The Best Credit Card Payment Processing Companies For Small Business

The Best Credit Card Payment Processing Companies For Small Business

These credit card payment processors offer merchant services with reasonable costs, handiness, transparency, and dear overall prize. Advertiser disclosure : Our unbiased reviews and content are supported in separate by affiliate partnerships, and we adhere to strict guidelines to preserve column integrity.

small business credit card processors Credit poster action for small businesses is all-important to boost overall sales and offer commodious requital methods for your customers. unfortunately, finding a bang-up credit tease processing company can be very ambitious. Finding a provider that fits your commercial enterprise comes down to more than precisely overall cost. Hardware and software compatibility, flexible contract terms, and high-quality customer support are besides all-important features to look for .
This article will show you how to find the best provider for your clientele and review our top recommendations for your circumstance. Learn More About Our Top Picks
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What Is Credit Card Processing ?

Credit circuit board march is the broad term for all the steps necessity to make citation card payments. Merchants can accept payments from customers in person, on-line, or remotely, such as over the call or by mail. Most credit calling card processors can accept assorted requital types, including debit cards and ACH transfers .

Learn More About Small Business Credit Card Processing

For a small business, finding a commodity on-line credit circuit board processor means balancing low-cost costs, reasonable shrink terms, robust features, and dependable customer hold to get the best overall value for a fair price. Focusing excessively much on any one of these variables — particularly pricing — can hurt you in other ways. You should besides be aware that the best processor when you have a small business or are just starting out might not be the best choice late on. As your business grows, your processing volume increases, and your daily needs change .
Credit circuit board processing is a complex topic with a draw of moving parts. If terms such as interchange fees and contactless payments sound completely alien to you, we recommend checking out some of these resources :

The 11 Best Small Business Credit Card Payment Processing Companies

The best requital processors for little businesses offer a combination of low-cost costs, flexible compress terms, crystalline sales practices, and high-quality customer support that sets them apart from their competitors. Unless you ’ re in a bad diligence, our top choices offer monthly bill with no long-run contracts.

1. Square: Best For Low-Volume Merchants

Get a free card swiper from Square at no price when you create a rid account. Claim your poster reader. Pros

  • No monthly fees
  • Predictable flat-rate pricing
  • Ideal for low-volume merchants
  • All-in-one payments system


  • Account stability issues
  • Does not accept most high-risk industries

Square Features

Small-business darling Square has retentive been a great choice for little or newly-established businesses, including those that entirely need to take an periodic non-cash payment. Square has evolved from a basic, mobile-only action solution to a full-featured payments ecosystem and now includes the trace major features :

  • Aggregated account for credit and debit card processing
  • Mobile card reader (magstripe-only) included with an account
  • EMV and NFC-capable card readers are available
  • Square Register POS system available
  • ACH processing included with every account
  • Square Online Store for eCommerce businesses
  • Basic Square Invoices feature included at no extra cost
  • Analytics and reporting available through Square Dashboard

Square Pricing

  • No setup or application fees
  • No monthly fee for a basic account
  • 2.6% + $0.10/card-present transaction
  • 2.9% + $0.30/online transaction
  • 3.5% + $0.15/manually keyed-in transaction
  • 2.9% + $0.30/invoice paid via credit or debit card
  • 3.5% + $0.15/invoice paid via card on file
  • 1%/ACH transaction (minimum $1 charge)
  • No ACH reject or chargeback fees
  • Square Contactless & Chip Reader — $49 each
  • Square Stand With Contactless & Chip Reader — $169
  • Square Terminal — $299
  • Square Register — $799 (or $39/month for 24 months)

Where Square Really Shines

With its detached card reviewer that you can plug into a smartphone or pill, mobile app, and childlike price structure, Square is one of the most democratic process services for small businesses. Square ’ s pay-as-you-go bill arrangement allows businesses that normally couldn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate afford a merchant bill to accept credit and debit cards .
Square keeps costs abject by aggregating accounts together rather than issuing each exploiter a alone Merchant ID issue. Because of this, you won ’ triiodothyronine get a true full-service merchant account, but you will probable be cursorily approved for an explanation. The tradeoff is that there ’ s a higher gamble that your account will be frozen or terminated without notification if fraud is suspected .
Square ’ s intersection batting order today offers far more than fair a simple, fluid processing solution. The caller covers all the bases for retail and eCommerce businesses, although some features aren ’ triiodothyronine as customizable or advance as you can find elsewhere. besides, be mindful that Square ’ s flat-rate price system can actually be more expensive than a full-service merchant account at higher process volumes .
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2. Payment Depot By Stax: Best For Low-Risk US Businesses


  • Transparent membership pricing
  • Free gateway and virtual terminal
  • Next-day funding available
  • No application or setup fees


  • Available to US merchants only
  • Does not accept high-risk merchants

Payment Depot Features

recently acquired by the company behind Stax, Payment Depot ( now Payment Depot by Stax ) offers membership pricing and a accomplished line of products and services for most businesses. Highlights include the follow :

  • Credit card terminals from Ingenico, Dejavoo, PAX, and SwipeSimple
  • Full line of Clover and Vital Select POS systems
  • Mobile processing solution (uses the SwipeSimple card reader)
  • Free virtual terminal with each account
  • Payment gateway (Authorize.Net or other compatible gateways) available
  • ACH and echeck processing are available

Payment Depot Pricing

  • $59-$99/month subscription fee
  • Interchange + $0.07-$0.15/transaction (depending on the plan selected)
  • No application or setup fees
  • No PCI compliance fees
  • No early termination fee

here are the details on the three membership plans offered by Payment Depot :

Plan Monthly Fee Transaction Pricing Max Volume Misc.
Starter $59 Interchange + $0.15 $125,000/year Includes virtual terminal and payment gateway
Starter Plus $79 Interchange + $0.10 $250,000/year
  • Everything from Starter
  • Data breach protection
Growth $99 Interchange + $0.07 $500,000/year
  • Everything from Starter Plus
  • Dedicated account manager

Where Payment Depot Really Shines

While it isn ’ t the merely provider to offer membership price, Payment Depot ’ s repute for open, honest sales practices and excellent customer support puts it ahead of many of its competitors using this relatively new price model. The company offers some of the lowest monthly subscription fees we ’ ve seen, making it an attractive option to smaller businesses. even with all the features that you get with a Payment Depot membership plan, you ’ ll calm enjoy month-to-month charge with no long-run contracts or early result fees .
It ’ s a great choice for established, low-risk businesses that want to save money on credit calling card processing without compromising features or abridge terms .
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3. Stax By Fattmerchant: Best For High-Volume US Businesses


  • Transparent membership pricing
  • Month-to-month billing
  • Offers Stax Pay integrated processing platform
  • Next-day funding available


  • Available to US merchants only
  • Not suited for low-volume businesses

Stax By Fattmerchant Features

Stax by Fattmerchant is a great choice for most businesses, but the company peculiarly shines in eCommerce and card-not-present transactions. All Stax merchant accounts include the keep up standard features in the price of your monthly subscription :

  • Stax Pay integrated payments platform
  • Free terminal or mobile card reader
  • Virtual terminal
  • Stax Pay mobile processing app
  • Stax API for developers
  • Invoicing
  • ACH payment processing
  • Customer information database
  • Basic analytics and reporting features

Stax By Fattmerchant Pricing

  • $99-$199 monthly subscription fee (based on plan selected)
  • Interchange + $0.08/transaction (card-present)
  • Interchange + $0.15/transaction (keyed-in)
  • 1% per ACH transfer ($10 maximum)
  • Additional fees for optional add-ons (same-day funding, terminal protection, etc.)

Stax offers three standardized monthly subscription plans, which come with the come features :

Plan Monthly Fee Features
Growth $99/month
  • Free terminal or mobile reader
  • ACH processing (1% per transaction, max $10)
  • Free surcharging program
  • Lite dashboard & analytics
  • Quick Payment/Backup processing
Pro $129/month
  • All Growth Plan features + digital invoicing
  • Text2Pay; web-hosted payments
  • Card on file
  • Accounting reconciliation lite synch (QuickBooks online)
  • API key integration
  • Enhanced dashboards & reporting
Ultimate $199/month
  • All Pro Plan features + recurring invoices & scheduled payments
  • Account updater for card-on-file
  • 1-click shopping cart management
  • Advanced dashboard & reporting
  • Data exports
  • Access to premier support
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Businesses processing over $ 500,000/year will receive a custom price quote .

Where Stax By Fattmerchant Really Shines

Stax by Fattmerchant is one of a handful of companies offering membership pricing, which tends to be an excellent option for high-volume businesses. With this type of price, you ’ ll pay a one monthly subscription fee rather of numerous many-sided fees for individual services. You besides won ’ triiodothyronine wage a percentage-based markup on your transactions, which can save you a bunch of money if you process a lot of big-ticket sales .
Stax adds even more value to your history with high-quality invoice and charge tools, customer management, a virtual terminal, a POS app, inventory management, detailed report analytics, and more. Everything works with the Stax Pay integrated payments platform, eliminating compatibility issues. Be aware, however, that Stax doesn ’ triiodothyronine accept bad merchants. besides, the monetary value of its monthly membership fees is high adequate that it won ’ t be cost-efficient for identical small or seasonal worker businesses .
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4. National Processing: Best For Low-Cost ACH/eCheck Processing


  • Full line of Clover terminals and POS systems
  • Excellent online reputation
  • Low-cost echeck/ACH payment processing
  • Interchange-plus and membership pricing are offered exclusively


  • “Free” equipment may require a long-term contract
  • May charge an early termination fee for “free” equipment

National Processing Features

National Processing is one of the few Fiserv resellers that offer big service and price to little businesses. Key features include the follow :

  • “Free” credit card terminal available
  • Offers ACH and echeck processing as an add-on
  • Offers mobile processing with a Clover Go card reader
  • Offers a choice between either interchange-plus or membership pricing plans
  • No long-term contract if processing hardware is purchased outright

National Processing Pricing

  • $9.95/month account fee (interchange-plus plans)
  • $59.00-$199.00/month subscription fee (membership plans)
  • $7.95/month PCI compliance fee
  • $39.95/month for the cash discounting program (optional)
  • $15.00/month + $0.48/transaction for ACH and echeck processing (optional)
  • Interchange + 0.18% + $0.10/transaction (interchange-plus plans)
  • Interchange + $0.09/transaction (subscription plan)
  • Interchange + $0.05/transaction (subscription-plus plan)

Where National Processing Really Shines

National Processing provides some of the most extensive pricing disclosures we ’ ve found on its web site, thoroughly detailing its interchange-plus and membership pricing models to prospective customers. Plans are tailored to specific industries, each of which has a different serve rate ( restaurants, in particular, make out well hera ). It ’ s a very low-cost option for businesses looking for a stable, full-service merchant account and access to more sophisticate features. The party besides has a great reputation for customer service, a rarity in the payments industry .
One point of caution with National Processing is that the “ free ” equipment offerings come with long-run contract obligations, so make indisputable you know what you ’ re getting into if you decide to go that route. fortunately, the party offers many exceptions to its early result penalties deoxyadenosine monophosphate long as you promptly return any “ free ” equipment. You normally won ’ t have to worry about getting hit with an ETF if you close or sell your business. In fact, National Processing will normally lone consign you an ETF if you cancel service to switch to a rival .
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5. Clover: Best For POS Integration


  • Excellent POS hardware
  • Expandable via Clover App Market
  • Available directly or through a large network of ISOs


  • Requires monthly software subscription fee
  • Hardware cannot be reprogrammed
  • Expensive for most small businesses

Clover Features

Clover is one of the best and most well-known decimal point of sale ( POS ) system providers in the payments industry. While most users obtain Clover hardware through their exist merchant score supplier, the company besides offers basic payment serve services .
primary features include the be :

  • Flat-rate pricing for credit/debit card processing
  • Mobile processing solution (uses Clover Go card reader)
  • Wireless processing (uses Clover Flex terminal)
  • Point of sale (POS) systems (Clover Station Solo and Duo)
  • eCommerce solution (through BigCommerce)
  • Virtual Terminal available
  • Clover Web Dashboard for analytics and reporting
  • Clover App Marketplace for expandability (inventory management, employee scheduling, and much more)

Clover Pricing

  • $0-$69.95/month software subscription fee
  • 2.6% (or 2.3%) + $0.10/in-person transaction
  • 3.5% + $0.10/online or keyed-in transaction
  • $49 for Clover Go card reader
  • $499 for Clover Flex wireless terminal
  • $749 for Clover Mini countertop terminal
  • $1,349 for Clover Station Solo POS system (no customer-facing display)
  • $1,649 for Clover Station Duo POS system (includes customer-facing display)

Please see our Clover POS pricing guide for a more detail explanation of Clover ’ s pricing. besides, note that pricing for Clover products obtained through your merchant account supplier will vary from those shown above .

Where Clover Really Shines

A subsidiary company of gigantic directly processor Fiserv ( once First Data ), Clover offers a identical popular pipeline of citation tease march devices, including mobile terminals, smart terminals, and fully-featured POS systems. Clover ’ south hardware lineup features the latest in payments engineering, including radio receiver connectivity, color touchscreens, and an app market that allows you to expand the capabilities of your Clover device .
While the Clover ecosystem is one of the most feature-laden products on the commercialize, it doesn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate come brassy. expensive hardware costs and high monthly fees make it unaffordable for many small businesses. We ’ d besides caution you that Clover terminals and POS systems are proprietorship and cannot be reprogrammed to work with any other central processing unit ’ s requital network .
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6. PaymentCloud: Best For High-Risk & eCommerce Merchants


  • High-risk specialists
  • Few public complaints
  • No account setup fee
  • No monthly minimums


  • No publicly disclosed pricing
  • Low-risk merchants can probably find a better deal

PaymentCloud Features

PaymentCloud is primarily a bad specialist but offers a full moon crop of services to low-risk businesses as well .
Highlights include the follow :

  • “Free” credit card terminal available with each account
  • Mobile processing solution available
  • Virtual terminal included
  • Authorize.Net or USAePay payment gateways are available
  • ACH and echeck processing are available
  • Paysley QR-code payment service available

PaymentCloud Pricing

  • No account setup fee
  • No monthly minimum (low-risk accounts)
  • Interchange + 0.05%-0.30% + $0.08-$0.10 per transaction (low-risk accounts)
  • Processing rates vary by acquiring bank/back-end processor (high-risk accounts)
  • $15/month account fee (low-risk accounts)
  • Account fees vary by the acquiring bank/back-end processor (high-risk accounts)

Where PaymentCloud Really Shines

PaymentCloud specializes in setting up merchant accounts for bad businesses with a network of back-end processors and acquiring banks. While it can ’ t constantly locate every merchant, the company has a higher success rate than many of its competitors. Best of all, PaymentCloud does the extra sour required to accept a bad account without charging you any application or account apparatus fees. Like most bad specialists, the company doesn ’ triiodothyronine disclose any standardize action rates. You ’ ll have to get a quote from the sales team and do a little negociate to see how the company ’ mho extend stacks up against other providers .
PaymentCloud provides its retail merchants with an EMV-compliant credit batting order terminal that ’ s unblock to use for angstrom farseeing as you keep your history open. It besides offers the Authorize.Net or USAePay requital gateways, although its march arrangement is compatible with other third-party gateways. You ’ ll besides have access to a spare virtual terminal with your account. The company enjoys a capital reputation in the industry, and early providers, such as Dharma Merchant Services, refer their bad applicants to PaymentCloud .
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7. Dharma Merchant Services: Best For Nonprofits & Charitable Giving


  • Interchange-plus pricing is offered exclusively
  • No annual fee or monthly minimum
  • Discount pricing for qualified nonprofits


  • Not recommended for businesses processing less than $10,000/month
  • Not available to high-risk industries

Dharma Merchant Services Features

In accession to being one of the most ethical and transparent providers in the work industry, Dharma Merchant Services offers a complete line of services for minor and large businesses .
here are the highlights :

  • Full-service merchant accounts through Fiserv or TSYS
  • MX Merchant integrated payment platform
  • Choice of Authorize.Net or MX Merchant payment gateways
  • QuickPay virtual terminal
  • Full line of credit card terminals, including Verifone Engage V200c, Fiserv FD-150, Ingenico Desk/5000, and Dejavoo Z11 models
  • MX B2B app for B2B processing
  • Full line of Clover POS systems
  • Credit card surcharging (no-fee, zero-cost credit card processing) program available
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Dharma Merchant Services Pricing

  • $25/month account fee ($20/month for nonprofits)
  • Interchange + 0.15% + $0.08/card-present transaction (volume discounts available)
  • Interchange + 0.10% + $0.08/card-present transaction (qualified nonprofits)
  • Interchange + 0.20% + $0.11/card-not-present transaction (volume discounts available)
  • Interchange + 0.10% + $0.11/card-not-present transaction (qualified nonprofits)
  • No gateway fees with MX Merchant
  • $10/month for recurring billing (MX Merchant)
  • $20/month for B2B processing (MX Merchant)
  • No annual fee
  • No PCI compliance fees
  • No monthly minimum
  • $49 account closure fee

Where Dharma Merchant Services Really Shines

Dharma is unique in the world of credit card work companies because it donates a significant percentage of its profits to charity. Related to that, Dharma provides discounted rates for nonprofit businesses. Our template for nonprofit organization payment march discounts has more information for charities looking to save money on recognition calling card acceptance. While many believe nonprofits get the best rates with a software specialist such as Blackbaud Merchant Services, Dharma provides much lower rebate rates and better service .
however, you don ’ t have to have a stipulate nonprofit to benefit from Dharma ’ mho features or prices. The company offers a complete line of services that can meet the needs of about any occupation, careless of size. You ’ ll enjoy on-key month-to-month placard, exclusive interchange-plus price, a minimal of ( amply disclosed ) explanation fees, and ace customer support. Be aware, however, that the company doesn ’ metric ton recommend its services to businesses processing less than $ 10,000/month and doesn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate accept bad merchants .
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8. Helcim: Best For International Businesses


  • No long-term contracts
  • Exclusive interchange-plus pricing
  • No monthly fees
  • Excellent customer support


  • Does not accept high-risk businesses
  • Not suited for very low-volume businesses

Helcim Features

With no monthly bill tip and no long-run contracts, Helcim offers one of the lowest points of entry to a full-service merchant report. Your Helcim report comes with a fully range of substantive requital process features, including the following :

  • Full-service merchant account
  • Proprietary Helcim Card Reader for in-person payments
  • Helcim Payments app for mobile processing
  • Virtual terminal included with each account
  • Helcim POS software (requires tablet, laptop, or desktop computer)
  • Access to Helcim API for customized credit card payments

Helcim Pricing

  • Interchange + 0.30% + $0.08/card-present transaction (volume discounts available)
  • Interchange + 0.50% + $0.25/card-not-present transaction (volume discounts available)
  • Helcim Card Reader — $109/unit
  • No monthly or annual account fees
  • No PCI compliance fees
  • No monthly minimum

Where Helcim Really Shines

Helcim distinguishes itself from many early providers by offering no long-run contracts, exclusive interchange-plus pricing, and no monthly account fees — all of which the company in full discloses on its web site. It besides offers numerous perks for merchants who do a distribute of their sales remotely, including abroad. Helcim ’ s interchange-plus price rewards higher volumes of transactions, saving you tied more money on your credit tease process costs .
Helcim keeps fees to a minimum, and it ’ s barely about the only full-service merchant account supplier that doesn ’ triiodothyronine charge a monthly account tip. That makes it a great choice for very low-volume and seasonal worker businesses. The proprietorship Helcim Card Reader, while basic, offers every feature you need to accept in-person transactions. Smartphones and tablets can besides use a mobile application. Helcim besides provides an excellent suite of features for eCommerce, including host requital pages for secure on-line checkouts, menu embed, and buy-now buttons .
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9. CDGcommerce: Best For eCommerce Startups


  • Transparent pricing
  • Month-to-month billing with no early termination fees
  • Free payment gateway and virtual terminal
  • No early termination fees


  • Only available to US-based merchants
  • Some high-risk industries may not qualify (including CBD and cannabis products)

CDGcommerce Features

CDGcommerce has focused on merchant report services for small and medium-sized businesses for over twenty years. While the company ’ s services are geared more toward eCommerce businesses, it besides provides a broad range of offerings for retail merchants .
Key services include the pursue :

  • Offers full-service merchant accounts
  • A hybrid risk structure lowers the chance of a held transaction
  • High-risk processing (some industries)
  • Free terminal with each account (requires $79 annual maintenance fee)
  • Offers proprietary Quantum payment gateway or Authorize.Net
  • PastePay Cloud POS software
  • Includes virtual terminal

CDGcommerce Pricing

  • $0.00 monthly fee (Simple, One Rate plan)
  • 2.75% + $0.30/in-person transaction (Simple, One Rate plan)
  • 2.9% + $0.30/online transaction (Simple, One Rate plan)
  • $19-$49 monthly fee (Interchange-Plus plan)
  • Interchange + 0.25% + $0.10/in-person transaction (Interchange-Plus plan)
  • Interchange + 0.30% + $0.15/online transaction (Interchange-Plus plan)
  • Interchange + 0.20% + $0.10/transaction (qualified nonprofits)
  • + 0.25% for American Express cards
  • + 0.15% for keyed-in transactions
  • 0.75% + $0.15/ ACH debit
  • $79/year terminal insurance/maintenance fee
  • $15/moth for cdg360 security package (optional)

CDGcommerce besides offers a option of four membership price plans for high-volume businesses. Rates are as follows :

Plan Monthly Fee Transaction Fee Volume
Basic $49 interchange + $0.10 Up to $25,000/month
Standard $79 interchange + $0.10 $25,001-$75,000/month
Plus $99 interchange + $0.07 $75,001-$200,000/month
Premium $199 interchange + $0.05 Over $200,000

Where CDGcommerce Really Shines

CDGcommerce offers some of the most diaphanous, flexible pricing of any supplier we ’ ve line up. Depending on your monthly action bulk, you can choose between flat-rate pricing with no monthly fee, interchange-plus price, or four membership price options. The company uses an on-line application process that can get you onboarded very promptly, which can be identical handy for a new inauguration. ( note that if you ’ re in one of the bad industries that CDGcommerce accepts, you ’ ll want to undergo the more drawn-out traditional underwrite process to avoid abruptly having your account shut down late. )
All of CDGcommerce ’ s pricing plans come with month-to-month contracts. There ’ randomness no long-run commitment and no early ending penalty if you close your report. The company besides offers a proprietary POS software servicing called PastePay that keeps all your business data in the cloud and includes numerous expandability options .
CDGcommerce besides keeps account fees to a minimum. You won ’ triiodothyronine have to worry about account frame-up fees, PCI conformity fees, or a monthly minimum .
The company besides offers ace customer service and support after you ’ ve signed up and started processing transactions .
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10. Host Merchant Services: Best For Mid-Sized High & Low-Risk Businesses


  • Transparent interchange-plus pricing
  • Month-to-month billing with no early termination fees
  • No monthly minimums
  • Good customer support


  • It can be expensive for some low-volume merchants

Host Merchant Services Features

Host Merchant Services tends to fly under the radar ascribable to its modest size but offers a full stove of products and services and in full crystalline price. hera are the highlights :

  • Full-service merchant accounts
  • Accepts most high-risk industries
  • Full line of countertop and mobile credit card terminals
  • Free terminal available to merchants processing over $20,000/month
  • Vital and SwipeSimple mobile processing solutions
  • Proprietary Bonsai POS system available
  • Clover and Vital POS systems are available
  • Authorize.Net payment gateway
  • Proprietary Transaction Express payment gateway
  • Virtual terminal included
  • Web hosting included with an account
  • Cash discounting program available

Host Merchant Services Pricing

  • No application or setup fees
  • $14.99/month account fee
  • Interchange + 0.25% + $0.10/retail transaction
  • Interchange + 0.20% + $0.09/restaurant transaction
  • Interchange + 0.35 + $0.10/eCommerce transaction
  • $5-$10/month gateway fee
  • $15 chargeback fee
  • No PCI compliance fee
  • No early termination fee

Where Host Merchant Services Really Shines

Host Merchant Services offers a robust variety of proprietary and third-party services for just about any business. The company fully discloses its price on its web site, eliminating the indigence to negotiate these terms when setting up your account. Host ’ south crystalline interchange-plus pricing rates will save most high-volume businesses a meaning total of money if they use a Clover system. outstanding third-party features include the democratic Authorize.Net requital gateway and the entire line of Clover terminals and POS systems .
Like most of our exceed choices for small business credit circuit board march, Host Merchant Services doesn ’ metric ton require a long-run contract or charge an expensive early ending fee to close your account. That allows you to switch to a different supplier without penalty if you have to .
note that while the company besides accepts bad merchants, your pricing and condense terms might be different ( and, ultimately, more expensive ) if you fall into a bad category. however, it ’ second inactive a great choice for bad merchants looking for a company with honest, guileless sales practices and great customer support .
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11. Stripe: Best For eCommerce


  • Predictable flat-rate pricing
  • Excellent developer tools
  • Exceptional subscription tools
  • Advanced reporting tools
  • Multicurrency support


  • Account stability issues
  • Does not accept high-risk merchants
  • May need technical skills to implement

Stripe Features

Stripe has long been one of the prevailing requital processors in the eCommerce populace but has recently begun making inroads into retail payments .
here are the major features that Stripe has to offer :

  • Stripe Payments integrated payments platform
  • Stripe Virtual Terminal
  • Stripe Radar anti-fraud protection
  • Stripe Terminal for card-present transactions
  • ACH processing included with every account
  • Extensive library of APIs and developer tools
  • Broad support for international payments and local payment methods
  • Many ancillary services for establishing and running your business

Stripe Pricing

  • No monthly fees for a basic account
  • 2.9% + $0.30/online credit/debit transaction
  • 2.7% + $0.05/in-person credit/debit transaction via Stripe Terminal
  • +1% for international cards
  • +1% for currency conversion (if required)
  • 0.8%/ACH direct debit transaction ($5.00 maximum)
  • 1.2%/ACH direct debit transaction (two-day settlement)
  • $1.00/ACH credit payment
  • $1.50/instant bank account validation
  • Additional fees for optional add-on services

Please denote to our fully breakdown of Stripe ’ s pricing for extra details .

Where Stripe Really Shines

Stripe is a dominant player in the universe of eCommerce payment providers and now offers retail action through Stripe Terminal as well. Stripe ’ mho advanced and exhaustive list of features seems to grow every year, providing everything that US-based and international businesses need to accept virtually any type of payment. Stripe ’ s à la carte pricing system can sometimes be complex, but it ’ s besides very predictable. The caller ’ s web site lays out all fees, so there should be no surprises .
Like other requital service providers ( PSPs ), Stripe uses a pay-as-you-go bill model with flat-rate price and a general miss of monthly account fees for basic services. As with any PSP, you won ’ triiodothyronine have a full-service merchant account, potentially leading to account stability issues in some cases. however, Stripe offers one of the most boost, customizable solutions for eCommerce merchants we ’ ve found anywhere — without charging a agio price for it .
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How To Choose The Best Credit Card Payment Processing company

Determining the best recognition card work company for your business involves evaluating a number of factors to narrow your search down arsenic much as possible before reaching out to a provider ’ s sales department. here are the primary factors to consider when choosing a credit rating menu central processing unit, along with brief explanations of how they will affect your concluding choice :

Account Stability & Type Of Merchant Services The beginning ( and possibly most significant ) component to consider will be whether your business needs a full-service merchant score for payment work or if you ’ five hundred be better served by signing up with a requital service supplier ( PSP ), such as Square. For very minor or newly-launched businesses, PSPs offer an easy and low-cost manner to begin accepting credit cards without the confusing price and across-the-board onboarding requirements of a full-service merchant account. At the same time, account constancy is a concern, as you ’ re more probably to experience a sudden bill clasp, freeze, or end point .
Full-service merchant services for humble businesses are more stable and offer many extra features, but they tend to be more expensive and take longer to set up. Your monthly serve volume will be the main factor in choosing between these two options. generally, PSPs are a better option if your work book is less than $ 5,000 per calendar month. however, this “ tipping point ” can be anywhere from $ 1,500/month to $ 10,000/month, depending on the nature of your business and the process rates your merchant bill supplier offers .

Fees & Pricing For Credit Card Processing
The credit card process diligence is ill-famed for charging merchants a bewilder variety show of rates and fees for their services, often making it about impossible to estimate your costs in advance. Payment overhaul providers about constantly offer a combination of flat-rate price and no monthly fees for basic services .
Merchant account providers, on the other hired hand, may use either tiered pricing, interchange-plus, or membership price and normally charge some recur and incidental fees that can come as an unpleasant surprise if you haven ’ thyroxine thoroughly reviewed your contract in progress .

Tokenization & Card-Not-Present Processing Rates
eCommerce sales have surged in holocene years, and incidents of fraud have surged with them. One critically important manner to protect yourself is to implement credit circuit board tokenization as a security feature on your web site. You ’ ll reduce your chances of letting a deceitful transaction steal through, and exchange rates and fees for tokenized payments are significantly lower than for other forms of card-not-present transactions. Tokenization besides works with card-present transactions but requires a requital gateway to implement .

Speed & Flexibility Of Setup
New merchants are frequently frustrated with the time it takes to get their merchant score approved and set up. Onboarding can take ampere long as several weeks, during which you ’ ll be ineffective to process any credit or debit poster transactions. Technology and automation have improved this march dramatically in recent years, and in some cases, you can apply on-line and have your report approved overnight .
Payment service providers typically offer the quickest approval time, but they normally only take low-risk businesses. Fast approval besides increases the risk of account imbalance, as the detail underwrite march is deferred until you start processing transactions. At the early goal of the spectrum, bad merchant accounts can take arsenic long as two or more weeks to approve and require much more information about you and your clientele .

Funding & Deposit Times
Getting the funds from your accredit poster sales deposited into your bank account equally promptly as possible is very authoritative to any clientele — peculiarly if you ’ re dependent on a steadily, daily cash flow coming in. unfortunately, the criterion deposit time in the payments industry is two to four business days, meaning that you might have to wait closely a week for some transactions to settle .
many providers now offer next-day ( or even same-day ) financing but normally charge an extra tip for this service. You ’ ll want to carefully evaluate whether you truly need this choice before signing up for it .

Selling Online, In Person, & Everywhere In Between
While most businesses have traditionally been either retail-only or eCommerce-only, nowadays, it ’ sulfur more common for a business to have both in-person and on-line sales channels. The COVID-19 pandemic forced many businesses to start taking orders over the internet to stay adrift during lockdowns, and now customers expect to be able to continue using this option. Regardless of how you make your sales, you ’ ll want the allow hardware and software to process transactions, provide analytic data, and help you run your daily occupation operations .
While some small businesses can still get by with fair a payment gateway or countertop accredit tease terminal, more and more merchants are upgrading to an integrated payments platform that supports in-person and on-line sales. These systems offer enhance security, extra features such as schedule and stock management, and the ability to manage your clientele remotely from any internet-connected device with a browser .

The Bottom Line On The Best Merchant Account Services For Small Business

Whether you ’ re trying to juggle multiple retail locations or just sell products online, one of the providers we ’ ve highlighted above will likely be a “ best catch ” for your commercial enterprise. While each company has its own standout features, they all offer competitive rates, guileless price, and an easily, low-cost frame-up. They besides enjoy a big repute among users for honest sales practices and ace customer support after the sale .
Of class, running a clientele nowadays involves much more than merely getting set up with basic credit card process. For more in-depth data on the identify products and services you ’ ll motivation to run your commercial enterprise, you ’ ll want to check out some of our early modest clientele resources. These resources include our posts on top POS systems for small businesses, top accounting solutions, and the best minor clientele bank solutions .

In Summary : The 11 Best Small Business Credit Card Payment Processing Companies

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