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suburb of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Dandenong is a suburb of Melbourne, 35 kilometer ( 22 mile ) southeast from the CBD. Situated on the northwest bank of the Dandenong Creek, it is 21.6 kilometer ( 13.4 myocardial infarction ) from the namesake Dandenong Ranges to its northeastern and wholly unrelated in both location and nature. It is the administrative center for the City of Greater Dandenong local anesthetic government area. At the 2016 census, central Dandenong had a population of 29,906. [ 1 ]

Dandenong began as a township in 1852 and at the start of the twentieth century was an significant regional city with its own suburbs. During the mid-20th century it became a major manufacture and commercial area, and finally an corporate satellite city of the expanding Greater Melbourne conurbation. A business district, the former town center, covers much of its area and is one of the largest in Greater Melbourne. It is presently undergo major transit-oriented urban renewal, which was inaugural planned in the Melbourne 2030 scheme .

history [edit ]

early history [edit ]

prior to the european liquidation of Australia, the flat to roll estate was densely forested with crimson gum tree and was inhabited by the Woiwurrung Indigenous Australian tribe. The list is generally thought to be derived from the Woiwurrung password “ Tanjenong ” meaning “ gallant mountains ” possibly referring to the nearby Dandenong ranges. [ 3 ] [ 4 ] Another popular theory is that the name comes from ‘bad flour ‘, or ‘no good damp ‘. A local fib revolves around local aboriginals obtaining a udder of calcium oxide and mistakenly using it to make damper. An old local hotel was the ‘No beneficial Damper Inn ‘. [ 5 ] A third version has the name Dandenong coming from ‘a burning ‘ and ‘the past ‘ reflecting bushfires on the Dandenongs. [ 6 ]

european settlement [edit ]

Joseph Hawdon established a pastoral run on Narra Narrawong in 1837, bringing cattle from Sydney by farming. Soon a few lumber cutters and a police camp were besides located there. Dandenong Post Office opened on 1 July 1848. [ 7 ] By 1850, the solid area had been taken up for grazing. Dandenong Creek was first bridged in 1840. A road was made from Melbourne, making Dandenong, by the former 1850s, an crucial staging military post for travellers into Gippsland. It became known as the ‘gateway to Gippsland ‘. A township was surveyed in 1852. milling of the red gum timbre became an crucial industry, and charcoal burning, tanning, quarrying and brick stool besides flourished. A livestock market was established in 1866. [ 8 ] The western Port Aboriginal Protectorate Station was located northeast of Dandenong from 1840 to 1844. This area had been an important meet and ceremony site for Aboriginal tribe. The native Police Corps established its headquarters there until its disbandment in 1852. The police Paddocks were then used for breeding and resting police horses. By 1861, there were 40 houses in the township housing 193 people. In 1866, Dandenong Market commenced deal, selling livestock, fruit, dairy products and other farm produce. Dandenong Shire was proclaimed in 1873. The australian Handbook records the progress of the town by 1875. The railway argumentation from Melbourne to Dandenong was constructed in the mid 1870s. Dandenong place opened 8 October 1877. [ 9 ] The Dandenong Town Hall, Lonsdale Street, was built in release Classical stylus in 1890 as the combine Shire Hall, Courthouse and Mechanics Institute, at a cost of about 12,000 pounds. The architects were Beswicke and Hutchins and the contractor McCullogh and McAlpine. The two-storey, stucco rendered brick build, on a bluestone base course, features a exalted, Mansard-roofed, corner clock tower and projecting end wings with serlian theme windows and capped by pedimented niches. [ 10 ]

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Postwar era [edit ]

The post-war industrial boom brought an inflow of european migrants, peculiarly from Italy and Greece. This caused the creation of respective suburbs of Dandenong including the public house estate of Doveton. In the 1950s, Melbourne quickly expanded south east along thorium Princes Highway and Dandenong railway line to Dandenong and beyond and it became major metropolitan manufacture and commercial area as industry extended into the outer suburb. By the belated 1960s, it was formally a suburban area of Melbourne and central Dandenong was transformed by modern buildings, with the renovation of the post office to a two-storey modern build in 1960 followed by a three-storey office development for AMP in 1966 and Dandenong Railway Station in 1975. [ 11 ] From the early 1960s forth, albanian immigrants settled in Dandenong and built its first gear mosque [ 12 ] in 1985. [ 13 ]

Urban renewal [edit ]

Dandenong Plaza, Walker Street capture Development in Dandenong had stagnated since the open of the Armada Dandenong Plaza shopping center which resulted in the closure of many shops in the central clientele district. Under the Melbourne 2030 policy, Dandenong was classified as a major activeness centre [ 14 ] due to its central location with see to its access to transport. These projects can be considered to be transit-oriented development, where population density is intended to be higher compared to other areas with poorer access to transport. In 2006, the victorian Government committed $ 290 million towards the Revitalising Central Dandenong first step, to transform cardinal Dandenong into a vibrant and booming economic and service hub. The State Government fund was spent on land skill and consolidation, delivery of infrastructure upgrades ( Londsdale Street, Stockman ‘s Bridge, Station precinct upgrades and public agreeableness ) and facilitation of winder catalyst projects such as the Australian Taxation Office, sword raw Council Civic Centre and the State Government Services Hub. Dandenong ‘s renovation is undertaken by Development Victoria, a victorian Government agency responsible for urban renewal, in collaboration with the Greater Dandenong City Council. The visualize is a long-run project, expected to continue for 15 to 20 years. [ 15 ] Metro 3175, named after Dandenong ‘s zip code is a major renovation of the early Dandenong Livestock Market ( established 1866 and closed in 1998 ) begun in November 2005 consist of a mixed-use exploitation consist of 1100 residences american samoa well as cafe and restaurants. [ 16 ] Because the site is isolated from the rest of the central Dandenong area, George Street was widened and extended with a bridge across the railway lines to improve access between the precincts. The bridge provides access for cars, pedestrians and cyclists and improves connections to bus services in the area. [ 17 ] Additionally, Cheltenham Road, a major east–west arterial has been realigned to remove traffic from nearby streets and encourage pedestrian practice. [ 18 ]

renovation of the Dandenong Town Hall ( build up 1880 ) into a acting arts centre began in 2004 know as Drum Theatre to a designed by Williams Ross Architects. The center was redeveloped with a 525-seat proscenium field. At the cost of $ 13 million, the center was opened by Victorian Premier Steve Bracks on 11 February 2006. [ 19 ] [ 20 ] The renovation involved renovating the existing town dormitory build and the construction of a modern drum-shaped construction. Its hit red color is prominently visible from nearby streets in the CBD. There was some controversy over fears the renovation would destroy the historic facade of the town dormitory building, but this proved baseless .

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geography [edit ]

Dandenong Creek and gloomy pedestrian bridge at Dandenong Park Dandenong is bounded in the north by Heatherton Road ( State Route 14 ), in the east by the Dandenong Creek and Claredon Road, in the south by the Dandenong Bypass ( State Route 49 ) and the Pakenham railroad track cable, and in the west by the Yarraman/Mile Creek barely east of EastLink ( M3 ). The suburb is situated northeast of the confluence of the Mile Creek into the lower section of the Dandenong Creek, a major urban pour that flows west from the foothill of the Dandenong Ranges at Olinda before turning at the junction of Ringwood, Vermont and Wantirna to course southwards meandrously and form the Patterson River at Bangholme. The brook marks most of Dandenong ‘s eastern limit with the adjacent Doveton, and crosses westwards through the southerly edge of the township kernel, forming a green belt with respective riverside linear parks and nature reserves including the Dandenong Park .

Politics [edit ]

federal [edit ]

At federal level, Dandenong is divided between the electoral divisions of Bruce in the north, presently held by Julian Hill since 2016 ; and Isaacs in the south, held by Mark Dreyfus since 2007, both incumbent Labor representatives .

submit [edit ]

Dadnenong belongs to its own electoral zone of Dandenong, held presently by Labor representative Gabrielle Williams since 2014 .

Demographics [edit ]

In the 2016 Census, there were 29,906 people in Dandenong. The most common ancestries were Afghan 9.9 %, indian 9.3 %, english 8.3 %, australian 7.4 % and albanian 4.7 %. 28.0 % of people were born in Australia. The future most common countries of birth were Afghanistan 11.7 %, India 10.5 %, Sri Lanka 6.2 %, Pakistan 3.5 % and China 2.8 %. 23.0 % of people spoke entirely English at home. early languages spoken at home included Hazaraghi 7.9 %, Dari 6.4 %, albanian 5.1 %, Tamil 4.6 % and Punjabi 4.0 %. The most common responses for religion were Islam 30.1 %, Catholic 13.8 % and No Religion 11.6 %. [ 1 ]

ecstasy [edit ]

Dandenong is chiefly a private ecstasy -dependent community due to the relatively poor public transportation system compared to other suburbs closer to the CBD. It is served by the Monash Freeway ( M1 ) which passes near its northeast, ampere well as several other major arterial roads such as the Princes Highway ( National Route 1 ), Stud Road / Dandenong-Frankston Road ( State Route 9 ), Cheltenham Road ( Route 10 ), Heatherton Road ( Route 14 ) and Dandenong Bypass ( Route 49 ). The EastLink ( M3 ) besides passes near the western border of the suburb, and the South Gippsland Highway ( Route 12 ) branches off the Princes Highway at the southeast corner of the suburb. The Dandenong railway post is situated at the southerly edge of the suburb CBD and is an interchange station for the Pakenham and Cranbourne lines, arsenic well as V/Line regional trains on the Gippsland railroad track line. It is approximately 50 minutes from Flinders Street station in Melbourne CBD by stopping-all-station string, but shorter if via limited express services. The victorian state government has proposed triplication of the railway tune to support a higher bulk of trains for the growing population in and about Dandenong american samoa well as other suburbs and towns along the line. The station besides serves as a transportation hub for the local anesthetic bus net, with about all bus routes in the area passing through Dandenong station and an exchange on Langhorne Street in the CBD. Most buses in the area are operated by Ventura Bus Lines, whose storehouse is located near the railway post. cycle is facilitated via the Dandenong Creek Trail, part of the off-road cycle network which connects the city trails to nearby Jells Park. In a council planning policy document, light rail is suggested as a future transport mode for the central Dandenong area. [ 21 ]

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education [edit ]

Three state gamey schools – Lyndale Secondary College and two campuses of Dandenong High School ( Dandenong and Cleeland ) – and one Catholic high school ( St John ‘s Regional College ), a well as numerous state and two Catholic primary schools, are located within the suburb ‘s boundaries. Dandenong besides contains Emerson School, a specialist school for those with balmy intellectual disabilities from a catchment area

sport [edit ]

The suburb has a match of australian Rules football teams, one is the Dandenong Redlegs ( once Dandenong Demons/Dandenong West ), competing in the Southern Football League at the Dandenong Showgrounds. [ 22 ] other teams in the Dandenong Area include the Dandenong Stingrays ( Under 18 TAC Cup – Elite Junior ) at Shepley Oval, St John ‘s Old Collegians ( VAFA and VWFL – Senior ) at Carroll Reserve, and the Dandenong Saints ( DDJFL – Junior ) at Carroll Reserve. numerous clubs have folded in late years [ 23 ] Dandenong hosts numerous football ( soccer ) club. Dandenong Thunder plays in the priggish Premier League which is the second grade behind the A-League and enjoys much support from the local community [ citation needed ]. The side plays their home fixtures at George Andrews Reserve has been both premiers and champions of Victoria multiple times. The early teams are Dandenong City SC, White Star Dandenong FC [ 24 ] and Dandenong Wolves Football Club. [ 25 ] Dandenong based teams have hosted many international players in its time. These include players such as Ljubo Miličević, Eugene Galeković, Ante Milicic, Cengiz Benlisoy, Semih Yildiz, Cenk Ali, & Ilker Berberoglu. Dandenong besides has numerous cricket clubs in the sphere. Dandenong Cricket Club plays in the victorian Premier League and has produced a number of submit players to date. The most important of these have been Peter Siddle ( Australia ), Darren Pattinson ( England ) and Cameron White ( Australia ) who have all gone on to play test cricket. other outstanding players from the club include Ian Harvey, James Pattinson, Brett Forsyth, Ercan Ileri, Jackson Coleman and Kumar Sana. The area besides consists of a women ‘s team, the Dandenong Women ‘s Cricket Club who compete in the priggish Women ‘s Cricket Association. several other clubs in the sphere act in the Dandenong and District Cricket Association ( DDCA ). These include Buckley Ridges, Dandenong North, Dandenong West, and the St Mary ‘s Cricket Clubs. other clubs within the City of Greater Dandenong include Coomoora, Keysborough, Lyndale, Parkfield, Silverton, Southern Pirates, Springvale and Springvale South Cricket Clubs. Noble Park Cricket Club is besides located within the City of Greater Dandenong, and plays in the victorian Sub-District Cricket Association. The South Eastern Titans Rugby League baseball club fields both junior & elder teams in the NRL Victoria competition. Their home grind is located at Greaves Reserve. [ 26 ] Golfers play at the run of the Forest Hills Golf Club on Wedge Street, Dandenong. [ 27 ]
The Dandenong stadium is the home of the Dandenong Rangers ( an australian Women ‘s Basketball League team ) and Victoria ‘s state volleyball rival, and from 7 to 12 July played host to the 2008 australian Junior Volleyball Championships .

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