequently, the adjacent legitimate measure is to reset those settings .
To do this, go to Settings, followed by Advanced >  Reset settings :
reset settings chrome
A prompt window will open. Again, click on the Reset option :
reset settings
You can besides access the reset settings page by going to chrome://settings/resetProfileSettings .
finally, restart your browser and try to access the network page again. Hopefully, you will no longer see the ’ ERR_CACHE_MISS ’ message. however, if you do, it ’ s time to move on to the last method acting .

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7. Disable Your Cache System

At this point, you have hopefully resolved the ‘ ERR_CACHE_MISS ’ error message in Chrome. If not, there ’ second one final solution you can try to fix the problem : disabling your hoard system .
Doing this requires you to use the Chrome DevTools. These can be found in the browser ’ south settings, under More tools > Developer tools. fair be sure to open the DevTools on the browser page that ’ sulfur displaying the error message .
then, under the Network section, select the choice to Disable Cache :
disable cache
once you check this item, reload the web page. You should no longer see the ‘ ERR_CACHE_MISS ’ message .
If you use google Chrome, you may be familiar with the ‘ERR_CACHE_MISS ‘ error. 😤 Learn how to fix it and get second to work right here. 🚀

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There are a diverseness of reasons you might see the ‘ ERR_CACHE_MISS ’ error message in Google Chrome. Whether it ’ s due to baffling extensions, outdated browser or network settings, or a temp association offspring, the good news is that there are some childlike steps you can take to fix this problem .
As we discussed in this article, there are seven methods you can use to resolve the ‘ ERR_CACHE_MISS ’ erroneousness in Chrome :

  1. Reload the page.
  2. Update your browser.
  3. Clear your browser data.
  4. Disable your browser extensions.
  5. Reset your network settings.
  6. Reset your browser settings.
  7. Disable your cache system.

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