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parents, employers and other users you authorize can pay your bills online. • history of payments. • view current activ…


Howard University eBill/ePay Student Account Suite

Howard University has converted to the TouchNet E-Billing/E-Pay system. The new Student Account suite is the prefer method acting for accessing your charge, and making payments. This web-based service provides self-service access to your scholar account, billing history, and provides automated payment methods using citation cards or electronic payments from your checking accounts.

Benefits and advantages : • • • • • • • •

convenient and easy to use private and secure no waiting in pipeline to make a payment parents, employers and other users you authorize can pay your bills online history of payments view current action or by term pay by MasterCard, Visa, Discover, American Express, or deduct the come from your checking report, print a copy of your payment transactions

once logged in to the home page, students and empower users can view activity and balances and make payments.

eBills To view your eBill, click on the eBills tab at the top of the page

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To view natural process since your survive eBill, click the Recent Account Activity Tab above.

Payment History

Click on the Payments tab to view Payment History Choose from the report options, and click View Payment History at the bottom of the foliate

Making a payment From the Payments yellow journalism and choose Make a Payment and snap on the Make a Payment connect Or under Action, suction stop on the Pay

Select a payment method from the drop-down box

Payment Methods

Payments can be made by credit card or checking account. Select your payment method, arrant all necessitate fields, then snap Continue.

Credit Card

Checking Account

Housing Deposits

In TouchNet, lone credit wag payments are accepted for Housing Deposits. •

To make a payment, click on the Deposits tab.

Select Housing situate from the drop-down menu, then click Select

Next, blue-ribbon Make Deposit Payment

Select Credit Card from the Payment Method drop-down menu, and snap Continue

Next, enter the account and placard information and suction stop Continue.

Click this box to save your credit menu information for future use

Setting up Authorized Users Parents, employers or any individual a student desires to give access to make payments on their behalf will become an Authorized User once the scholar creates an explanation for the individual. Adding an authorized exploiter is the student ‘s accept that an individual may view their account information and make payments on their behalf. To create an empower drug user : click on the Authorized Users yellow journalism At the bottom of the page, chink Add an Authorized User Enter the electronic mail address of the authorized drug user and complete the permissions fields. Click Add User An e-mail will then be sent to the authorized drug user and will include their log in data

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____________________________________________________________ Frequently Asked Questions : www.howard.edu/studentfinancialservices/faq_touchnet.htm

Log in to the TouchNet Student Account Suite : hypertext transfer protocol : //epay.howard.edu/C20088_tsa/web/login.jsp

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parents, employers and other users you authorize can pay your bills online. • history of payments. • view current activ …

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