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multiprocessing, in calculation, a manner of operation in which two or more processors in a calculator simultaneously process two or more different portions of the same program ( set of instructions ). Multiprocessing is typically carried out by two or more microprocessors, each of which is in effect a central processing unit ( CPU ) on a one bantam chip. Supercomputers typically combine millions of such microprocessors to interpret and execute instructions.

The primary advantage of a multiprocessor calculator is speed, and therefore the ability to manage larger amounts of data. Because each central processing unit in such a system is assigned to perform a specific routine, it can perform its tax, pass the direction set on to the following central processing unit, and begin working on a modern jell of instructions. For case, different processors may be used to manage memory storage, data communications, or arithmetical functions. Or a larger primary central processing unit might use smaller junior-grade processors to conduct assorted housekeeping duties, such as memory management. Multiprocessor systems first appeared in bombastic computers known as mainframes, before their costs declined enough to warrant inclusion in personal computers ( PCs ) .
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personal computers had farseeing relied on increasing clock speeds, measured in megahertz ( MHz ) or gigahertz ( GHz ), which correlates to the issue of computations the CPU calculates per second, in order to handle always more complex tasks. But as gains in clock speed became difficult to sustain, in separate because of overheating in the microprocessor circuitry, another approach developed in which specify processors were used for tasks such as video recording display. These video processors typically come on modular units known as video cards, or graphic accelerator cards. The best cards, which are needed to play the most graphic-intensive electronic games on personal computers, often cost more than a bargain personal computer. It must be noted, however, that merely adding more processors does not guarantee significant gains in computing office ; computer program problems remain. While programmers and calculator scheduling languages have developed some proficiency in allocating executions among multiple processors, parsing instructions among processors become more difficult the more processors there are. Power pulmonary tuberculosis besides grows promptly with multiple processors, so many computers improve performance by using a multicore architecture in which multiple processors, or cores, are placed on the same chip.

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