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Students are encouraged to review the Schedule of Classes to find a class schedule that best fits their academic needs. Please note the follow guidelines : Please refer to the Frequently Asked Questions for detailed information. All students must have submitted their COVID-19 Student Vaccine Certification form in order to enroll in Fall 2022 classes. CSULB classes may be listed on the schedule as having one or more of the follow formats available. frequently asked questions about registration for decrease 2022 are included below. For information about inoculation requirements, testing, or other campus policies, visit COVID-19 Info.

How do I know if the class I want to register for is an online or in-person class?

Students can use the Search for Classes have in MyCSULB Student Center to find each class ‘s mode of instruction. When searching for classes, the Class Detail page includes the Instruction Mode. If the direction modality is Face to Face – On Campus, Face to Face – Off Campus, or Hybrid ( Face to Face & Online ), the class is an in-person class .
Class Details screenshot in MyCSULB Student Center with Instruction Mode - Face to Face On Campus highlighted.
Class Details screenshot in MyCSULB Student Center with Instruction Mode - Face to Face Off Campus highlighted.
Class Details screenshot in MyCSULB Student Center with Instruction Mode - Hybrid (Face to Face and Online) highlighted.

What if I made arrangements with my instructor to take their class online?

Please note that staff may not make autonomous agreements with students to transition a loanblend or face-to-face run to online learning for the stallion semester. If this agreement is made, the scholar ’ south adjustment ( hybrid or face-to-face ) will not match their inoculation attestation ( online only ). The student will be considered non-compliant and will be contacted to upload vaccination validation or testing complaisance. If this is not done ( because the student is in fact learning on-line even though they are not registered on-line ), the student may finally lose BeachBoard access and face a scholar conduct investigation .

Where can I learn more about COVID-19 vaccination requirements, testing, or other campus policies?

Why do I have a hold on my record?

There are two COVID-19-related holds that may appear on your record :

C19 Hold

You must complete the Student Vaccine Certification in the university ’ s single sign-on ( SSO ) screen .

  • Any student who previously indicated that they were not coming to campus (the fourth option in the certification form) has a hold. They must go back into the Student Vaccine Certification form to confirm their current status to remove their hold.
  • Any students who are out of compliance with the COVID-19 vaccination policy (such as students who are enrolled in an in-person class but have selected the fourth option in the certification form) will have a hold on their account that will prevent them from registering. To release this hold, these students must submit or update their vaccination certification. The hold will automatically be released once submitted.
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JNCMP Judicial – C19 Non-Compliance

Non-compliance. contact Dean of Students – 562/985.8670 or studentdean @ .

What if I lose my access to BeachBoard?

unvaccinated students who are not testing on a weekly basis and submitting their trial results will be subject to losing access to BeachBoard, equally well as other university resources, since they are out of submission. Students should refer to the emails they have received and/or contact student-conduct @ .

Do I need to update my COVID-19 certification for Fall 2022?

You will need to update your COVID-19 certificate if :

  • You have not yet submitted your certification
  • You indicated that you would not be coming to campus in Spring 2022
  • You recently completed your vaccination series
  • You recently received a booster.

Visit to update your authentication .
Watch this tutorial television to learn how to update your COVID-19 vaccine authentication :

If I submitted my vaccine certification form, why do I still have a hold?

There are a pair reasons that your control may not have been removed however .

Did you select the Submit button at the bottom of the page?

once you update your information in the kind, you must select the Submit clitoris to save your responses .

Did you select that you would not be coming to campus (the fourth option)?

  • All students who selected that they would not be on campus will have a hold on their record and will need to confirm their current status by going to the Student Vaccine Certification, updating their info if necessary, and selecting Submit.
  • If you are enrolled or on the waitlist for any in-person classes, your hold will not be removed until you submit your vaccine information (or request a medical or religious exemption).
  • If you are truly not coming to campus, you can go in and resubmit your certification indicating you are not coming to campus. When you select Submit again, the system will verify that you are enrolled only in online-only classes. If that is true, the hold will be removed. If that is not true, the hold will stay in place.
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Can I request an exemption to the vaccine requirement?

There is a place on the form to request a aesculapian or religious exemption. Students who are not amply vaccinated that enroll in in-person classes will be required to test weekly and submit test results to comply with university policy. balker students will be referred to Student Conduct for disciplinary action .

I received an email that I need to show proof of immunization requirements by June 1, 2022. What does this mean?

This electronic mail is a admonisher about general vaccine requirements—for case, for measles, german measles, and hepatitis B—not COVID-19 immunization. You only need to submit your COVID-19 inoculation calling card once through the Student Vaccine Certification form. If you are besides missing any other vaccine records, you will need to upload those records to your Patient Portal. For questions on this, please reach SHS-Vaccine @ .

What if I request a medical exemption?

All checkup exemptions must have documentation submitted to the Bob Murphy Access Center ( BMAC ) .

Why can’t I upload my COVID-19 vaccination card to the Patient Portal?

The Patient Portal is only for general vaccine requirements—for case, for measles, german measles, and hepatitis B—not COVID-19 immunization. Your COVID-19 vaccine certification can only be upload via the Student Vaccine Certification shape .
Watch this tutorial video to learn how to submit your COVID-19 vaccine documentation :

Why do some off-campus classes require vaccination to enroll?

Some off-campus classes where students participate in fieldwork activities ( for model, scholar education, clinical experiences, healthcare settings, and internships ) may be at a placement that requires COVID-19 inoculation ascribable to department of state, local, or representation guidelines. only students who have certified that they received the COVID-19 vaccination will be able to register .

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I am trying to enroll in a class that has a vaccine requisite. The system will not let me enroll in the class. Why is this happening?

Some off-campus classes where students participate in fieldwork activities ( for exemplar, scholar education, clinical experiences, healthcare settings, and internships ) may be at a localization that requires COVID-19 inoculation due to state, local, or means guidelines. These classes will have “ COVID-19 vaccinated required ” listed as an registration prerequisite. If you have not upload proof of inoculation to the Student Vaccine Certification form, you will not be able to enroll in the class .

When is the deadline to submit my vaccine certification?

New students must submit their vaccine certificate before their propose and registration school term for SOAR. New students will not be able to register until they submit their vaccine certification.

Continuing students who did n’t submit their documentation by the deadline had a carry placed on their read. The halt will not be removed until they submit their certification .

What is a hybrid class?

loanblend classes have some face-to-face teaching and some on-line class meetings, which may be synchronous ( scheduled days and times ) or asynchronous ( no scheduled meet times ). hybrid classes require students to be on campus or a community site for face-to-face class meetings .

What is a Hyflex class?

Hyflex classes allow students to choose to enroll in the face-to-face section or on-line part. All students enrolled, whether face-to-face or on-line, meet at the same meet times .

If I have questions about registration, who do I contact?

  • You can visit the Enrollment Services website and Ask Elbee for immediate answers to your questions, 24/7.
  • If you have questions about your major requirements, please refer to your college advising center’s website for advising instructions.
  • If you have specific questions about registration, transfer credit, or graduation, you can join the queue or submit a contact ticket.
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