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If you are an active internet drug user, you must have seen that Google replaces its logo with a Doodle on its home page to celebrate special occasions like public holidays, birthdays of celebrated personalities, events, etc. in particular countries. But did you know that one of the Google Doodles you see each year is designed by a child ? Yes, you read it mighty. Every year, Google selects a Doodle designed by a K-12 student through a rival called Doodle4Google and features the Doodle on its local home page .

But, what exactly is Doodle4Google?

Doodle for Google, popularly known as Doodle4Google is an annual art contest held by Google in versatile countries for K-12 students. Through this contest, students have the opportunity to display their own creative Doodle on the Google home page vitamin a well as win respective scholarships and monetary rewards for their education .

Doodle4Google Prizes

Doodle for Google winners receive exciting prizes. The prizes are given to national winners, national finalists, and state and territory winners .
If you are a national winner, your Doodle will be displayed on the Google home page for 24 hours. Your school/non-profit organization will get a engineering package of $ 50,000. Besides that, you ’ ll welcome ,

  • A college scholarship of $30000
  • Google hardware
  • Fun Google swag

Five students are shortlisted as national finalists each year. If you are one of the four national finalists who did not win, your Doodle will be featured in the Doodle for Google veranda. furthermore, you ’ ll receive benefits like ,

  • A college scholarship of $5000
  • Google hardware
  • Fun Google swag
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Alongside national winners, Google besides announces 54 state and territory winners. If you are among them, you ’ ll meet ,

  • Google hardware
  • A congratulatory message from Google
  • Fun Google swag

Doodle4Google 2022

In the past pair of years, the uncertainties driven by the pandemic have impacted students in many ways. There have been numerous changes in the means students learn, socialize, a well as approach their own physical and mental health. Considering this, Google decided to set self-care as the theme for Doodle4Google 2022—its 14th annual Doodle for Google contest. The theme is “ I care for myself by… ” It invites students to share how they take care of themselves as they go through new challenges and opportunities every day .
The elect gore of judges for Doodle4Google 2022 is passionate about self-care and mental health. The panel includes Selena Gomez—a renowned artist, entrepreneur, and philanthropist ; Elyse Fox—a Director, exemplary, and mental health militant ; and Juliana Urtubey—the 2021 National teacher of the year. March 4 was the deadline for submitting the Doodles for the contest and the results are so far to be disclosed .

Previous Three Contests: Themes and Winners

1. Doodle for Google 2021

Image of Winning Doodle for Google Art 2021
“ I am hard because… ” was the Doodle for Google 2021 theme. The contest was won by Milo Golding from Kentucky. In his artist ’ mho statement, Milo wrote, “ I am solid because I have hope. I once asked my father how he overcame obstacles and became who he wanted to be. He replied, “ Hope, hope keeps me impregnable. ”

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2. Doodle for Google 2020

Image of Winning Doodle for Google Art 2020
The subject for Doodle for Google 2020 was, “ I show forgivingness by… ” The achiever of the contest was Sharon Sara from Texas. She shares in a instruction, “ I show forgivingness by sticking together with my friends in ruffianly times. I drew people coming together and not thinking about the external but being together because of their personality. ”

3. Doodle for Google 2019

Image of Winning Doodle for Google Art 2019
“ When I grow up I hope… ” was the root for Doodle for Google 2019. The contest was won by Arantza Pena Popo from Georgia. “ When I grow up, I hope to care for my ma arsenic much as she cared for me my entire life, ” she wrote in her statement submitted with the Doodle .

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I enter the contest?
You can get started with the contest by following these steps : Download/print the entrance form- create the Doodle with any fabric you want- write the artist ’ s statement- get the introduction kind signed by the parent/guardian- submit the form. 2. Can teachers or leaders of non-profit organizations submit the application on behalf of a student?
Yes. A Teacher or drawing card of non-profit organizations can enter the contest on behalf of a student. The lone discipline hera is that the entrance form must be signed by the student ’ sulfur rear or defender. 3. Are group entries eligible for the contest?

No. Since, this is an individual contest, Google does not accept Doodles created by multiple students. 4. How many Doodles can be submitted by one student?

Google accepts entirely one original Doodle per student. however, teachers or leaders of non-profit organizations can submit multiple Doodles on behalf of several students. 5. What materials can be used to create the Doodle?

A student can create the Doodle by using any material or medium. Although students can create a Doodle in 3D form, the Doodles will be scanned and reviewed in 2D format. Materials such as pencils, crayons, paint, markers, chalks, charcoals, pastels, etc. will be accepted. Computer-generated images will besides be considered eligible. 6. How is the winner of the contest decided?
The winner of the contest is decided based on three parameters—artistic merit, creativity, and theme communication.

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7. Is the public involved in the voting process?
Yes. After all the entries are accepted and the best 54 Doodles are shortlisted, the public is invited to vote on-line. The voters are asked to pick their darling Doodles from each grade group. 8. What are the criteria for disqualification in this competition?
Google has the right to disqualify Doodles that are not original and incorporate copyrighted or trademarked images and logos. furthermore, as mentioned earlier, only one submission per student will be accepted. The extra Doodles will be disqualified.

Childhood is the age that shapes one ’ second personality, areas of interest, creativity, and so forth, and contests like Doodle4Google are precisely what they need at that historic period. Also Read: History of Google – From 1996 to 2021

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