Devious Lick Simulator Roblox Codes For May 2022

Take control of your school in Devious Lick Simulator, use these codes to get absolve items and boosts. devious Lick Simulator is a new Roblox know all about taking operate of your school through lots of nonsense demeanor. We do not condone the vogue of Devious Licking. Just play Roblox instead. It ‘s become very popular over the by few days, so we ‘ve sourced some codes for the game to give you a headstart when you jump in .
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Codes are regularly checked and updated, and we besides add new code pages for fresh Roblox games regularly. devious Lick Simulator is the latest game to hit the platform, so check out these codes.

We checked these codes on May 17 – no new codes were added, but check back regularly throughout this calendar month to see if anything else pops up .

Working Devious Lick Simulator Codes For May 2022

ROBLOX Devious lick code screen
These are the presently working codes for Devious Lick .

  • VERYLUCKY– Super Luck Boost
  • VERYSHINY – Shiny Boost
  • ILLUMINATI – 30 Minute Coin Boost
  • Sylently – Luck boost
  • discord.gg/simulators – Double strength boost
  • Release – 100 free coins in-game
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THEGAMER VIDEO OF THE DAY This code is to celebrate the spill of the game. There will likely be more codes added when the game hits a certain likes threshold or for the game ‘s foremost event. Check back regularly for new codes .

Expired Codes

  • L8FIRSTUPD8 – Luck Boost

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How To Redeem Codes In Devious Lick Simulator

Codes are easy to redeem in Devious Lick Simulator. Just follow these easy steps .

  • Load up the game.
  • Hit the codes button (on the bottom right of the screen)
  • Type the code in (codes are case sensitive so enter them exactly as you see them!)
  • Click redeem

You can only activate codes once in Roblox .

What Is Devious Lick Simulator?

The Devious Lick is a TikTok swerve from recently 2021. It ‘s besides known as a demonic lick, dastard lap, or nefarious lick. This course reasonably much revolves around vandalizing bathrooms. Listen up – you ‘re better off playing Roblox than doing this in real liveliness, all right ? Once again, we do not condone this trend. Take the code, redeem it in Roblox, and leave your school toilet alone .
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