Is It Crazy to Buy Fitness Equipment from Costco?

If you ’ re looking to purchase food in majority at a steep discount, Costco is the space for you. I ’ ve known restaurateurs who ’ ve stocked their commercial refrigerators with purchases sourced from Costco ’ s food aisles, and I ’ ve spoken with owners of private natural gas stations who ’ ve made towering purchases of sugarcoat and pop at Costco, then marked them up well at their places .
Costco, however, international relations and security network ’ t the beginning place that comes to mind for timbre seaworthiness products — or fitness products of any degree of timbre. It ’ s not like I ’ vitamin d be inclined to do my fitness denounce at Walmart or Target either, mind you. It ’ s merely a matter of knowing that retail shoppers driven by the pastime of reduced prices are probably the least probably consumer segment to make a spur-of-the-moment, high-dollar purchase of an detail like an exercise bicycle while they ’ re simultaneously bagging an economy size box of Twix .
Which begs the question : What sort of exercise bikes are available for purchase at Costco, and are any of them any good ?

That’s a good question! Can Costco be the redeemer of both my wallet and my wellness, all at an exceptionally low price?

well, the only means to find out is to see what screen of exercise bikes Costco has available for purchase and compare them to some of the options at other stores. A casual check of the Costco web site reveals a deluxe total of five fitness bicycle options available to members across three different bicycle categories — upright, accumbent and spin .

Let’s start with the upright bikes: How do Costco’s compare with those available at fitness retailers?

Straight out of the gate, Costco has upright motorcycle options for individuals who prefer flywheel resistance and people who prefer magnetic resistance. For the life of me, I ’ ve never met anyone familiar with the feel of an authentic, outdoor bicycle who prefers magnetic resistance to flywheel resistance. No matter how much quieter a motorcycle with magnetic resistance might be, a bicycle with flywheel electric resistance will always feel better to me .
anyhow, the ProForm Folding X-Bike Elite may appear like a onionskin ersatz for a beefier erect bicycle, and that ’ randomness because it is. however, its miss of size is respectfully reflected in its cheap price rag of $ 149.99, and it has more than enough bells and whistles to make it an attractive entry-level purchase for people who aren ’ triiodothyronine certain if indoor bicycle is going to become a permanent fastness in their lives. It offers 10 levels of flywheel resistance, a foldable design and a six-month membership to iFIT, which allows you to access the workouts of personal trainers through your iPhone or tablet, while your bicycle mechanically adjusts its underground to equate with the terrain your trainers are traversing. It besides provides its users with a couple of two-pound weights, which isn ’ thymine much, but it ’ s reproducible with some of the weight unit offerings of bikes that cost respective times a much.

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At another retail memory, you could credibly get a much sturdier upright bicycle, like this fancy Schwinn oblation, which costs about three times a much. The Schwinn is decidedly hardy, and has 25 unlike resistance settings as opposed to 10, along with MP3 compatibility and a much fancier LCD blind. It can besides support individuals who are 50 pounds heavier — 300 pounds compared with 250 pounds — then individuals who are starting from a point that ’ s deeply in the hole will benefit from the hefty frame .

Okay, Costco’s upright bike doesn’t exactly seem like a piece of junk. So what about in the recumbent category?

here, Costo pulls no punches. They offer an XTERRA SB 550 at a sales price of $ 699.99. It features flywheel resistance with 20 different settings, MP3 compatibility, a backlit LCD screen and a built-in cool fan. In the accumbent category, this is basically a top-of-the-line motorcycle. The only way you ’ re going to do better is if you ’ re prepared to spend more money on a accumbent motorcycle than you are on a excellent Alaskan cruise, while shelling out thousands of dollars for a reach shield and an adjustable take station .

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Awesome! It appears that Costco isn’t afraid to offer top-of-the-line fitness equipment if the situation calls for it. How does their spin-style bike option stack up?

If you ’ re an authentic Costco member, it appears that membership does indeed have its privileges when it comes to spin bikes. Costco offers its members a substantial dismiss on the Echelox EX-5s spin motorcycle. It provides 32 levels of resistance with entree to instructor-led classes through its HD flip riddle. The resistance of the bicycle is of the magnetic kind, which doesn ’ t personally appeal to me, but I ’ m not fix to nitpick when Costo is offering a huge rebate on what is normally a $ 1,500 bicycle. While this bicycle doesn ’ t have the widespread reputation of a Peloton, it ’ s by and large considered to be just one resound below it .

Whoa! Costco doesn’t necessarily offer worse products than a lot of fitness retailers!

They ’ re not necessarily of an subscript quality, but Costo is improbable to devote closely american samoa much floor space to fitness equipment as the vendors that specialize in such products. This means you don ’ t have many testing models at your disposal to compare side-by-side. That said, Costco ’ mho bodied buyers are under atmospheric pressure to stock items that are going to move from the shelves just the same as the buyers of any other big-box store. This may not always result in Costco offering the Cadillac option in every class, but it appears that you can find some quality seaworthiness equipment at inviting discounts as you wander Costco ’ second aisles looking for 20-pound barrels of pretzels .
Always remember, it ’ randomness nice if your exert bicycle comes standard with all of the gimmicks, but those of us who remember an earned run average before such animal comforts were platitude know that adequate pedal underground and 30 minutes to spare are all it takes to achieve an adequate exercise. Instructor-led workouts and MP3 compatibility are pleasant touches, but it doesn ’ t matter how many meet people you watch from the seat of your bicycle, whether it ’ s inside of a gymnasium or from the comfort of your own living room. No one on that expensive monitor can do the work for you. Whether it ’ s a $ 100 backlit LCD or a $ 2,000 HD touch screen, you have to do it yourself.

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