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Reddit is a top-rated social site that operates as a forum where users get to share ideas on just about anything. The user creates and publishes posts on the platform, and others gossip. In this post, we ’ ll discuss different options regarding how to delete your Reddit history. With that said, let ’ s honkytonk right in .

Delete history on the Reddit app (Android and iPhone)

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Deleting Reddit history is the lapp on both Android and iPhone apps. here is how the action goes :

Step 1: On your Android or iPhone device, launch the Reddit app Step 2: On the acme left of the home screen, tap on your Profile Step 3: Head over to the bottom of the blind and wiretap on Settings, then scroll down and tap on Clear Local History. Step 4: Depending on the kind of data that you wish to clear, you can either choose to Clear All or Clear Input Data. On the on-screen prompt, tap C lear to confirm the deletion. You can delete history comments, chats, and search history on every device. The march is quite dim-witted. All you have to do is download your Reddit app, open it, click on your profile, choose setting, and scroll down the foliate to delete the local history. last, snap clearly history .

Delete Reddit History on Desktop/ PC/ Mac/ Browser

1. Delete Reddit History via the Profile page

reddit on pc
Reddit gives you a way to delete your posts history via the profile page. This choice works best on a web browser on your computer. here is how to go about it : Step 1: Access the official Reddit web site and log in to your account. Step 2: On the peak correct corner of the screen, click on the Profile picture Step 3: On the dropdown menu, snap on Profile to access the Overview page, from where you ’ ll delete the history of your posts, comments, and a match of early options. Step 4: Check through till you locate the gloss or mail that you wish to delete Step 5: Hover over it and click on the ellipsis picture ( three dots ) and then choose In the prompt popup screen, pawl on Delete Post to confirm the deletion. This method acting besides works for deleting Reddit comments history. barely follow the lapp steps to delete any past comments .

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2. Delete Reddit History using Nuke Reddit History Extension

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If you don ’ thymine want to delete Reddit history via the Profile page, you can a well get the problem done using a handy chrome accessory called Nuke Reddit History Extension. Follow these steps to get it done : Step 1: On your Chrome browser, head over to the Chrome Extensions vane page and then search for Nuke Reddit History Step 2: Click on Add to Chrome and wait until the extension is downloaded and successfully added to your Chrome browser. Step 3: Check on the Chrome toolbar and cluck on the Nuke Reddit History extension icon and then select “ Overwrite & Delete all My Comments ” or “ Delete All My Posts, ” depending on which ones you wish to delete. Step 4: All your Reddit comments and posts will be mechanically deleted .

Delete history on the Reddit app

1. How to delete Reddit history on Android

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If you love your Reddit on mobile, it ’ mho besides possible to delete the history via the Android app. here are the steps : Step 1: Launch the Reddit Android app and then log in to your score Step 2: Head over to the top left and tap on your Profile icon Step 3: From the dropdown menu, tap on History and then head back to the clear leave of your riddle and wiretap on the ellipsis icon ( three dots ), then tap clear History. Step 4: Just like that, all your Reddit comments and posts history are gone via the Android app .

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2. How to delete Reddit history on the iPhone app

How to delete Reddit history on iPhone app

If you understand how to delete Reddit history on Android, the process and steps are about identical on the Reddit iPhone app. here are some straightforward steps to get it done : Step 1: Launch Reddit app on your iPhone and log in to your history Step 2: On the top leave of your shield, tap on the Profile icon, then tap on the Settings Step 3: Locate and tap on Clear Local History. On the pop fly sieve, pat “ Yes” to confirm the deletion of your posts and comments history. Step 4: That ’ s it. All your Reddit history has been deleted successfully via the iPhone app .

Clear Reddit search history via mobile app (Android and iPhone)

How to clear Reddit search history
Besides deleting your comments and post history on Reddit, you can besides delete your research history. That way, anyone else who may access Reddit using your account may not see the funny or lewd things you search on the platform. here is how to do it : Step 1: Log in to your account on the Reddit Android or iPhone app Step 2: Click on the search prevention ; where you normally search for terms and subreddits Step 3: All your previous search terms will appear. Click on the X next to each give voice to “ Delete.” Step 4: Scroll through the terms while you delete each .

Clear Reddit search history on computer/ web browser

Besides clearing Reddit search history on the mobile app, you can besides do that via a web browser. hera is how to do it : Step 1: Log in to your Reddit bill via a world wide web browser Step 2: On the home page, chink on the search bar and then locate and click on the X adjacent to each search terminus to ‘Delete’ Step 3: Scroll through the list of past search terms while you delete each at a time .

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If you want to delete your Reddit history because of some awed post or comment, you can alternatively hide that post or gloss. here is how to do it via a vane browser : Step 1: Log into your Reddit report and then, on the top right, chink on the Profile icon Step 2: On the dropdown menu, chatter In the Overview page that appears, locate the mail or comment that you wish to hide. Step 3: Once you find the comment or mail, snap on the Hide icon, and the post or comment will then be concealed from public view .

Why delete Reddit History?

Why would you want to delete your Reddit history ? There are different reasons why one may choose to delete their Reddit history. Some of these may include :

  • To make Reddit load faster
  • To prevent the Reddit algorithm from displaying targeted ads based on your search history.
  • To prevent others from seeing and even reacting to your posts or comments


1. Can anyone see my Reddit history?

Yes, Reddit being the forum platform, all your comments and posts ’ history are much more public for everyone to see. however, you may choose to hide some comments or posts from being seen by everyone .

2. Can I permanently delete my Reddit history ?

Yes, if you choose to delete your Reddit history, you won ’ thymine recover them again. All history deletions on the platform are permanent. Did you like this post ? Click on a headliner to rate it !

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