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Offering benefits way beyond programs like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, OneDrive, Outlook and more, Microsoft 365 is a suite of productiveness, storehouse, multi-media and commercial enterprise applications that allows you to collaborate and share your work across campus, teams and classes. You can access Microsoft 365 applications by logging in at : hypertext transfer protocol : // Sign-in using your university e-mail address and password .

New Features

Check for new applications such as Power BI Pro and Visio in your Microsoft account. After signing in, snap on the waffle in the left-hand corner and view the list of available applications. Power BI Pro allows you to connect to and visualize data by creating synergistic reports. More information about getting started with Power BI is available at Microsoft Power BI Training and Get Power BI Desktop. Please note:  Microsoft changed the Office 365 brand diagnose to Microsoft 365. only the name changed ; there are no changes to the applications.

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Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) and Microsoft 365

All Microsoft 365 applications – including e-mail – ask MFA to provide extra authentication for proof of your identity whether on-campus, off-campus, or your fluid device. If you already have Outlook and Microsoft 365 apps installed, be surely you are using an update adaptation – either Office 2016, Office 2019 or Office365. If you are experiencing an issue with authenticating, please check that you are using supported devices and operating systems. Troubleshooting:  If you are having difficulty with Office 2016, OIT recommends uninstalling Microsoft Office and reinstalling the full function package using Office 2019 and above. OIT besides recommends using the Microsoft Office 365 desktop or mobile device applications for entree to these programs. You will merely be prompted for authentication about once every 90 days when using the background applications. If you use a web browser to access Microsoft 365 apps, you will be prompted for authentication with each new browser session.

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Next steps First:  Install the Duo   app on your preferable device ( we highly recommend doing this on your smartphone ). Second: Be surely you register for Duo from your laptop or desktop calculator. ( printable Duo registration and facility instructions available here. )

once you install the Duo app, register for Duo and select your authentication method and device ; then you ‘re all typeset ! ( Please note : If you already installed and registered for Duo, you don ’ t have to register again. )
admonisher : A Duo MFA challenge is thoroughly for 90 days for the same device. however, if you then log in from outside our trust network using a unlike device or from a web browser, you will be challenged again by Duo MFA. linux Users : With the execution of MFA when using Microsoft 365 products, you will need to keep your browser open or you will be required to authenticate at the begin of each new session. Be certain you have installed the most holocene browser for Linux .

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