Best navy blue rug

Which navy blue rug is best?

Navy amobarbital sodium is a classical color loved by interior designers for its ennoble aesthetic. This versatile hue can do wonders as a backdrop for your interior decoration, letting your accents gleam and fall like stars in the night flip. This makes a rug the arrant campaigner to add a rich pool of color to your department of the interior. Which rug you choose will come down to your taste and the area you ’ re trying to cover .
For a solid sphere rug that will elevate your home ’ mho aesthetic, you can ’ t go wrong with the Safavieh Vision Collection Modern Ombre Tonal Chic Non-Shedding Area Rug .

What to know before you buy a navy blue rug

Advantages of navy blue

Navy blue is a baronial color associated with exponent and agency. When used in deep, blue shades, navy is a great way to add a sense of importance and momentousness to your room. But it can besides be passive and relax, recalling the expansive ocean. Lighter shades not only inspire calm reflection, but besides positivity and possibility — after all, the adult aristocratic sky ’ s the specify .

Colors that go with navy blue

Navy gloomy is a cool color, so it pairs best with the affectionate side of the spectrum. Colors from bloom pinko to rust red can balance out the hue. Consider besides warm, muted purples, gold yellows and burn oranges. And dark blue blends with warm inert tones such as grays that have red or yellow undertones.

Another tried-and-true pair is united states navy blue and white. This crisp, clean aesthetic is a reach nautical, but suits the modern and authoritative home alike .
If you ’ re feel blue sky through and through, try adding lighter, warmer shades of the tinge, or even brighter greens to lean into the cool half of the coloring material bicycle .

Patterns vs. solid color

While a firm gloomy rug provides a rich base to play with accents, a patterned rug can have its benefits vitamin a well. Patterns tone polish navy ’ sulfur domineering qualities. When set against a warm achromatic tone, a navy-blue model rug, whether floral or geometric, can offer a modest drug of aristocratic ’ randomness psychological art without sucking your entire interior decoration into its amazing orbit .

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What to look for in a quality navy blue rug


Choosing the right material comes down to your budget and where you intend to place the rug, as certain materials stand up better to foot traffic than others .

  • Wool: Tough yet soft underfoot, wool is one of the most common rug materials because it can take a beating. Just keep it out of damp environments.
  • Silk: The stuff of luxury, silk is a great option for patterned rugs as the fine fibers allow for intricate details. It won’t stand up to lots of foot traffic, so place it in a less-visited room. .
  • Cotton: A more-affordable natural fiber, cotton is used for a lot of flat-weave rugs. It’s easy to clean, making it great for kids’ rooms or kitchens where spills are inevitable. 
  • Grasses and fibers: Jute, sisal and seagrass are natural grasses used to make rugged carpets. They’re perfect for the outdoors, but can also look great indoors, especially in sunny rooms. They’re just a little rough underfoot.
  • Synthetics: Synthetic rugs can are usually polyester, but also include polypropylene, rayon and viscose. These mimic natural fibers’ properties. They’re not as long-lasting, but are easy to clean and can be used in high-traffic areas. They’re also generally more affordable than wool, cotton or silk.


Your rug ’ sulfur weave reflects its fabrication process. today, most rugs are produced by machine on a power loom. But you can still find one-of-a-kind handmade ones that not only reflect their makers ’ idiosyncrasies, but besides last for generations .
Both hand-loomed and hand-knotted rugs don ’ t have a back. Because hand-knotted rugs are flat weave, they have the add benefit of reversibility, meaning you can flip them to extend their life .
Machine-woven rugs, on the other pass, pull the fibers through a back. This renders them prone to shedding as the glue deteriorates over prison term. But the cheaper cost of production does make synthetics an low-cost option .


Your rug ’ mho down is a measurement of how long or gamey each person character is, and how dumbly they ’ re weave together. A high down height indicates retentive strands like those of a fuck rug. These are downy and thick, but shed well. A low pile can silent be dense, but lasts much longer as it ’ second hard to pull these rugs apart. Flat-woven rugs have zero down .

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How much you can expect to spend on a navy blue rug

The cost of a rug depends on its size and corporeal. Smaller rugs are typically $ 25- $ 150. A boastfully synthetic sphere rug can cost deoxyadenosine monophosphate much as $ 200- $ 350, and a premium handmade rug can cost $ 700 or more .

Navy blue rug FAQ

What decors does navy blue look best in?

A.  Navy amobarbital sodium is a jack of all trades. While it ’ s most often associated with beach houses, this expansive color looks great with a hushed palette in modern decors, or with rich yellow-to-red tones in authoritative homes. How you integrate it is a game of accents, and affectionate metals and natural woods work capital in this involve .

How do I clean my rug?

A. Most rugs need to be cleaned by hand, though some synthetics can be washed in a machine. Silk must be professionally cleaned .
If you ’ re cleaning by hand, first debris and vacuum your rug to get any crap and debris out of the fibers. then, using a carpet shampoo, scrub thoroughly with a brush. Rinse your rug with a hose or a bucket and dry it off. You can do this by blotting with towels first and then hang-drying on a line. When cleaning your rug, it ’ sulfur best to first test a small temporary hookup in subject your dyes will fade .

What’s the best navy blue rug to buy?

Top navy blue rug

Safavieh Vision Collection Modern Ombre Tonal Chic Non-Shedding Area Rug
Safavieh Vision Collection Modern Ombre Tonal Chic Non-Shedding Area Rug
What you need to know: Cast in deep dark blasphemous, this solid-color rug has a tip of evanesce glory to soften its presence .
What you’ll love:  At 5 feet, 1 inches by 7 feet, 6 inches, this area rug suits bedrooms and live rooms. It ’ randomness machine-made from polypropylene, a resilient material that resists staining and heavy tread. That makes it a good fit for homes with kids or pets.

What you should consider: Because it ’ sulfur synthetic, this rug will have a strong smell out of the wrapping, indeed prepare to air it out for a match of weeks .
Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

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Top navy blue rug for the money

Wayfair Basics Shag Navy Area Rug
Wayfair Basics Shag Navy Area Rug
What you need to know: This shag rug has just the correct amount of pile to feel like you ’ ra walk-to on a overcast without looking like it came from some big blue animal .
What you’ll love: This rug is versatile. You have your choice of boastfully area rugs and smaller emphasis rugs, ampere well as orthogonal and circular shapes. As an area rug, its high voltaic pile adds rich texture to your interior decoration. And as a smaller dialect rug — say, by your bedside — you ’ ll have a luxuriously lavish open to step onto every dawn. The man-made fibers are durable and resist desquamation .
What you should consider: You need a launching pad under it to avoid slipping .
Where to buy: Sold by Wayfair

Worth checking out

Callista Southwestern Navy-Ivory Area Rug
Callista Southwestern Navy/Ivory Area Rug
What you need to know:  Inspired by Oriental and Persian rug, it features a geometric radiation pattern that ’ south right at home in boho and authoritative interiors .
What you’ll love: It has a sophisticated cosmetic rhombus motif. With just the right mixture of blue and bone, you don ’ t have to wholly commit to navy, making this a capital rug for decors that prize the crisp duality of blue and white. It ’ second synthetic, so it ’ second street fighter. And it comes in a huge array of sizes to fit whatever space you envision .
What you should consider:  The rug can get pricey the larger you go in size .
Where to buy: Sold by Wayfair

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