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Part I : Introduction
1. These Terms of Service are the agreement, arsenic well as the relevant regulations between you and Digital kings regarding the use of the services and participation in the Digital kings game. 2. By using Digital kings ’ s services, You are deemed to agree to the terms of use a well as the privacy policies that we offer.

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3. Digital kings services are varied and for a finical military service ( such as engagement in the crippled Digital kings ) extra terms of service may apply and/or break measures may be required. ( such as adding provisions related to handling violations ). In such an event, the extra terms and or separate terms of function of such services will become part of Your agreement with Digital kings if You use such services .
4. Services provided to you are provided by Digital kings itself, we will not be responsible for services that are not provided by our company .
Part II : Concepts and definitions
1. “ Terms of Service ” : means this Digital kings Terms of Service and its amendments and supplements from time to time .
2. “ Digital kings ” is a GameFi – Play To Earn product issued by Digital Kings and presently we alone have this one NFT crippled product .
3. “ Account ” means Wallet ( Specifically here is MetaMask ) used to log in to Digital kings game .
Part III : Use Wallet to participate in the game
1. The function of Wallet ( specifically MetaMask ) to participate in the game, you are fully responsible for the sustenance and security of your account, we are not responsible for and accompaniment associate issues. Be concerned if you unwittingly or differently supply Wallet security information to others .
2. You are responsible for all activities and actions taken from/by your account ( Wallet ), including taking fair steps to secure your account ( wallet ).

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3. In rate to ensure the terms of use, Digital kings may apply necessary technical measures to limit and warn infringing capacity and may immediately remove infringing content from you without anterior notice .
4. In event of violation of the acts of this term of use, particularly prohibited acts, Digital kings has the proper to proceed with locking your bill ( Wallet ) and stop providing any and all services. to you without indemnification or liability to you .
Part IV : Prohibited acts in Digital kings
1. Obstructing the operation, infiltrating, or attempting to gain unauthorized access to Digital kings ’ s server system .
2. Taking advantage of security holes ampere well as game errors to profit, overwork resources in the game Digital kings is not legal .
3. Using Hack/Cheat tools or other software to interfere equally well as intentionally change/falsify the capacity we designed in Digital kings .
Part V : Support
1. Any support issues related to the process of participating in the plot Digital Kings will be supported through our official Discord .
2. note that we will not ask you to provide your 12 history security codes ( Wallet ) under any circumstances, the cases requested to provide this information are juke and we do not accept any duty if you provide this information to others.

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Part VI : Effectiveness of application and amendment
1. You agree that Digital kings has the mighty to amend, supplement function or all of the provisions of these Terms of Use without your anterior accept. In shell you do not agree with any amendments and supplements, you have the good to terminate using the services american samoa well as participating in the Digital kings game before such amendments and supplements take impression. In case you continue to use the service or participate in our Digital kings game, it will be understand that you have agreed to all those amendments and supplements .
2. These Terms of Use take effect from the moment you participate in Digitam kings deoxyadenosine monophosphate well as use early services we provide .

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