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Dathomir is a satellite that you can begin to explore a early as chapter 2 in Star Wars Fallen Order, but you can not explore it in full until you finish up events in Kashyyyk. now, you ‘ll go to to find Kujat ‘s Tomb. ad

Fallen Order Chapter 5 : Dathomir Walkthrough

Loading Video Guide – Part 21 If you visited Dathomir already to get the Doubled-Bladed Lightsaber early, some of this information will not be modern to you. Skip to the area where you ‘re knocked into the Swamp. You ‘ll begin by climbing for a spot until you reach the first area. There ‘s a big giant and a boastfully area to explore, so let ‘s ignore the animal and attend about. If you do n’t want to explore, head to the area on the function : And Wall Run up. Keep on heading for higher ground, and finally you ‘ll reach the top of the sphere, along with a lasso you can cut for a shortcut binding down. Activate the shortcut, then keep going to meet the Nightsister. She ‘s not particularly happy to meet you, though, and she ‘ll send the Nightbrothers after you. Nightbrothers are basically reskinned Stormtroopers, so you do n’t have to do anything different to defeat them. The door will be locked, so continue the other way. Enemies will be hiding behind doorways a bunch on Dathomir, indeed be quick at all times. Defeat the following place of Night brothers, then head up the stairs. There will be another Nightbrother in the constrict corridor, making it hard to dodge him. Be careful ! Keep making your room forward, cutting through the Nightbrothers. At one distributor point you ‘ll reach an area with a campfire that looks like a dead end, but you can Wall Run and alternate for the outgrowth to keep going. ultimately, you ‘ll jump down and find a door to open for a shortcut, arsenic well as a fork in the road. If you have n’t explored Dathomir already, you can head down for a workbench, where you ‘ll get a new lightsaber sleeve. There is besides a life kernel at the end of the path. ad When you ‘re ready, head back to the pitchfork and jump across, talking to the Wanderer about the Nightsister and the ruins in the sphere. Once the cutscene is done, jump across the gap ( it requires the Jedi Flip ) and keep going until Cal mentions needing equipment to climb the wall. There ‘s no fourth dimension to find any, though, as a Nightbrother throws a huge rock down on the bridge, destroying it with you on it. Get through the sliding sting. The Nightbrother said this was a swamp but we ‘re not actually there so far .

Detour Down to the Swamp

Loading Video Guide – Part 22 Climb up the vine and the rope, and you ‘ll come across a Meditation Point. The door directly ahead is locked, so insead turn the early means go to the undiscovered path on the map. You ‘ll come across the Nightsister again, and this time she ‘ll make undead sisters spawn from the fleshy bulb above you. Yikes. Take them out ( be careful, they ‘re pretty firm ), then Pull on the nearby gate to be able to move forward. The undead sisters can lock you into a wrestle, and it ‘ll allow other enemies to take some potshots on you. Make certain to dodge their loss attack ! Keep head along the path, killing the Nightsisters ( again ), and when you ‘re able to, walk along the branches that are sticking out of the cliff. When you ‘ve jumped across to the second branch, Pull at the gate so you can get into the cant house. When you ‘re on the second floor of the house, you ‘ll need to Wall Run to make it to the far chopine. In the future area, you can take a life to a shortcut and a breast. Do thus, then head back up. Have BD-1 scan the wall paintings, and you ‘ll have to fight more Nightbrothers. In the future area, after killing the enemies, take the higher way. When you get to the gate, Push it down, then Wall Run on it while it ‘s pushed up. With that, you ‘ll be at another Meditation Point. In this following section, move forward promptly so you do n’t take besides much damage from the rate enemies, then drop down into the next area. You ‘ll need to fight a Lesser Nydak, which at this point in the bet on is a relatively normal enemy. If you parry a lot, you ‘ll throw the beast off balance. ad When the Lesser Nydak is dead, head into the small area and spot the cage. Push it until you ‘re back into the main area, and then Push it against the wall so you can climb out. Push through the weakened wall, when credit crunch through the small area. now you ‘ll be at the Nightbrothers ‘ greenwich village, but you wo n’t go busting through their home just so far. Pull the bridge down, and the Nightbrothers will close the gates and start raining bullets down on you. Sprint across the bridge, then hang a hard left to a cave. Slide down, and you ‘ll end up in the actual swamp .

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Navigating the Swamp of Sacrifice

Loading Video Guide – Part 23 You ‘ll have to walk around a bit to find the semi-hidden cave up to higher grind where there ‘s a Meditation Point. Keep move, and finally the merely way to go is to jump down.

This is a kind of big area. The farthest path from where you started will have a chest of drawers and something for BD-1 to scan. The middle path will have another thorax, and a Force Echo. When you ‘re ready, climb up the flora and cross the area with the ramify. Continue on the high road until you ca n’t anymore, and drop down for a chest of drawers and the way forward. Push the rock and climb on up to see a large animal. Thankfully it ‘s not coming to mess with you … yet. Kill the Nightbrothers, then move to the left field. You ‘ll come across more undead sisters, so kill them besides and cut the nearby r-2 for a shortcut. Head into the cave for a Meditation Point. Make indisputable to rest up, as that giant animal from earlier is coming for a travel to .

Tips for Defeating Gorgara

Gorgara is huge, and you ‘ll need to mainly slash its legs for dealing damage. It ‘s pretty fast for its size, thus be careful and use Slow to get in safely. Occasionally Gorgara will sly up and send wind blasts your way, so hedge those. When it comes down Gorgara will besides cause ground tremors, which you ‘ll need to flip over. ad finally, Gorgara will leave at about a quarter health. You ‘ll be able to nowadays examine the Nightbrother cadaver, and get a new ascent — the Climbing Gloves .

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Getting to the Tomb of Kujet

Loading Video Guide – Part 24 With the Climbing Gloves, not lone can you climb faster, but you can besides climb surfaces you could n’t ahead. Use this to your advantage to climb up the rampart you ‘re standing future to. Squeeze through the following area, and you ‘ll ultimately be rear on the upper levels of Dathomir. Walk along the branches for a Meditation Point, then count to the leftover and climb up the wall. Do n’t do jump climbs anymore — with the Climbing Gloves it ‘s faster to not do that. But there ‘s a trouble — Gorgara is back ! Do n’t stop wax, and cursorily get to the top of the cliff. It does n’t matter much, though, as Gorgara will pick you up. Cal will stab Gorgara adequate to drop him, and it ‘ll begin a sequence of falling through the air and trying to land on the beast ‘s back. Do this three times, and finally Gorgara will crash, killing it but keeping you entire. Turn to the right and head up the stairs, then climb the wall. Defeat the Nightbrothers in your way, when Pull at each gate. You ‘ll need to very cursorily Wall Run along the gates to get across, then Jedi Flip to clear the following startle. last, climb up, and then climb down and hang from the outgrowth to sneak into the Nightbrother ‘s village. At the pitchfork, point to the left for a chest of drawers and a Force Echo, then go right field and squeeze through the little enactment. Walk along the outgrowth and climb up to a Meditation Point. You ‘re now in the greenwich village proper. Make your direction to the large blue gate at the other slope of the greenwich village. The Nightbrothers will close the gate, but you ‘ll have another room to get inside. nearby, there ‘s a cage, exchangeable to the one from earlier. Push it over to the gate, then Flip up to grab a handhold and pull yourself up into the window. ad Keep head along the passage, and finally you ‘ll need to balance on some planks to go forward. Do thus, and cut the nearby rope for a shortcut. then, continue a morsel and find a different lasso to climb, and you ‘ll see the mantis ! You ‘re ultimately fair about back to where you ‘ve started, which means Kujet ‘s Tomb is within achieve. turn to the leave and squeeze through the enactment, and you ‘ll find a door to open for a shortcut back to the area near where you met the Wanderer. He ‘s not there anymore, But go ahead and Flip over the pit and climb the wall you were n’t able to before. Head into Kujet ‘s Tomb and head to the door inwardly. You wo n’t be able to get in, but a Meditation Point will appear right behind you. Meditate for a flashback sequence on the fatal day Order 66 was enacted .

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Memory – ordain 66

Loading Video Guide – Part 25 The flashback sequence is a little farseeing, but it ‘s straightfoward. Complete your train, and then escape from the embark ! After the succession, you ‘ll be face to face with Cal ‘s previous master. Take a few swipes at him, but you wo n’t be able to hurt him. finally, Cal will snap out of his capture, but not before breaking his lightsaber. now naked, the merely thing you can do is head out of the grave, defeated. After you head out, you ‘ll meet the Wanderer again, who will reveals his true identity — Taron Malicos, early Jedi. He attempts to get Cal to help him with what could only being something nafarious, but the Nightsister intervenes, less than please with Malicos betraying her. She sends the undead sisters after the both of you, but without a lightsaber, you ca n’t defend yourself. Make a harebrained dash for the Mantis, dodging the zombies whenever they try to grab you. once back on the Mantis and aside from the immediate danger, Cal and Cere will have a spill the beans about what to do following. It ‘s meter to head to Ilum and the Jedi Temple, so Cal can repair his lightsaber.

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