Army To Require Soldiers to Prove Eligibility for BAH Rates

Army to implement 60-day window for Soldiers to provide supporting documents for BAH rates
report and photograph by Master Sgt. Brian Hamilton,
U.S. Army Human Resources Command Public Affairs
In an effort to control wasteful payroll expenditures, the Office of the Assistant Secretary of the Army ( ASA ) for Manpower and Reserve Affairs ( M & RA ) issued a memo, titled : Recertification of and Supporting Documentation Required for the Basic Allowance for Housing ( BAH ) entitlement for regular Army and Reserve Component Soldiers .
This memo requires all Soldiers, careless of part or condition, to provide missing documentation proving they are eligible for basic allowance for Housing at with-dependent rates.

As a follow-up to the ASA M & RA ’ south memo, the handout of an All-Army Activities memo, scheduled for later this calendar year, gives Soldiers 60 days to upload proof of the extra entitlements into their iPERMS file, or risk losing the extra cash. Qualifying documents include marriage and give birth certificates, disassociate decrees, and child support agreements .
Those who qualify for secondary colony, such as a Soldier care for his or her mother or founder, should upload their approval letter from either DFAS or their company level commanding officer .
Dean Hiza, U.S. Army Human Resources Command, Army Soldier Records Branch headman, says clock time is of the perfume when providing qualifying documents to their home station HR professionals .
“ right now we are trying to process all of those documents in five days or less, ” he said. “ But, if there were to be a sudden uptick in the number of Soldiers submitting documents it could take longer. The point is Soldiers shouldn ’ metric ton wait until the final minute. ”
“ It ’ s crucial for HR professionals to remember to put the Soldier ’ s Social Security number on all supporting documents and type ‘ AUDIT ’ in the container sphere when uploading to iPERMS, ” he said. “ This lets us know that these are BAH supporting documents and we will try to process those more promptly. ”
In addition, Soldiers will now have to recertify their BAH annually by completing a modern DA form 5960. The recertification march should take place during the Soldier ’ s annual records review. Company floor commanders can certify the DA phase 5960.

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Soldiers who have a life changing event such as a marriage, disassociate, or birth or adoption of a child, should besides provide the proper software documentation to their HR professionals immediately .
Hiza says those Soldiers who are presently deployed are nontaxable from the immediate 60-day prerequisite but will need to comply upon returning from post-deployment leave .
“ If at the end of the 60-day grace menstruation, Soldiers do not have the proper documentation loaded ( into iPERMS ), then their BAH rates will be reduced to the without-dependent rate until such time they provide the necessary documentation, ” Hiza said .
( U.S. Army photograph by Master Sgt. Brian Hamilton/released ) ( Photo Credit : master Sgt. Brian Hamilton )

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