Top 15 eGirl Makeup Looks

If you ‘ve stumbled into this article by any luck, it means that you ‘re curious or you ‘re looking ahead to being an eGirl, like the ones that you see on some social media platforms like TikTok and Instagram. There are lots of unlike styles and aesthetics coming out for years but recently, eGirl expressive style has been all the ramp with young adolescent girls. For those of you who do n’t know what an eGirl is, let ‘s have a brief description of the tendency, shall we ?

What is an eGirl?

eGirl, or “ electronic girl ”, is a subculture that emerged in the late 2010s and is highly popular with new people ( there is besides a matter called eBoy, therefore yes, it applies for both genders ), some people would describe the vogue as a shuffle between emo, peasant, skater and zanzibar copal. It ‘s trademark is the long and thick eyeliner lotion with some cunning, bantam shapes drawn under or the sides of the eyes, like hearts or stars, some blush that normally goes across the boldness and the nose ( like a intoxicated blush effect ) and bright or sometimes neon bleached hair’s-breadth ( either highlights or in full dyed ). To find out more about what an eGirl is, you can check out our article written about it here. If you besides want to find out how to dress as an eGirl, you ‘ll be able to get some help here .
If you ‘re all ready and dressed up like a true eGirl, the future tone you need to take is put on the iconic eGirl constitution count, and this article will surely help you achieve barely that. We ‘ve compiled 15 eGirl makeup looks that will help you get started with your amazing transformation. Let ‘s begin !

1. Foxy eyeliner tutorial

To start off, you ‘ll be needing to know how to apply the iconic eGirl eyeliner application and this first gear television will show you how. The crafty eyeliner style is perfective for any eGirl aesthetic, this is besides bang-up for anyone with semifinal hooded eyes. It can be a annoyance when applying a heavy winged eyeliner if you have semi hood eyes so this will surely help you achieve that eGirl big cat eye look. Check out the video below by ByJeannine to get started.

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Reading: Top 15 eGirl Makeup Looks

2. Peachy eGirl makeup

This cute peachy makeup is arrant for any eGirl expression. This YouTuber named eve frsr is known to her fans for wearing this kind of makeup stylus for her everyday look even before TikTok eGirls were in vogue. She has commented late on that she technically falls under the category of the celebrated subculture after people had commented about it on her social media accounts. You can check out her video tutorial on the video below .

3. Egirl makeup look

This eGirl constitution look is heavy on the eyeliner and lashes, it will decidedly make you look superintendent cunning. Try to follow all the steps on this television to achieve the same cute front that she has. Click on the video below by yourbunniesangel .

4. Soft e-girl makeup for dark skin

This one is a soft eGirl constitution look for anyone who has dark bark, you be able to have an idea of what kind of color palette would work well for your skin tone. YouTuber Evensya Xo uses Fenty beauty centering shadows for her eye makeup for the duration of this tutorial. Check out Evensya Xo ‘s video recording below .

5. Blushy eGirl look

How about some pinko tones ? If you want a little finger and blushy eGirl constitution, then this tutorial is for you. If you love monochromatic expressive style makeup and being an eGirl, there are ways to apply both elements on your face and this video recording will help you achieve a cunning, blushy finish. YouTuber Debbie Beltran can surely help you with that .

6. Doja Cat’s guide to e-girl beauty

An eGirl constitution tutorial done by a fame ? Yes please. Can you believe that Doja Cat actually made a television on how to do an eGirl makeup look ? Yes, and we are here for it ! This video template will start off with the kind of skin care routine she does before applying her constitution, so that ‘s a asset .

7. How to be an eGirl 

An all-in-one television about how to be an eGirl from the hair and makeup to the clothes by eve frsr. This cute and fishy tutorial will surely help you with your eGirl travel. Check out her video recording below .

8. Purple e-girl makeup

warning : This video can trigger an epilepsy seizure, do not watch if you have this condition .

This is a different fill on the hale eGirl makeup course, rather of using the hallmark black eyeliner, she uses a dark purple eyeshadow to do her winged liner. thus if you want a different kind of expression, you can try this one. Check out Milkgore ‘s television below .

9. E-girl makeup for dark skin

Another eGirl constitution tutorial for anyone with dark hide. This will help you look for the right color pallette that would be sol perfect for your hide tone. Watch Cydnee Black ‘s cute eGirl makeup tutorial by clicking on the video recording below.

10. E-girl with joker eye effect

An eGirl constitution normally comes with some cute decorations under the eyes like hearts, stars and other cunning illustrations, and this video tutorial will show you how to do a constitution look with a small jester/joker effect ( just a bantam act ). You can check out her childlike video recording tutorial by Freaking gasaisan below .

11. E-girl makeup tutorial for hooded eyes

This is very helpful detail tutorial on how to do an eGirl eyeliner if you have identical hood eyelids. I personally have this problem and I keep on having trouble oneself applying my fly eyeliner because the goal solution is always messed up, so I know the frustration. YouTuber Victorious Queen sure is our savior. Her video will surely help you overcome that problem so check her out below .

12. E-girl makeup with triangle decoration

This is another cute eGirl constitution look with bantam triangular shapes drawn under the waterline. This is another cute bring on the eGirl makeup vogue, you besides can get a glimpse of how an eGirl would dress up, indeed do n’t forget to check Makeup by kato ‘s video below .

13. E-girl makeup with some gold touch

Another different kind of attend that you can try, just a authoritative eGirl makeup with a aureate and shimmery wind, the end result of this will surely leave you in awe, so why do n’t try it for yourself. This television tutorial by Pat Saurez will surely help you get that eGirl golden glow .

14. Basic witch makeup

This constitution tutorial is very intended for Halloween if you ‘re going to go with a hex costume for this class, but if you look closely, this fall shade attend can pass off as an eGirl makeup a well. Get that quick glow by following this makeup tutorial by Anzujaamu below .

15. Blue e-girl makeup

If you ‘re in for a bold eGirl spirit and you ‘re obsessed with the color blue, this video recording tutorial is arrant for you. This is a very detail tutorial that will teach you some new techniques and even how to apply a fake tattoo on your face ( note, some people have allergic reactions with imposter, stick on tattoos so constantly be careful ). This expression is a perfect mix between an eGirl and a Goth and if you ‘re up for it, click on the video tutorial by Alice Lockhart below .

If you ‘ve learned all the basics for an eGirl expression, you ‘ll be able to do a much different one for yourself, merely you can tell what kind of makeup style would work good for your face, sure, there are lots of tutorials out there that you can use as a reference, but sometimes, some of them wo n’t work for you and some would, it actually depends and if you keep on practice, you ‘ll surely find your own identity when it comes to your makeup.

If you like the eGirl dash, you will most likely besides like the boho fashion dash ! We advice pairing eGirl constitution with a singular boho dress to complete your outfit !
Which of these looks is your most favorite ? Do you see yourself following that makeup spirit soon ? Feel release to share it with us on the comments below .

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