Does Sarah Die in Season 2 of ‘Outer Banks’?

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only a couple of episodes in and Outer Bank south has already delivered the frighten of the season. While running through the Bahamas with her boyfriend, Sarah ( Madelyn Cline ) gets hurt. Does Sarah Camren die in Outer Banks Season 2 ? If you ’ ve switched off your television receiver in fear of losing your front-runner character, we ’ ra here to help. Spoilers for Outer Banks Season 2 ahead. 
The short answer is no. Sarah Cameron does not die in Outer Banks Season 2. But she comes pretty conclusion. Let us explain .
The unthinkable happens in “ The Heist. ” The beginning two episodes of this season revolve around John B ( Chase Stokes ) and Sarah Cameron searching for the gold Sarah ’ s father sent to the Bahamas. entirely they ’ ra not alone. Unbeknownst to them, Ward ( Charles Esten ) and Rafe ( Drew Starkey ) besides travelled down to the Caribbean in search of the gold. Ward and Rafe think their beloved family member is dead, and John B and Sarah think that Ward and Rafe are still in North Carolina. It ’ s a classic font of no one knowing what ’ s happening. At least that ’ s the case until the goal of Episode 2.

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Reading: Does Sarah Die in Season 2 of ‘Outer Banks’?

Aided by Cleo ( Carlacia Grant ) and her boss, John B and Sarah cope to stop Sarah ’ s father and buddy from getting the amber, alternatively taking it for themselves. That ’ mho when Rafe pulls a Rafe. He pulls out his accelerator and starts discharge, by chance shooting Sarah in the process. The final blast of the episode shows Sarah clutching her shed blood abdomen.

John B calls Captain Terrance ( Terence Rosemore ) to tell him about the wound, who in turns points him to the sketchiest doctor on the island. Is Doc Marsh ( Marshall Bell ) drink in while operating on Sarah ? Is he high ? The answer is credibly yes to both. But Terrance ’ s guy doesn ’ thyroxine denounce, and that ’ s about the best anyone can ask for right now.

The sophisticate warns John B that his operation will cause Sarah to lose a fortune of blood, and the blood loss may kill her. Halfway through “ Prayers ” that ’ s what seems to happen. In a truly grievous scene, Sarah stops responding to John B, causing him to have a full-fledged dislocation. If outer Banks is ever going to be an Emmy rival, it should truly be thanks to Chase Stokes in this view. But while mourning his purportedly late girlfriend, John B notices Sarah ’ sulfur finger twitch. Our girlfriend lives !
once she wakes up John B tries to convince her to stay put and rest. Sarah has different plans and insists they meet Terrance and Cleo at the docks to get off this island. For Sarah getting shot and about die is on par with getting the wind knocked out of you because this picture is arrant. The sequence ends with John B and Sarah escaping the Bahamas and “ marrying ” each other on their escape boat. It ’ s the sweetest and most Pogue thing around. God bless these crazy kids .
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