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Slippery Rock University has an on-line learning management organization that is made for a set of residential and distance education staff members. The intention of it is to support them in providing the students with access to reservoir materials and to host on-line memorize events. With it, everyone will be able to access these things anytime they want as it is available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week .
If your cognition about the on-line learning management system of Slippery Rock University is low, hera is the abbreviated information about it. For the detail one, you can good go to its official web site .
Slippery Rock University
Accessing SRU D2L

For anyone who wants to access the D2L of Slippery Rock University, there are a total of three ways that you can try. Below is the explanation of each method acting .
The first one is This one is the public D2L locate that is approved by the university. In club to sign in, you will have to use the first part of your SRU e-mail address and your Rockmail password. You will be brought into the MySRU portal site, the one that will show you the registration and degree audit tools. If you want to access the D2L, please click on the D2L logo that can be found in the left center page of the filmdom .
here is a like way as the one above. The first thing that you need to do is to go to the official web site of Slippery Rock University at You will be taken to its home page. In the upper berth right hired hand corner, you will be able to see a small logo that says My SRU. Please click that one and you will be directed to a login page where you need to enter your username and your password. For those who have no theme, the username is your SRU electronic mail address minus the while the password is your password that you have previously created. After entering these two, it is time for you to click the polarity in release.

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The second base one is This one is the option login site that can be used if the first one does not work. While the previous one takes you into the MySRU portal and requires you to click a irregular time on the D2L logo, this one will take you into the learning environment and your list of courses. To be able to log in here, it is needed for you to use your dispatch SRU e-mail address and your Rockmail password. Bookmarking this site is recommended as it will take you to the D2L with good a couple of clicks .
The last matchless is This one is known as the back door entrance. If you want to log in this site, you will have to use your complete SRU electronic mail address and your Employee Self Service password. This one is able to be used for those the non-credit visitors and guests who need to access D2L or Desire2Learn. Basically, if you are the one without a Rockmail report. In summation, those who were issued a temp username and password are besides allowed to use this login site .
What should you do if you can not sign in to D2L ? The password for Desire2Learn or D2L is the same one as the one that is used for MySRU, Rockmail, and logging on to the computers on campus. The faculty or the students might change one password, and they forget about the fact that it will change across all four systems mentioned ahead. The common issue happens when the Rockmail password of the student has expired and has been reset or changed, and they do not realize that D2L and MySRU besides use the same password.

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If you forget your password or if you feel like person knows your password and you feel dangerous and want to reset your password, the best matter to do is to call x4357 to get avail. Some people might think the help line at x4220 can reset or view their D2L, MySRU or Rockmail password, but it is not true. The help oneself cable at x4220 is able to be used by the non-credit visitors or guests with a irregular D2L password .
Posting Files to SRU D2L
SRU D2L is not only intended for the students of Slippery Rock University but besides some other people like the faculty and staff. It is besides normally used by the instructors. Sharing files to the students is one of the most coarse uses of SRU D2L. hera is step by step to do it :

  1. The first thing that you have to do is to log in to your D2L course.
  2. After logging in, it is time for you to click Content.
  3. For those who are working in a BRAND-NEW D2L course, please make a minimum of a module first before starting uploading files. To be able to create a module, you can just click the Add a module button located in the lower left corner.
  4. You will need to enter Course Documents in the text box that shows up.
  5. Do not forget to hit Enter after that.
  6. Once the page has been refreshed, the next thing is to click the blue New button before selecting Upload Files.
  7. Then, click My Computer in the center of the pop up window that shows up.
  8. In the next step, click Upload and find the file that you want to post. Upon finding the one to post, you can just choose it and then click Open. When the file browser is no longer around, click Add. You can also click Upload again and choose the additional files in case there are more items to upload.
  9. When everything is done, you will be directed back to the main Manage Content screen. In the end, the file that you just uploaded will not be able to be seen by your students.
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